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Carnival Destiny
by Bob
Southern Caribbean
October 2, 2005

We just got home from a week on the Destiny and although the ports and excursions were excellent the ship itself needs lots of work. We were the second cruise since it left drydock but from what we encountered I'm thinking the ship could have used alot more down time.

During the seven days we sailed we saw more workers in coveralls than we have seen on all of our other five cruises combined. There was constant repair work being done and in some parts of the ship there were mounds of carpet rolls waiting to be put down. One night we watched guests trying to slip under, around, and through masking tape X's that were uses to block the entrances and exits from the dining area to the rear pool as the workers were on a break from their carpet job. We spent lots of time searching for coffee machines and ice machines that were working and most evenings it was a 20 minute walk to find a functioning ice cream machine. Some of the guests waited two days to get hot water and on some decks there seemed to be a sewage smell that never went away. We saw many decks with wet vacs in the hallways and it was obvious that the ships crew were dealing with many issues. Also, air conditioning on some of the decks was non-existent and on the decks it went from cool to unbearably hot. In our hallway [deck 8] the overhead vents were always blowing warm to hot air but luckily our staterooms were bearable. The stairwells were like blast furnaces.

We felt sorry for the staff as they seemed to be doing whatever they could to solve any problems but many of the passengers were rightfully upset and venting their frustrations on them. Speaking of the crew, they seemed to be really understaffed and after talking to one of our waiters I got the impression that Carnival had sent many of them to staff the boats for FEMA in the Gulf Coast.
I understand that the hurricane relief effort comes first BUT Carnival promises a trip that will exceed our expectations and after this trip I would be hard pressed to recommend this ship to my friends. Carnival owes more to their customers and their own staff. If the ship isn't ready and can't be fully staffed Carnival should take the responsibility and fix things so we get the quality of cruise that what we paid for.

We want to go back to the Southern Caribbean again but are researching other cruise lines. The islands and related excursions were the best we've ever experienced but the Destiny needs some major work before we'd ever take it again.