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Carnival Glory
by Dharkema
Eastern Caribbean
August 16, 2008

This was our second (and last) time on the Glory & 1st time with two teenagers. The teen club manager let them play truth or dare with physical contact and did nothing to stop this kind of activity. If you didn't participate in their activities he would call you "gay". Our teens didn't even like going there after the second day. Not enough alternate activity to participate in.

We paid extra to have a balcony room but were told on one of the days that we weren't allowed to go out on the balcony during that day so they could clean it.

I used to love being a part of the talent show but now they only let you audition to imitate one of their legends and no choice of song. It's okay, except they force you to wear wigs and ungodly outfits or you're out and they treat you like you're a diva if you dare ask not to wear the wig. (I was belittled and caught the costume person talking about me to another dancer). I paid a lot of money for 4 of us to do this, I don't need to be imitated or belittled by some little ship dancer!

The ship's excursions were way overpriced. The Purser's desk would take calls while you were in line and then roll their eyes to the customers in line if the person on the phone didn't understand what they were saying.

Not only did I lose money in the laundry room but I lost money in one of the machines in the casino and the attendant just shrugged his shoulders and walked away!

Our head waiter was great but had to do twice the work of the second waiter and you can't change the ratio of their tips -- they are charged together. Best to take cash and have the tips taken off your room so you can tip the people who work hard and not the ones who don't. We did this but when we asked the Purser to change this, we got big attitude.

The Red, White and Blue contest was fun but when we went to our "rally" for the white team, as soon as I walked in, a dancer smeared white makeup on my face without asking! What if you're allergic? I had to go back to my room and wash it off and missed most of the fun part.

Don't fall for the "you can use your cell phone and computer" advertising. Oh you CAN use them, but at a high international roaming on the cell and you have to pay for wifi and can only use it in certain areas anyway.

This was my 12th cruise. I had already booked my 13th on Carnival this fall but not sure if I'll actually go. I think I'll cruise Royal Caribbean or Princess instead.