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Carnival Destiny
by crusin4fun
Southern Caribbean
January 18, 2004

We sailed on the Carnival Destiny on 1/18/04 out of San Jaun. My wife, son(14) daughter(5) flew into San Jaun from Boston the day before as we like to go a day early just in case of weather problems or anything else that might go wrong. Thank God we did!! As we were waiting for our luggage our daughter said she didn't feel well so I asked my wife to bring her out and get her some fresh air, thinking it was cause by the flight. Well as I waited and waited, we were missing a suitcase. So I went to the American Airlines claim counter and filled out a claim they said they didn't know where it was but assured me that it would be delivered to our hotel(Normandie) that evening. To make things worse it was my wifes suitcase that was M.I.A.. So there I am ready to give the bad news to my wife who was outside,thats when I realized that I had bigger problems. My poor daughter was bent over next to the trash can getting sick. We finally got to the Normandie hotel. All evening long we spent trying to get our daughter feeling better. When we would get her temp down her stomach would get upset so all night we didn't get much sleep(no suitcase yet).

Sunday morning(no suitcase) we called our Dr. he suggested we bring her to the hospital which we did. As we were driving to the hospital we had decided that if she wasn't better by 6:00 pm we would have to cancel the cruise (10 pm sail time). The Dr. at the hospital was great, very good with her, he suggested a shot of antibiotics which would get in her system right away. He gave us 3 other prescriptions and off to the pharmacy to fill them. We weren't in there more then 10 minutes and there was our daughter running around like nothing happen, but of course we were still worried. Four hours later still no fever, she was back eating and feeling good and wanted to go swimming. So off to the ship we went.(suitcase in tow as it showed up why we were at the hospital).

The ship in my opinion was everything I expected. It is little older but in good shape I didn't look for stains in the carpet so I didn't find any. We were upgraded to a mini suite cat 11 from 8b. very nice!! The food was OK not good but plentiful. I have had better food before on different Carnival ships. We went to Camp Carnival to get info. and sat down to watch our Patriots beat the Colts in the AFC championship game. We had plan to meet other people who we had met online but the place was jammed up, standing room only!!

Day 1 We did finally meet up the next day in St.Thomas while on a tour from Hi Lisa. Godfrey was everything everybody has said. Two hours of shopping 2 hours of sightseeing and 2 hours of swimming all for $20. per person. Highly recommend.

Day 2 Domincia We went out to the Main St. and found a taxi. We told him what and where we wanted to go and we agreed on a price for $20/pp. He brought us up through the rain forest to the waterfalls. Along the way he stop on the side of the road to point out different flowers, and grass. He pulled some grass and tied it up in a bow and had us smell it and it smelt like lemons. We also stop at Mr Nices' stand where it's nice to be nice. We could taste banannas, coconut, and other native foods. The waterfalls were absolutely breath taking. Well worth the trip for $20 p/p as the ship tours were charging somewhere in the $50's.

Day 3 Barbados - Outside the terminal there was a sign with the prices for taxis. We decided to take a taxi to Harrisons Cave. If you have never been in a cave before I suggest to go. The other couple we were with, went to a cave in San Jaun and they said that Harrisons was much smaller. My kids enjoyed it and we got to see some of the country side why we drove to the cave. Our taxi driver waited outside for us why we were there. I believe the cost was $16 per adult and $5 for children for admission. And again we paid $20 p/p for the taxi which after the caves he drop us off at the Boatyard beach. The Boatyard charged $12 to get in but they gave you $5 back in tokens towards food and beverages. They had chairs with umbrellas, water trampolines. They had watersports so that you could rent. Very nice beach.

Day 4 Sea day We did the typical things on a sea day, laid out in the sun, spend some money in the casino, laid out in the sun, spend more money in the casino.<G> Camp Carnival was full of activites for the little ones. One of the things I like about this class of ship was the layout of the deck area. We had no problems finding chairs, no they weren't near the Lido pool but close enough when you needed to take a dip you could. I beleive the layout with the decks fanning up towards the sun deck gave you much more room I didn't feel like we were on top of each other.

Day 5 - Aruba- Having spent a couple of weeks in Aruba before we rented a jeep and toured the island on our own. We rented right at the pier without reservations and had no problems. We first went to Dunkin Donuts! Anyone form the Boston area will know after 6 days without a Dunkins' coffee you are going through some serious withdrawal <G>. Then off to the lighthouse,Vista Chapel, rock formations and then the Natural Bridge that took about 3 hours. So off to Baby Beach for some lunch and snorkling. The afternoon was spent swimming and snorkling we headed back into town where the wife bought a nice Sapphire ring. We went back to the ship to freshen up and eat dinner, we just grab some sandwiches that night. Our daughter was begging to go to Camp Carnival (which she did everyday) so we dropped her off, our son, who we didn't see much went to "hang out" with the teens. We headed to Carlos n Charlies for a couple of drinks. If you have never been in a Carlos n Charlies that is a place to go to people watch and have a good time.

Day 6 Sea day -- See day 4 but more money in the casino less in the sun <VBG>!

Day 7 Debarkation we didn't find any problems with it if you were patient except the few who still insists to wait in the halls and in the stairways. We got to the airport ate lunch boarded our plane back to Boston with all sad faces.............Except for me because I knew I was heading to Houston to the Super Bowl in 4 days......

Overall we had a great time especially the way our trip started out, but again I NEVER had a bad cruise. Camp Carnival was great I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about taking the kids.

SMOOTH SAILING.............