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Carnival Cruise Lines

by Darlene M Goulet

Fall 2001

This was not my first cruise, but it was my moms(65) and two sons(17 & 20). I was very disappointed in this cruise ship. There was very limited activities for the 16 to 20 age group. Actually there was limited activity during the whole cruise. I chose this so called Fun Ship for my kids and its price. Buyer Beware is what I need to say. You get what you pay for and some times a whole lot less than what you expect. Although the late nite(after 9pm) entertainment was very good. Each nite there was a show. I found ALL the comedy acts to be hillarious. Mom too. The onboard trivia, treasure hunt and game show games were also amusing. I wont give my opinion on the food, I will tell you what the first time cruisers said. In a word "BORING". Everyday the lunch buffet consisted of the exact same things, Burgers, Dogs and cold salads. The breakfast buffet was'nt any better. No variety.There is NOTHING but pizza available between2-6pm. We ate pizza 3 times in5 days. There is an automatic tipping policy. Approx. $10. per person per day regardless if its a child or not. I spent $120 in tips and that does'nt include room service or Matre'd or wine steward OR if you don't eat in the dining rooms,as we did'nt. Portions are small in dining room but it is a 5 course meal. Enough about food.

There is only one pool to accomodate all passengers.
I would check out other shipboard activities before booking with Carnivals Fantasy. If your into partying and drinking this may be the ship for you. There are 6 bars aboard. Drinks are not included in price so be careful, its very easy to use that sail & sign card and have no idea how much you have been spending.Which brings up another point. NO CASH accepted for anything, you must use this card to purchase anything and every thing!!! Also soda are not free. Coke cost $2.50. You do get free ice tea, punch or lemonade with your meals and you can order these thru room service free of charge, but plan on 60-90minutes for any orders.