Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Glory
by Jeffrey
Eastern Canada
June 10, 2010

My partner and I just got back from a 4-day cruise to New Brunswick, St John in Canada. I was excited for the cruise, and thought I would write a little article about it.

I found our cruise was OKAY. The ship offered LOTS AND LOTS of food, and LOTS AND LOTS of alcohol. The prices of the alcohol makes you sick to your stomach, so thats why you just order it and don't look at the receipt.

I recommend NOT going to St John Canada, as there is NOTHING to do, unless you pay an outrageous amount of money for an excursion, but even then they aren't that great.

The entertainment on the ship was not good at all. They had a few late night comedy shows, but honestly, that was about it. Most of the cruise consisted of music sitting in a bar on the itinterary....convenient. for them to get you in a bar.....I found out that this 4 day cruise is basivcally a booze cruise. Nothing to do but eat and drink. I don't think I will be going on this cruise again.