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Carnival Freedom
by Joel
Eastern Caribbean
February 2, 2008

After reading several reviews I decided I would try and help cruisers by rating this ship. My wife and I read many reviews on this ship both good and bad, but decided to give Carnival a chance since the Freedom was a new ship. However, this was a mistake and if I could do it all over again I would have chosen RCCL or NCL. We have previously cruised on both and had a much better cruise with no comparison on those other lines.

My advice is if you have cruised before and have experienced the better lines, go elsewhere because you will definitly feel what you are missing, which is A LOT!!

Ship: I thought it was a nice ship but dark. It was much less clean then RCCL and NCL. They did not offer sanitizers in any of the dining rooms which should tell you something about Carnival. When you have 3000 people onboard, everyone should be sanatizing before meals. EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. My wife carries wipes and sanitizers when we vacation, but most people that have cruised other lines complained about not having sanitizers and got the same rude response we did, a blank look!!

Food: I have had so, so much better!! The breakfast buffet was a laugh. If you have been on RCCL or NCL you are laughing with me!! I have never seen so much cereal and danish in my life!! Why can't they offer more variety. Why should you have to hope it's french toast instead of them just offering it everyday!! My children, like many 10 and 11 year olds, each prefer something different. One wanted waffles, one wanted french toast and one wanted bacon that was actually cooked! Of course, once again a rude and very blank look when I asked if they could offer both french toast and waffles at the buffet!! I have never seen such a cheap buffet on any cruise and we have been on 6!! Any line that has to swap french toast, waffles and pancakes daily is either hurting for money or just cheap!! The breakfast in the dining room will offer you more choices, but you have to allow an hour or more!! Lunch -- a better variety if you don't mind pizza and hot dogs for lunch. Once again the buffet is sad with way too many seafood choices and odd dishes. Again, a sign of Carnival's cheap fare!! Dinner -- ok but nothing great!

Crew: Very, very rude people!! Carnival needs to teach the crew manners and class!! If they actually want customers with class they need much improvement!!

If you truly want your money's worth, spend a little more with a different line and get a fantastic vacation instead of a stress-filled one!!