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Carnival Glory
by Vicki Jordan
Eastern Caribbean
October 13, 2007

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach and took their shuttle to Port Canaveral Saturday at about 11 AM. Check in was fairly quick and simple and we were on board by 12:30 and in our cabins by 1:30.

We had a balcony cabin on the Empress deck, aft (7363). The cabin was clean and had plenty of room and storage places. We were very happy with the location and condition. The only complaint were the door bangers. How hard can it be to simply CLOSE a door!! Other than that the room was quiet.

The muster drill started around 3:30 and much to my disappointment was still underway when we set sail. I wanted to be up on deck when we sailed but was still stuck on the Atlantic deck waiting to be released. Not fun.

The Glory is a much larger ship than the Elation, which was our first cruise ship. The ship was clean and I have no real complaints about the condition. There were some hallway carpets that need replacing and one hallway carpet was replaced one day while we were in port. Other than that the ship was clean. It was very crowded, especially around the Red Sail Restaurant. The drink stations are not well placed and seem to cause "traffic jams". There was always plenty of food to choose from and good selections. We alternated eating breakfast in the dining room and the Red Sail. Both were good. For supper the 7 nights, we ate in the dining room 3 nights, 2 were formal nights. The other 4 nights were mostly in the Red Sail or had pizza. If you eat in the Red Sail and want to find a table, go upstairs to where the fish and chips place is located. We always found tables up there and it was less crowded than downstairs. The dining room food was good, but I wouldn't call it fantastic. Food is not a major thing for me so I was just happy eating at the buffet most of the time.

Our biggest complaint was the ice cream stations. Many times we went to the Lido aft station and there were NO coffee cups at all. The ice cream would be dripping all over the place and not cleaned up. But, it did not stop us from getting ice cream. There are several other stations to choose from, it was just where we always ended up.

The Amber Palace is very pretty but not designed for viewing. Many seats are positioned close to support poles and cannot be seen around and the railings are also at a level where a lot of people could not see over them. We did find some good seats for most of the shows, if we got there about 30 minutes early.

The Lido deck was always crowded and very hard to find anyplace to sit out of the sun. We did find lounge chairs on the Sun deck several days just to hang out in.

Disembarkation was very easy. It took us less than 30 minutes from the time they called our zone until we walked out to catch our shuttle. Much easier than when we sailed last year on the Elation.

All in all we really had a great time and enjoyed everything. It's a large ship so plan on doing lots of walking. We walked just about everywhere and very seldom took the elevators, they are slow. Would we sail the Glory again? Probably, but after we have tried a Spirit class ship.

One last thing. Wee Jimmy was very good and we really enjoyed his "Dolly Parton" role in the Legends show. The lead female singer tends to scream instead of sing and we didn't care for that, but the shows were good and we enjoyed them.

I know I am missing several points, but I'm trying to keep this short and simple and it is very hard to cover everything. Any questions I can answer, I will, on the forums. Happy sailing to all.