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by Mike
Western Caribbean
February 9, 2008

This was my 2nd cruise so I am by no means a authority on cruising, but I do know what I like. The embarkation process was very easy and went very smooth. However disembarkation was another story. I will do the self disemarkation next time. We were not called to leave the ship until about 9:30 am and did not finish getting through customs untill almost noon. It was like standing in line at Six Flags, except slower.

Upon first getting on the ship I was a little disappointed in the overall appearance. I know the ship is almost 20 years old, but it has just not been kept up with like it should have been. The ship shows much wear.

I must say the state room was very nice. Plenty of room and looked new. I was on the Empress deck in room 229. I have no complaints about the state room.

We ate in the dining room every night at the second seating. The food in there was excellent. I did not care too much for the food at the buffet. I also had breakfast in the Celebration dining room. The service that I received in the dining room was excellent and the food was great. The service out by the pool I thought was exceptional.

I noticed that the captain did not make any announcements. On RCL every morning our captain told you what the weather was going to be like, your location and what the seas would be like. I never heard this on Fantasy. This ship does not take the sea as well as Grandeur of the Seas. Even in the river you could really feel Fantasy roll a lot. Out in the ocean you for sure knew you were on a ship. It was hard to walk most of the time, but the ocean was not really that bad. When I was on RCL I did not even hardly know I was on a ship, very smooth ride.

All in all I guess the cruise is worth the money, which was very reasonable. But I think I will spend more next time and sail on a much newer ship with better reviews.