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A compendium of all of the Oasis of the Seas articles appearing in CruiseMates.

At first all we had were news articles...

2-6-06 Royal Caribbean Orders Largest Cruise Ship Ever Built Royal Caribbean, who broke the record for largest cruise ship ever with the Voyager class-ships in 1999, has "done it again" by giving the Akers Shipyard in Finland the order to build a new vessel which will increase the size of the the "world's largest cruise-ship" by a whopping 43%.

The new ship - as yet unnamed but the first in a new class called "Genesis Project" will be a staggering 220,000 gross tons, will accomodate 5400 passengers, and will be 1180 feet long, 154 feet wide and 213 feet above the water line. The scheduled year of delivery is 2009 and the contracted cost of 900 Euros will, for the first time, cross the one billion dollar mark; $1,080,000,000 at todays rate. However, ships are paid for at time of delivery and in 2009 the Dollar/Euro conversion rates could be substantially different.

Back in 1996, Carnival had just christened the first cruiser to break the 100,000 ton limit, Destiny, when Royal Caribbean surprised the world by announcing the Voyager class - a ship that raised the limit by approximately 42%. Soon after, Cunard Line (A Carnival Corp. company) announced the Queen Mary 2 would usurp that size and be the world's largest by a tiny margin, a title it held for a few years. Currently, the largest vessel made is the Royal Caribbean "Freedom of the Seas" at 158,000 registered tons (3,430 passenger) scheduled to begin service in April.

Included was this very first rendering of the Genesis class ship compared to previous classes of Royal Caribbean ships:

MESSAGE BOARDS >> TEENS >> The same day this news release came out, our teens voted on the question, "Is this rediculous?" (sic)

More news stories followed, still under the name "Genesis"

What's New in Cruising in 2006? 4-3-06
How Big is Too Big? With Royal Caribbean's recent announcement about its 5,400-passenger, 220,000 gross-registered-ton Genesis project, it's natural to ask if ships are getting too big. I've never sailed on the really big ships, but I will be on Voyager of the Seas in April, so I'll have a firsthand report of my impressions. But even with the port and other logistical challenges presented by such a large ship as the newly announced RCI behemoth, as long as it's seaworthy and provides new on-board options, cruisers will absolutely jump at the chance to sail on it. It's up to the line to make it interesting and workable beyond that.   Go>

6-14-07: A Discussion of Cruise Ship Sizes

Today, the largest cruise ships in the world are 160,000 gross tons, the sister ships from Royal Caribbean, Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. They will remain the largest for a few more years despite this coming industry wave towards generally larger ships. However, the crowning touch on this fundamental leap forward will be capped by Royal Caribbean out-sizing themselves when they introduce Project Genesis. Set to debut in 2010 at 220,000 gross tons -- almost 30% larger than today's largest cruise ship, Genesis will carry over 6400 passengers, an increase of almost 90% over today's biggest ship in the world.

Royal Caribbean Genesis Class Ship - set to debut in 2010 - will weigh in at over 220,000 gross tons.

8-23-07: St. Maarten Announces $97.5 Million Pier Project The island of St. Maarten is announcing plans for a $97.5 million expansion of the island's existing cruise facilities.

Servicing over one-million cruise passengers annually, the new cruise facilities currently under construction parallel to the existing pier, will measure 1,460 feet long by 50 feet wide and be able to accommodate the 220,000-ton genesis-class cruise ships. Additionally, the expansion project will add two-acres of land to the Great Bay area, connecting the new pier to the main thoroughfare in front of the John Craane Cruise Terminal Building.

The expansion also includes plans for an 853-foot extension to the Captain David Quay and adds an additional 90,420 square feet of container storage and handling space. With the expansion of container traffic, and St. Maarten's emerging roll as a mini-hub for cargo transshipment purposes for the neighboring islands, the new facilities will help protect cargo ships from rough waters while offloading cargo.

The project is funded by a $40 million loan from Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RRCL).

Then comes the contest to name the new ship:

1-18-08: Royal Caribbean "Name the World's Biggest Ship" Contest Royal Caribbean is making an unprecendented move in asking the public to help them name the ship that will become the largest cruise ship in the world. This is the new Genesis class of ships that has just barely begun construction.

Asking the public to participate in contests is not unprecedented, but what is surprising is that they would ask them to help name what is going to be the most significant ship to arrive in decades, arguably the most important to date in history, because this ship is SO big that it will make the rest of today's cruise fleet, even the behemothic super-ships of today like Freedom of the Seas, appear small.

My personal interest is that I was hoping Royal Caribbean would use this ship as a reason to get awat from the "Of the Seas" theme in naming their ships. Personally, I have never liked it and I think most people agree with me. It reminds of my days in Hollywood show biz when we always said, "never pick a ficticious name a critic can use to makw fun of you" - Well, I'm sorry, but for anyone over the age 40 "anything" - of the seas, sounds like Charlie Tuna.

And so, I submitted my pick for a new name, the one I thought they would be using anyway - Simply "Genesis" with NO "of the Seas" behind it.

If you would like to participate in the Royal Caribbean "name the ship" contest, go to usatoday.com.

-- Finally, the names Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas were picked. Then we had a quiet period as building of the ship commenced. Soon after, details of several different aspects of the ship were annouced in "reveals" by Royal Caribbean:

As more information comes out articles start to appear

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July 30, 2009
Royal Caribbean's First Nursery at Sea
Royal Caribbean is the second cruise line to institute a nursery at sea for infants and toddlers from the ages of six to 36 months.   Go>
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