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by Linda Lu
May 30, 2003

Just returned from my long weekend cruise to the Bahamas and am here to report on a wonderful time! First of all, the embarkation was processed efficiently and quickly. Best of all I was surprised to find my cabin had been upgraded. As many of you on this board probably already know, I had booked my friend and myself into a category 1A upper/lower bed to save on the cost. When I got to the point where they issue the sail and sign card, I was overjoyed to discover that I had been reassigned to a VERANDAH MINI SUITE WITH BALCONY!!! In all my times of cruising I've never been upgraded -- much less from a 1A to an 11. Even the woman at the desk asked "who do you know?"

As far as the decor of the ship was concerned -- all of the "horrible" mannequins I had read so much about must have vanished since I didn't see even one on board. Also, I guess all the "horrible stained" carpeting must have gone the way of the mannequins since I didn't notice that either. Or perhaps I was just having too great of a time to focus on such petty items!

Dinner was the same as on other Carnival ships -- down to the menu selections -- and I ended up ordering what I usually do and was quite pleased with it overall. All other meals were eaten on the Lido deck which was standard fare breakfast buffet and burgers, chicken and salads for lunch. Nothing outstanding but certainly tasty.

Understandably, due to the shortened time on ship, there weren't as many activities as I am used to from other cruises but the Newlywed game, talent show and onboard comedians were all quite enjoyable. Missed the first production show (Hollywood) but caught the 2nd (Broadway)and it was far better than the "amateurish, high school production" others have claimed.

Spent a lot of time in the casino (which ended up being the bulk of my folio) but didn't actually win enough to pay for the trip -- oh, well, maybe next time!

Nassau completely underwhelmed me --even Paradise Island and Atlantis were less than I expected but I do enjoy Las Vegas on a regular basis so maybe my expectations were too high.

Cable Beach was nice, if not a little seaweedy, but I also had a good time there.

Horse and Buggy ride I felt was a rip off -- even at only $10 a person and would not recommend this to anyone.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to e-mail me.