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by Pulliam
August 28, 2000

Regarding the Carnival Holiday doing Catalina and Ensenada on 8/28 for four days: The Cruise director Josh was great and the Camp Carnival staff was wonderful since we have a 5 year old daughter who loved going there, but the majority of the Casino staff (excluding Bohan, Tamer, and a couple of the women) were not very friendly and most of the other staff was just basically rude!!! I had to keep telling the dealers that they could be a little friendlier while they're winning all my money. I was not pleased with this, (our third Carnival Cruise) at all! There were far too many teenagers even when I went at a time of year when many schools are back in session. I didn't know about the year round schooling in California.

The food on Carnival is always wonderful, at least that's been my experience but I was shocked by the unpleasant attitudes of so much of the staff. I was very disappointed with that! We met some folks from Oakland who had been on this 4 day cruise before and couldn't believe we came all the way from the east coast for that cruise. We were actually just winding up our california vacation and decided the 4 day cruise would be fun...NOT THE CASE AT ALL. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE TAKE A 4 DAY CRUISE. It's too affordable for the locals who pay a minimal price and can afford to bring their kids and their friends and their friends who they had no control over and who basically took over the ship! It certainly wasn't worth traveling coast to coast for!!!