Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Destiny
by KC Cruiser
Western Caribbean
January 30, 2010

Fact: Carnival Does Not Care

Fact: We sailed on the 1/30/2010 Destiny that was supposed to go to Grand Cayman and Jamaica. We were rerouted to Cozumel and Costa Maya.

Fact: The Destiny has been having propulsion issues since September, 2009.

Fact: Most recently, the 1/16/2010 sailing was rerouted in mid-cruise.

Fact: Although the two cruises prior to the 1/30 sailing (1/21 and 1/26) also had port changes, Carnival failed to notify us until 1/27/2010. Just TWO days prior to leaving.

Fact: We have been fighting with them ever since our return.

Fact: Destiny is in dry-dock as of today, but they limped along for 5 cruises before canceling a cruise.

Fact: Carnival provided a severe injustice to all passengers on those 5 cruises, yet feels no remorse or responsibility.

Fact: This was our first cruise ever. It will most definitely be our last on Carnival.

BUYER BEWARE, Carnival does only what is in 'their' best interest...they care nothing about the hard working passengers that spend thousands of dollars on their 'rip-off' cruises!