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Carnival Destiny
by M. Jackson
Southern Caribbean
December 29, 2002

I caught the virus on my New Year's Eve Trip and never experienced such violent gastrointestinal episodes, uncontrolable, on going for hours, coming out from everywhere (certainly you can imagine - I don't want to be that graphic). Not only did I have to pay double for this trip as a single person, but I actually paid nearly four times the amount because it was a holiday voyage. Well, I wanted to go and if only I knew what was in store for me. I had to pay that money to get violently ill and I was charged a doctors fee too for $175.00! I am not turned off about cruising, but I am permanently turned off with CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES...

When I called to complain and wanted restitution for the experience, looking for maybe an apology and half off on a future cruise, that would have made up for it - but wishful thinking... I was HUNG UP ON by a Customer Care Representative, who did not care at all and told me the cruise line is never responsible for passengers getting sick... I wanted to laugh, it is in the midst of a major epidemic ! WHO IS CARNIVAL KIDDING !!! BUYER BEWARE - sail on a cruise line that cares about it's passengers. Carnival puts on such phoney airs, they want your money, when they get you, they will show you their true colors - I have even expeeienced people in the Purser's office who were not very kind about the situation... CARNIVAL HAS LOST MY BUSINESS FOREVER AND THAT OF ALL MY FRIENDS - BEST ADVICE - DO NOT SAIL CARNIVAL !!!