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Carnival Destiny
by Michael Harrington
Southern Caribbean
November 3, 2002

What a dissappointing vacation indeed!!

Let me start by saying that if you are planning a Carnival Cruise do yourselves a favor and DON'T.

My wife and I booked a seven day southern carribean cruise aboard the Destiny 14 months prior to the departure date. This was to be for our third anniversary. We had been on this ship 11-7-1999 for our honeymoon. The difference was day and night.

Embarkation: Two words come to mind, CHAOS AND EXTORTION!!! At the airport in San Juan we were greeted by greasy haired, gum smacking staff members who hadlittle interest in making embarkation bearable. We were led ALA CAttle line to the luggage carousel in the terminal. We indentified our luggage and were then asked to get into line. We stood in line at the airport for 45 minutes awating the arrival of those wonderful buses to take us to the ship. We waited outside!! in 85+ degrees with 90% humidity!! When those lovely motor coaches arrived( sarcasm) they slung our luggage underneath the air polluting bus and we were off to the terminal. At the terminal we were aggressivly greeted by another carnival representative who spoke to us in a military tone and stated " listen up, if you need help with the luggage tell me now. Get off the bus grab your luggage and follow me to the ship!!!!! In past cruises we were not made to take our luggage in this way. It was taken from the airport to the ship by staff and placed at our cabin door. Not here. So we dragged our luggage to the terminal and left it. As we were walking to the ship we were greeted by another helpful ( sarcasm ) staff member who stated we needed to give him a tip to ensure our luggage made it onto the ship!!! I should have ran then!!

THE SHIP AND CABIN. We had an outside balcanony room. The room was dirty, the bed linens were old and the service was horrable!!!

The food: Our suggestion is for you to bring your own, Pack snacks. It was always cold. We ate in Aruba because we could not bear that horrable cuisine another night.

The follow up. I talked with carnival the day we got home and was promised some compensation. We have not gotten a response from them even though they promised to send us a 15% certificate with a few other things.

My advice, GO on royalal carribean, the s.s minnow with gilligan, but avoid carnival at all cost.