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by Sheila
Western Caribbean
April 24, 2004

Saturday- embarktion- Fun Pass really didn't make that much of a difference as fun pass people didn't get on the cruise before the others. You just took a seat and waited to board as usual. We was on by 12:20, Drill at 4:15 and then off for 4:30.
Cruise Director is Paul Santley from England and social host were Allison and Terrance both from Australia. Show that night starred comedian Vinnie Coppola and he was awesome.

Sunday-fun day at sea and formal
night, ok I seen shorts in my dinning room and some young man at my table was dressed in tight pin strip pants with a black shirt with a tie hanging over it not fixed with a pimp hat, pierced lip and eye brows, only problem I had with this is he didn't remove his hat. I lost in the slot tournament for the day, took pictures and when seen Vinnie do the adult comedy show at midnight. Some lady with a group of people was drunk and talking loudly in the back of the americana lounge and so vinnie went off on her. Curse her out and told her he was sorry his show was interrupting her conversation. And she stood up and dared him to come say it to her face and Vinnie said something I can't repeat here. LOL.

Monday- Calica. Went down town shopping area and they was jack hammering and bull dozing roads. What a mess. Stayed about 2 hrs walking around and then back to the ship. Taxi was $10 one way. Went to the pool and for the first time after 3 other cruises I finally went on the SLIDE. BUT, I burned the crap out of my feet climbing the stairs. Those who know about this will be laughing right about now. Slept for a couple of hours then went to watch a game called "in the bag" well me and my friend was called upon to judge the game. in the middle of the game the social host allison asked the men who loved their wives to stand up and then she told one person from the 4 groups to go get a man out of the audience they thought could win them 50 points. Well my hubby got chosen and they dressed the 4 guys up as Ms. Holiday and my hubby won. LOL, the lady had him in a green pants suit and a wig and the others just had on some lipstick and earrings. It was all captured on the Travel log video which I purchased and got to take off the ship with me which was cool cause I didn't have to wait for it to be mailed. We stayed in Calica port until 10 p.m and then we sailed off to spin around in the ocean until morning cause Cozumel ain't but 8 miles away. At 4:30 am the neighbors got up and was slamming drawers and tv blarring and screaming at each other and all sorts of stuff. My hubby and our friend woke up and heard them only once the first morning but I heard them every morning. Well, I got up and called pursuer desk but not about them about our AC not blowing out air and that the room steward obviously never reported the problem and that I was doing so now at 4:30 cause I was sweating and myself I hate to be cold so you know it was hot for me to call. The said they would send someone around 8 am. oh and the entertainment was a french man named Jean Claude and he is a foot juggler. Then the amazing Jerry Goodspeed, the comedian/vetriliquist. Mexican buffet

Tuesday- Cozumel got off and into downtown forum shops by 8:30 am. Taxi ride was $6.00 one way. Did our shopping and then ate at Carlos and Charlie's for lunch. Prices was very reasonable. We sailed out at 4:00 p.m Entertainment was Fuego Del Caribe which starred the dancers and the male / female singer of the ship. Ok so after the show we go back to our room, it's 9:50 and I am in the bathroom taking off my evening wear and putting on more comfrontable clothes when I hear my hubby and our friend say hurry up and come out look at the tv and so I did and there was my hubby on the travel log and we was laughing really hard and I was in tears crying and the next thing I hear is a knock and it's security telling me my neighbors want us to shut up because they are sleeping, by this time it's 10 p.m and if you bump up to first post you will see the rest of what I said and then did. Wow it's amazing people go on a fun ship and go to bed before 10 p.m on a night when it's a sea day the next morning and no where to go besides on the ship and they are telling a couple of people in their 30's and 40's to shut up laughing and to turn the tv off. they could have been man or woman enough to just call our room or knock and tell us if they was sick or something but regardless it's a fun ship not a darn nursing home so if those people who was next to my room who called and I was in E-167 so it was E-163 and E-171 that we was in the middle of. So anyone reading this and know who it was should explain to them what they did wrong calling security on friendly people but not on the screaming drunks later on that night that tore through the halls. None of that bothered me because "IT'S A FUN SHIP AND I DON'T MIND GETTING WOKE UP AT 4:30 IF YOU PAID FOR YOUR ROOM IT'S YOUR TRIP AND I AIN'T GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU TO NO ONE. but have respect and not do that to people who are laughing for 5 minutes about something on tv.

Wed- Fun day at sea just the regular stuff, game shows, contest , horse racing, slot tournaments again and debarktion talk. Also had the goodbye show and it was the dancers doing a skit that was hilarous and a little naughty.

Thursday- debarktion. We decided to try taking our luggage off ourselves and went to the americana lounge at 7:45 am as instructed to and was off the ship by 8:15 and home around 9:30.

All in all this was a great cruise We had great waiters was Adrian (he was from romania) and Jan (pronounced Ian) from Checzh republic. Our room steward was Arnold Quiambao, he was good but he made sure he knocked on our door at 7:30 every morning so I assumed he wanted us OUT so he could get his job done and so I didn't say a word because I didn't have a do not disturb sign on the door and know he wants to do his job and get it over with, so we got dressed and let him do his job. I didn't have a bad trip because of the A/C, the neighbors or any other little thing. I blew it all off and enjoyed my cruise. I would cruise this ship again and planning to try to do so around June/July if not before so any questions please feel free to email me. I can tell you that ciggs on the ship and in mexico was buy 4 cartons for 74.00 and you got 1 carton free. so thats around 15 bucks a carton at that was for Marlboro's. also if the product said 100 peso's it was 10.00 our money.
All who are booked on the Holiday be assured that you will have a wonderful cruise and don't sweat the small stuff because there will be little mishaps but nothing or no one should ruin your vacation.