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by Sara
Western Caribbean
September 28, 2002

Holiday Review 9/28 With Lili On Our Tail!(LONG)

We drove to Nashville on Friday.I was chosen to be a "special person" and got the scan front side,scan broader side,sit in chair and scan again,send sneakers thru scanner and scanned bottom of my feet.(I have BIG feet so hubby said they looked at my feet and decided NO woman could have feet that big so there had to be something else in those shoes)But they smiled and were very nice about it!Of course, hubby turned his back and pretended he didn't know me.

We checkd into our hotel room(Hilton Garden Inn).We freshend up a few minutes and then we went to a little place in the French Quarter for dinner.We called a night early to get ready for embarkation the next day.

We got to the terminal a little after 11:00 AM and I was surprised at the number of people already there.The lines seemed a little long but things went fairly fast.Hint:With all of the shuffling of papers and documents from line to line, don't take more than ONE carry on!So why didn't someone warn me about that??Geez we were the only ones in line with 3 carry ons.We had to show our ID about 4 times to get on the ship including once after we had already gotten on and of course I had already put everything away.We got on board about 12:30 pm.?First problem I had was someone didn't leave the safe open and I like to have never got some one to come open it.(Leave that dang safe open when you leave).

Room Steward was a big disappointment the first day.He never smiled or had a good attitude. After that we got really good service but the attitude never changed.Never even came around on the last day to receive his tip so I had to leave it in the room.

I will try to break this down to various areas as we tried out just about everything on this ship except for the internet services which was just too expensive.

Casino-I lost $6.00 in 3 minutes and that was nickels.Nuff said!

Ports Only got to stop at Cozumel as Hurricane "Lili" was on our tail so we did not get to stop in Playa Del Carmen.

Casual Lido Wharf Restaurant
Food was very good,nice variety and much more than I expected.We ate here everyday for breakfast and lunch(except for last day)Ice Cream was VERY GOOD!!!I wanted to bring that thing home with me!

Lounges and Clubs-Lots of stuff going on here but the action was at the Tahiti Lounge.There is a man and wife team that sings country music after 9:00 pm and they are very good!Karoke also in here.Doc Holidays Lounge was ok but I don't think that band was any where near as good as the couple in Tahiti Lounge.It was also too HOT in there!

Part 2

We are not usually into a lot of fancy foods but I tried the Lobster tail for the first time and it was very good.Service from our head waiter was very good and our asst waiter was very good but he seemed very "shy".Please let me know if any of you have encountered this but our head waiter really tried to sell us 3 Carnival cookbooks and was extremely persistent. I did not see him approach anyone else about this nor have I heard of anyone else coming across this??I finally had to say we have to leave as we have somewhere else we are supposed to be in a few minutes?

Lido Deck and Swimming Pool
There was no band and it was the same music playing over and over and very loud!

Library and Internet
When the music got too loud I retreated to the library to find total peace and solitude.TV in here and open windows and just a totally relaxing atmosphere.

Best Things I took With Me
1.Water Wallets
2.Sense of Humour
3.Postive Attitude

Most Negative Things
1.Elevators too small and too slow
2.Some room stewards on our deck almost rude

Lessons Learned
1.Carry only one carryon with wheels
2.All luggage must have wheels
3.Carry Charged Cell phone for Emergencies & Change of plans
4.Must have phone numbers for Airlines and Hotels booked
5.Mark your luggage with very distinctive markings(no carousels here as at airports)
6.Quicker you get your luggage the sooner you will get out of the pier pickup traffic

More Interesting Stuff
Automatic Tipping: Forget it On the Holiday you pay your tips per envelope on the last nite.

Overall Impression
I was VERY impressed with the cruise director,Dave. He sang well,entertained us with his jokes,and we saw him almost every night checking out the casino,restaurants,clubs.etc.
I had and still have the utmost respect for Carnival and they kept us informed all along and I think they did well by us.They put money on our Sail & Sign card for not getting to make a stop in Playa del Carmen and they are rebating us for one day of the cruise and I don't think according to their terms they have to do that!Even though we got our cruise cut short by one day and missed the day in NO we still managed to have a good time!I managed to change our Southwest flight using my cell phone and had NO problems but some were not so lucky and were just going to the airport to get on whatever flight they could get on or rent a car and drive home.

Any questions just email me or post here and I will be very pleased to respond.