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Carnival Ecstasy
by Debo
Western Caribbean
May 31, 2008

I am going to write my review in sections. Hope everyone enjoys reading it and hope it helps people with their upcoming cruises. I always enjoy reading everybody's reviews.

EZ cruise parking that I booked online for $30.00 for 5 days. Easy to find and good service. I will say that when we returned I noticed that Lighthouse parking didn't have that many people waiting in line and we had to wait for a while in order to get back to our car. It was not that long, but just wanted to share the info.

First time to cruise on the Ecstasy and I loved how it was laid out. Very easy to locate everything so I wasn't lost once. LOL. I really liked the location of our room because we had an easy time getting to a lot of the areas that we used the most. Upper Deck with connecting rooms 45 and 49. We had the best room steward. Rita for short was her name and she took very good care of us. I must also say that the bed and pillows are very comfortable. My husband had back surgery and usually after a couple of nights away from our bed his back starts hurting and his back never hurt the whole time we were on this cruise. I have even checked into buying the pillows and duvet.

Windstar dining room which is located mid ship was where we ate. Our head waiter was Jimmy and he was nice. Ok let's talk food: I am not a fancy person so most of the food was good with some being great. My boys got to try food they would have never eaten at home. Everyone at our table was totally addicted to the Chocolate Melting Cake. We ate it every night and I am trying to find the recipe so I can make it at home. We ate lunch in the dining room too because the Lido deck was usually so busy for lunch. We did eat at the pizza station, and ate sometimes at the buffet. The pizza is great, but the buffet was just OK.

The shows are good fun and we went to all of them. The hypnotist, "Puck," was great and sooooo funny. I tried my hand in the casino but didn't win much. Bingo -- played all those but didn't poop.

Cozumel: Weather was cloudy and sprinkling rain but we grabbed a taxi and went to Paradise Beach. Beautiful place and very friendly people. Our waiter, Freddy, was very nice and helpful. The water was brown because of a storm but we still had a blast. Went on the banana boat ride and the water was beautiful further out. We also rented the jet skis for 30 minutes and I had the best time of my life. We ate there and the Coconut shrimp was very tasty. Didn't shop a lot in Cozumel because I had heard the shopping was better in Progresso.

Progresso: We didn't book any excursions and were just going to go to the beach and shop a little. BAD MISTAKE. We got off the boat, waited for a bus, got off the bus, and walked to the beach -- all the while we were being asked to buy something every step of the way. We got to what was a nasty beach, turned around and went back to the bus stop, and then went back to the boat to sunbathe in peace. I didn't like the port at all. The people I talked to that did excursions away from the city had a good time. That's what we should have done.

My boys (17) enjoyed the club. They have all kinds of activities for teenagers and one of my boys even won the blackjack tournament.

We had an easy time compared to the stories I read before we left. We did self-disembarkation which means we carried our luggage off ourselves. We were in group 16 and from the time we were called to the time we got in our car was only 40 minutes. A few tips that will help: Use the stairs. They are much faster. When you get in the LONG line at customs, get help from a porter and you go to a much shorter line. We didn't buy hardly anything in Mexico so that helped with the time also. We had to wait a good 15 minutes just for the car parking place to pick us up. We tipped the porter like $5.00, so that's the best $5 spent of the entire trip.

We had a great trip and met a lot of very nice people. You do use the stairs a lot but I still gained 6 pounds (that darn chocolate melting cake). One funny thing that happened was calling room service and recognizing the voice on the other end as Jimmy, our waiter in the dining room. We both laughed about that one. When you get on the boat and these nice people ask if you would like a drink, KNOW that it will cost $7.95. My husband thought they were free by the way the guy asked and was mad when he found out how much they cost. Wish I had done more stuff but there is so much to do all day long that I missed some of the things that I wanted to do. Oh well, I better book another cruise so that I could do more.