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Carnival Cruise Lines

by Stephen Wright
December 31, 2012

A crew member named "Daniel from Indonesia" Humiliated me and left me with a very bad memory. I made the horrible mistake of snapping a photo of the photos posted for sale. (Photos taken freely by the cruise's staff the night before) (I just wanted to take a picture to relay to my wife to ask if she wanted to purchase it)

As I knelt to snap the photo from my Iphone, I was met by Daniel's finger in my face with a demand to "DELETE IMMEDIATLEY" I felt embarrassed and as I tried to stand to explain my apology and that I was only trying to confirm with my wife if she wished to purchase the photo on display, Daniel's response was to reach for his Walkie-talkie" and call for "SECURITY"...People looked on like I was a criminal. I may have made a mistake by using my cell phone to snap a photo, but I certainly didn't deserve to be treated like this.