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Carnival Glory
by Sunni Willis
Eastern Caribbean
September 17, 2005

Just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Glory. We sailed from Port Canaveral on September 17. We stopped in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Martin. I sailed with my husband (both in our mid 30's) and my parents (early 50's). Overall we had a fantastic time! I was looking forward to writing about my experiences, so I was careful to pay attention and make mental notes.

Embarkation: Was pretty typical. We got to Port Canaveral around 1:30 pm, and made it onboard by about 2:30 or so. Long lines, but they move surprisingly quickly. One note.when we got to the registration counter, we were told that our room had been changed. Needless to say we were scared at first. We had booked a balcony stateroom on the Verandah deck, and just a few doors down from my parents. When we questioned the ticket agent, he said he didn't have any further information on what the room was changed to, and that we'd have to speak to a supervisor. In the end, it all turned out fact we were upgraded to a balcony suite, and so were my parents. I only wish the counter agent could have been more helpful at first, since we were pretty mad, until we found out the change was to our benefit.

The Ship: The Glory was very big! Our newly upgraded suite was absolutely beautiful! There was a full sized bathroom, with a Jacuzzi tub, and separate vanity area. There was an abundance of drawer and closet space. The king sized bed was one of the most comfortable and luxurious beds I have ever slept in. The new down duvets are lovely, and make you feel like royalty. The balcony was spacious and clean, and our steward opened the divider between our balcony and my parents so that we could enjoy each others company while out there.

The rest of the ship was perfectly nice and clean. I found it less glitzy than the Destiny (our only other cruise) the shops, bars and casino were very similar though. I loved the coffee bar Creams. It sells all the fancy coffees, cappuccinos, frozen coffee drinks, as well as the most delicious desserts! I found myself down there every morning at 8:00 am to get a large cup of tea to bring back to my room.

Food: The food was ok. I found this to be my opinion on my last cruise as well. The buffets were disappointing, usually the lines were pretty long, the food was pretty bland and boring, and usually lukewarm at best. The Deli sandwiches are excellent (Country Turkey!) and the Grill has the typical burgers and fries which my burger snob husband found to be pretty good. The dinner in the restaurants (we were in the Platinum Dining Room) was again ok. The fish dishes were very good, but I found the potatoes and veggies that go with your meal pretty disappointing. My husband ate the beef dishes in the restaurant every night, and he was pretty satisfied. My only real complaint with the food was the desserts..BORING and tasteless. This was in the formal dining room and the buffets. I wonder if it's to entice you to spend money on truly wonderful desserts at the Creams coffee bar.

Staff: Overall most of the staff was very friendly, efficient and happy to be there. Our room steward wasn't anything spectacular, just did what we asked, and what was required, but never went above and beyond. Our dining room waiter Wayan was great!
He knew our names by the second night, and by the third night knew that my husband eats his salad dry, my mother eats her steak medium rare, and to keep the bread basket coming! He was funny and warm and excellent at his job. His assistant, and the bar waitress were very good as well.

Entertainment: I noticed on this ship that only allowed smoking on the port side of the ship, and not at all in certain areas. Even as a smoker I really liked this policy. It was nice to sit on the deck and know that I wasn't going to offend someone with my smoking, because it was likely a fellow smoker sitting right next to me.
The pool area was never too crowded to find a seat, and we had 3 days at sea. The entertainment on deck was a little lacking, and it was very loud. I would have enjoyed more of the steel drum calypso bands, and less of the same loud music playing over and over.
We never went to any of the shows, they all start after 10pm and we just couldn't make it that late. We aren't big gamblers, and had the early seating dinner so by 9pm we were tired and bored. I will book the late seating for dinner for my next cruise.

Debarkation: We chose not to do the self assist, since our flight wasn't until 2:30pm. But it went fine anyway. We exited our rooms at 8:30 am, went to the Lido deck for breakfast, and just hung out, drinking coffee and reading until they called our deck at around 10am. Customs was a breeze. Again, long lines that seem daunting, but they move so fast. We had picked up our luggage and were waiting for our shuttle by 11am.

Final thoughts: Loved it! The ports were ok. I would highly recommend the Mini Boats and Hidden Beaches excursion in St. Thomas. That was a first class operation. They really care about your safety, and they want you to have a great time. My husband and I snorkeled for the first time, and we are totally hooked!
I really would recommend this ship, and this cruisline to anyone. I has a fabulous time, as did my family. We are already talking about another cruise for the whole extended family!