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by Carn-terrible
Western Caribbean
February 5, 2004

DO NOT SAIL with Carnival ship Holiday. It was the worst we have ever experienced and regretted it could have spend more money on RCL or Celebrity Cruise to get a more enjoyable experience. Let's start from the Long Line waiting to board the ship with the annoying announcer/rep to chose to insult and make corny jokes about passengers to get keep the time. Got into the ship, there was this old musty, stingy smell and we know this is one is not so good but we spirited on, determined not to let old ship annoyed us.

The food was the worse, I was really hungry on a cruise, would you believe, hungry on a cruise, what kind of food are they feeding us? Dog Food? The buffet was unbelievely dirty area, bad bland good (dog food). The line was long, no seat left to sit. I noticed on old guy got man and shoved his whole plate of food on the dirty dish tray because he waited too long to get a seat. I feel bad for the worker it is not their fault but for the man...he didn't expect this crabby service either. Thank God for the excursion, I had the BEST food ever when I booked the Cozumel ATV tour that included lunch buffet on the beach...the authentic mexican dished were sooogoood after Carnival food I was happy to finally get real food. I was happy to get of the ship and NEVER again Carnival. Maybe I was too harsh, one ship is not say the same for every Carnival ship but I am really scared of Carnival. Come Labor Day, I am back on Royal Caribbean Cruise.