Jack Williams

President of Royal Caribbean

We conducted a live chat with the president of Royal Caribbean International from the brand new mega-ship Explorer of the Seas while at sea off the coast of New York. We had a truly international audience with Celebrity Millennium cruise director Jim Cannon checking in from the ship sailing in the Mediterranean, and visitors as far away as Australia. The transcript is below...

Anne Campbell (2:01:32 PM)
Hi Donna! we really like the ship a lot, we LOVE it

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:01:35 PM)
where are you located right now?

Terri (ID=133) (2:01:44 PM)
Hi Nancy, you made it :)

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:02:00 PM)
Yes, I didn't want to miss this one.

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:02:04 PM)
I'm in Kansas City, yearning for Miami!

I'm by the Royal Promenade

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:02:22 PM)
Hello from Millennium!!

Anne Campbell (2:02:28 PM)
Let's get started: Jack, how happy are you to have two Voyager Class Ships in operation?

Terri (ID=133) (2:02:32 PM)
Is there internet connections in the cabins?

Donna (ID=140) (2:02:32 PM)
Kuki... is that really U?

Kuki and JIm on the mIllenium...hello from the Explorer

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:02:52 PM)
Yup.. its me and cruise Director Jim Cannon

Anne Campbell (2:03:03 PM)
OH!! I see we have visitors from the Celebrity Millennium in Europe, Hi Kuki and JIM CANNON, CD of Millennium!

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:03:04 PM)
Howdy Jack.. nice to C U

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:03:12 PM)
Hi ya Anne

We are so pleased to be able to introduce the 2nd of five Voyager class ships...I'm very happy

Donna (ID=140) (2:03:20 PM)
Hi Jack... are you enjoying the cruise?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:03:31 PM)
Tell us about the Solarium.

Loving the cruise....just had a cheeseburger at Johnny Rockets

Donna (ID=140) (2:03:52 PM)
Hi Ginny

Anne Campbell (2:03:56 PM)
Thanks Jack... What is the advantage of having two Voyager Class ships??

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:04:08 PM)
Jack.. dont say that.. I'm hungry.. still waiting for dinner ... LOL

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:04:12 PM)
Donna - this is neat - still wish we were going on Explorer same week!

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:04:14 PM)
hey! Kuki :-) weathers better?

The solarium is beautiful and much like the one on the Voyager of the Seas with some thematic changes...You will love it...

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:04:34 PM)
Are children allowed in the solarium?

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:04:38 PM)
Hi Rix.. weather has been simply incredible!! the last few days

Donna (ID=140) (2:04:40 PM)
Jack.. what are any changes if any from Voyager?

Donna (ID=140) (2:04:47 PM)
Kuki... enjoying everything?

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:04:52 PM)
My favorite ship is the Voyager after sailing on it twice. Next week I will be on the Explorer with my agency, and I know the Explorer will be my new favorite ship. I can't wait>

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:04:58 PM)
Donna.. truly a GREAT trip

The advantage of having two Voyager class ships is we can now carry those customers who couldn't get on the Voyager (beacuse it is full) on the Explorer

Donna (ID=140) (2:05:19 PM)
Kuki... kind of thought you'd enjoy it :-) I'm Glad.. Jim... How are you doing?

No children in the solarium...adults only!!

newbee4u (ID=143) (2:05:28 PM)
how is that beautiful ship?

Ginny (ID=147) (2:05:30 PM)
What are the differences between the two ships if any?

Terri (ID=133) (2:05:35 PM)
Jack, is that enforced?

Anne Campbell (2:05:42 PM)
So Voyager is sailing full? How are bookings looking for Explorer so far?

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:05:50 PM)
Jack -loved Voyager - favorite ship so far - booked on Explorer April 7th.....when will we know if any big names will appear that week?

JW (ID=148) (2:05:54 PM)
Jack Williams, is it true that RCI is to have new regional menus, if so when?

SProctor (ID=127) (2:05:55 PM)
Any chance of going to 3 sea days like with the original ports with Voyager? I really look forward to the sea days more then the ports

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:06:00 PM)
I'm going to turn the keyboard over to Jim Cannon , our CD onboard

A number of theme changes from Voyyager but the steel structure is very much the same. You will know you are a Voyager class ship but it has it's own distinct feeling which is quite different.

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:06:16 PM)
SProctor - me too the more sea days the better

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:06:17 PM)
Jack; Instead of two megaliners for the Carribean how about sending 1 of those to the West Coast :-)

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:06:20 PM)
There can never be soo many sea days!

Terri (ID=133) (2:06:30 PM)
I second that RIX!

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:06:33 PM)
HI Guys! We are having a great time connecting with you all from Naples, Italy

Ginny (ID=147) (2:06:33 PM)
How different is it?

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:06:34 PM)

Anne Campbell (2:06:38 PM)
Great to see you Jim!! How is your lovely wife?

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:06:46 PM)
Kuki - ;o)

pisces (ID=152) (2:06:50 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:07:00 PM)
Tamara is wonderful Anne. Congrats on your new website.

Of course the big change is the itinerary ...This ship will do the eastern caribbean while the Voyager does the Western...Yeah!!

Donna (ID=140) (2:07:05 PM)
Jack... talked to my daughter, she's on the ship too and is loving it :-)

Anne Campbell (2:07:07 PM)
A voyager vessel on the West Coast? Great Idea - but through the Panama canal ;-)

Anne Campbell (2:07:19 PM)
Thanks Jim

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:07:19 PM)
How formal is "formal" night? Should my husband bring a tux?

Doucia (ID=153) (2:07:20 PM)
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cruisecrzy (ID=131) (2:07:22 PM)
Hi Jim, just returned from the Century where I was told that you would be the CD. Sorry we missed you

Terri (ID=133) (2:07:30 PM)
Ahh, around the horn and then home to Los Angeles LOL

Anne Campbell (2:07:43 PM)
LOL Terri

Ginny (ID=147) (2:07:45 PM)
That's true Jack but besides itinerary any drastic changes. I think they are both super ships myself.

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:07:46 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:07:47 PM)
I was on Century, but very happily was re-assigned to the Millennium

The Voyager is sailing full about 104% load factor and the advnace booking for the Explorere are excellent

Mike (ID=155) (2:07:50 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:08:06 PM)
Back to Kuki

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:08:10 PM)
Jack-I read Explorer is bigger than Voyager - is that true? Is it noticeable?

Sorry aout the confusion, the Voyager sails the western caribbean and the Explorer will sail the eastern caribbean..

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:08:28 PM)
Okay, I new to this -- what is 104% load factor?

Anne Campbell (2:08:36 PM)
Jack - which itinerary will be more popular for Voyager Class - East or West Caribbean, and why?

newbee4u (ID=156) (2:08:47 PM)
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FAB4 (ID=157) (2:08:53 PM)
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chip (ID=158) (2:08:55 PM)
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mike (ID=159) (2:08:56 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:09:00 PM)
Jack... I just wanted to tell u I love the Millennium,... love Europe, but am looking forward to sampling Explorer in Jan..

Anne Campbell (2:09:10 PM)
Cha chi - it means there are people sleeping in bunk-beds ;-)

Lil (ID=160) (2:09:15 PM)
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Ginny (ID=147) (2:09:22 PM)
Jack- in your opinion which is a better itinerary?

Donna (ID=140) (2:09:23 PM)
Welcome Fab, Chip, Mike, Newbee and Lil

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:09:28 PM)
Thanks Anne.

MAYFIELD (ID=161) (2:09:32 PM)
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Other change on the Explorer include a completely different disco, now called the Chamber...It is awesome. As well, the Explorer has the Ocean and Atmospheric labs on board, a partnership with the University of Miami.

Doucia (ID=153) (2:10:00 PM)
can we just ask a question at any time?

I think they both are good, but some folks will clearly have a preference for one or the other.

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:10:03 PM)
G'day (almost) Donna

Donna (ID=140) (2:10:06 PM)
Jack.. is the disco still in the same place?

Anne Campbell (2:10:08 PM)
The Chamber is awesome! it reminds me of the Limelighter in NY, built in old church

Donna (ID=140) (2:10:14 PM)
Fab.. Ok, why the 4?

Yes, the disco is till in the same place but I realy like this disco compared to the one on the Voyager which I also thought was awesome.

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:10:41 PM)
We've been joined in the computer room on the Millenium by Hotel Manager & Assist Hotel Manager.. George and George... Not a musical duo... LOL

Anne Campbell (2:10:43 PM)
Fab4 from Australia - we are truly a worldwide audience today!

mike (ID=159) (2:10:46 PM)
Mr williams my wife and i will be on the explorer 11/11 only 3 weeks away, My question is any special events planned for the first few cruises?

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:10:57 PM)
Does the disco have the upper level like Voyager

Donna (ID=140) (2:10:59 PM)
Hi George X 2

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:11:02 PM)
Is the dining room similar to the Voyager's dining room?

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:11:12 PM)
Jack, is Ocean Adventure, for the children, the same as Voyager?

Anne Campbell (2:11:29 PM)
The dining room is similar, but the chandelier isn't the same

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:11:29 PM)
Donna Stupid machine - it's 0400 and the thing wouldn't recognise me because it is new

Lil (ID=162) (2:11:30 PM)
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We have a splenid array of activites planned for the Explorer and I'm sure you will enjoy your cruise onboard the Explorer..

Anne Campbell (2:11:55 PM)
The disco does have an upper level

SProctor (ID=127) (2:11:58 PM)
Do you here much noise in the atium view cabins from all the activity at night?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:12:27 PM)
I understand the bathrooms have been greatly improved. Is it true there is no stick-to-your-body shower curtain?

Donna (ID=140) (2:12:38 PM)
Jack.. I've heard you can go out to the bow, is that true?

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:12:38 PM)
Jim is saying that the LimeLight Disco is NY is one of his favorite discos..

Anne Campbell (2:12:42 PM)
We had an atrium cabin on Voyager, andthey were very quiet.

Terri (ID=133) (2:12:43 PM)
I'm for the no stick curtain!

Doucia (ID=153) (2:12:53 PM)
Hi everyone...! 2 more weeks for us and we'll be geting married aboard the Explorer ....

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:12:57 PM)
Just wondered if they have added more outdoor seating areas near the pool area.

Ginny (ID=147) (2:12:59 PM)
Any difference between the two casinos?

Donna (ID=140) (2:13:03 PM)
Doucia.. congrats!

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:13:05 PM)
Congratulations Doucia

Anne Campbell (2:13:08 PM)
Yes, LimeLight is one of the most popular in NYC, Im sure Exploerer designers have been there ;-)

You don't get much (if any) noise from the street in the atrium cabins, at least no one has been complaining too me. The atrium cabins are really cool....they are now attracting the attention that they should have been getting for a long time...

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:13:10 PM)
Terri.. sometime sticking curtains can be fun :)

SProctor (ID=127) (2:13:10 PM)
thanks anne....frinds that are going with us booked one and are nervouss re: the noise

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:13:13 PM)
Jack - What's the range and endurance

Terri (ID=133) (2:13:30 PM)
LOL Kuki!

Anne Campbell (2:13:39 PM)
No, the noise is not a problem, really

Doucia (ID=153) (2:13:41 PM)
thank you...:) I have a question about the chapel aboard the Explorer...but I will wait my turn...

LoriC (ID=163) (2:13:48 PM)
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Ginny (ID=147) (2:13:52 PM)
Are the Atrium cabins similar to those on the Voyager?

Judy (ID=164) (2:13:57 PM)
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Donna (ID=140) (2:14:01 PM)
Welcome Lori and Judy

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:14:10 PM)
Doucia.. no queing here... Have a questions.. Just shoot!

SProctor (ID=127) (2:14:12 PM)
Great...we have a balcony and they have the atrium view across form us. Best of both worlds :)

LoriC (ID=163) (2:14:14 PM)
Hi, Guys

Anne Campbell (2:14:26 PM)
Doucia, what is your chapel question?

elyce (ID=165) (2:14:27 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:14:28 PM)
Hi ya Lori..

Susan2 (ID=136) (2:14:30 PM)
Doucia, Congratulations! What a perfect place to get married!!

Well, I'm not sure what you mean by range and endurance...But the ship won't go thru the canal (to wide) but will go anywhere you want to sail and as far as long as you can get to fuel. The shipp goes 22knts forward, 17knts backwards and 3 knts sideways...Wow!!

LoriC (ID=163) (2:14:45 PM)
Hi, Kuiki and Jim

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:14:49 PM)
What type of furniture is on the balcony? Doucia, congrats!

Donna (ID=140) (2:14:50 PM)
Hi Elyce, welcome to out chat with Jack Williams, pres of RCCL

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:15:02 PM)
lol kuki :-) how much does it cost to use the web Kuki and Anne?

Doucia (ID=153) (2:15:02 PM)
Yes...Susan2...it's the way to get married...and might I add the people at Royal Romance are amazing...

Donna (ID=140) (2:15:20 PM)
Hi Picses, welcome

SProctor (ID=127) (2:15:22 PM)
is the DA cat balconys big enought for 4 for drinks?

jenn (ID=166) (2:15:35 PM)
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Donna (ID=140) (2:15:41 PM)
Hi Jenn, welcome

Terri (ID=133) (2:15:42 PM)
Anne, I've heard that beginning with the Explorer, there is internet connections in the cabin for laptops

twothirty (ID=167) (2:15:46 PM)
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big tuna (ID=168) (2:15:47 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:15:53 PM)
Anne.. told Jim and George that U may be joining them on the transatlantic.. They are thrilled.. but I told them u're not worth getting excited over.. LOL

Donna (ID=140) (2:15:55 PM)
Hi Twothirty and Tuna

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:15:56 PM)
Can we renew our vows in the Chapel?

Anne Campbell (2:15:57 PM)
Our balcony has two chairs, it is big enough for a chaise chair, but we dont have one

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:16:02 PM)
Are the aft balconies larger than those on the sides?

Yes, the da balconies are big enough for 4

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:16:05 PM)
Jack - How far on full tanks before either stopping or falling over - and endurance how far before Kuki could run you out of food and drink

mike (ID=169) (2:16:07 PM)
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jenn (ID=166) (2:16:11 PM)
hello! Is this wear the cruise chat is going on with Jack Williams?

Anne Campbell (2:16:20 PM)
the ARE internet connections for laptops! (should have brought ours) in the cabins

Donna (ID=140) (2:16:23 PM)

Susan2 (ID=136) (2:16:28 PM)
Jack, those are amazing facts on Explorer's manoeuverability!

Terri (ID=133) (2:16:35 PM)
Is the connection price the same in the cabins as in the cafe?

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:16:35 PM)
Yes Jenn

Anne Campbell (2:16:37 PM)
all you need is a laptop with a regular modem

Donna (ID=140) (2:16:39 PM)
Jen.. yes, this is the place, any questions?

Judy (ID=164) (2:16:40 PM)
Where is ship now. I'm on 1st sailing of Oct 28

The aft balconies are very nivce in size but I can't remember how the match up to the side balconies which, will also vary depending on category. The Royal Suite balcony has a jacuzzi

Anne Campbell (2:16:57 PM)
I'm sorry, I don't know about prices, maybe Jack knows

Terri (ID=133) (2:17:08 PM)
It's connect via modem not through a LAN?

Donna (ID=140) (2:17:20 PM)
Who all here is booked on Explorer and when?

Anne Campbell (2:17:22 PM)
The ship is right now off the coast on New York

jenn (ID=166) (2:17:23 PM)
jack...I have a question....we're interested in a cruise for our honeymoon next May 19th....but we're on a budget of about $1500...is it possible to get a decent honeymoon cruise for that price in the caribbean?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:17:26 PM)
Can I be upgraded to the Royal Suite -- I've been a very good girl!

The ship is outside of New York and we are hosting a lot of travel agents to a two night familiarization sailing...

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:17:33 PM)
5 for 3-31-00!!

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:17:34 PM)
Terri.. that would require REALLY long cable:)

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:17:39 PM)
Donna - April 7th, 2000

Donna (ID=140) (2:17:42 PM)

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:17:43 PM)
Do you know who the CD will be in APril? Also what band will be onboard?

Anne Campbell (2:17:47 PM)
Terri - apparewntly not a LAN, they specify that you need a regular modem

SProctor (ID=127) (2:17:48 PM)

Judy (ID=164) (2:17:48 PM)
Me, Oct 28. Will ship be in Miami in time.

Terri (ID=133) (2:17:51 PM)
Kuki, connect on the LAN on the ship LOL

Doucia (ID=153) (2:17:52 PM)
November 4, 2000 ...getting married too...LOL

I can't even get upgraded to the Royal Suite and I have been a good president

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:18:05 PM)
6 of us -2 cabins -deck 8 adjoining rooms with balconies

Donna (ID=140) (2:18:11 PM)
Looks like quite a few of us :-)

Terri (ID=133) (2:18:11 PM)
LOL Jacj

DiPLiNDy (ID=146) (2:18:14 PM)
LOL Jack

jenn (ID=166) (2:18:15 PM)
how would I go about finding the best prices right now for a cruise the end of May? Is now a good time to book?

Terri (ID=133) (2:18:16 PM)
Jack ;)

LoriC (ID=163) (2:18:19 PM)
I have photos of the aft balcony cabins on deck 6 - the balconies are larger - just send an email to me skyscraper@arkansas.net, and I can forward the photos to you.

The cruise director is Ken Rush a 16 year veteran and a great guy

JW (ID=148) (2:18:21 PM)
Donna. I am Dec. 2nd, and 9th, 2000!

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:18:37 PM)
Hellooooo -- were is everyone?

Donna (ID=140) (2:18:43 PM)
JW.. doing back to backs?

Judy (ID=164) (2:18:43 PM)
How long does it take ship to get to Miami

jenn...call your travel agent...it is a great time to book

Donna (ID=140) (2:18:53 PM)
Jack.. any port stops on the way to Miami?

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:19:08 PM)
I'll be on Oct 26th & 27th. Can't wait to see Ken Rush and the shows.

Donna (ID=140) (2:19:09 PM)
Lori.. Hi, when are you going on Explorer?

Anne Campbell (2:19:10 PM)
Jenn - this ship is selling out cruises already

Doucia (ID=153) (2:19:11 PM)
Have there been any changes in the decor of the chapel on the Explorer as opposed to the chapel on the Voyageur...

jenn (ID=166) (2:19:26 PM)
ok...i'll do that. Is there any tips to getting better prices?

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:19:34 PM)
Great, I know Ken from previous cruises. He does a nice job. What about the band at this time? Really like Heat Wave!

LoriC (ID=163) (2:19:43 PM)
I do not have a cruise planned for the Explorer - the photos of the deck 6 aft cabins are from the Voyager of the Seas :)

no back to backs on this sailing in terms of an east/west altering of the itineraries but you could stay on for weeks at time if you want too

Anne Campbell (2:19:53 PM)
Doucia had an important chapel question (shes getting married there).

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:19:53 PM)
Can't even get a good Explorer image down here - I am still using Voyager with the name 'blurred'.

JW (ID=148) (2:20:07 PM)
Donna, yes. Yeah!

can't tell you name of the band...sorry

Donna (ID=140) (2:20:16 PM)
JW... wow, lucky U

mike (ID=169) (2:20:28 PM)
will explorer has a webcam like voyager?

Judy (ID=164) (2:20:33 PM)
Will we have any name entertainers on Inaugural cruise

your chapel question?

Anne Campbell (2:20:42 PM)
JACK - any changes to the chapel on Explorer from what was on Voyager?

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:20:48 PM)
Jack... When I finally get to Explorer in Jan.. I'll tell them U said I could stay on for weeks and weeks!! Thanks :)

Doucia (ID=153) (2:20:53 PM)
thanks Anne...

Donna (ID=140) (2:20:58 PM)
Kuki.. nice try :-)

yes, some changes on the interior design, I like it beter than the VY

Ginny (ID=147) (2:21:28 PM)
Kuki glad to hear that you're going in Jan

Anne Campbell (2:21:34 PM)
thanks Jack, how many does the chapel seat?

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:21:38 PM)
the Web Cam is a neat feature, it would be better if refressed quicker like 3 sec intead im 60 sec

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:21:39 PM)
Ginny.. Hope I am ...

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:21:51 PM)
Jack, can a couple renew their wedding vows in the Chapel

Donna (ID=140) (2:21:52 PM)
Rix.. its already working on Explorer?

Anne Campbell (2:21:59 PM)
If your good, kuki :-)

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:22:07 PM)
I dint think so yet

Doucia (ID=153) (2:22:10 PM)
oh...that's great news Mr. Williams...we are so anxious to see any pictures...of the chapel aboard the Explorer...then again we only have a two week wait...thank you for answering my question...

I will see if I can get it to (webcam) refresh more often....we need to get it live at some point

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:22:19 PM)
Anne... I'm being very good. havent damaged Millennium YET

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:22:20 PM)

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:22:23 PM)
Forget the chapel - what brands of ale do you have onboard

twothirty (ID=167) (2:22:39 PM)
How's the trip going Kuki ?? Need to speak to you when you get back :)

caskippr (ID=170) (2:22:45 PM)
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Anne Campbell (2:22:48 PM)
ALE?? as long as it isn't Fosters!

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:22:49 PM)
Awesome Jack

fab4....all major brands including some good Australian brands (I think)

Donna (ID=140) (2:22:53 PM)
Hi Caskippr, welcome

I like Fosters

Ginny (ID=147) (2:23:09 PM)
Big question? How's the food?

June (ID=171) (2:23:11 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

caskippr (ID=170) (2:23:12 PM)

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:23:12 PM)
Jack - Do you like the EOS as much as VOS and what would you say is the biggest difference?

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:23:15 PM)
Two.. trip is great.. we're sailing Naples as we type ... heading to Rome.. Pope wants to see me tomorrow

Donna (ID=140) (2:23:21 PM)
Hi June, welcome

twothirty (ID=167) (2:23:25 PM)
oops !!!

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:23:33 PM)
Glad to here it now it's worth pushing

Donna (ID=140) (2:23:46 PM)
Fab.. is that all it takes?

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:24:02 PM)
Jack, I know for children RCI has a soda card which covers soda but what about children who do not drink carbenated drinks? Can you include lemonade or fruit punch on the card?

Doucia (ID=153) (2:24:02 PM)
Donna...(I'm Kim...) the one who's been posting about seeing pictures of the chapel...remember...LOL!!!

The food is much better and, in fact, we have done a lot to improve in this area over the last year. I think this is the one area we needed to improve on and I think we are making good progress. Plz let me know what you think after you take your cruise..

Donna (ID=140) (2:24:25 PM)
Coucia.. yes, I remember

Judy (ID=164) (2:24:30 PM)
Mr Williams, when will ship arrive in Miami

Ginny (ID=147) (2:24:40 PM)
Glad to hear that about the food. I'll be testing it out on 10/26

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:24:45 PM)
Jack, what ice shows are booked for January?

Anne Campbell (2:24:48 PM)
The food is surprisingly good :-)

I will see about the lemonade and fruit punch...I can't see why we wouldn't do thast

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:24:51 PM)
Mahcik.. Lemonade are fruit punch are free anyway... but if u like U can pay me and I'll supply a card.. lol

SProctor (ID=127) (2:25:03 PM)
Any chance the Explorer crew willstop people from "reserving" seats by the pool, etc. It's my biggest pet peeve, having a set of seats saved with a towel from early in AM until they are used in the afternoon.

Thank you Anne for the food comment....It is much better!!

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:25:11 PM)
Thanks jack!! That will make my kids day!!

Ginny (ID=147) (2:25:17 PM)
What about the entertainment is the Explorer going to be better than Voyager?

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:25:18 PM)
Donna - sure is - first question ( I am being serious even though its 4.25 am) people ask, can't send them to a ship with only US - UK ale

The ship will be in Miami next Wednesday...the 25th..around 10am

Terri (ID=133) (2:25:32 PM)
Regarding soft drinks, can an adult purchase the "soda card" or is it for children only?

SProctor (ID=127) (2:25:37 PM)
Can the soda card be purchased for adults also? I love my pepsi :)

Donna (ID=140) (2:25:42 PM)
Fab.. you're up at that time? What are you crazy?

LMPUSATERA (ID=172) (2:25:58 PM)
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Ginny (ID=147) (2:26:08 PM)
What can you tell us about the casino?

Donna (ID=140) (2:26:13 PM)
Hi Lmpusatera, welcome for our chat with Jack Williams, Pres. of RCCL

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:26:14 PM)
Jack - how about a world voyage so that we get to see the lady in say Sydney

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:26:17 PM)
Mr. Williams what can you do to help us with the saving seats

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:26:17 PM)
From what I have read, soda card is a perk for under 18 only!!

Terri (ID=133) (2:26:22 PM)
SP, I'm a pepsi person too :(

The entertainment on the Exploreer will be different but I think of the same quality that we have on the voyager and all of our ships. This is an area where the Royal Caribbean brand really satnds out.

Judy (ID=164) (2:26:40 PM)
Mr. Williams, any special things for those of us going on inaugural cruise

Anne Campbell (2:26:41 PM)
Jack - I have an email question here. Someone has a cabin already booked on Voyager, but she saw a coupon for NEW bookings with a onboard credit. Can she get the same credit? she already paid but hasn't sailed.

The soda card is for seventeen and under only

june (ID=173) (2:26:53 PM)
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Donna (ID=140) (2:26:54 PM)
Jack.. Yes, the intertainment on RCCL has always been very good

caskippr (ID=170) (2:27:01 PM)
Jack, We will be sailing on the Explorer 11/25. Can you tell us about the decor in the dining room. I have heard it is not quite as stunning as the Voyager.

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:27:07 PM)
Ice shows???

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:27:12 PM)
Sp... Jim Canon just told me here on Millennium they are working an official procedure where towels are removed from loungers after a long period of time.. approx 1/2 hr.. and personal items are taken to guest relations

Anne Campbell (2:27:13 PM)
We watched the parade last night - it was a hoot!

Anne...tell them to check with their travel agent or sales rep...hard for me toi understand the details in a chat like this...thx

jborpo (ID=174) (2:27:28 PM)
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Terri (ID=133) (2:27:30 PM)
Kuki, I love that!

Anne Campbell (2:27:33 PM)
OK Jack, thanks

Donna (ID=140) (2:27:38 PM)
Hi Jborpo, welcome

jborpo (ID=174) (2:27:48 PM)
hi everyone

Terri (ID=133) (2:27:52 PM)
Hi jb

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:28:05 PM)
Anne -- was the parade packed? I've heard you need to get there early in order to see the festivities.

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:28:11 PM)
Terri.. Jim and George(hotel manager) on the Millenn are saying its been very effective

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:28:12 PM)
Ok Jack - an easy one - what's the draft

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:28:26 PM)
first started it on Century.. and working now on Millennium

Terri (ID=133) (2:28:30 PM)
Glad to hear that Kuki, I'll be on the Radiance in April :)

the parade was terrific...I then went to the csino and lost fifty dollars playing blackjack...so I left there and took my wife dancing at The Chamber and then we headed up to the Viking Crown lounge for a final beverage of choice...and who says there is nothing to do on cruise ships

Donna (ID=140) (2:28:36 PM)
Kuki.. how is that working out?

Anne Campbell (2:28:40 PM)
Jack - another email questions... why didnt you make Johnny Rockets bigger on this ship? Its always packed

LMPUSATERA (ID=172) (2:28:54 PM)
Hi everyone. We are going on the Explorer on November 4th

SProctor (ID=127) (2:28:59 PM)
Love that idea....If they are the only ones to implement the idea you can bet my next cruise will be on the Mellinium

Terri (ID=133) (2:29:21 PM)
Are passengers assigned an "e-mail" address on the ship?

draft is 29 feet some 8 plus meters

twothirty (ID=167) (2:29:31 PM)
Kuki..how bad are the "rumbles"..a friend of mine came back on the Mill. the day you got on..she was quite upset !

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:29:32 PM)
Donna.. Jim and George saying its been very effective and plan to do be more dilligent in the Caribb

Anne Campbell (2:29:34 PM)
SP - those deckchair hogs really make you that mad?? wow :-)

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:29:41 PM)
We're on the Explorer on January 6th -- anyone?

Judy (ID=164) (2:29:53 PM)
Oct 28, anyone

know Johnny Rockets is the same size and it is still packed ... I just left there before coming on-line...great cheeseburgers

Anne Campbell (2:30:07 PM)
Terri - your onboard email address relates to your name and cabin number - but it is also possible to use your AOL, Yahoo, hotmail or other services

Anne Campbell (2:30:29 PM)
YES - great cheeseburgers, and fries yum

Terri (ID=133) (2:30:29 PM)
Anne, yes I knew that but thought it neat to have an "on board" one as well :)

I don't like deck chair hogs either...we are trying to manage that entire issue much better on our ships...

snowbart (ID=175) (2:30:38 PM)
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Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:30:46 PM)
Anne, I can understand saving chairs for maybe an hour or so but some people save them all morning and their party doesn't show until after lunch.

Donna (ID=140) (2:30:48 PM)
Hi Snowbart, welcome

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:30:53 PM)
Jack.. glad to see u play some in the casino.. I can tell I've cruised RCI/Celeb too much.. walked into the casino here... and half the staff were friends from other ships

Terri (ID=133) (2:30:56 PM)
In what way Jack, any other than what Kuki just discribed?

anne - and onion rings..yeah!!

Anne Campbell (2:31:07 PM)
Jack - glad to hear that about the deck chairs -its amazing how seriously people take it

Anne Campbell (2:31:21 PM)
and chocolate shakes, too

Terri (ID=133) (2:31:34 PM)
I would like to see it discouraged in the louges at shows as well

jborpo (ID=174) (2:31:36 PM)
your making me hungry

Doucia (ID=153) (2:31:36 PM)
Thanks everyone...Mr. Williams...one more thing before I leave...your kids programs are fantastic!!! Thanks you...

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:31:40 PM)
Jack - whats the % split between Deck, Engine and Pursers (if you still have them ) departments

big tuna (ID=168) (2:31:46 PM)

NancyBogertMCC (ID=142) (2:31:48 PM)
Thank you for taking your time to talk to all of us from the ship.Since I will be heading to Miami next week to board the Explorer, I have to get back to work. Thanks again.Bye and have fun!!!

SProctor (ID=127) (2:31:51 PM)
ANNE: I know it shouln't, but the arognance of the peopl who do it really bug me. I expect it to happen so I still LOVE to Cruise and would never let it ruin a vaca

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:31:52 PM)
How is the Ice Show compared to the one on VOS. Thought that one was great!

Ginny (ID=147) (2:31:53 PM)
The food sounds so great that I'm getting hungry.

twothirty (ID=167) (2:32:02 PM)
And one would need to still make "reservations" to do iceskating and rock climbing ??

Donna (ID=140) (2:32:03 PM)

we are justasking our pool attendants to observe chairs and when it is obvious that a chiar is being reserved but not used, we return that chair to inventory...there is an unwritten policy that if the chair has not been used for thirty minutes, get it back into circulation

yes, you make reservations for both

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:32:34 PM)
Ginny,.. U want to talk food.. The Oylmpic experience here onboard was amazing!!!

twothirty (ID=167) (2:32:38 PM)
thanks !! Cant wait!!

NeTiZeN (ID=137) (2:32:43 PM)
When are the itineraries going to include overnite port stays? One day is not enough! If

Anne Campbell (2:32:49 PM)
looks like some people are leaving to go have lunch :-)

Ginny (ID=147) (2:32:50 PM)
Kuki definetely

lmpusatera (ID=176) (2:32:54 PM)
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Donna (ID=140) (2:33:02 PM)
Hi Inmpsatera, welcome

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:33:05 PM)
Thanks Jack and I hope that unwritten rule will be enforced!!!

Judy (ID=164) (2:33:06 PM)
anyone else going Oct 28??

Anne Campbell (2:33:11 PM)
RCI and Celebrity have 4 NEW ships arriving in the next year!

the ice show is of the same super quality as on the Voyager...terrific show

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:33:15 PM)
Thanks Jack about the chairs -- I know is a minor thing but when 300 people do it it gets out of control!

Ginny (ID=147) (2:33:20 PM)
Kuki I bet you've been having excellent food.

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:33:21 PM)
I read that Kuki :-) Mercury 3 weeks away :-) still no doc though

Anne Campbell (2:33:27 PM)
Jack - what are the new ship names?...

Diane (ID=177) (2:33:28 PM)
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fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:33:39 PM)

DiPLiNDy (ID=178) (2:33:41 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

The Infinity is being delivered in mid-Feb for early arch sailing...yes

Terri (ID=133) (2:33:44 PM)
Jack, this is OT, but do you have any idea who will be "god mother" to the Radiance of the Seas?

doggie (ID=179) (2:33:45 PM)
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Kuki & Jim Canon (2:33:54 PM)
Rix... docs will come.. trip will be great , I'm sure

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:33:59 PM)
Anyone going on the May 5th cruise?

Donna (ID=140) (2:33:59 PM)
Hi Diane, Doggie, welcome to our chat with Jack Williams, Pres of RCCL

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:34:00 PM)
I suppose asking the victulling rate is out of the question

Anne Campbell (2:34:05 PM)
Infinity, Rhapsody, Summit, Adventure of the Seas....

Terri (ID=133) (2:34:05 PM)
hmmm I thought I said god..... mother :)

Diane (ID=177) (2:34:10 PM)
Hi Everyone

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:34:13 PM)
getting besides ourselfs ty Kuki

Ginny (ID=147) (2:34:14 PM)
Jack- I've heard only wonderful thingsd about the Infinity.

Terri (ID=133) (2:34:15 PM)
god mom?

The next ship on RCI is Radiance of the Seas ffollowed by Adventure of the Seas and then Brillance of the Seas and then we got to get marketing to come up with some new names...so many ships so many places to go!

Ginny--she is going to be a great ship/...

Ginny (ID=147) (2:34:38 PM)
and so many names.

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:34:39 PM)
Does anyone know where Adventure of the Seas will be sailing to?

elyce (ID=165) (2:34:42 PM)
How about "Chicken of the Sea"? (LOL)

big tuna (ID=168) (2:34:48 PM)

Anne Campbell (2:34:49 PM)
What an exciting year for Royal Caribbean/Celebrity

DiPLiNDy (ID=178) (2:34:50 PM)
And we are alll ready Jack -TO GO

SProctor (ID=127) (2:34:51 PM)
Great plan Mr. Williams. Hope the attendents can implement it. Bet there will be some surprised people wandering up around 2:00 looking for their prime seats :)

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:34:57 PM)
guys.. Jim Cannon and Geoge Traganis are with me and telling me they VERY excited about bringing Infinity out in early March

Adventure of teh Seas will be sailing out of San Juan on a southern itinerary

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:35:13 PM)
They will be the hotel manager and CD onboard

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:35:26 PM)
Agree with you SProctor!

jborpo (ID=174) (2:35:28 PM)
are the rooms on Radiance larger or about the same?

Anne Campbell (2:35:36 PM)
Hi Jim... We are looking forward to seeing Infinity, too. The United States restaurant sounds very interesting

SProctor (ID=127) (2:35:36 PM)
Mr. Williams, you said the deck chair thing was an unwitten rule. Haw about making it a written rle?

This is a very exciting year for both of our brands. Next year we will take on four more new ships....

Terri (ID=133) (2:35:47 PM)
Mr. Williams I have been lucky enough to book the Radiance for her 14-Day Inaugural through the Canal :)

caskippr (ID=170) (2:35:47 PM)
Jack, Will any of the new ships be able to enter the Panama Canal? And if so, will this be on of the itineraries?

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:35:55 PM)
Thought it might be

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:36:16 PM)
Which new ships will be coming to San Diego??

Anne Campbell (2:36:24 PM)
Jack, can you describe Radiance? it is a whole new class, right?

You will love the Radiance of the Seas....in fact, this ship will rival any ship on the oceans today including the Voyager class ships

Terri (ID=133) (2:36:46 PM)
Will there be a replacement for the Viking Serenade for the short cruises out of Los Angeles?

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:36:58 PM)
Mr. Williams can you tell us about the dining rooms on the Explorer.

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:37:04 PM)
Jack, what is the difference between Radiance and Voyager?

twothirty (ID=167) (2:37:05 PM)
Will RCL ever put any other ship in Ft. Lauderdale besides the Enchanment ..hint hint !???

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:37:14 PM)
Does RCCL plan on icreasing the size of the cabins?

Diane (ID=177) (2:37:20 PM)
Will the Cabins be bigger on the new class of ships?

Terri (ID=133) (2:37:21 PM)
Mr. Williams, I am very much looking forward to the cruise, celebrating my birthday & 15th Anniversary :)

doggie (ID=179) (2:37:27 PM)
Jack do you plan on ever sailing a ship from Houston year-round?

The Radaince will go thru the canal. It is about 90,000 GRT with more public space per guest than any ship afloat today. Very high ratois of balcony cabins and unbelievable public spaces...

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:37:38 PM)
congrats Terri :-)

Terri (ID=133) (2:37:43 PM)
Thanks RIX :)

Terri (ID=133) (2:38:04 PM)
public space = cabins?

Anne Campbell (2:38:04 PM)
Lots of baclconies sounds very nice - people love them

caskippr (ID=170) (2:38:10 PM)
Jack, Thanks for the information. Looks like we will be sailing on The Radiance! :)

Anne Campbell (2:38:16 PM)
and more public space, too. A good trend

SProctor (ID=127) (2:38:23 PM)
The radiance sounds great. When does she start sailing? From San Juan? Miami?

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:38:24 PM)
Cruiseman.. actually I think Vision Class ships have pretty decent size cabins.. and very well laid out.. I love the CAT Ds

We are trying Galvenston next year. It is booking well at this time and that is the first step to year-around service. We need to wait and see...

chip (ID=180) (2:38:32 PM)
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Doucia (ID=153) (2:38:35 PM)
bye all...thanks for the great chat

suemac (ID=181) (2:38:35 PM)
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Anne Campbell (2:38:43 PM)
I like the public space on Explorer, it is big, but NOT crowded like the "other" megaships

Donna (ID=140) (2:38:47 PM)
Hi Chip and Suemac

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:38:47 PM)
This will be our first balcony -- have heard once you have a balcony your spoiled for life.

chip (ID=180) (2:38:56 PM)
hi all

Terri (ID=133) (2:39:02 PM)
bye Doucia

Donna (ID=140) (2:39:03 PM)
Mom.. that is all too true :-)

No public space does not mean cabins but the cabins are very large and attractive. much like the Vy ships

SProctor (ID=127) (2:39:18 PM)
Cha Chi...We'll never go inside again :)

caskippr (ID=170) (2:39:19 PM)
Cha-Chi, Once you have a balcony you will never go back!

Donna (ID=140) (2:39:25 PM)
Sp.. us either

Diane (ID=177) (2:39:34 PM)
How large are the cabins?

doggie (ID=179) (2:39:43 PM)
Jack can The Explorer dock in San jaun, St. thomas and Bahamas?

Once you have balcony we will own you for life...there is no going back after that experience

Terri (ID=133) (2:39:52 PM)
hmm, then I will savor my cruise on the Radiance for alas that category may never happen again for me :(

Anne Campbell (2:39:53 PM)
I agree about the balconies - they are the first cabins to sell, right Jack?

Yes, the EX can dock in all of those ports

Yes, the balconies go first..

doggie (ID=179) (2:40:37 PM)
Do any the new ships plan on sailing in Hawaii?

tan_man (ID=182) (2:40:37 PM)
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Judy (ID=164) (2:40:40 PM)
Is Oct 28 cruise going to Nassau. Orig we were told a day at sea, however, documents list Nassau

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:40:47 PM)
Jack -- you already own us. Christmas 2001 we are taking both daughters, husbands and 3 grandsons -- don't know where yet, but we'll have the balcony, they can just look!

suemac (ID=183) (2:40:54 PM)
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SProctor (ID=127) (2:40:58 PM)
Are the onboard activities slowed down a lot with the later port times?

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:41:04 PM)
I agree with the Balcony rooms but I know a lot of people who always book cheapest becuase of the amount of time you actually spend in your room.

doggie (ID=179) (2:41:10 PM)
Balconies are the greatest

We sail to Hawaii and the Radiance of the Seas will do Hawaii as she goes up to and back from Alaska

jborpo (ID=174) (2:41:14 PM)
How Large are the balcony rooms??

Donna (ID=140) (2:41:23 PM)
Cruiseman.. when you have a balcony, you do spend a little more time in cabin

Anne Campbell (2:41:42 PM)
Infinity will aslo sail to Hawaii in early 2001

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=118) (2:41:51 PM)
I really don't care how large the cabin is, I'll just stay on the balcony!

what else is on your mind??

SProctor (ID=127) (2:42:02 PM)
Any chance of one of the Radiance or Voyager classes sailng a fall new england trip

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:42:07 PM)
Yes, I do balcony every time! Would have a hard time taking a cruise without one!

doggie (ID=179) (2:42:08 PM)
Balconies make the cabins so much larger

NeTiZeN (ID=137) (2:42:16 PM)
More port time less cabin time please!

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:42:22 PM)
Anne... JIm and Geoge are telling me YEAHHH.. Cant wait for Hawaii on Infinity

newbee4u (ID=184) (2:42:22 PM)
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Fang (ID=185) (2:42:25 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

doggie (ID=179) (2:42:27 PM)
The ship is my destination

Cha-Chi's Mom: I'm with you ..I slept on the balcony last night..

Diane (ID=177) (2:42:32 PM)
What are the size of the balciny cabins?

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:42:33 PM)
Jack - With the draft you mentioned earlirt, how would Explorer perforn in blue water with a nice swell running across the track - seems like a lot of topside

cruiseman (ID=154) (2:42:45 PM)
I say the fewer the ports the better! I love the days at sea!

Judyg (ID=186) (2:42:48 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Anne Campbell (2:42:51 PM)
Well... Jack, I suppose everyone wants to know how Explorer handles - is she a steady ship?

Donna (ID=140) (2:42:56 PM)
Hi Fang and Judyg, welcome

doggie (ID=179) (2:42:57 PM)
Is there are charge for Johnny rockets?

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:42:58 PM)
Donna - why is that?

Diane...I don'thave that info but you can get from your travel agents...they are very spacious

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:42:59 PM)
Jack, please tell us about the dining rooms on the Explorer. Decor , viewss etc

SProctor (ID=127) (2:43:06 PM)
Please...More sea days for the Explorer. 2's not enough

suemac (ID=183) (2:43:09 PM)
would i expect much noise from the promenade area ayt night if i'm staying midship deck #6

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:43:16 PM)
JACK... Jim and George .. here on Millennium... are asking when U are going to come and join them for a cruise onboard

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:43:18 PM)

caskippr (ID=170) (2:43:23 PM)
Cruiseman - I'm with you on that one. I love days at sea!

Terri (ID=133) (2:43:32 PM)
I would like to have drinks on my balcony with parents is the balcony large enough to accomdate this on the RAdiance, CAT D

Donna (ID=140) (2:43:40 PM)
Fab.. its great just sitting out on balcony late at nite and early in the morning Fab

Judyg (ID=186) (2:43:46 PM)
We love days at sea also

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:43:48 PM)
That will be great First time sailing with Celeb. Nov. 12 Im a Carnival traitor seems like good things are happening and your doing a great job taking the time to reach out to the public Jack.

newbee4u (ID=184) (2:43:52 PM)
scotty you there?

doggie (ID=179) (2:43:55 PM)
When is the first sailing of the Radiance?

Terri (ID=133) (2:44:01 PM)
4/7/01 :)

LoriC (ID=187) (2:44:03 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Terri (ID=133) (2:44:05 PM)
I'm on here :)

suemac (ID=183) (2:44:06 PM)
i agree that the explorer should have more days at sea, enjoy the ship itself more than the island visits

Terri (ID=133) (2:44:09 PM)
on her that is :)

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=188) (2:44:10 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

The dining room on the Ex is very nice. Much like the Vy the stairway is aft of the dining room and it is three stories high. The dining room was done by a different designer and has a very different feel to it...They are both great dining rooms...

newbee4u (ID=184) (2:44:20 PM)
I read what they had to say about the inside atruim cabins... that's cool

Rixnsd (ID=135) (2:44:21 PM)
I got to get back to work :-( nice chatting and keep up the good work

Terri (ID=133) (2:44:31 PM)

Donna (ID=140) (2:44:32 PM)
Bye Rix

Fang (ID=185) (2:44:52 PM)
Jack - any thought in supply butler service for the suites on RCI ships like there are on Celebrity. They are one of the main reasons my wife and I have choosen Celebrity over RCI.

doggie (ID=179) (2:45:12 PM)
I agree with you Fang

Rixnsd - Thanks for the comment. It is important we stayinvolved with the communities we serve...

Diane (ID=177) (2:45:20 PM)
I am going into NY tomorrow to take pictures of the Explorer from the outside

tan_man (ID=182) (2:45:40 PM)
Take me on a cruise w/ you and I will be your butler

Anne Campbell (2:45:43 PM)
The service here is very good, by the way. More Europeans working on board now, and women waiters and stewardesses, too

Donna (ID=140) (2:45:46 PM)
Was there a royal welcome into New York for Explorer?

Ginny (ID=147) (2:45:58 PM)
Thanks for all the info. Mr. Williams on the Explorer.

Radiance is delivered on March 09th 2001 and will spend several weeks with inaguralu activite...first revenue cruise is late April (Ithink)...check wit your travelagent....

Judyg (ID=186) (2:46:01 PM)
If anyone gets pictures of Ex, please post for us

doggie (ID=179) (2:46:11 PM)
Would be nice to have the tips charged to our account

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:46:18 PM)
Jack, Think about adding a "comment box" on your web site where we can send suggestions.

Terri (ID=133) (2:46:20 PM)
Mr. Williams are there any plans for a special sail away for the Radiance from Ft. Lauderdale on 4/7/01?

tan_man (ID=182) (2:46:42 PM)
JAck - Will there be a webcam on the EX ?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=188) (2:46:44 PM)
Jack, there's been major discussions regarding bringing liquor on board. What is RCI' s policy? We just want wine for our balcony, which I'm sure we can buy at the store on the ship, right?

Anne Campbell (2:46:51 PM)
Our waitress was sweet little Hungarian woman - more refined than those Caribbean boys of years ago ;-)

Terri (ID=133) (2:46:51 PM)
LOL Mr. Williams, inaugural I'm booked for on 4/7/01 on the Radiance :)

NeTiZeN (ID=137) (2:47:04 PM)
Any plans for a Cuban port of call?

We added butler service to the Royal Journey but frankly it is not a big deal with our guests. They are very pleased with the service they get from their cabin attendant even though we don't call them utlers...

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:47:27 PM)
Donna - you're being very polite tonight - I assume this is not going to last too long

Ginny (ID=147) (2:47:30 PM)
When I return from Ex. please email info@greatcruising.com and I will scan over pictures.

No plans for Cuba now

doggie (ID=179) (2:47:38 PM)
Is there an ATM machine on the Explorer that works? Most of the time they do not work

Donna (ID=140) (2:47:41 PM)
Fab.. I'm always polite??

Yes, I used the ATM machine last night after I ost all my cash in the casino

Anne Campbell (2:48:02 PM)
Butlers are a nice luxury, but they don't do anything a steward, room service, concierge won't do.

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:48:05 PM)
Donna - yeah right and I'm good looking

Donna (ID=140) (2:48:13 PM)
Fab... :-)

doggie (ID=179) (2:48:18 PM)
Is there any special amenities in the suites?

Fang (ID=185) (2:48:44 PM)
Jack - Do you handle any items with Celebrity are you basicly with RCI?

Anne Campbell (2:48:47 PM)
Hey Jack, next time you're in the casino ask for an advance on your paycheck ;-))))

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:48:51 PM)
Jack... U dont need to use the ATM... has a service fee.. just take out chips in the casino using your Super Charge card.. LOL

newbee4u (ID=184) (2:49:02 PM)
Why did the midnight buffet go away....?

Terri (ID=133) (2:49:07 PM)
Kuki knows how to do that :)

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:49:08 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

doggie (ID=179) (2:49:15 PM)
RCL has the best entertainment

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:49:28 PM)
TERRI.. I sure do... but the dealers keep taking my chips:(

nice amenities and we also include bathrobes...the Royal Suite includes fresh flowers daily and about anything else

Judyg (ID=186) (2:49:38 PM)
Who is entertainer on Oct 28

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:49:42 PM)
I keep getting disconnected -- is anyone trying to tell me something???

Terri (ID=133) (2:49:46 PM)
Do the Cat D's get robes?

Donna (ID=140) (2:49:46 PM)
Do the cabins have hairdryers now?

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:49:50 PM)
Are there bathrobes in each room?

Terri (ID=133) (2:50:00 PM)
Cha Chi's Mom, must be your ISP? :)

Anne Campbell (2:50:02 PM)
We have a hairdryer

Fang...I work closely with Rick Sasso from Celebrity...We have a best practices culture around here..

Terri (ID=133) (2:50:17 PM)
ARe there any laundry rooms?

Donna (ID=140) (2:50:20 PM)
Anne.. what cat cabin are you in?

Anne Campbell (2:50:49 PM)
I dont know what category, I is a standard balcony cabin....

jborpo (ID=174) (2:50:50 PM)
Laundry rooms would be nice!!!!!

doggie (ID=179) (2:50:53 PM)
I am a Cat C on the back of the ship. Will there be a lot of vibration?

Cat D's don't get robes unless you are at a specific level in the Crown and Anchor program. Nonetheless, if you request one they will bring it to you..

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:51:00 PM)
Jack - what galah planned the Legend itins to this part of the world - never seen any like it - how to burn fuel without going anywhere??

suewolf (ID=190) (2:51:00 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:51:08 PM)
I'm interested too, are there robes in the cabins? I already have one, but my husband would love one too. I'm afraid we'll fight over it. If they are not provided can we buy them?

Terri (ID=133) (2:51:16 PM)
and $ for the robe if I request one?

Donna (ID=140) (2:51:20 PM)
Hi Suewolf, welcome

Yes, we have hair dryers and mini bars in the cabins...all cabins!!

doggie (ID=179) (2:51:25 PM)
Celebrity furnishes every cabin with a robe

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:51:30 PM)
I've got to run for dinner.. but say goodbye to all from the Millennium, from myself,, Cruise Director Jim Cannon and Hotel Manager George Traganis

newbee4u (ID=184) (2:51:44 PM)
what about the midnight buffets not being there every night anymore?

You can buy robes if you want...

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:51:53 PM)
Day kuki - eat hearty

Donna (ID=140) (2:51:55 PM)
Kuki.. Enjoy the last few days of cruise, say hi to Geela and Zymus, etc.

twothirty (ID=167) (2:51:55 PM)

Terri (ID=133) (2:51:59 PM)
Jack, friend in Sweden his brochure states refrigerator & mini-bar in Cat D room, my brochure only states mini-bar can you clairfy?

Anne Campbell (2:52:02 PM)
The cabins are well appointed - and no shower curtains, the showers have doors instead

suewolf (ID=190) (2:52:06 PM)
Hello, Sorry I'm late just thought I 'd listen in.

Kuki & Jim Canon (2:52:08 PM)
Good to c u all on Explorer.. and I'm going off to enjoy the Millennium

cruise#14 (ID=191) (2:52:08 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Terri (ID=133) (2:52:13 PM)
sorry that's for the radiance

The mini-bar serves as both a refrigerator and mini-bar....

SProctor (ID=127) (2:52:26 PM)
can we put anything in the mini-bar or have the items removed?

doggie (ID=179) (2:52:30 PM)
Are the mini bars free in CAt C

Anne Campbell (2:52:36 PM)
Bye Kuki!! and Jim Cannon Thanks for stopping by

yes, you can have items removed to make more room for your items..

mini-bars are not free in any cabin...you drink you pay...

Terri (ID=133) (2:53:15 PM)
What is RCCL's policy for bringing soft drinks on board?

Anne Campbell (2:53:19 PM)
They have nice big TVs and movies in several languages, to

suemac (ID=183) (2:53:25 PM)
Can't wait to depart on 11/04 on the EXPLORER, enough about the robes, can't wait to sail and will you be travelling on this sailing, Mr. Williams?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:53:28 PM)
Jack, before we close, thank you so much for your time in this chat. RCI has always been our favorite line, and we look forward to many more cruises!

Donna (ID=140) (2:53:39 PM)
Sounds like everything is in working order?

Terri (ID=133) (2:53:45 PM)
I second Mom :)

Anne Campbell (2:53:46 PM)
Your whole family will love this ship!!

caskippr (ID=170) (2:53:56 PM)
I third that Mom!! :)

no prblem with soft drinks, we don't allow liquor to be brought onboard

Terri (ID=133) (2:54:12 PM)
Oh that sounds great :) Thanks Mr. Williams !

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:54:13 PM)
Anne, Do the TV's have connections for camcorders?

doggie (ID=179) (2:54:18 PM)
Is there a charge for Johnny rockets?

ChChi's Mom...thank you and hope to see onboard someday

SProctor (ID=127) (2:54:32 PM)
Great. I just want some room for cream for my coffee.

Anne Campbell (2:54:35 PM)
I also want to say THANK YOU to Jack Williams for joining us here today LIVE from Explorer of the Seas

doggie (ID=179) (2:54:42 PM)
Are videos in Cat C?

Terri (ID=133) (2:54:43 PM)
This has been a very nice opportunity, thank you Anne, Mr. Williams & Cruisemates :)

no charge for Johnny Rockets except for beverages like you would pay for anywhere on the ship

Anne Campbell (2:54:49 PM)
What a beautiful ship Jack, you should be very very proud

by Terri

Terri (ID=133) (2:55:04 PM)
Thanks again!

Judyg (ID=186) (2:55:05 PM)
Is everything operational for Oct 28 cruise

Donna (ID=140) (2:55:18 PM)
Jack.. its been lovely of you to take time out and chat from Explorer, thank -you, can't wait to cruise in April 21st !

Anne Campbell (2:55:20 PM)
Let's say Goodbye to Jack, everyone, he's got a brand new ship to run here

Everything is go for Oct 28th including cream for your coffee

jborpo (ID=174) (2:55:32 PM)
bye Jack

doggie (ID=179) (2:55:33 PM)
Thanks Jack can't wait to go

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:55:34 PM)
Bye Jack!!

Terri (ID=133) (2:55:37 PM)
Bye Jack, thanks again

Diane (ID=177) (2:55:39 PM)
Bye, Jack

Judyg (ID=186) (2:55:40 PM)
Bye Jack. Can't wait

SProctor (ID=127) (2:55:41 PM)

caskippr (ID=170) (2:55:41 PM)
Jack and Anne, Thanks so much for taking the time to chat.

NeTiZeN (ID=137) (2:55:41 PM)

bye jborpo

Anne Campbell (2:55:45 PM)
Goodbye Jack!!! Thanks for stopping in!!! Thanks CruiseMates for coming in

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:55:46 PM)
Were the windows blown out on the way to New York -- several boards reported that. Bye Jack.

MAYFIELD (ID=161) (2:55:47 PM)
Good Bye, Jack Thanks

Susan2 (ID=136) (2:55:48 PM)
Thanks Jack! Bye.

fl cruisers (ID=132) (2:55:51 PM)
Thanks Mr. Williams!! We appreciate your time and informative answers!!

suemac (ID=183) (2:55:55 PM)
Bye Jack and see you on the 11/04 sailing, the Handy Family

bye folks and see you later thanks...Anne

Donna (ID=140) (2:56:02 PM)
Anne.. enjoy the rest of the cruise and this was great, thanks to you too

Anne Campbell (2:56:06 PM)

Donna (ID=140) (2:56:55 PM)
Hey Fab.. you going to stay up now?

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:57:09 PM)
Everyone leaving!!

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:57:19 PM)
Well, what did you all think?

Donna (ID=140) (2:57:34 PM)
Mom.. Now I really can't wait to cruise on Explorer!

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:57:40 PM)
I think it sounds great!!

Donna (ID=140) (2:58:00 PM)
My daughter is really impressed, will talk to her tomorrow when she gets home

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:58:02 PM)
10 Diehards left!!

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:58:05 PM)
Donna, neither can we. I've never wanted the holidays to get here as I do now.

Donna (ID=140) (2:58:13 PM)
Mom.. same here

jborpo (ID=174) (2:58:18 PM)
never really answered how large the balcony rooms are

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:58:20 PM)
Donna. Get on her to do a review!!

Donna (ID=140) (2:58:36 PM)
Mahick.. don't really know how to contact her, sorry

FAB4 (ID=157) (2:58:49 PM)
Donne - why not I got up at 0350 to ask a few questions that never got answere and be forced to hear a lot of people who never come around being nice and crawly - Have to stay up - to ill by it all, to go back to bed

Donna (ID=140) (2:58:51 PM)
Jb.. daughter says her's isn't that big

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:58:58 PM)
You said you will talk to her tomorrow??

mary (ID=192) (2:59:03 PM)
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Donna (ID=140) (2:59:16 PM)
Fab.. what question didn't get answered?

Cha-Chi's Mom (ID=189) (2:59:27 PM)
Four of the agents from Cruise Holidays in KC are on board. I'm suppose to get all there is to know. I'll leave a message on the board after I talk with them.

Donna (ID=140) (2:59:28 PM)
Mahick.. she has to fly back from NY, we're in Chicago

MAHICK (ID=129) (2:59:35 PM)

jborpo (ID=174) (2:59:52 PM)
bye all

Donna (ID=140) (2:59:52 PM)
This cruise ends tomorrow AM

Donna (ID=140) (2:59:59 PM)
Bye jb, thanks for coming

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