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by BB
August 23, 2004

My fiancee's company took some of their top employees on a cruise on the Holiday in August, 2004 and we were newbies to a cruise so we weren't sure what to expect and didn't have elaborate expectations and I must say that both of us enjoyed our cruise. It was definitely a "party/fun" boat with plenty of younger people on board which made the atmosphere fun. We loved the animals that they folded from our towels each night (I even brought one home and it survived the plane ride in the luggage!) The food was good, not overwhelmingly great, but still delicious. Our waiter at dinner, Anthony, we absolutely adored and wanted to bring him home with us! I could have put him in the suitcase along with my towel "animal"!!! LOL... We played alot at the blackjack tables and had a blast-especially with another passenger, Burt, from Nashville, TN, who has continued to make us smile whenever we think about him (his famous quote "Am I right? Am I right? High five!").

Hi to Burt if you are reading this!!! We enjoyed our cruise on the Holiday and hope to take another one soon. If you are looking for an upscale high society type cruise line-I don't think this ship is for you. If you are looking for a fun casual atmosphere and geared more for the "younger" crowd (20's/30's), then I would recommend this one. We enjoyed the Cozumel stop more than we did the Cancun stop. Snorkeling was awesome and I'd highly recommend to everyone!! Its an experience everyone should have. Prices in the shops onboard were good also. We each brought back several bottles of Crown Royal and Kahlua (customs never checked anything when we returned). We only took in one show on the boat, which was the talent show and there was some amazing talent onboard! A church group was on board and they were AWESOME-brought tears to my eyes when they sung! So, I'd definitely recommend the talent show for future cruisers! Relax and enjoy your cruise-make lots of memories and take lots of pictures....Am I right? Am I right? High five!!!! :)