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by Linda Luongo
Southern Caribbean
November, 2001

Just got back from the Holiday Southern Caribbean cruise and wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. This is not my first cruise, but it is the first cruise I've taken on an "older & smaller" ship. I must say; however, that neither of those facts had a negative impact on my trip. The size of the ship actually made for a cozier atmosphere and by the end of the week it seemed that we knew or at least recognized more than half of the people aboard. It felt like we had a group of 600 rather than a party of 6! The entertainment was so-so: the lounge act comedians were hysterical, the social "deck" games were somewhat lame but with the smaller number of people aboard it was possible for all of us to participate in all of the contests at one point or another. The age of the ship would not be immediately apparent to a new cruiser and problems with plumbing never directly affected us (although this is an ongoing problem on ALL ships I've ever been on regardless of age). There was less of a selection of buffet food due to the smaller capacity and we only had one gala buffet -- but I can't say that anyone in our group did not get more than enough to eat all week long! All in all, I'm not sure I ever want to cruise on one of the bigger ships again!

As far as as the shore excursions: 6 islands in 7 days IS a bit much and I feel I might need a vacation after my vacation! But we found great things to do on each island and I appreciated the chance to see so much of the Caribbean in just one short week.

I highly recommend this trip for anyone and to all who say the ship is too small, too old, etc.... I say BAH HUMBUG! Go on the Holiday, enjoy your trip and feel free to e-mail me with any questions!