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February 6, 2003

This cruise was so bad it will be hard to believe. The ship got hung up on mud near the mouth of the Miss. River, lost power and drifted about a mile until it hit the bank head first. We had to wait for the Coast Guard to investigate and inspect the ship. The accident occured at 9:30PM and we didn't start up again until 6:30AM the next morning. They kept telling us it was a minor set back and we would be fine and on our way to Mexico. Well... shortly after that we were told we were going to Key West instead of Mexico. The rest of that day we were in rough waters causing the ship to rock and my 3 year old ran into the hall rail do to the rocking which bruised his ear. Also it was COLD! Because of the more Easterly course we were in cold weather most of the trip. IT GETS WORSE!

Because the water was so rough, the ship stablizers were put out which slowed down the ship. We were told that all ships had to leave port by sundown in Key West so that left us with a 3 hour stay in Key West. It took an hour to get off of the ship so we had 2 hours to look around and get back on. THEN... The next morning we hit a storm with gale force winds of over 50 knots. The ship listed to the port side about 20 degrees. Shelves in the shops were falling over as well as plates in the kitchen. My wife was taking a shower and relized the drain was backing up. Before long all of the shower drains on the port side were overflowing into the rooms. People were panicking and many were carrying life preservers. We were unable to stay in our room because it was wet and stunck so bad. The thing that really got to me was that the cruise director DAVE would continue to give us bogus messages wich were out right lies. If anyone wants to take this trip..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!