Keith Cox

Cruise Director - Grand Princess

Tonight's special guest, Keith Cox, Cruise Director aboard Grand Princess.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:19 PM)
For those that may not know... our guest tonight will be Keith Cox, CD of the Grand Princess

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:26 PM)
I am sailing Sea Princess 12/16 with the kids

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:26 PM)
Got an answer from Robi Kuki, she says Marriot Waterside or Wyndham Harbor Island. Gonna see what kind of rates I can find

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:50 PM)
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Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:52 PM)
Tweets.. let me know about the Marriott. Its apparently the newer one

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:53 PM)
Keith should be here soon

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:56 PM)
Paul, as a recent veteran of two Silver Cloud Cruises you really captred the essence of Silverseas in theat piece

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:55:57 PM)
Any cruise booked is good Bill, I'm sure you're gonna love it

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:56:04 PM)
Evening Bob .. welcome to Monday night chat

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:56:08 PM)
Will do Kuki

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:56:10 PM)
Thank you, Bill, Im glad to hear that

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:32 PM)
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marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:33 PM)
I missed our nightly chats also

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:36 PM)
Keith should be here in a few minutes

marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:38 PM)
Hi keith

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:41 PM)
Welcome aboard Keith

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:41 PM)
Hello Keith

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:44 PM)
While we're waiting for Keith... How many of U have cruise with Keith before?

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:45 PM)
ah!! there he is :-)

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:46 PM)
fish and chips - not my favourite - all that favourite is pizza - real italian pizza

marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:50 PM)
not I

slinkie (ID=134) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:55 PM)
This is my first time here. Am I in a good place to get info on a crusie to Alaska?

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:55 PM)
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Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:57 PM)
Oh ... speak o fthe the devil.. WElcome Keith !!

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 8:58:57 PM)
Kuki and Paul he signed on

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:04 PM)
My wife and I have--great cruise director

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:11 PM)
Evening Kuki and All :)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:11 PM)
>>Hi Everyone!

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:13 PM)
MikeH welcome aboard, pull up a chair and join in

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:15 PM)
Hi Keith! how is your vacation so far?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:20 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:21 PM)
Ahoy Mike... welcome aboard.. tonight s chat with all our SPECIAL guest.. Keith Cox

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:26 PM)
Glad you could join us Keith

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:32 PM)
hi keith welcome to our house:)

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:38 PM)
Keith is the Cruise Director on the Grand Princess

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:38 PM)
Hi Keith Can't we go on the Star Princess again. Miss that ship and YOU!!!!

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:43 PM)
hi keith

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:49 PM)
Feel free to ask Keith questions.. but lets give him a chance to answer too .. LOL

zel (ID=126) (Jun 19, 2000 8:59:51 PM)
welcome Keith

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:01 PM)
Keith - are you going to bring out the Golden Princess?

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:02 PM)
Keith, before I forget please send our regards to Commodore Moulin!

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:08 PM)
Keith will you be Cruise Director for Golden Princess?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:10 PM)
..Besides the Grand the Star is my favorite.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:22 PM)
Kuki, good to be with you again

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:23 PM)
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LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:29 PM)
See Kuki, I said "we" had a great time on the Star

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:29 PM)
hi donna

marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:30 PM)
Hi donna, how are you tonight?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:34 PM)
Welcome aboard Donna

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:37 PM)
Hi Trip, wow, weird reading

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:39 PM)
Keith--my wofe and I sailed with you on Star--many years ago and we had a great time

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:39 PM)
hi donna

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:42 PM)
Hi Tweets

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:47 PM)
Keith.. nice to C U too.. we keep meeting electronically.. LOL

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:51 PM)
and you know who the star is:)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:00:59 PM)
Trip.. no, who?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:02 PM)
got that link,will fforward

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:06 PM)
..Great to be back

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:07 PM)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:15 PM)
Hi Keith, great to have you here :-)

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:22 PM)
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LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:24 PM)
Guiseppe was the Star on the Star-- he aand Keith

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:27 PM)
..We're having a hug fest

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:31 PM)
Keith.. everyone seems curious.. Are U going to be bringing out the Golden P next year?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:33 PM)
Linder, welcome to Monday nite chat

slinkie (ID=134) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:45 PM)
Keith can you give me some details on ground excursions in ALaska?

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:01:51 PM)
Hey there All! Hey Keith!

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:03 PM)
Ahoy Linder.. get comfy and join in the chat with our special guest Keith Cox, CD of Grand PRincess

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:03 PM)
..I/m undecided!

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:20 PM)
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*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:24 PM)
hi evb

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:29 PM)
TRB.. welcome aboard

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:31 PM)
Hi Ev and bob

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:40 PM)
The attractivness is in the Med in summer and the Carribean in winter.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:41 PM)
Keith, a question about tendering from Grand in the Caribbean? Do you tender from a floating or stationery platform?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:44 PM)
Howdy Trip, pull up a chair and join in

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:47 PM)
Keith: When are you going to the Med? Or Are you there now?

marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:52 PM)
I wish I could stay and chat, but I'm experiencing the after vacation blues......really, really tired. Everyone have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:54 PM)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:02:55 PM)
Hi Trip, Kuki, Lu

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:04 PM)
Keith .. we're hoping to have a CruiseMates group on the Golden over there sometime next summer

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:05 PM)
Thanks Keith

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:05 PM)
Golden Princess will be named in Southampton....who will be the sponsor?

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:06 PM)
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tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:07 PM)
CU Marylou, nite now

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:09 PM)
Nite ML, sea ya tomorrow

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:09 PM)
gn ml

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:12 PM)
Hi Mr. Princess

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:13 PM)
Michael welcome aboard

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:16 PM)
I join the Grand again June 29

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:17 PM)
Evening Michael.. welcome

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:21 PM)
nite ml

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:22 PM)
hi michael

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:22 PM)
>>Hi Everyone :)

marylou (ID=131) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:23 PM)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:27 PM)
There until Oct 3

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:47 PM)
And Then Vacation :)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:49 PM)
Gee... Keith has a job like mine.. Hardly works.. LOL

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:50 PM)
Keith do you know your schedule for 2001--we're on Grand 3/4/01

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:03:55 PM)
>>Hi Trip,Kuki,Donna,Everyone :)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:01 PM)
Keith who is the current CD on Crown Princess Aug 9?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:09 PM)
>>Yes, hopefully for remainder of year. Xmas at hom

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:30 PM)
Xmas at home is always a good thing Keith

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:42 PM)
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CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:44 PM)
>>Let me think...sorry I don't know. Lots of changes.

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:04:44 PM)
kieth, how many hours of sleep do you get a day?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:00 PM)
>>average for four months is 5 hours

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:02 PM)
Keith: When will we know the schedul for The Golden Princess?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:05 PM)
Cruise Chick, welcome aboard Monday nite chat with Keith Cox CD of Grand Princess

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:17 PM)
keith what was the strangest situation you have found yourself in as a cd???

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:18 PM)
Keith Do you get your wife and daughter to sail with you now, or too busy?

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:23 PM)
golden's inaugural is from southampton

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:37 PM)
keith, ok i'm not applying for your job

Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:46 PM)
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CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:46 PM)
>>It's out now. WIll take over what Grand has been doing . Will stay in Carib year round, alternating eastern/western

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:48 PM)
Yes, I mean itinerary After Europe

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:50 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:55 PM)
Evening Linda.. welcome aboard

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:05:57 PM)
Hi LInda, welcome aboard

buffy (ID=142) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:02 PM)
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Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:11 PM)
Hi everyone

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:17 PM)
Evening buffy.. welcome. grab a seat and join in

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:18 PM)
hi linda

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:22 PM)
>>7 day Eastern Carib

zel (ID=126) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:23 PM)

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:25 PM)
keith do you at least get to drink free?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:28 PM)
Buffy, pull up a chair and join in with Keith Cox CD Grand Princess

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:31 PM)
>>CD on Crown is John Lawerence

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:36 PM)
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Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:40 PM)
Hi Ernie

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:40 PM)
Hi Ernie

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:40 PM)
If Keith misses any of your questions.. please be patient... he'll try and get to everyone

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:40 PM)
hi ernie

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:46 PM)
Where will The Grand be in The Winter?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:49 PM)
>>In a round about way, yes. Officially, NO.

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:06:53 PM)
Golden Princess will be doing first transatlantic Sept. 25, 2001

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:10 PM)
Are you booked on that one TRB

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:12 PM)
Hi Ernie

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:14 PM)
Fellow Cruisers--remember when on board to buy a drink for the CD

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:15 PM)
If The Golden does alternating East/West?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:16 PM)
>>Starting mid Oct will be in Cari b year round alternativing East and West

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:20 PM)
Tweety yes

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:22 PM)
Hi all

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:26 PM)
Hi Keith, I just visited your ship a few weeks ago. She is a beauty.

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:30 PM)
keith, ok then i'm staying a passenger

buffy (ID=142) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:34 PM)
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Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:34 PM)
??Hi Ernie

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:37 PM)
>>Golden will take over what Grand is doing now.

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:39 PM)
Why did I know that TRB

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:40 PM)
Hi Michael

Mart (ID=132) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:42 PM)
Hi Ernie

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:43 PM)
Cruise.. were u cruising on it.. or just touring ?

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:43 PM)
hi ernie

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:49 PM)
ev is booked on every ship in the world:):)

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:49 PM)

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:53 PM)
Hello Bob d

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:54 PM)
Tweety because you know us

Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:07:59 PM)
Hi Keith, We are booked on the Grand Oct 22nd. Can't wait

zel (ID=145) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:05 PM)
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tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:05 PM)
God Bless you TRB

Diane (ID=146) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:07 PM)
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TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:08 PM)
Trip LOL working on it

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:10 PM)
Hi Zel WB

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:16 PM)
Diane, welcome aboard

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:18 PM)
touring only....great food

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:19 PM)
>>Have a great time. Sorry I'll miss you.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:20 PM)
Keith.. is Marty Allen still performing on the Grand??? And if so, is he still alive ?:)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:21 PM)
and doing a good job,you do us all proud:)

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:24 PM)
>>Linda Im going on QE2 that same day

Diane (ID=146) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:28 PM)
Hi Everyone

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:38 PM)
Keith, know it's early but do you now if you will be on Grand early March 2001--we're booked for 3/4/01

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:40 PM)
hi diane

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:54 PM)
Evening Diane.. welcome. Feel free to ask our guest Keith Cox any cruise questions u like

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:08:57 PM)
Hi Diane

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:00 PM)
>>Yes, barely. He's still alive. Won't be in Med but probably in CAri b when I get there.

Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:01 PM)
QE2 wow!

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:08 PM)
keith you know Phil Raymond from Aurora?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:20 PM)
>>No, sorry.

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:27 PM)
Tweets... why are you blessing TRB? Michael... sailing date on QE2?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:29 PM)
Keith.. we enjoyed Marty alot.. old jokes, but very funny guy

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:29 PM)
if that goes goes bald,his career is over:)

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:31 PM)
Bill I have found it best to contact Princess for info on staff for each ship.

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:40 PM) crazy is it to try and keep all of those passengers happy?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:09:51 PM)
>>It's the experience and timing that makes the difference

cruisecrazy (ID=147) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:14 PM)
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John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:15 PM)
he is one of the best CD's in the P&O UK based fleet

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:23 PM)
Keith: You are an awesome CD

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:27 PM)
hi ya crazy.. welcome to Monday night chat

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:30 PM)
As long as the passenger isn't Kuki CruiseChick he has it made

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:31 PM)
And Human Being

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:32 PM)
>>Difficult sometimes but always challenging

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:33 PM)
Keith looks like we both like the same logo-- is there any other??

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:38 PM)
>>Yes we have a Cruises Inc/Cruise One meeting on QE2 followed by a Princess weekend

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:44 PM)
keith, have you ever worked for another cruise line other than princess?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:46 PM)
Hi CruiseCrazy

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:54 PM)
Any idea who the CD will be for The Golden?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:58 PM)
>>No, I'm hooked on one gal.

cruisecrazy (ID=147) (Jun 19, 2000 9:10:59 PM)

Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:01 PM)
Keith, will you be the CD on the Oct 22nd sailing? If not, do you know who?

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:08 PM)
Keith... curious ... do you know Steve Leyland or Nick Weir?

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:15 PM)
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*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:19 PM)
hiya al

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:20 PM)
Keith--- don't forget the little one

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:28 PM)
>>It's being reviwed.

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:30 PM)
Welcome aboard Crazy, join in our chat with Keith Cox, CD Grand Princess

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:31 PM)
Linda.. Keith was staying earlier that he is off the Grand on Vacation Oct 3

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:38 PM)
Hi Al, how are you tonite

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:39 PM)
hi al

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:41 PM)
Evening Ace

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:42 PM)
Hi everyone

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:42 PM)
>>Sorry don't know them

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:44 PM)
Keith is Stephanie Woods still on your staff?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:11:55 PM)
>>Who would you like to have as CD on Golden?

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:03 PM)
Hi Al

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:06 PM)
Keith, what kind of vacations do you take?

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:11 PM)
Besides you?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:18 PM)
>>No, Stephanie went home to find a husband and start a family!

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:28 PM)
Keith.. if I go on it , I'd love to have u, just so we could finally meet.. LOL

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:33 PM)
>>I work 4 months on and 2 off.

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:35 PM)
Keith LOL

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:12:52 PM)
>>I'd love to have you!

hprestwich (ID=149) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:04 PM)
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CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:10 PM)
Kuki, I'll buy you a drink.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:15 PM)
Keith, don't want to be a downer but my wife and I were friends with former Commordore John Young, we lost touch with him when he got ill--do you know if he is still with us?

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:15 PM)
Hprestwich, welcome aboard

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:16 PM)
Keith: Say Hello To Shelby for us

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:18 PM)
Our guest tonight is Keith Cox, CD of Grand Princess, feel free so ask questions.. just give him time to answer

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:33 PM)
>>No, he passed away, unfortuanately.

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:35 PM)
Now that IS a good question what type of vacation DOES a CD take?

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:46 PM)
We're from the same state...She'll remember

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:48 PM)
Sorry to hear that--thanks for the update

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:13:48 PM)
thanks mikeh

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:05 PM)
>>I go home for vacation and stay there!

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:10 PM)

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:13 PM)

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:16 PM)
>>LOL Im sure you do

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:20 PM)
If a cruise director takes a cruise for vacation is it called a "cruiseman's holiday"?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:26 PM)
If I recall you're a golfer, arent U Keith ?

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:28 PM)
Keith--where is home?

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:32 PM)
Al.... lol

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:47 PM)
>>Home is Knoxville Tennessee.

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:14:54 PM)
Nice place

zel (ID=145) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:05 PM)
hi ernie just saw you there

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:10 PM)

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:13 PM)
Nice country down there Keith, I go there on business a lot

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:24 PM)
Kieth - what has been your funniest moment or occurence as a cruise director?

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:25 PM)
I got to the Smoky Mountains usually once a year Keith, love that area

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:28 PM)
I am in nashville

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:30 PM)
>>The Smokeys are great

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:40 PM)
Keith, my wife wants to know how many shops are on Grand--I want to know how much it's going to cost me?? LOL

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:50 PM)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:15:53 PM)
hi mart

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:05 PM)
keith, where is home?

zel (ID=145) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:07 PM)
bill lol

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:15 PM)
>>I just moved back to Knoxville 2 years ago, March 26, 3 days before I flew to shipyard in Italy where Grand was being built.

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:22 PM)
Knoxvill e TN BobD

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:23 PM)
Keith... you have the "top berth" at Princess... how long have you been doing this?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:23 PM)
Bob.. Keith answered.. Knoxville, Tenn

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:31 PM)
what kind of new shows are in the works for future princess cruises?

cookie (ID=150) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:38 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:43 PM)
hi cookie

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:47 PM)
OK Keith, I have always wondered...does anyone ever win Jackpot bingo before the final day of sailing?

Betty (ID=151) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:50 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:52 PM)
Evening Cookie.. welcome to Monday night chat

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:52 PM)
Howdy Cookie, welcome aboard

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:55 PM)
>>1 4 years. Started as singer/dancer in 86 and became CD in 88

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:57 PM)
HowD Betty

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:58 PM)
hi betty

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:16:59 PM)
Betty, pull up a chair and join in

cookie (ID=150) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:01 PM)
hi everyone

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:05 PM)
Keith do you know who will be captain of the Golden?

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:12 PM)
Hi Cookie

bob d (ID=129) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:14 PM)
sorry i was away for a minute

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:28 PM)
Hecy Chick: We giving Keith 2 pairs of lips tonite?

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:32 PM)
Keith... other ships you've been on before the grand?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:40 PM)
>>It's not official. my guess is Commodore Mulin. Again it's my guess.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:17:46 PM)
Betty and Cookie.. Have either of U cruised Princess before?

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:00 PM)
I like that Guess

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:01 PM)
can never have too many lips coming at you

cookie (ID=150) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:03 PM)
no i haven't

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:11 PM)
Keiths loving it

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:13 PM)
Keith we have been with Moulin on the Royal & Grand

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:17 PM)
>>Star, Regal, Crown, Pacific, Island, SEa, Sky, Origianal Sun and new Sun

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:25 PM)
My a show of hands (Hand) how many here have cruised with Princess before?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:29 PM)

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:29 PM)
Keith--do you think that Commoroe Moulin will still be with Grand in March, 2001?

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:31 PM) wonderful!

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:31 PM)

Skeeper (ID=152) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:31 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:32 PM)

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:33 PM)
me me me

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:36 PM)
Keith.. which ship is your favorite?

Betty (ID=151) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:36 PM)
Yes, I have - 13 times

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:38 PM)
7 timers

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:39 PM)
We had an awesome time on The Ocean

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:42 PM)
Skeeper, welcome aboard

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:50 PM)
parent company P&O

Linda (ID=143) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:53 PM)
I've been on the Sea Princess and am booked on the Grand

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:55 PM)
>>Moulin will be if he does not do Golden

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:18:57 PM)
How many kids will be on sea Princess the week before X-mas? Are they a lot of kids

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:00 PM)
us - 11 times - 3 more booked with Princess

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:00 PM)
Hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand--8 times

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:01 PM)
Hi ya Skeeper... welcome to our chat with special guest, CD, Keith Cox

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:12 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:14 PM)
>>Keith what is the best part of being a CD? what do you like best?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:16 PM)
i also have done the sea and the grand

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:18 PM)
The Grand is my Favorite ship and I love all the Princess ships

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:18 PM)
Hi Zippy

Skeeper (ID=152) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:28 PM)
Hello everybody

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:28 PM)
Zippy glad you could join us, welcome

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:31 PM)
hi room

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:32 PM)
Keith .. I was on Ocean Princess in March... Really liked that ship ALOT

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:35 PM)
>>Pretty much all Xmas cruises do. lAbout 300-500 kids on Grand class ships

cruisechick (ID=141) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:45 PM)
well i am definately in the minority. I am too busy selling princess to sail anywhere.

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:19:52 PM)
We are talking about doing Princess to Alaska, sometime early 2002

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:01 PM)
Chick.. got to get onboard!!! :)

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:06 PM)
Really enjoy Mike Moulin's company had the pleasure of sharing his table on a Sky Princess Cruise, would look forward to meeting him again

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:09 PM)
i keep hearing that it is closed to teens - howmany do they allow on a sailing?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:22 PM)
>>The Sun class vessels have been very sucessful in the crusise industry for Princess--all 4

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:26 PM)
Mike.. if u're thinking about a land package.. in Alaska Princess is king!

mmbcater (ID=154) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:38 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:44 PM)
hi michelle!!!!

tweets (ID=119) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:50 PM)
MMB, welcome aboard

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:52 PM)
That is wehat we heard, we saw the Alaska cruise video and have the latest brochure

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:54 PM)
>>Teens...there is a limit that reservations.

Skeeper (ID=152) (Jun 19, 2000 9:20:58 PM)
Keith " It's a great day to be had!"

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:04 PM)
Evening MMB.. welcome to Monday night chat with special guest Keith Cox, of the Grand PRincess

mmbcater (ID=154) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:05 PM)
Hello trip-how are you?

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:11 PM)
How many teens on a sailing?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:11 PM)
saw your zoo and jack last week:):)

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:17 PM)
I hope they continue to give and not fall down like RCL did

mmbcater (ID=154) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:22 PM)
Hi Kuki and all

mmbcater (ID=154) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:31 PM)
Linda-on TV???

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:31 PM)
Hi mmb

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:39 PM)
good morning america

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:45 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:46 PM)
>>Teen on a sailing it depends on time of year. In summer crusing the Meds anywhere from 75-125

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:49 PM)
Hi Dip

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:53 PM)
hiya miss diplindy

mmbcater (ID=154) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:57 PM)
Yeah, he is a regular there

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:21:59 PM)
Except for holiday sailings I dont think the teen #s restriction comes into play much

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:00 PM)
Hello everyone

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:03 PM)
>>Keith what part of being a CD do you do best?

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:04 PM)
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RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:05 PM)
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cruise chick (ID=158) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:08 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:09 PM)
Early March 4-11--kid projection please?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:11 PM)
hi ray

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:12 PM)
Hi Ray

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:16 PM)
Hi Dip, Ray

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:19 PM)
Hi Dip... where's the tree?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:25 PM)
Evening Frog, Ray, Chic and all newbies

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:28 PM)
Hi Mates

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:35 PM)
How about pre-xmas cruise and teens?

Victor (ID=159) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:36 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:40 PM)
hi vic

MikeH (ID=136) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:48 PM)
30 people and counting

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:51 PM)
>>Hopefully, the people.

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:22:58 PM)
Sorry had to get my tree!

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:05 PM)
Hi Keith ;o)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:06 PM)
Our special guest tonight is Keith Cox, CD of Grand PRincess.. Feel free to ask any questions.. Just please give him time to answer

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:07 PM)
>>Depends on school breaks.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:09 PM)
Keith, what is the best kept secret about the Grand? A little hint for an upcoming cruiser

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:11 PM)
Bill won't find many kids when school is in session.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:22 PM)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:41 PM)
keith,have you had time to think,the strangest thing that ever happened to you as a cd?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:51 PM)
>>THe ultimate choice. No other ship in the industry offers the flexibily, food and entertainement

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:52 PM)
Kuki - Hi ya

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:23:55 PM)
Keith.. We did our first "Princess" cruise a few months ago and must say we were very impressed :-)

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:02 PM)
hi kuki....glad i finally made it

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:03 PM)
How D Dip.. nice to see U

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:10 PM)
Bill Just remember if your room is on red or blue side of carpeting, and bring your hiking shoes with you

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:14 PM)
Keith -met you on Grand April 1999

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:21 PM)
Frog.. so good to c U again.. hope all is well!!!

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:21 PM)
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ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:29 PM)
Keith... lots of passengers know the CD from his/her public appearances. Those I know tell me that you have a huge responsibility "behind the scenes"... lots and lots of work keeping things moving on board. Comments?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:33 PM)
Thanks Kuki - LindaTrip reminded me of your special guest

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:40 PM)
>> that comes to mind getting kicked out of my own cabin to let two female singers sleep in my bed when their cabins were flooded out.

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:51 PM)
my alias:)

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:52 PM)
Lu we are on the Port Side in a Penthouse Suite.

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:24:56 PM)
doing good....we moved and baby is fine....Boy do we need a cruise...gonna listen in and learn

cruise chick (ID=158) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:00 PM)
where did you sleep?

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:06 PM)
Keith.. where did sleep?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:07 PM)
Keith.. U should have just let them share it ..... with U .. lol

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:15 PM)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:17 PM)
>>80% of my job is behind the scenes, as a senior mgr

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:20 PM)
Bill just check out the carpet color so you go down the correct side

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:21 PM)
Donna -was thinking same thing!

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:29 PM)

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:29 PM)
Keith... quite a work load!

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:40 PM)
mom and dad are on voyager this week....

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:44 PM)
>>I slept in a bunk bed w/ asst cruise director!

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:46 PM)
Frog.. U should look at our Thanksgving Cruise on CruiseMates.. a REAL bargain!!

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:47 PM)
Keith--if you are on board for our cruise 3/4/01 I'll be sure to buy you a drink!

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:50 PM)
Kuki-you would have offered to share!!

Warren (ID=161) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:57 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:25:57 PM)
was that Ritchie???

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:02 PM)
Dip.. no question!!! :)

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:10 PM)
Howdy Warren, welcome

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:10 PM)
Evening Warren.. welcome to our chat

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:13 PM)
keith are you bragging,or is that my answer:):):) lol lol

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:15 PM)
>>I look forward to the drink!

Kathy (ID=127) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:21 PM)
Do you have a nice cabin? do you spend any time in Knoxville?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:22 PM)
Hi Warren

Warren (ID=161) (Jun 19, 2000 9:26:29 PM)
thanks for the welcome!

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:03 PM)
Pull up a chair and join in the chat with Keith Cox, CD Grand Princess Warren

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:05 PM)
>>Cabin is nice because I'm a dept head. Have suite (sweet!). Spend 3 months Knox a year.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:07 PM)
Keith.. when we cruised with u on the Grand there was an outstanding hypnotist onboard. Is he still under contract with princess?

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:08 PM)
thanks for leaving the frog icon Mo!!

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:08 PM)
Keith -- what ever happened to Shane Stewart. Heard he retired

Skeeper (ID=152) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:11 PM)
Keith , speaking of sleep, when do you? Isaw you up and around the ship around the clock!

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:29 PM)
kuki that had to be the funniest thing i have ever seen at sea...

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:31 PM)
>>THe bigger the ships become the longer the hours.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:33 PM)
Frog.. we were waiting for your return?:)

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:48 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:55 PM)
Keith how many people do you have on your staff?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:58 PM)
hi fred

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:27:59 PM)
>>Shane is a real estate in L.A and doing well

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:05 PM)
Hello Fred

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:14 PM)
Fred, welcome aboard Monday nite chat with Keith Cox, CD Grand Princess

John (ID=130) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:17 PM)
who covers for you when you're on vacation keith?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:20 PM)
Ahoy Fred.. welcome.. Our guest tonight is Keith Cox , CD of Grand PRincess.. Feel free to ask questions

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:24 PM)
alexander was his name

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:34 PM)
>>On Grand it's 150-170 including musicians, dancers, staff, youth staff, production, fitness, etc.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:34 PM)
Keith--On behalf of us cruisers I want to make sure we thank you for sharing your insights with us like this. It is really kind of you--especially while on vacation!

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:41 PM)
Keith --- the best CD I have been with. Was with him for a 55 day stretch and 30 another.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:47 PM)
Trip.. goo memory.. thats his name

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:59 PM)
Keith -someone may have asked this but I did not see it - how long are you onboard before you get a break?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:28:59 PM)
he was the best!

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:09 PM)
Keith that is a lot of people for you to keep organized

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:10 PM)
>>John Clelford or Allister Greener

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:10 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:14 PM)
Dip.. 4 months on. 2 off

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:18 PM)
Well, I have to go back to work. Good Luck Keith...Nite all

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:20 PM)
>>my pleasure

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:23 PM)
Ntie Linder

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:28 PM)
Welcome 842.. get comfy and join the chat

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:29 PM)
Nite Linder

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:33 PM)
cruiser842, welcome to Monday nite chat

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:35 PM)
>>I enjoy it.

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:37 PM)
Hi to all. We are booked on the Grand next April. Are the mini suites as nice as they were on the new Ocean that we were on this past April

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:38 PM)
Hi 842

Linder (ID=138) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:45 PM)
Thanks for the invite Kuki :)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:29:48 PM)
Keith is Barty Brown - entertainer - stiff with Princess?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:01 PM)
Linder.. most welcome.. Thanks for stopping by

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:02 PM)
>>Yes, he brought out the Ocean

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:07 PM)
Hello John

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:07 PM)
Keith still not stiff

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:12 PM)
>>Fred they are nice but not the same as Ocean.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:12 PM)
Hello Keith I was on the Grand Princess on Dec of 99 =)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:14 PM)
TRB.. Barty was on Ocean with us.. GREAT entertainer

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:25 PM)
>>I was there!

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:31 PM)
>>Oceans Mini Suites are bigger

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:31 PM)
Kathy -Hi

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:36 PM)
Welcome Linda

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:36 PM)
I dunno if you would Remember me Keith

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:48 PM)
MY CD on the Dawn Princes was Billy Hygate, is he still with the company?

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:49 PM)
Kuki Barty is our favorite - if I had known we would have gone on that cruise

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:30:57 PM)
842.. with a number for a name how could he forget U .. LOL

Michael Sinn (ID=140) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:00 PM)
>>With a smaller balcony...Grand has bigger balcony and smaller stateroom

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:01 PM)
Kuki.. what did Barty do?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:03 PM)
Keith - we bought a horse but did not win!

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:07 PM)
>>Well,who are you. I usually don't forget a face, but 2700 names!

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:17 PM)
al he was mine on the sea..............c'mere c'mere

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:18 PM)
Donna.. he was the piano player in the hallway :)

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:18 PM)
Hello MikeH

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:31 PM)
Ok, saw him just once, was very good

Skeeper (ID=152) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:32 PM)
Cruiser842, My wife and I were on the Grand the week of dec. 12th,'99

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:38 PM)
he also played the Captain of the Dawn on the show Baywatch

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:31:53 PM)
would love to see that rerun al

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:01 PM)
>>I was there. Hope you had a great cruise.

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:08 PM)
So would I as I missed most of it

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:12 PM)
well Lets see we sat one night at the Midnight Buffet and I ask you about infomation on how to work for you guys???

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:13 PM)
Keith You gave me your service pin--CRUISE -- when we met on the Star-- Jack T was with us--

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:15 PM)
When looking at brochures it looks as if the mini-suites on Dolphin come out father then those on the upper decks. Is this so.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:34 PM)
And I ask you about Grant Seymour during Island Night Keith

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:36 PM)
>>I hope you wear it proudly.

Vonnie (ID=165) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:37 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:44 PM)
welcome von

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:47 PM)
Vonnie, welcome

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:47 PM)
Hello Vonnie

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:53 PM)
Fred.. yes, thats true.. and part of the balcony is open to above

Warren (ID=161) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:57 PM)
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Warren (ID=161) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:57 PM)
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat)

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:32:59 PM)
I sure do, but refuse to admit why you gave it to me. Drives Kuki crazy

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:01 PM)
>>Yes, I kind of remember that conversaation.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:07 PM)
Ahoy Vonnie.. welcome to the chat.. get comfy and join in

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:29 PM)
>>Anybody decided who they want to be Cruise Director on the Golden?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:31 PM)
Drinks are on Kuki tonight

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:38 PM)
Kuki--my first time here since the switch--I like this format a lot better

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:45 PM)
You Drop off The Information to my Cabin yourself Keith

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:46 PM)
are creamcicles standard beverages on princess kuki

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:48 PM)
dip get ready for diet coke then:)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:33:51 PM)
Robin Williams?

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:00 PM)
Keith you or John Lawrence

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:01 PM)
Billing.. what switch are u referring too?

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:09 PM)
talk about a manic cruise director :-)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:10 PM)
>>Yes, but you pay!

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:13 PM)
Frog.. I hope so:)

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:24 PM)
Grand -ahhhhh nope -regular with a lemon please and thank you ;o)

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:29 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:30 PM)
Is Grant Seymour still working for Princess Keith?

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:36 PM)
Hi Ug

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:37 PM)
Hello Ug

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:38 PM)
Hi Ug, welcome aboard

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:39 PM)
Hi Ug

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:40 PM)
How D Ug.. welcome!

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:43 PM)
hiya ug

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:34:49 PM)
>>Yes, on Sky and gets off in August

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:06 PM)
Keith -which other ships have you worked on

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:08 PM)
Kuki--change from AOL cruise chat to Cruise mates

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:15 PM)
evening all, somebody cheer up, Ug depressed today ;-(

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:24 PM)
Ug.. whats wrong?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:27 PM)
ug book a grand cruise:):)

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:27 PM)
Why UG

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:47 PM)
Billing.. oh.. lol. I was trying to figure it out.. We love it here!!!!

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:49 PM)
Ug what happened? you didn't get screeched today?

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:51 PM)
Too many losses in a row at Baseball, 6 game losing streak ;-(

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:53 PM)
Keith, I assume Gus Esxton has retired by now, correct?

cruzchick (ID=169) (Jun 19, 2000 9:35:55 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:01 PM)
wb chick

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:02 PM)
also Does Sarah Copperman still work for Princess she was one of your Cruise Staff???

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:09 PM)
Hi Cruz

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:10 PM)
Try Gus Sexton?

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:13 PM)
Have to be in NFLD to get scheecher in TR ;-)

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:22 PM)
Kuki, does a larger ship still roll as much as a smaller one does at night when the ship is really moving. In April on our first cruise it took me a couple of nights to get use to that

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:24 PM)
>>Yes. We gave him a farewell party on Grand during our NY in Sept 98

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:28 PM)
Ug-Tomorrow night you will win - guaranteed ;o)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:33 PM)
Ug sorry I got mixed up

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:53 PM)
Fred.. about the same, but it only takes a day or two to get your sea legs

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:36:57 PM)
>>Sarah does not. She extras for movie agency in Vancouver.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:01 PM)
Next to you like Ol Gus best

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:10 PM)
Did get some quality Seadoo time in this wknd :-) Hey whose the visiting CD???

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:15 PM)
Keith is Commadore Muton still on the Grand

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:22 PM)
Keith.. any desire at all to get back on one of the smaller ships, or are u a Grand kind of guy for good??

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:27 PM)
>>Yes, I'll see him in a week?

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:27 PM)
Really do you have her email Address by any chance????

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:28 PM)
Keith Cox, CD Grand Princess Ug

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:30 PM)
Ug.. We have Keith Cox, CD of Grand Princess

Robi (ID=170) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:35 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:38 PM)
Hi Robi

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:40 PM)
hi robi

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:44 PM)
Cool, is that the ship with the rink??

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:46 PM)
Evening Robi.. welcome aboard

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:48 PM)
hiya Robi

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:48 PM)
Hi Robo, welcome aboard, thanks for the information

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:50 PM)
Hi Robi

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:51 PM)
Ug.. No, thats Voyager

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:55 PM)
No Ug

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:37:56 PM)
Hi ya Robi ;o)

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:01 PM)

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:14 PM)
Voyager is a Princess ship though isn't it??

Robi (ID=170) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:17 PM)
Hi all

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:21 PM)
No Ug

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:23 PM)
Ug... NO

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:23 PM)
Ug.. No, Voyager Royal Caribbean

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:25 PM)
ug your foot is in your mouth:):):)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:28 PM)
>>I don't thnk so!!!

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:29 PM)
Is that your final answer Ug =)

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:32 PM)
No Ug--Voyager is with that other line RCCL

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:38 PM)
do ice skaters on Voyager get "rink around the collar"?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:41 PM)
>>Yes, it's too big

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:42 PM)
use a lifeline.....

ptuder (ID=171) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:42 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:44 PM)
Al.. LOL

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:45 PM)
oy vey al:)

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:49 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:50 PM)
Al... oh my

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:50 PM)
Ug - better just lurk lol

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:55 PM)
hi steve weclome

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:38:55 PM)
Hi ya steve

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:00 PM)
Ptuder and Steve, welcome aboard

Hal (ID=173) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:04 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:05 PM)
Ug - only teasing you!!

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:09 PM)
Hi Hal

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:10 PM)
welcome ha;

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:11 PM)
Ahoy Ptuder... welcome aboard.. say hi to our special guest Keith Cox of Grand Princess

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:12 PM)

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:16 PM)
Keith do you have Sarah Copperman Email address or a way to contact her???

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:16 PM)
HI Hal, glad you could join us

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:19 PM)
Evening HAL.. welcome!

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:21 PM)
sorry - I have had a very long day in front of computer

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:22 PM)
That's my FINAL QUESTION, jeez I come here all depressed expecting to get cheered up and I get jumped on ;-((

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:29 PM)
>>No, I do not. Sorry.

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:34 PM)
Keith, I have enjoyed Princess in the past. Do you have any crew or staff from the former Home Lines on any Princess ships?

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:36 PM)
Awwwww :(

ptuder (ID=171) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:39 PM)
Hi Kuki, I talked with you a few years ago aboutthe Destiny

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:49 PM)
Ug-ahhhh we love ya -only teasing

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:39:59 PM)
What ships have you worked on?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:01 PM)
Ptuder.. well, nice to c u again. Good to see u're still cruising

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:03 PM)
;>>Not to my knowledge.

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:08 PM)
I will tell you my wife and I had the best vacation we have ever had when we were on the Ocean. I can't believe it took us so long to take our first cruise. When you come back to Ft. Lauderdale in Oct., we will be on vacation over on the gulf side and am going to drive over to see the ship. We can't wait for that also.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:11 PM)
Keith Do you know where the Golden Princess will go to by any chance???

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:29 PM)
Steve... you may want to try Celebrity for old Home Lines people

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:30 PM)
Ug - if your depressed, just think how the Yankees must have felt after their weekend, they lost four games by more runs than had ever happened before in Yankee history!

Ceddie (ID=174) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:31 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:44 PM)
Fred.. Ocean is a gorgeous ship. U picked a great one to start cruising with

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:44 PM)
Ernie, who is on Celebrity from Home Lines?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:44 PM)
Keith -will you stay on Grand or on one of the newer ships

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:48 PM)
Howdy Ceddie, welcome aboard

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:50 PM)
Hi Ceddie ;o)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:50 PM)
Hi Ceddie

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:52 PM)
the sun class of ships spoils us...such a great layout and design

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:53 PM)
Hi ya Ceddie.. welcome

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:56 PM)
i have a question for the cruise director

Ceddie (ID=174) (Jun 19, 2000 9:40:57 PM)
hello all

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:01 PM)
hi ced

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:03 PM)
Keith, i'll try this one again--My wife wants to know how many shops on Grand--I want to know if I can top the 2 grand I spent on a Royal Panama Canal cruise?

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:05 PM)
Shoot Zippy

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:06 PM)
Zippy.. type away

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:11 PM)
>>I'm there until Oct 03 and will wait to see for 2001

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:18 PM)
Ok, now I know what ships aren't yours CD ;-) What's the single rate like with Princess, or do you even keep up with pricing?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:37 PM)
>>Yes, plenty with 6 boutiques and the largest casino afloat.

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:47 PM)
Bill threee floors of shops--- enough to keep you busy

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:58 PM)
kuki was the grand casino kind to you???

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:41:58 PM)
Keith -Casino bigger than Voyager?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:02 PM)
<<< left quite a parcel in the Grand casino :)

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:10 PM)
how come they is little if any thing aviable for early risers? i mean early besides the walks

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:10 PM)
Ernie- what crew from Home Lines have you come across?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:11 PM)
>>Yes, bigger than the Voyager!

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:12 PM)
McFrog -not to me!!

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:14 PM)
Keith--with the casino I have a chance--wife cleaned up in Casino on Royal and also won a big bingo jackpot

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:21 PM)
Frog.. Nope, just took , took, took

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:27 PM)
Keith do you know where Golden Princess will go too when she comes out???

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:34 PM)
>>Good for her. I love to call those bingo numbers.

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:36 PM)
but you got lots of free airmiles right?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:46 PM)
842.. Golden will be in the Med next summer

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:53 PM)
Billinhbg when were you on the Royal

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:57 PM)
Just Med anywhere else?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:42:58 PM)
>>Yes, 12 day Med, Carib fall and winter

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:03 PM)
Frog.. LOL.. my only consolation

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:03 PM)
Keith -been on both but not in casinos too long so did not notice Wish I won!!

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:06 PM)
Steve... there was quite a "spill over" from Home Lines to Chandris to Celeb... that's what I meant

Ug (ID=167) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:17 PM)
Since my question went unanswered, I'm flying a new icon in protest ;-((

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:18 PM)
Which Caribbean Islands do you know Keith???

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:20 PM)
Ray--March 86 Pananma Canal, Alaska 87, Carribean 92 (3 times)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:24 PM)

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:28 PM)
Ive been on the Horizon but didnt see any Home Lines crew.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:38 PM)
>>Amost all

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:51 PM)
is Princess trading stock separate from p&o yet kieth?

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:51 PM)
Keith.. what is your favorite caribbean island?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:43:56 PM)
Ug-you are so deprived tonight - here, I am passing you a drink, some shrimp cocktail with HOT sauce

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:02 PM)
Billin we just came off Royal on april 30 stayed 5o days

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:06 PM)
ug your ta is the best person to answer that one

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:07 PM)
Ug--please don't polute a Princes guess with Brand "C" logo

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:11 PM)
>>No, they should become their own compnay in Oct this year

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:13 PM)
Keith, glad that Pacific Princess is sailing from NY. Any plans for other routes from NY?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:26 PM)
>>AT present, NO.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:31 PM)
Keith what Caribbean Islands will the Golden Princess go too???

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:32 PM)
cant wait for that to happen........

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:39 PM)
Ray--Royal has to be my favorite Princess ship to date--it was soooo far ahead of its time

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:39 PM)
Is PP doing well on the Bermuda run?

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:44:51 PM)
Steve-Is the Pacific Princess a new/large ship

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:04 PM)
Steve-- Crown Princess goes from NY to Montreal, and Montreal to NY

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:06 PM)
Bill and we so enjoyed all outside cabins

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:07 PM)
Who is the CD on Pacific Princess now?

Robi (ID=170) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:07 PM) she is the oldest in the fleet

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:09 PM)
>>I think ST Tom, St Marteen, private island Princess Cays out of Ft L.

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:18 PM)
Thanks Robi

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:23 PM)
DIP Pacific Princess is the original LOVE BOAT--600 passengers

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:26 PM)
dip,the love boat:)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:34 PM)
Our guest tonight is Keith Cox , CD of Grand Princess.. Feel free to ask any Princess questions

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:34 PM)
>>Pacific is oldest , smallest, original Love Boat.

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:38 PM)
Figures the ship closest so we would not need air would be!

steve (ID=172) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:46 PM)
Keith, do you have a say on what ship you are on?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:45:55 PM)
>>Pacifice was builit in 1970.

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:06 PM)
Keith-bigger the better for me

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:19 PM)
>>Yes, I can request, but the company ultimately decides.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:21 PM)
Keith--looking forward to time at Princess Cays--we were on a Sky voyage that would have been first to stop at the Cays--with Mike Moulin--lost stop due to 20 foot seas.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:37 PM)
gnight UG

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:39 PM)

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:46:55 PM)
Keith Cox do you have an Email Address you can be Reach at???

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:47:14 PM)
Keith it was a short 3 day out of Fort Lauderdale to Key West and the Cays--diverted to Nassau

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:47:24 PM)
Since Pacific Princess is 30 years old, nearing her design life expectancy, I wonder how many more years she will be in the fleet

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:47:36 PM)
>>Not really because 8 months I'm on a ship and don't do e-mails excpet corporate

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:47:37 PM)
Any questions we've missed tonight.. If so we aplogize.. Please repeat them and Keith will try and answer

Robi (ID=170) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:01 PM)
Al...they say about 2 years or if someone makes an offer first

Vonnie (ID=165) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:05 PM)
Keith , any suggestions or tips for a cruise on the Crown Princess?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:12 PM)
>>As long as people want Pacific she will stay afloat.

jbeek (ID=175) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:14 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:18 PM)
Keith - have you met any of the original "Love Boat" actors?

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:21 PM)
Jbeek, welcome

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:24 PM)
Keith heard rumors that Princess is about to acquire Crystal--any news?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:31 PM)
Ahoy JBeek.. welcome aboard Monday night chat

jbeek (ID=175) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:39 PM)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:48:48 PM)
Robi - I kinda figured soemthing like that, wonder what will replace her to Bermuda?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:00 PM)
>>Love Boat actors. Big Julie fan watching the series, met her and also Gavin McCleod.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:02 PM)
Billing.. good question.. we've heard rumblings too.. so far just gossip

DiPLiNDy (ID=155) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:14 PM)
Kuki, GrandTrip thanks for reminding me about Keith being here and THANK YOU Keith -Nite all stay safe friends

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:23 PM)
bye miss dip

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:23 PM)
Phot--rumor is that Royal will take over the Bermuda run in 2002

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:27 PM)
Nite Dip, good to sea ya here

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:27 PM)
Nite Dip, thanks for coming

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:31 PM)
gnight Dip.. thanks for stopping in

Fred (ID=162) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:36 PM)
Keith, Got to go but thanks for the chat. When we board in April I will introduce myself to you. I know with all these people and the many cruises you will be on from now to then you won't remember me but appreciate your answers.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:39 PM)
>>In this day and age with the industry growing so much rumors are about ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. But I don't really know.

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:49 PM)
Nite Fred, glad you joined us

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:49:54 PM)
Billin - that would be a good fit for that itinerary

jbeek (ID=176) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:02 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:02 PM)
>>My pleasure

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:11 PM)
WB Jbeek

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:19 PM)
Keith--Gavin ia a great Guy had the chance to have lunch with him and former Past Passenger Manager Leah Baker during Regal Inaugural run

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:25 PM)
on princess is there early morning activities or access to various things such as basketball library etc/

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:29 PM)
Jbeek.. have u cruised on Princess, or Grand Princess, in particular?

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:32 PM)
Al... Pacific has a loyal loyal following... really high repeat factor... she consistently delivers a superb cruise for her market segment. Suspect we'll see her for some time yet.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:36 PM)
Keith do you still want to be a CD for a while or do you have another Job in mind for the Future???

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:42 PM)
>>What do people think of NCO's flexibility of no resevatins for seat in dining room at night. No set table assignmetns.

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:50:52 PM)
I heard that Bill Gates was going to buy the ENTIRE cruise industry, just so he could have a monopoly after MIcrosoft breaks up

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:03 PM)
Keith.. don't really care for open seating myself

jbeek (ID=176) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:05 PM)
Nope. I've only been on one short cruise on Carnival out of L.A. where Ilive, but it has made me want to go more....

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:09 PM)
Keith.. I'd have to experience it to see if it can work.. but its interesting.

jbeek (ID=176) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:15 PM)
I'm a beginning cruise addict I guess :)

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:18 PM)
Keith, doesn't sound like something I would like

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:20 PM)
prefer assigned seating

McFrog2 (ID=156) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:24 PM) a golfer?where is your favorite port to play and what coarse?

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:25 PM)
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*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:29 PM)
hi red

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:31 PM)
Hi Red

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:33 PM)
Jbeek.. thats how we all got started

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:34 PM)
Keith--I'm spoiled having just sailed two Silversea cruises with open seating--it's a great idea but requires much larger dining rooms--don't think it will work on mega ships

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:35 PM)
]>>I enjoy CD. Love the performance aspect of it and its potential for creativity. However, I could possibly play with idea of going shore side still involved in industry.

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:35 PM)
Keith--- we are booked on the Ren R-1 for 50 days. No reservation for Dining there

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:39 PM)
Jbeek, we were all beginners at one time

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:40 PM)
Hi Trip, Donna

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:48 PM)
we think it will be just fine

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:51:59 PM)
50 days:):)

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:12 PM)
Keith... it is an interesting concept... think NCL is trying to emulate what is offered by land based resorts... it seems to take away from some of the pluses of a cruise... but I think more time is needed to see.

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:14 PM)
I would settle for 5 right now

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:25 PM)
a can beat that,,

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:28 PM)
Me too Al

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:28 PM)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:32 PM)
Ray we enjoy open seating for breakfast and lunch and think we would enjoy it for dinner

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:33 PM)
>>Do you like the choice in entertainment that the Grand offers without having to go to a certain theater, but having a choice?

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:51 PM)
Trb we are gonna give a good try

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:52:59 PM)
Keith what do you do when your not on a ship for the few months your back home????

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:09 PM)
Keith.. at times I felt I was running from one show to get to another.

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:10 PM)
I prefer assigned seating for dinner. Hate just waiting on line for breakfast and lunch outside the dining room

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:20 PM)
Keith definitely we like the entertainment choices along with the dining choices on Princess

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:21 PM)
Keith, it's a great concept--except have heard about some problems for lat seating diners getting space due to early seaters staying over.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:21 PM)
and Do you Miss your Peach Cobbler from Cracker Barrel Keith =o)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:22 PM)
>>It's seems to be a big trend now--Princess started the choice thing. Others are following.

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:30 PM)
ev i would print up some bi-os and just hand them out:)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:48 PM)
>>That makes sense.

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:49 PM)
Lu.. we enjoyed the Seabourn Sun, where we has our assigned table, but got to eat any time during dining hours

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:53:49 PM)
by the 50 day i would have dry mouth

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:20 PM)
Trip just drink some wine

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:33 PM)
Keith what do you do when your not CD on a Ship, anything you do when your a Home on your vacation???

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:36 PM)
too much effort to keep repeating the history

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:37 PM)
Trip - did you hear that Nancy Marchand passed away today, no more mama soprano

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:37 PM)
I could use 50 days at sea myself right about now

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:49 PM)
Al.. no, really?

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:52 PM)
That would be fine for Seabourn Kuki, but what if 16 people all came at the same time to eat.

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:53 PM)
i did al...wonder how they will trat it

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 9:54:57 PM)
Trb... I think I would miss the cameraderie of the same waiter and table mates for dinner... which can be a real positive part of a cruise. I'm told (not experienced myself) that early results on NCL show that lots of people have long waits before being seated because they are seeking out the same waiters, table mates. Be interesting to see how it plays out.

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:06 PM)
Keith--Any insight why Princess no longer has wine stewards in the dining room?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:07 PM)
treat it maybe janice will kill her

mimi (ID=178) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:12 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:15 PM)
>>Spend time with family, wife 6 yr old daughter, play golf and roller blade

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:18 PM)
Mimi, welcome aboard

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:21 PM)
Lu.. they all have their own tables

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:31 PM)
Hi ya Mimi.. welcome!

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:32 PM)
Open sitting give you more opportunity to meet more people

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:35 PM)
I thought it would be neat if they have Tony go to the nursing home and blow her away

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:40 PM)

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:45 PM)
Keith Do you Miss That Peach Cobbler from Cracker Barrel =o)

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:55:48 PM)
>>Main reason to offer the 24 hr Bistro in Horizon Courts and have the people power to operate that facility.

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:06 PM)
Kuki, as long as the Captain comes to eat , I am happy

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:09 PM)
Keith.. that 24 hour buffet in Horizon ct was wonderful

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:10 PM)
>>Yes, I had one a week ago here in Tennessee

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:11 PM)
Kieth I do not recall where you make you home

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:14 PM)
Have to agree with Ray--found open seating to be a delightful way to meat new interesting people

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:18 PM)
and to enjoy something at 2 am =)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:23 PM)
Ray - knoxville, tn

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:25 PM)

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:36 PM)
Before this ends, I would like to say thank you Keith for taking the time to share these insights with us. :-)

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:41 PM)
OH yes now I remember

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:48 PM)
Keith--on that subject does Commodore Moulin host a table each evening?

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:55 PM)
And your Wife is from Indiana Keith as I remember you told me and my family =o)

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:56 PM)
Yes, ditto, thanks Keith for taking the time to visit with us :-)

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:56:59 PM)
Ray - time for some ice cream

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:10 PM)
I am getting a little old. My memories are beginning to fade

Robi (ID=170) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:20 PM)
Ray...not you

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:29 PM)
>>He holds a different table on certain nights.

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:41 PM)
>>Wife from Indianapolis. Go Pacers!

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:48 PM)
Keith--thanks for the answer--which dining room?

PhotoACE (ID=148) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:48 PM)
Kieth - how are people chosen to dine with the Capt?

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:57:58 PM)
Bill -- no official captain's table on the Grand. They are too busy

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:06 PM)
>>He rotates among all 3

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:07 PM)
Ray you are not getting old just had so many memories to recall

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:08 PM)
yea pacers. anything to beat the Lakers.

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:13 PM)
And You told me and my family Keith one of your fav places was Romania and you said they Treated you like Family Kieth

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:16 PM)
Thanks again

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:37 PM)
Keith which is your favorite dinning room on Grand

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:37 PM)
Trb right again. and busy trying to make more

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:42 PM)
>>Yes, I did a singing tour there in 1980 and had a fabulous time

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:50 PM)
Any questions taht Keith has missed?? Please repeat them now

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:58:57 PM)
>>Da Vinci

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:00 PM)
yes mine\

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:03 PM)
You Remember me now Keith????

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:15 PM)
Thanks again--you are a foutain of knowledge

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:16 PM)
>>HOw do you all like formal night?

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:18 PM)
Ray you don't have space for nonsense things - keep the space for all the great stuff

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:31 PM)
Love formal nights Keith, makes you feel special

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:34 PM)
yea TRB

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:34 PM)
I'm the one who ask you about how to get into the Cruise Staff

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:35 PM)
<<<< enjoys formal nights..

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:36 PM)
I love the formal nites

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:38 PM)
Keith--formal night is what crusing is all about--love dressing up!

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:44 PM)
Formal nights is a good change of pace

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:49 PM)
me too

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:53 PM)
My filing syetems needs a revamping

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:54 PM)
Love the Free Drinks at Formal Nights =o)

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 9:59:54 PM)
I enjoy formal nights

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:18 PM)
and also Love to meet the Commorder

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:20 PM)
TRB no formal nights on Ren R-1 :(

tweets (ID=160) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:26 PM)
Have to go now, thanks again Keith, Nite all

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:32 PM)
Nite Tweets

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:35 PM)
night Gaile

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:35 PM)
nite tweets

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:36 PM)
Ray... pity

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:42 PM)
any plans of adding things to do in the early morning on the ship?

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 10:00:54 PM)
Keith thanks for being here - have cruised with you twice and hope to see you again

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:09 PM)
Yup you were a nice CD Keith Love to have you again

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:17 PM)
>>Early morning...yes, that's contemplated. It's just a matter of the demand's being there.

TRBOVE (ID=139) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:20 PM)
talk to you later

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:26 PM)
Keith - hope to get on ship with you, Ritchie and Denice soon

BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:43 PM)
Keith, this has been very enjoyable, thanks for taking time from your vacation to help us plan our vacations. Hope you are on board for our 3/4/01 Grand Cruise--I owe you a drink and more! Thanks again!

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 10:01:48 PM)
>>Hope to see you all. ANd hey Ritchie.

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:05 PM)
Nite Keith:-)

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:09 PM)
that would be great we rattle arround and are lucky to get coffee before 7am

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:19 PM)
Thanx for coming by Keith... you have a tough job on a great vessel!

LU (ID=123) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:20 PM)
Will send you a picture to remember me by, Night Keith

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:20 PM)
Keith.. thanks SO MUCH for guesting with us tonight

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:22 PM)
Zippy.. early riser?

*Grand Trip* (ID=133) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:25 PM)
well thank you keith it was quite informative...g'night all

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:32 PM)
>>Everyone, it's been a pleasure. Keep on crusing. Have a great time ahead.

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:39 PM)
nite trip

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:44 PM)
and anyone sailing with keith in the future be sure to say hi, and that u met him on CruiseMates

RayB (ID=157) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:45 PM)
will do Keith

dg (ID=179) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:47 PM)
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BILLINHBG (ID=125) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:48 PM)
Nite Keith

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:50 PM)
very early must get up to wake the chickens

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:50 PM)
Keith How about Jennifer, Rictie, and that one Guy who looks like Richard Guere????

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:02:58 PM)
They still work for Princess?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:14 PM)
>>Yes, Stan Stought!

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:21 PM)
Enjoy the rest of the evening, come join us again tomorrow to chat more cruising

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:25 PM)
Hi ya Dg.. just wrapping up our chat with Keith Cox.. but welcome aboard

Donna (ID=137) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:26 PM)
Nite Everyone

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:37 PM)
Jennifer Was your Asst. CD on the Grand in Dec?

CD Keith Cox (ID=135) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:41 PM)
>>Good night and thanks again Kuki. You're a great host.

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:45 PM)
Keith -- Thank you so much for joining us here on CruiseMates!

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:47 PM)
she was one with long Red hair

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:03:56 PM)
Thanks Keith.. hope to sail with U again !!!

zippy (ID=153) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:11 PM)
go to go ------ night all

cruiser842 (ID=163) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:12 PM)
Ritchie was that Bold Guy

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:20 PM)
nite zip

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:28 PM)
I want to thank everyone for coming by tonight... it was a fun and informative chat

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:48 PM)
and we hope Keith will come back and join us again, next time he's on land

ErnieMCC (ID=144) (Jun 19, 2000 10:04:50 PM)
Good night Kuki, et al... see you all soon!

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:03 PM)
Gnight Ernie.. take care

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:06 PM)
nite ernie

Beckiep (ID=180) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:08 PM)
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robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:17 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:27 PM)
Any last questions before I go unscroll my eyes ?? LOL

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:42 PM)
God evening all, tis Robocop direct from the ss Norway

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:45 PM)
is that THE ROBO live from the Norway

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:54 PM)
Hey Robo.. how's your closet?

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:05:56 PM)

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:00 PM)
and how is ur cabin??

Beckiep (ID=180) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:00 PM)
Evening all!

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:09 PM)
Hi Robo

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:09 PM)
It's small and Nrs Robo cried but all is now well

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:09 PM)
Evening Beckie

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:11 PM)
hi becki

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:18 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:26 PM)
Hi PaUL. anyone you want me to say hi to?

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:28 PM)
how is the ship robo

firenze (ID=182) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:33 PM)
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Beckiep (ID=180) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:39 PM)
So where exactly are you Robo? Beside the Norway.

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:41 PM)
no- not really, its been too long

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:06:52 PM)
ship IS old, trying to get the CD do do a live chat one night if he can manage

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:00 PM)
say hi to all those sexy Jean Ann Ryan dancers :-)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:01 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:08 PM)
ROBO.. good idea.. that would be fun

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:13 PM)
Dancers are terrific!

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:17 PM)
I would love it! who is the CD?

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:25 PM)
r u enjoying the ship??

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:26 PM)
Denny Anderson

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:35 PM)
I know Denny!

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:40 PM)
I also have the director of the internet cafer with me

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:42 PM)
I worked with him

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:45 PM)
ROBO.. have u eaten in La Bistro yet?

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:07:58 PM)
I'll tell him Paul, just spoke with him a few minutres ago

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:10 PM)
cool - he won't remember me tho

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:12 PM)
It was booked solid tonight, gopnna try tomorrow

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:21 PM)
tell him Paul from Salt Lake City :-)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:23 PM)
ROBO.. u have to get your timing down better though.. big crowd was here a few minutes ago:)

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:24 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:38 PM)
Internet Director is Richard Paul

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:51 PM)
Hi Richard Paul !! :)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:55 PM)
He said he (Denny) has been doing this since 1978

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:08:59 PM)
Hi Richard

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:10 PM)
yeah - Denny was great

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:37 PM)
Paul Richard said he would refer folks to this site. I had hionm check it out and he lilked it

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:38 PM)
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redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:39 PM)
still at sea robo

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:42 PM)
who is the hostess?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:46 PM)
ROBO.. what port are u guys in tomorrow?

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:09:52 PM)
headed to St Maqrtin tomorrow

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:14 PM)
ROBO.. keep the pants on at Orient Beach :)

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:16 PM)

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:19 PM)
33 days and i'll be on her :)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:27 PM)
Hi ya Niffty.. Please turn off the caps

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:36 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:38 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:42 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:52 PM)
Nifty.. thats ok.. What can we try and help U with?

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:54 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:58 PM)
I said Hostess! not ACD

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:10:59 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:19 PM)
ROBO..stay onboard and learn how to type.. LOL

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:25 PM)
hos has the food been robo?

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:34 PM)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:35 PM)
Hi ya Heather

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:42 PM)
he's paying by the minute - no time to type right

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:45 PM)
Hi Kuki!

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:45 PM)

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:11:55 PM)
Kuki he even had typing classes and it did no good :)

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:06 PM)
ROBO.. do u know where your caps button is?? :)

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:12 PM)
im planing a cruise with my wife in January for 1 to 2 week and I'd like to let her go topless any anvise on where I should look ?

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:25 PM)
looking forward to the dance fotos

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:36 PM)
Okay guys, whats the intinary iof the Lengfeend of the Seas out of FLL for the rest of the year

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:40 PM)
Nifty.. CArnival ships have a topless deck around the funnel on the top deck

Paul Motter (ID=124) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:46 PM)
Nifty - dont look at the other woemn ;-)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:12:54 PM)
yeah Mo, not used to this small keyboard

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:08 PM)
lol.. I was going to say.. look .. the other way :)

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:10 PM)
Really topless? I thought that meant the Ship was without a top on it!

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:31 PM)
what would be a good trip with a few private beaches

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:40 PM)
Nifty.. if u mean on the islands.. ST Marteen has clothing optional beaches

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:51 PM)
Curacao has one too, that I know of

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:13:59 PM)
need the Intinary of the Legend if anyone knows, question is fron the ID here

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:02 PM)
Yeah, Orient Beach was a nudey beach

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:02 PM)
how is the casino robo?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:19 PM)
The Legend is in Europe now I believe

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:27 PM)
not sure about the legend robo

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:30 PM)
casino is pretty slow right now red. need to play tokens instead of coins

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:34 PM)
doing eastern med I think

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:57 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:14:58 PM)
when will it return Kuki? U know?

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:13 PM)
Robo.. I would have to look. REally not sure about that

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:20 PM)
hi ya Beckie

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:26 PM)
where is orient beach

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:33 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:46 PM)

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:47 PM)
Sorry Robo. Went to look and got thrown out of here. Then the RCL website crashed on me anyway.

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:50 PM)
St Martins i believe

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:15:55 PM)

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:04 PM)
Sorry for caps lock again

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:12 PM)
got those funny letters again robo:)

NIFTY FIFTY (ID=183) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:30 PM)
what would be the best place to look for carnival cruises

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:39 PM)
Yep, and its a nude beach....very pretty beach, but I could do without the naked part! LOL

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:41 PM)
keyboard is really small compared to mine and I keep hitting the key

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:43 PM)
on their web site

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:51 PM) They were very helpful w/email responses too.

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:16:53 PM)
no problem robo

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:06 PM)
How is the food

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:08 PM)
lots of kids on this cruise and many rather young folks. Not too many older passengers

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:10 PM)
It doesn't look like Legend is coming back here (the US) anytime soon

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:23 PM)
according to

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:30 PM)
food is very good Red. I will have the complete review up as soon as I can

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:17:52 PM)
i am sure we will have plenty of kids as we r doing NBA cruise

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:08 PM)
thanks i appreciate it'

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:25 PM)
Red-did you say that was in a couple of months.

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:42 PM)
Becki it is 7/22

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:45 PM)
So do you all have cruises planned?

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:54 PM)
i do

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:18:56 PM)

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:01 PM)
when and where?

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:14 PM)
Not till Nov. though. Sea Princess 11/25 Western Car.

robo1 (ID=181) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:23 PM)
gotta run folks, will talk later. Nite

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:28 PM)
&/22 Norway, 8/20 victory, 7/11/01 Spirit

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:28 PM)
Bye robo

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:29 PM)
night robo

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:33 PM)

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:19:38 PM)
nite robo enjo

Your Host-Kuki (ID=128) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:03 PM)
well folks.. sorry, but I do have to leave.. come back any week night at 9 PM

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:07 PM)
Red-are those all the same line?

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:10 PM)
Bye Kuki

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:14 PM)
nite moose man

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:29 PM)
no Norway is NCL and the other 2 are CCL

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:20:49 PM)
Robo is on Norway now

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:12 PM)
He's chatting from the boat?

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:13 PM)
I knew Norway was NCL and that was where Robo is , but couldn't place the other two.

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:20 PM)
yes he was

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:32 PM)
Yes. Some ships have net access.

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:32 PM)

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:34 PM)
neither r out yet

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:21:51 PM)
Victory comes out in august and the Spirit comes out 5/01

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:22:08 PM)
Ah, ok. I was going to say I am very tired and that's why I couldn't place them :)

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:22:35 PM)
And what were the other 2 new ones...Conquest and something else?

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:22:59 PM)
Victory came out earlier thatn expected so they havew 2 days to nowhere for the general public to take up the extra time

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:23:33 PM)
there r many new ones coming out heather each line is coming out with new ships

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:23:36 PM)
I am very tired. Had to work excruciatingly early this morning so we could go to press on time.

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:23:44 PM)
The other Carnival ship, I meant

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:23:52 PM)
2002 and 2003, I think

Heather (ID=184) (Jun 19, 2000 10:24:05 PM)
Conquest and something else.....

redcrown (ID=177) (Jun 19, 2000 10:24:10 PM)
understand and it is time for me to go -- i am not sure about them Heather nite all

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:24:26 PM)
Haven't been paying much attn. to carnival.

Beckiep (ID=185) (Jun 19, 2000 10:24:35 PM)
Gotta run. Night all!

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