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Carnival Glory
by Jeff Rowland
Western Caribbean
December 15, 2007

Ship: Carnival Glory 12/15/2007 -- 12/22/2007 from Port Canaveral. Party of 5.

Ports Visited: Cozumel, Belize, Rotan, Freeport

Previous Cruise History: Carnival-Fantasy, Carnival-Celebration (3 Cruises), Celebrity-Constellation

Reason for Choosing Carnival Glory: Port Canaveral 3 hours drive from home, 7 day cruise, visited ports that we had not been to before, departed and arrived on a Saturday which allowed a day of rest before going back to work on Monday.

Arrived around 12 noon. Good crowd already present but moving ok. Once we made it through the initial security check in, we were met by a Carnival representative due to one person in our party using a wheel chair. Representative took us to an area away from the crowds and personally handled checking in all members of our party. After we had received our Sign/Sail cards the representative led us on-board the ship, even actually taking over pushing the wheel chair on board for us. Whole check-in took around 45 minutes due to number of persons in our party and one person forgetting to bring their birth certificate with them. They accepted his driver's license and SSN card.

Had 2 inside rooms. Only complaint was during the cruise there was a slight, almost unnoticeable, rocking of the ship and this I was told caused a sort of clicking/popping noise coming from the ceiling which was only really noticeable when trying to get to sleep.

Ship's Staff
Room steward, dining room personnel were all great. Bruno the Maitre-D was great. Most of the staff greeted you when you passed them walking on the ship, although a few did not acknowledge any greetings we made.

Onboard Facilities
Wish they would have had a better adults-only area that included a pool/whirlpools. The small area we found in the gym away from most of the crowds was very small with a small pool with water jets that you could use to swim against. The whirlpool attached only held 3 persons comfortably.

Part of my problem was the large amount of UNSUPERVISED teenagers on board. The last night of the cruise we were coming back from a show and met 3 teenagers racing down the hall pushing one of their friends in a wheelchair. They had run into and snagged some luggage that had been placed in the hall and were trying their best to get past the luggage. We told them they were going to tear a hole in the luggage. Their response what to just get out of the chair and run down the hall.

We were told we had a fully occupied cruise of around 3500 guests.

The shows were OK. One night they had a comedian we really liked. I thought they could have had better lead singers, especially the male vocalist. Voice ok but no stage presence or personality. Dancers were fair.

NOTE: I was really spoiled on a past cruise on the Celebrity Constellation. Hey can't be bad when they hand you a glass of champagne when you board the ship.

Food was good. Had a chocolate buffet one day and was in heaven.

Cozumel: We all just got off the ship and walked around down town as we had arrived at a pier right in the center of town. Went to a few shops and then returned to the ship.

Belize: Couple of us went on a cave tubing excursion. Made reservations on our own with Maj. Tom. Price was half of what Carnival was charging for same excursion. Nice excursion. Highly recommend.

Rotan: Did take Carnival's general tour of Rotan. Was a nice tour of the island. Tour included a boat ride that was said to include 2 wrecks. The boat ride was disappointing as was just in a small area and the wrecks were rusted out hulls of two cargo ships, one that had run had aground years ago and the other which was carrying lumber, and had caught fire and was abandoned.

Wish we had been able to take advantage of the Self-Assist Disembarkation as two people in our party did take advantage of it and were off the ship by around 8:30. Since we had the luggage and having to push a wheel chair, we had to wait our turn. Our luggage tags had numbers on them and you were instructed to wait until your number was called. Our number was 24. We could have gotten off sooner as they really don't check which number you have, but if you get off earlier you will have to wait on your luggage as we were told the luggage is off loaded in order of the numbers being called. During our wait, Carnival representatives were checking on us to see which number we had. When the numbers called got to 20, a representative came and got us since we had one person in a wheel chair and helped us off the ship. They helped us skip most of the long lines waiting to disembark, assisted in retrieving our luggage, and stayed with us until we were able to start loading our car.

We were really impressed with the service they provide to the handicapped and commend Carnival for their support to the handicapped.

We were off the ship by 10 a.m.

Overall Impression
Sort of/kind of disappointed with the ship itself. Nothing really stands out except the service they provided to the member of our party that was in a wheelchair. Being a newer/large ship (2003) I had expected more. Maybe it's just me. I was spoiled by Celebrity's Constellation ship. Would we sail again on the Glory? Never say never if the price is right.

Going to check out a Royal Caribbean cruise in March 08 on the Mariner of the Seas. From what I've read, this is a very nice ship.

Happy Cruising in 2008!!