Dean Brown

Princess Cruises' executive vice president of sales, marketing and customer service, about "Personal Choices" on Princess ships.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:56:37
Dean will be here in a sec....he's walking down the hall...

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:56:43
hi kj and tweety

KJ (ID=172) 7:56:43
(IP =

tweety (ID=173) 7:56:45
Hi all

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:56:49
Hi Tweety and KJ

smokey (ID=171) 7:56:50
hello all

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:56:52
hi dj

Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:56:57
I really like being able to dress formally at least one night. Not many folks wear a tux for work

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 7:56:58
Hi Tweets!!

dean@princess 7:57:06
Hello everyone. This is Dean Brown. Thank you for inviting me to take part in tonight's chat.

Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:57:08
Hi Gaile

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:57:09
robo, depends on your

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:57:14
welcome dean,

linpopko (ID=174) 7:57:15
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smokey (ID=171) 7:57:16
Hi Dean

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:57:16
glad to meet you

tweety (ID=173) 7:57:18
Welcome aboard Dean

re (ID=168) 7:57:20
HI Dean

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:57:21
hi linpop

Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:57:21
Welcome aboard Dean, a great pleasure to have you here

LBL (ID=175) 7:57:25
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:57:26
You used to dress formally every day, Robo :)

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:57:27
hi lbl

linpopko (ID=174) 7:57:38
Hello Dean

linpopko (ID=174) 7:57:49
Jerome, are you here?

CM-Paul (ID=170) 7:57:55
I always dress formally, even wear a tux in the shower

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:58:03
Dean, we have a lot of Princess fans here

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:58:13
paul, that is scarey

dean@princess 7:58:15
I see that. Great to hear.

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 7:58:16

linpopko (ID=174) 7:58:23
we have alot of Princess questions, too!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:58:25
Hi Dean...

CM-Paul (ID=170) 7:58:29
Hi Dean

dean@princess 7:58:30
Hi Anne.

Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:58:44
Anne, would you like to start us off tonight my lady?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:58:44
Dean, Welcome to CruiseMates chat...I'll be taking questions from the folks and asking you

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:58:44
Dean where are you right now?

LBL (ID=175) 7:58:51
Hello all. This is my first time on a chat room. I am a Princess fan.

dean@princess 7:58:59
I'm in our new offices in Santa Clarita.

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:59:06
I see

CM-Paul (ID=170) 7:59:13
The new offices?

Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:59:13
lbl, welcome and meet Mr Dean Brown, Vp at Princess

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:59:15
LBL...would you like to ask a question?

Kuki (ID=176) 7:59:27
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Host RoboCop (ID=167) 7:59:31
(IP =

tweety (ID=173) 7:59:33
HI Kuki

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:59:36
anne, will there be a transcript of this chat?

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:59:39
hi kuki

Kuki (ID=176) 7:59:44
Good evening ALL!

linpopko (ID=174) 7:59:50
Hi Kuki

Its Trip (ID=177) 7:59:50
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Its Trip (ID=177) 7:59:52
hi kids

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 7:59:54
Yes, Mary Lou....a transcript is available

Mary Lou (ID=163) 7:59:54
howdy trip

CM-Paul (ID=170) 7:59:56
yse -there will be a transcript

tweety (ID=173) 7:59:58
Welocme aboard Trip

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:00:00
thanks anne and Paul

smokey (ID=171) 8:00:01
Hi Tripper

LBL (ID=175) 8:00:04
Hi Dean. I disembarked from the Crown last Thursday. Had a wonderful time.

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:00:07
hi ml tweets

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:00:11
Dean...are there any differences in Golden Princess?

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:00:11
hi anne

paradise (ID=178) 8:00:15
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Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:00:19
hi paradise

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:00:24
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tweety (ID=173) 8:00:25
Welcome aboard Paradise

kj (ID=180) 8:00:27
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:00:28
Hi Trip , Smokey and Paradise...

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:00:32
Sorry, fell down

paradise (ID=178) 8:00:33
Hello MaryLou

linpopko (ID=174) 8:00:35
I disembarked from the Ocean a week ago, and have a question for Dean

tweety (ID=173) 8:00:40
Hi KJ, welcome aboard

paradise (ID=178) 8:00:47
Hello everyone

d&B (ID=181) 8:00:50
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Its Trip (ID=177) 8:00:52
hi paradise

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:00:54
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Its Trip (ID=177) 8:00:55
hi db

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:00:56
I love Grand Princess, can't wait to see her sister in May

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:00:58
hi db and rix

tweety (ID=173) 8:00:59

tweety (ID=173) 8:01:06
Hi Rix and Heather

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:01:06
hi rix and heather

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:01:07
Hi DB, Para, and Rix

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:09
dean..any word on is she coming?

paradise (ID=178) 8:01:10
Anyone going on the Paradise??

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:01:10
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d&B (ID=181) 8:01:12
Hello everyone

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:01:15
Hi Rix, Heather

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:01:16
hi nut

dean@princess 8:01:16
Golden Princess features that same innovative design and unique features that made Grand Princess so popular - with a few new twists.

Meg (ID=183) 8:01:17
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CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:01:19
I'm lookimg forward to Golden in Europe in September

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:19
hi cruiz

linpopko (ID=174) 8:01:20
Am sure by now you had a chance to read my letter describing my 'cabin bump'. Can you shed some light on that for me please?

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:21
hi meg

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:01:21
H i all

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:01:26
new twists?

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:01:31
hi paul...

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:31
was that you linpopko?

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:01:34
Hi gang. hd here.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:01:35
What are the new twists of Golden Princess, Dean?

tweety (ID=173) 8:01:38
What new twists

Diane (ID=185) 8:01:39
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linpopko (ID=174) 8:01:42
Yes, it was Mary Lou

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:01:44
Para, tonight we have Dean Brown Vp of Princess taking quetions

Kuki (ID=176) 8:01:44
How D HD

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:46
hi diane, welcome

barry (ID=186) 8:01:50
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Diane (ID=185) 8:01:54
Hi Everyone

Meg (ID=183) 8:01:54
Hi, I'm anxiously awaiting learning about the new Golden Princess

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:01:57
hi hd.... we may have another nut in soon:)

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:01:58
hi barry, long time no see

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:02:08
There are a lot of us taking Golden Princess

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:02:08
hi Kuki, Anne and all friends

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:10
meg, are you joining us for the New Years Cruise?

Bobbie (ID=187) 8:02:12
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Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:16
hi bobbie

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:02:18
hi bobbie

Susie (ID=188) 8:02:22
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:02:22
I'm going Mary Lou!

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:24
hi susie

Bobbie (ID=187) 8:02:27
Hi everbody

cammon1 (ID=190) 8:02:28
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cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:02:29
Trip, can we handle two?

barry (ID=186) 8:02:31
we are going on the Golden Princess this sunday--can't wait!

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:32
anne, that is great

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:02:32
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Meg (ID=183) 8:02:32
So sorry not to be : - (

dean@princess 8:02:33
Yes. There will be the first-ever Wedding Cam on board Golden Princess, where individuals can be "virtual" guests during the ceremony, by watching the event from their computer, tuning into The image is updated every 60 seconds.

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:02:41
Okay folks, lets ask some questiuons about Princess that you would like Mr Browen to answer, Anne is going to work the questions

linpopko (ID=174) 8:02:41
Hi MacTarheel

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:02:42
we are strong:) invincible:)

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:42
barry on golden?

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:02:53
a wedding cam? I love it.

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:02:54
dean, that is really cool

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:02:54

barry (ID=186) 8:02:55

re (ID=168) 8:02:56
How is Personal Choice Dining working out? We used it on our 2/4 cruise on the Grand and loved it.

mcathy (ID=191) 8:03:00
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Its Trip (ID=177) 8:03:04
hi mc

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:03:05
barry, you scared me

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:03:09
Wedding CAM!! We can watch weddings in CruiseMates? Wow!

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:03:11
hi mcathy

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:03:11
Hi Linda and all...

Kuki (ID=176) 8:03:11
Dean.. that is very cool!! Invite friends to your cyber wedding!!

Meg (ID=183) 8:03:15
yes, how many dining rooms will be used for Personal choice

linpopko (ID=174) 8:03:21
Anne, briefly can you have Dean shed any light on my cabinb dilemma?

mcathy (ID=191) 8:03:21
hello everyone

barry (ID=186) 8:03:28
We are taking a 1 year old on Grand this week--how are the arrangements especially re. cribs?

M&M (ID=192) 8:03:29
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Its Trip (ID=177) 8:03:33
hi mike

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:03:34 have a Personal Choices is the program received?

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:03:34
hi mike

shiloh (ID=193) 8:03:38
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LBL (ID=175) 8:03:40

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:03:41
hi shi

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:03:41
Mac, you in NC?

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:03:44
hi shi

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:03:46
hi mike

M&M (ID=192) 8:03:51
Good Evening Everyone.

dean@princess 8:03:53
We are also announcing an exclusive tonight to everyone online here. We are launching the first-ever AOL Internet Cafe aboard Golden.

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:03:55
how are yo mike?

tweety (ID=173) 8:03:56
HI Mike

shiloh (ID=193) 8:04:02

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:04:03
dean, really?

d&B (ID=181) 8:04:07
Why AOL?

Meg (ID=183) 8:04:09
please explain Dean

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:04:11
and what exactly is an AOL internet cafe?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:04:39
AOL Internet Cafe? How does that work?

Meg (ID=183) 8:04:42
we will be on the Golden this summer

dean@princess 8:04:49
Passengers absolutely love Personal Choice. Offering both traditional and restaurant-style dining options has been a big hit. We're the only line that offers both.

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:04:54
Cruisinnut, yes I am in the Tarheel state.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:04:54
We need a CruiseMates Internet Cafe onboard .. :)

paradise (ID=178) 8:04:56
(IP =

LK262 (ID=194) 8:05:08
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re (ID=168) 8:05:11
I'm also in NC

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:05:11
Mac, GSO here.

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:05:12
that s a good idea Kuki

linpopko (ID=174) 8:05:18
Jerome, are you here yet?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:05:20
AOL is like Folgers our site is like Starbucks lol

dean@princess 8:05:30
The Cafe will have 25 computer terminals featuring AOL, but you will be able to access email on any system.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:05:31
Dean.. I one chooses traditional dining.. can one then change to PC on certain nights

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:05:38
re, maybe we tarheels can take over.

dean@princess 8:05:46
The Cafe will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

kj (ID=180) 8:05:52
dean we need one on G P going June 3rd!

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:05:58
what is the cost of the cafe Dean?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:06:02
thats great

re (ID=168) 8:06:04
Just don"t tell the Dukies

LBL (ID=175) 8:06:05
Dean - Heard you are working with Ask Jeeves so that people can ask questions on your web site. Sounds like a good idea. Will there be someone answering the questions at Princess.

Meg (ID=183) 8:06:13
Dean, this is my 15th Princess cruise. Who is the Maitre'D on the Golden?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:06:14
And you can log on anywhere in the world?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:06:17
sorry.. should be IF one chooses traditional dining.. can on then to change to PC for a couple nights later on?

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:06:18
Winston-Salem here.

d&B (ID=181) 8:06:33
We will be on the Goldens Christmas cruise, anything special for that week?

mandy (ID=196) 8:06:35
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re (ID=168) 8:06:37

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:06:40
Ask questions at your site? How innovative!!

tweety (ID=173) 8:06:44
Hi Mandy

shiloh (ID=193) 8:06:49
kj-My husband and I will be on the Grand Princess June 3.

dean@princess 8:06:52
Yes, you can. We will soon have 24/7 Internet capabilities on all ships by the end of the year.

mcathy (ID=191) 8:06:53
we will be on the Oct 13 cruise

kj (ID=180) 8:06:59
really :)

Kuki (ID=176) 8:07:05
D&B.. forget Christmas.. U chould be joining Cruise Mates on the New Years Cruise.. sure to be way more fun :)

Susie (ID=188) 8:07:06
Is the beef safe to eat on the Golden??

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:07:13
And the cost to use the puters?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:07:16
How does the tipping work with Personal Choices dining, Dean?

dean@princess 8:07:24
We have plans for an e-customer service center. It is in development at this point.

Cruisin' Grandma (ID=195) 8:07:25
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shiloh (ID=193) 8:07:25
Have you received your shore excursion booklet yet? We haven't!

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:07:32
good question Anne

d&B (ID=181) 8:07:33
My company shuts down for christmas so I don't burn vacation

Meg (ID=183) 8:07:36
How many dining rooms will be personal choice?

kj (ID=180) 8:07:37
picked it up today!

tweety (ID=173) 8:07:38
Hi Grandma

Cruisin' Grandma (ID=195) 8:07:48
Good evening all

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:07:50
Everyone, we have Dean Brown hewre tonight to answer questions for you about Princess. That is our topic tonight, Direct your questions to Anne and she will ask Dean for you so that everyone gets their questions answered Thanks

kj (ID=180) 8:07:58
we took personal choice on GP which dining room is pers choice main dining room

Bobbie (ID=187) 8:08:09
(IP =

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:08:15
When will we see pics of Golden??(Updated) And When will the Webcam be working on Golden??

linpopko (ID=174) 8:08:19
Anne, could you please ask Dean if he can shed any light on my balcony cabin dilemma?

shiloh (ID=193) 8:08:19
We took traditional--early.

dean@princess 8:08:20
The automatic gratuity system for dining has also been a hit. Anyone can decline and can still use the envelopes if they want. The automatic system charges $6.50 per passenger per day for all dining venues.

d&B (ID=181) 8:08:22
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:08:27
Yes...please explain which dining rooms will be personal choice, which arent?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:09:00
Why is it so much less than the pre-paid gratuitiy -- $9.75 -- on Carnival

shiloh (ID=193) 8:09:11
kj--Which shore excursions are you interested in?

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:09:18
I will decline automatic gratuities and tip the traditional way for services RECEIVED.

dean@princess 8:09:19
The F&B staff decides on a cruise by cruise basis. Usually the Botecelli Dining Room is traditional.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:09:21
Anne.. on Princess it doesnt include the room stewards

d&B (ID=197) 8:09:22
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Bobbie (ID=198) 8:09:25
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dean@princess 8:09:35
Our $6.50 does not include room stewards.

M&M (ID=192) 8:09:37
Anee is $6.50 for dining staff only?

Meg (ID=183) 8:09:37
only the Botecelli?

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:09:38
I wondered why it is less on Princess, too. thanks Kuki

linpopko (ID=174) 8:09:40
Thank you

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:09:41
And, when do people sign up for assigned dining...

Cruise DJ 8:09:42
Anne: I believe that includes the room steward too

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:09:51
Yes, very reasonable tipping

crabmeat (ID=199) 8:10:02
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dean@princess 8:10:06
People make their choice at the time of booking, but can change at any time.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:10:07
Anne/ Dean.. once u choose between PC and Traditional... can u then change mid cruise ?

Meg (ID=183) 8:10:20
only 1 dining room for traditional?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:10:21
never mind.. question just answered.. LOL

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:10:23
I think it's $6.50 per person, per day for everything, but room service.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:10:25
thanks Dean :0

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:10:29
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Susie (ID=188) 8:10:32
Hi Anne, please ask it the Golden will sail on time - May 16?

Jo (ID=201) 8:10:35
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Kuki (ID=176) 8:10:40
How D Bailey :)

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:10:41
Anne, including room steward?

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:10:43
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:10:45
Susie....are you booked?

LBL (ID=175) 8:10:52
Anne, please ask Dean if there can be a special birthday cake for a New Years 90th party. . .with enough advance notice.

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:10:57
HI ya Kuki

Susie (ID=188) 8:10:58

tweety (ID=173) 8:10:59
Don't think so Diva

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:11:02
Nut...yes, includes steward

linpopko (ID=174) 8:11:05
Jerome, are you here yet?

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:11:20
Susie Im on that voyage to!!!

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:11:21
That is a very reasonable tip.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:11:24
Anne any new ships coming to the West Coast ?

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:11:24
Hi all

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:11:31
dean...can there be a special cake for a 90th birthday with advance notice?

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:11:32
Hi ya Diva

d&B (ID=197) 8:11:46
Ann, is there anything special for the Goldens Christmas cruise?

Meg (ID=183) 8:11:48
Anne, please ask if there will be any new shore excursions, different from those on the Grand in the Med

Ug (ID=203) 8:11:49
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:11:53
You guys get ALL the new ships this year!

M&M (ID=192) 8:11:59
I think Dean said it did not include room steward.

dean@princess 8:11:59
Yes. Group Services handles special requests. Your travel agent can arrange through them.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:12:02

smokey (ID=171) 8:12:04
(IP =

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:12:09
we like them

tweety (ID=173) 8:12:19
Hi Ug

Ug (ID=203) 8:12:19
Full House Tonight! Hi All!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:12:21
What special activities happen during a Christmas cruise.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:12:24
they dont stay long enough

Sandie (ID=204) 8:12:40
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:12:47
You think they stay long in Miami these days?

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:12:50
Dean, what's going to happen when all your wonderful smaller ships leave the line? Don't think the exotic cruises will have any charm anymore.

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:12:51
Anne Ask when the Webcam will start working??

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:12:55
Trip, I just got some mail.

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:12:57
On Golden

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:13:01
lol ANNE

crabmeat (ID=199) 8:13:04
(IP =

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:13:07
goody hd:)

dean@princess 8:13:14
The ships, of course, are decorated for the occassion. Santa Clause makes an appearance, and of course the dining staff provides all the traditional favorites. There's also caroling throughout the ship.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:13:16
Anne.. can we ask Dean if on Golden they're going to allow me to actually take pizza out the pizzeria ? :)

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:13:17
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:13:24
Any small Princess ships leaving the line?

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:13:25
kuki lol

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:13:32
Anne, pls ask about Linda's delimma - even if it is just to bring it up

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:13:33
our other nut is here:)

d&B (ID=197) 8:13:46
Thanks Dean

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:13:50
Kuki, you're not allowed to pack in in your luggage.

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:13:51
Everyone, with as many p[eople as we have, it will help if you direct questions to Anne and she can get them to Dean for answering. It is really a special night with a great guest host

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:13:58
Did the registration on Grand change from Monrovia to Hamilton, Bermuda? For what reason, Dean?

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:13:58
Hi there everyone

LBL (ID=175) 8:14:00
(IP =

Kuki (ID=176) 8:14:01

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:14:06
Eventually they will Anne and all the new ships coming in on all the mainline cruiselines are all huge.

dean@princess 8:14:12
Not at this time. The Pacific Princess itineraries have been announced through Spring 2002.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:14:21
Diva...alas, I know

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:14:30
Hi Nut

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:14:36
Please, always keep Crown, Regal and Royal, Dean!

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:14:42
I hope PP and RP stick around until I'm too old to crawl on a ship.

Ug (ID=203) 8:14:42
Since we got some CM Bigwigs here ;-) I should ask if you'd be interested in me doing an article on my lovely City of Halifax ;-))??

cruiser (ID=206) 8:14:45
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cruisenut (ID=205) 8:14:47
hi cruizinnut

dean@princess 8:14:53
Yes. All of our ships are all flagged British or Bermudian. The wedding program requires Bermudian, rather than British, registry.

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:15:09
i just realized the princess logo made a right turn:)

dean@princess 8:15:09
We love all three of them too!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:15:11
Ug..ABSOLUTELY! E-mail me about this

cruzdiva (ID=202) 8:15:17
Ug, I LOVE your city. Will be there in September on Royal Princess.

Rich 8:15:18
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:15:21
How many weddings so far?

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:15:26
Hi Rich

Meg (ID=183) 8:15:29
Anne, please ask Dean if there are any different shore excursions being offered than before on the Grand

Kuki (ID=176) 8:15:29
just one for me ! :)

KensieRose (ID=165) 8:15:34
Hello Rich

cruiser (ID=206) 8:15:39
Hello All I am from Bermuda what u all chatting about??

Rich 8:15:47
Hi, Is tonight the night that the Princess VP will be on?

cat (ID=166) 8:15:47
(IP =

barry (ID=186) 8:15:48
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:15:52
Any new shore excursions on the Grand?

KensieRose (ID=165) 8:15:55
(IP =

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:15:55
Anne Can you please ask Dean if we can ask for the same waiter on the golden for personal choice dining

dean@princess 8:15:56
Since 1998, we have performed more than 400 weddings on board Grand Princess, and many more vow renewals. We average 5 weddings per cruise.

LBL (ID=208) 8:15:56
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

KensieRose (ID=209) 8:15:59
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:16:05
cruiser, you are where we all want to be

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:16:06
Bermuda is very classy to have as a ship registration!

Kuki (ID=176) 8:16:13
Cruisers.. we have a special guest from Princess Cruise Lines tonight..

kj (ID=180) 8:16:13
Anne, will you ask if you need to make reservations for dinner in personal choice DR

smokey (ID=210) 8:16:16
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Sandie (ID=204) 8:16:16
(IP =

Dave (ID=211) 8:16:24
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CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:16:27
really? 5 weddings per cruise? I didn't know that

Ug (ID=203) 8:16:30
What is the additional cost of a wedding, over the price of the Cruise??

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:16:31
hi smokey

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:16:37
Will you have to make reservations in the informal restaurants, Dean?

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:16:40
Gotta run. Later all.

dean@princess 8:16:43
We're always finding something to add, to give our passengers more choice. This year, we've added the port of Costa Maya to Grand's Western Caribbean itinerary, which will offer even more options.

tweety (ID=173) 8:16:46
planning on getting married Ug?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:16:47
c ya HD

cruizinnut (ID=184) 8:17:01
(IP =

dean@princess 8:17:02
No, reservations are not needed. You can, if you prefer.

Ug (ID=203) 8:17:03
Nah, just curious ;-(

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:17:06
I would love to see Costa Maya

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:17:13
Anne....Any updated Photos of Golden soon? And Webcam for Golden??

Jo (ID=201) 8:17:15
Looking for a simple explanation of personal choice dining.

kj (ID=180) 8:17:17
just got brochure on costa maya today

Meg (ID=183) 8:17:18
yes, me too

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:17:18
One person here was recently on Grand, and says only about one third chose personal choice dining.

Rich 8:17:20
Dean, I have a question about the new dining program

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:17:25
Is that low, Dean?

barry (ID=212) 8:17:27
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

cruiser (ID=206) 8:17:31
Can u tell me who is the godmother of Pacific Princess?? ANd are they really taking out the PAcific Princess next year??

tgar (ID=213) 8:17:38
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Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:17:41
Good questions Anne, a simple explaination of "Personal Choice"

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:17:48
Nice talking with you Dean. Have to run ...see you all tomorrow.

RichK (ID=214) 8:17:50
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:17:55
Pacific Princess' schedules are announced through 2002

Meg (ID=183) 8:17:56
We are sailing the Golden on July 27th. Right now we have traditional late seating

G (ID=215) 8:17:57
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tweety (ID=173) 8:17:58
Nite ML

Mary Lou (ID=163) 8:18:01
(IP =

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:18:09
good chatting dean..thanks for coming to cruisemates....

barry (ID=212) 8:18:09
(IP =

shiloh (ID=193) 8:18:11
kj-which shore excursion looked the best for Costa Maya?

Its Trip (ID=177) 8:18:11
(IP =

normaxs (ID=216) 8:18:11
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

dean@princess 8:18:11
Adevance requests run 1/3 to 1/2, traditional.

tgar (ID=213) 8:18:17
ho ho ho

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:18:20
A "simple" explanation of "Personal Choices" Dean....

LU (ID=217) 8:18:30
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tweety (ID=173) 8:18:35
Hi Lu

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:18:38
lol tgar

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:18:40
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CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:18:49
I'm surprised it's that high. Think it will be lower in the Caribbean than elsewhere?

KensieRose (ID=209) 8:18:49
Hi Lu

smokey (ID=210) 8:18:54
sorry i lost the connection to ISP and I've reentered the chat room

Kuki (ID=176) 8:18:54
of those here who are booked on Golden or Grand.. which dining did u choose.. personal choice or traditional???? We chose traditional for our New Years cruise

Abe (ID=219) 8:18:55
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LU (ID=217) 8:18:56
Hi Tweety. Is Princess here tonight

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:18:58

cruiser (ID=206) 8:18:59
(IP =

dean@princess 8:19:09
Dining; traditional fixed seating or "come whenever you want," 5:30 p.m. to midnight; entertainment- three shows a night, take your choice.

d&B (ID=197) 8:19:11

Meg (ID=183) 8:19:16
July 27th - Golden - traditional late seating

G (ID=215) 8:19:17
(IP =

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:19:18
yes, Lu

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:19:20
There really aren't two of me (although I might look like it.) I got disconnected and this is on only way I could get back

tweety (ID=173) 8:19:20
Didn't know we had a choice Kuki, TA didn't ask me anything about it

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:19:21
we chose personal; choice for golden thanksgivign week

Rich 8:19:23
We prefer the traditional seating time on a cruise and have selected late seating for Alaska.. However, we were curious if one night we decide we can't make late seating can we "switch" to personal choice dining for that evening??

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:19:25
Kukli....I'll probably go personal choices some of the time....

mcathy (ID=191) 8:19:28
we chose personal choice

Diane (ID=185) 8:19:28
Ann, Doesn't Bermuda Only allow small ships?

Ug (ID=203) 8:19:32
Thanks Anne! Night All!

Ug (ID=203) 8:19:33
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:19:40
But with a fun group, more with you!

Dave (ID=211) 8:19:40
We are sailing on the Grand May 20th. First time on Princess. We are in mini-suite. Not that it's a big deal, but Princess should make it a bit more clearer in their brochure that the balconies in the mini-suites are not totally private like we thought until advised by others on this site. We though they were a bit misleading.

shiloh (ID=193) 8:19:46
we chose traditional on the Grand- June 3

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:19:49
yes, it only allows small ships

Kuki (ID=176) 8:20:05
Anne.. exactly.. we choose traditional.. thinking after late port days we'd just switch to PC the odd night

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:20:05
Dave thats your agents job.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:20:06
Dave's question, Dean?

re (ID=168) 8:20:10
Have already used PC and will again on the Sun next year.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:20:20
I'm wherever you are, sailor!

Kuki (ID=176) 8:20:25

Dave (ID=211) 8:20:31
I realize that now

dean@princess 8:20:45
Deck 9 mini-suites have larger balconies that can be viewed from above. We'll try to make it clearer.

kj (ID=180) 8:20:45
we took pers choice on grand 6/3 have east coast friends joining us also pers choice

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:20:46
I didn't realize you can switch between the two

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:20:51
Dave, be advised that almost all balconies really are not private in that others can see

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:20:52
I'm looking forward to Royal in September. Saw her when she first arrived in Miami from Europe. Sailed her on her second voyage ever.

Rich 8:20:57
Dean, did you see my question above?

zippy (ID=220) 8:20:58
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:21:02
I was in this cabin, and you have to stand pretty far out on the balcony for anyone to see's still fantastic

Kuki (ID=176) 8:21:16
Bailey.. yes, Dean was saying u can switch dining options anytime during the cruise

CM-Paul (ID=170) 8:21:17
at least its a nice sized balcony

zippy (ID=220) 8:21:19

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:21:31
Hi zip

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:21:34
Dave I always inform anyone that books a Mini Suite on Grand or Golden or a Caribe CAbin they are not private at all.

linpopko (ID=174) 8:21:36
Balcony...who said balcony...LOL!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:21:37
Dean...which cabin categories always sell out first?

ErnieMCC (ID=221) 8:21:40
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:21:43 that's service!

Cruzman (ID=222) 8:21:49
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:21:57
Anne do they have table for 2 with personal chioce?

dean@princess 8:22:04
The less expensive balconies seem to go first.

LU (ID=217) 8:22:05
Dean-- is there any differences between the Grand and the Golden?

linpopko (ID=174) 8:22:05
Do the cruise lines ever overbook like the airlines do?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:22:12
Linpop.. are u the Linda who got downgraded ?

Dave (ID=211) 8:22:12
AGain, not a big problem, but thanks for the information

zippy (ID=220) 8:22:12
I just returned from the panama canal cruise, it was very nice

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:22:19
she is Kuki

tgar (ID=213) 8:22:21
(IP =

linpopko (ID=174) 8:22:24
Yes, Kuki

ErnieMCC (ID=221) 8:22:24
Hi all

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:22:25
Dean....are there tables for two in the personal choices dining room?

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:22:35
Hi ernie

Cruise DJ 8:22:37
Ahoy Ernie

tweety (ID=173) 8:22:41
Hi Ernie

dean@princess 8:22:45
Yes, they are available, in all of the dining venues.

Diane (ID=185) 8:22:46
Hi Ernie

ErnieMCC (ID=221) 8:22:47
Hi folks

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:22:51
Which ships get the largest number of repeat passengerss?

M&M (ID=192) 8:22:52
Anne: Is Princess making a marketing effort to offer lower fares farther out rather than discounting heavily 30-60 days out?

Dave (ID=211) 8:22:54
We are going to try the Personal Choice dining. We never eat at the same time

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:22:55
great TY

cammon1 (ID=190) 8:22:55
Dean, any idea when they'll dry-dock the Sun for refurbishment?

fstein (ID=223) 8:22:55
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Rich 8:23:12
Dean, if you are signed up for traditioanl first or second seating and want to eat in the dining room at a different time at some point during the week, can you switch to personal choice dining for that night. And if so, how does the tipping work for that?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:23:14
Dean...see M&M's question

dean@princess 8:23:25
Usually it's due to deployment. The Royal and Regal on exotic itineraries have the highest percentage of repeat passengers.

Joy (ID=224) 8:23:41
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:23:48
Yeah Royal!!!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:23:56
A friend, who has been on the priciest ships in the world, likes Royal the best

Joy (ID=224) 8:23:58
(IP =

dean@princess 8:24:05
We try to offer experienced cruisers great prices well in advance. We prefer not to discount 30 days out.

linpopko (ID=174) 8:24:16
(IP =

normaxs (ID=216) 8:24:20
Dean, What is going to happen to Pacific Princess. She is looking pretty sad. Was on her for a cruise in Feb.

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:24:21

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:24:27
Any new shore excursions for Grand Princess?

linpopko (ID=225) 8:24:32
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Joy (ID=226) 8:24:40
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:24:54
Anne, the first time I saw Royal I couldn't believe it. At the time the most advanced, state of the art ship in the world. I never understood why Princess didn't build anymore like her.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:25:00
RICH.. Dean addressed all but the tipping portion of your question.. U can change PC to Traditional or visa versa

Meg (ID=183) 8:25:00
Anne, any new shore excursions for Golden Princess in the Med?

dean@princess 8:25:00
We're always adding new options as far as shore excursions go.

LU (ID=217) 8:25:01
Anne-- We were given the Royal Suite on the Royal Princess . That was a fantastic room to have for two weeks on the Baltic Cruise.

beerbelly (ID=227) 8:25:02
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Abe (ID=219) 8:25:08
Dean - do the handicapped accessible mini-suites have full bathtubs?

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:25:13
Anne...can you ask Dean if repeat Princess cruisers are more likely to get upgraded than others?

kj (ID=180) 8:25:18
would u ask Dean if he's been on Costa Maya excursions?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:25:25
Normaxs....she'll be sold down the road...

Radio (ID=228) 8:25:25
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:25:49
Bailey good question

re (ID=168) 8:25:57
Anne ask Dean-Why was Jamacia remove from some cruises?

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:25:58
Anne, please ask if there are any plans for extended Alaska trips - 10 days or so - rt to Anchorage would be nice

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:26:03
Any plans for any smaller ships down the road, Dean?

mcathy (ID=191) 8:26:12
(IP =

Radio (ID=228) 8:26:19
(IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:26:20
Bailey I'm getting ready to sail Princess for the 14th time. Was upgraded once, back on Island Princess about 20 years ago. Just book the cabin you like. If you get upgraded fine, but if you don't, that's fine too

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:26:31
Any plans for extended Alaska trips, like ten day itineraries?

dean@princess 8:26:33
No. Princess will always consider our options, but at this point, people want choices, and the larger ships offer more choices.

dean@princess 8:26:56
Probably not before 2003.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:27:02
Wow, 14 Princess cruises! What's the record in passenger cruises, Dean?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:27:07
Anne please ask Dean if they are going to do a new TV series Love Boat for the new millinium

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:27:07
Maybe if Ren goes out of business Princess can buy their ships. At 40,000 they woud do the exotic itineraries just fine.

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:27:21
Anne I'm no where near the record.

dean@princess 8:27:30
We just had passengers that this week our on their 200th Princess cruise.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:27:32
Any new "Love Boats" scheduled, Dean?

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:27:37
WOW 14 Cruises on Princess...That beats my 5.

Diane (ID=185) 8:27:39
Ann, What about a new ship for BerMUDA, dIN'T THEY HAVE to be small

Meg (ID=183) 8:27:45
We love Princess - this will be our 15th

Abe (ID=219) 8:27:49
(IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:27:56
See what I mean? I don't think I will live long enough to take 200 cruises.

kj (ID=180) 8:27:57
(IP =

Dave (ID=211) 8:27:58
I see there is a waiting list for category AA on the Grand. Can you tell me how, if any does Princess work upgrades. Will the people who are on the waiting for a AA be offered a higher category, or will the people who already have a category AA be moved up to occmodate the people on the waiting list. I hope this isn't a stupid question.

dean@princess 8:28:03
Do you mean the TV show, or the ship?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:28:09
the TV show

LBL (ID=208) 8:28:09
Cruzdiva, I don't even submit my number of days. . .I don't come close after 17 cruises.

bailey616 (ID=200) 8:28:25
I would like to know if past passengers are given a higher priority by Princess

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:28:33
How does Princess work upgrades, Dean? That's a very complicated subject

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:28:39
I do because I like wearing my commodore's pin during the cruise. Just showing off I guess.

Joy (ID=226) 8:28:40
Got here everyone done talking about Personal Choice?

Rich 8:28:43
anne - if i switch to pc for one night, how does the tipping work?

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:28:49
Someday I will get onboard a Princess ship

dean@princess 8:28:56
No more Love Boat shows at this time.

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:29:01
Anne, what are the demographics for most of their cruises - Carribbean, Alaska, etc. The marketging points to an older group, but most posts are from a younger group

tweety (ID=173) 8:29:07
Me too Robo, New Year's

Kuki (ID=176) 8:29:10
Joy.. Dean Princess. .. is our guest from Princess Cruise Lines

LBL (ID=208) 8:29:10
cruzdiva. . .I don't blame you. . .

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:29:20
How does tipping work with Personal Choices, Dean?

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:29:22
Joy, ask anything about Princerss, direct questions to Anne and she can relay

Cruisin' Grandma (ID=195) 8:29:29
Ha RoboCop, then you will know for sure that Princess food beats Carnival!

dean@princess 8:29:30
People booking the earliest usually get the first upgrades, but we do consider the number of cruises the passenger has taken with Princess.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:29:32
LOL, I'm waiting for a Mexican Riveria cruise

paradise (ID=229) 8:29:33
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

paradise (ID=229) 8:29:37
(IP =

paradise (ID=230) 8:29:48
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:29:51
Where are your youngest passengers ... Caribbean? Alaska?

Meg (ID=183) 8:30:01
We booked the Golden a year ago and are waitlisted for a suite

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:30:04
Best way to find out, need to take a bunch!@

Meg (ID=183) 8:30:10
hope we get it

paradise (ID=230) 8:30:10
Hello everyone

shiloh (ID=193) 8:30:11
Anne-ask Dean which shore excursion on Costa Maya he would recommend

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:30:13
Rix...doesn't Crown Princess go to Mexico?

Cruise DJ 8:30:20
wb Paradise

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:30:20
Hi Paradise...

dean@princess 8:30:21
The Caribbean has the youngest passengers. We think the Mexican Riviera will too.

Cruise DJ 8:30:25
: )

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:30:36
Dean....what are good shore excursions in Costa Maya?

tweety (ID=173) 8:30:41
WB Paradise

paradise (ID=230) 8:30:50
Sorry to have left, but cruising for others who may be on board with us

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:31:07
We aren;t crazy about the Crown, no offense, but it doesn't have wrap around decks, etc, and the features of newer ships

dean@princess 8:31:09
There are basically two - both to visit the ruins. If you are a good traveler, take the longer one.

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:31:11
Anne, have they considered and cruises from Texas or New Orleans? These ports need ships too

hotdot (ID=231) 8:31:12
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:31:15
Paradise...are you on a ship now?

paradise (ID=230) 8:31:27
June 1oth

Bobbie (ID=198) 8:31:42
(IP =

LBL (ID=208) 8:31:50
Anne -- please ask Dean if Princess may consider differing lengths of cruises in the Mexican Rivera. . .so we West Coast people can take more than one cruise from this side of the country.

Bobbie (ID=232) 8:31:51
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Rich 8:31:52
anne, i'm very confused with the personal choice dining. I understand that if I sign up for traditional early/late seating I can just show up to a PC dining room and be seated which is fantasic - but how does the tipping work by making that one night switch?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:31:53
Any thoughts of making a home port in New Orleans or Tampa, Dean?

M&M (ID=192) 8:32:01
Anne: Any plans to expand sailings from the West Coast?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:32:07
Thank you LBL

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:32:10
You pre-pay all tips...

Kuki (ID=176) 8:32:18
Anne/Dean.. Will the Golden have the same set up with the Skywalker disco? (making the ship look like a shopping cart from the back

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:32:19
Thank you Mike

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:32:29
Any plans, Dean, to add ships on the West Coast?

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:32:35
Hmmmm... I vote traditional. Am I a little behind in this conversation?

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:32:40
Dining room tips Anne. Room steward tips are at our discretion

dean@princess 8:32:41
We're happy to have just added Los Angeles with the Star Princess launching in March 2002. We visit more than 250 ports around the world, so we will continue to look around the world, not so much domestically.

shiloh (ID=193) 8:32:50
We are going to Cozumel and want to snorkel. Where is the best place to go?

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:32:54
Anne, is Princess working with other cruise lines to help end the Passenger Service Act so that more ports and intin's can be opened up?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:32:55
That's what the guys in the ship yard called it, Kuki

Cruise DJ 8:32:57
Anne: ash Dean if Princess will go back to 7-day one-way Mexican Riviera cruises

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:33:01
Wonderful Dean! I will definately book that

Kuki (ID=176) 8:33:09
Shilo.. Chanakkab National Park

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:33:16
Will the disco be the same on Golden Princess?

Cruise DJ 8:33:19
LA to Acapulco

dean@princess 8:33:34
Yes. The disco on the Golden is the same as the Grand.

normaxs (ID=216) 8:33:43
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:33:50
Is Princess participating with other cruise lines to end the Passenger Services Act?

shiloh (ID=193) 8:33:52
kuki-Is that on one of the shore excursions from the Grand? I haven't gotten my booklet yet.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:33:54
Rix.. u have to get away from that ho hum Mex Riv itin :)

KensieRose (ID=209) 8:33:58
(IP =

Rich 8:34:06
anne, what's the differences in the ships coming after the "Grand" class?

Jon boy (ID=233) 8:34:09
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Joy (ID=226) 8:34:16
Anne for Dean, do all passengers prepay tips now?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:34:18
Shiloh.. actually it is.. but just as easy to grab a taxi for $5

tweety (ID=173) 8:34:19
Hi Jon Boy

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:34:26
I know Kuki, I haven't done that itinerary in a LONG time, unless you count Panama Canal

Jon boy (ID=233) 8:34:26
(IP =

kj (ID=234) 8:34:26
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:34:33
Anne, could you ask Dean when Princess is going to do another top of the world cruise?

tweety (ID=173) 8:34:34

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:34:35
Dean, what will the difference be on Princess' future ships...from Grand Class

dean@princess 8:34:37
International Cruise Lines are not active in proposing changes to cabatoge laws in the U.S. or other places.

M&M (ID=192) 8:34:49
diva: good question.

kj (ID=234) 8:34:58
got bumped (:

dean@princess 8:35:01
We've got some secrets, but we'll have to keep them that way right now.

RichK (ID=214) 8:35:09
Is dining in the Horizon Court on the Grand table seating throughout dinner or only late?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:35:10

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:35:13
DYING to do that one.

kj (ID=234) 8:35:14
tell dean we won't tell the secrets

paradise (ID=230) 8:35:22
(IP =

Jeff (ID=235) 8:35:23
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Cheryl (ID=160) 8:35:26
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:35:29
Are all Princess passengers doing pre-paid gratuities?

tweety (ID=173) 8:35:31
Howdy Jeff, welcome

Kuki (ID=176) 8:35:34
ya KJ... Dean can trust us.. LOL

Jeff (ID=235) 8:35:35

dean@princess 8:35:53
On the average sailing, only 40 or 50 cabins decline.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:36:04
Someone here wants your job at Princess, Dean....tell us how you got it

Cruisin' Grandma (ID=195) 8:36:08
(IP =

Bobbie (ID=232) 8:36:09
why prepaid gratuties?

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:36:10
Everyone, we have Mr Dean Browm Vp of Princess Cruise Lines here tonight as a special guest. Please direct questions about Princess to Anne and she will relay them to Dean, Thanks

LU (ID=217) 8:36:16
Will there be butler service on the Golden Princess??

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:36:18
When we weere on PP two summers ago we could pay our tips with a personal check. Loved it since we didn't have to carry tipping cash for two weeks

Fred (ID=236) 8:36:22
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Jeff (ID=235) 8:36:22
I am searching for a Cruise can someone help.....

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:36:24
Also, explain to us what your do exactly

dean@princess 8:36:30
I've been at Princess for 20 years. I just out-lasted the rest.

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:36:39
jeff,what do you have in mind?

ErnieMCC (ID=221) 8:36:46
Dean.. funny!

M&M (ID=192) 8:36:46

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:36:47
Will there be butler service on Golden Princess?

Dave (ID=211) 8:36:51
Anne...can you ask Dean if Butler Service will still be in effect on the Grand May20th. We have heard so many rumors that it was being discontinued

Ladybird (ID=237) 8:36:55
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Jeff (ID=235) 8:36:56
I am interested in the Grand Princess Cruise... but not SURE yet...

Kuki (ID=176) 8:36:58
At first I didnt like the idea of pre paid tipping.. but the more thought I've given it.. as long as the option is there to change it or remove it.. I dont mind

beerbelly (ID=227) 8:36:59
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:37:02
Oh, you just keep breathing and they promote you!

Rich 8:37:06
anne, I don't understand the tipping then?? If you are prepaying how can you split it if you switch from traditional to personal choice

dean@princess 8:37:15
My responsibilities are fairly broad. The people that manage sales, marketing, custome service and Princess Tours report to me.

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:37:25
Oh be sure, it's a wonderful ship. I neveer thought I'd enjoy the big ones but I guess if it floats I like it

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:37:34
Anne ask Dean if there will be sur charges for fuel this Summer?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:37:53
Dean....isn't tipping the same if you choose main dining room or personal choices? You just pre-pay a flat amount, right?

linpopko (ID=225) 8:38:12
Well Dean, if anyone can get to the bottom of my can!

dean@princess 8:38:22
Yes. The dining charges are posted each evening automatically unless you ask us to not do it.

Jeff (ID=235) 8:38:31
i have been reading many many reviews on the different cruise companies and have narrowed it down to Carnival, RCI, and Princess.

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:38:34
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:38:42
See folks....tipping is the same no matter what you choose.

Rich 8:38:54
Thanks Anne.

Fred (ID=236) 8:39:01
Hi, This past April 1st we were on the Grand and last April we were on the Ocean. My question is this. Why are the menus the same. Why don't they change them or a portion of them every year.

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:39:12
Anne, ask if Dean needs someone to do some "secret shopping" and report on how they were trreated

Kuki (ID=176) 8:39:13
Jeff.. take them ALL.. one at a time :)

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:39:21
Why are the menus the same on two different ships?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:39:26
Jeff, try the Cruise Mates New Years cruise on the Golden Princess

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:39:37

Kuki (ID=176) 8:39:39
RIX... excellent idea !!!!! :)

Rich 8:39:47
Anne, please ask Dean - Now that the Fairbanks Princess Lodge has been expanded will most cruisetours now use the Fairbanks Princess Lodge?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:39:52
I wish I could make it Kuki

Kuki (ID=176) 8:40:02
RIX.. we do to!

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:40:07
Hey, gotta find some way to fill my cruiseing habit

Dave (ID=211) 8:40:11
Will there be Butler Service on the Grand May20th, or is it being discontinued as some people have been indicating

tweety (ID=173) 8:40:13
We'll miss you Rix :-(

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:40:18
Dean, kudos to the America's Cup Regatta in St. Maarten. My wife and I really enjoyed it a few weeks ago.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:40:18
Will more Princess Alaska tours use the Fairbanks Princess Lodge now that it has been expanded?

dean@princess 8:40:22
The menus are constantly being revised by the F&B staff. New things are always being introduced. Still, it's possible to experience similar menus on different ships.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:40:22
I know

Joy (ID=226) 8:40:33
Anne for Dean, how will the servers know whether or not their tips have been prepaid? Just the honor system?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:40:33
We will miss you too

Kuki (ID=176) 8:40:36
I see alot of Princess tour buses in Calgary during the summer.. wonder why they dont use my hotel for their guests????

Barry (ID=239) 8:40:39
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Kuki (ID=176) 8:40:45
Well.. honestly I know why.. ROFL

tweety (ID=173) 8:40:47
LOL Kuki

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:40:47
Is Princess keeping butler service, or discontinuing it....if so, why?

dean@princess 8:40:56
Yes. Previously, 40% stayed at Fairbanks Princess. Now, almost 70% will.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:41:02
Now I know why you are here Kuki

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:41:12
Because YOU'RE there, Kuki! They know about you

Kuki (ID=176) 8:41:21
Anne.. that TOO :)

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:41:23

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:41:37
Dean, your lodges make the tour! I'm in love with Kenai...want to move there!

RichK (ID=214) 8:41:44
Anne, please ask Dean what the hours are for table seating in the Horizon Court on the Grand.

Fred (ID=236) 8:41:57
Why is there no Princess Store so if you didn't by a shirt on a ship or if you want to by a mug you could.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:42:06
Dean...what are the Horizon Court hours?

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:42:09
Rich the hours are 7:30PM until 4:00AM

dean@princess 8:42:10
Anne, come in the winter. You'll love it. It's open year-round.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:42:39
Gee, I bet I can get a good rate then, too!

dean@princess 8:42:40
The Horizon Court is open 24 hours.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:42:42
Dean.. did Princess ever consider packing the Rocky Mountaineer Train ride, Calgary to Vancouver in with a cruise package??? Its such a wonderfully scenic trip

Rich 8:42:54
anne, what hotels are used in Anchorage?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:43:06
gee.. cant type.. packaging !

RichK (ID=214) 8:43:08
(IP =

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:43:12
Anne, can you ask Dean if you can see the Northern Lights from any of the lodges in the winter and if so, what's the best month to come up

d&B (ID=197) 8:43:17
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:43:18
Has Princess ever considered packaging the Rocky Mountaineer Train ride from Calgary to vancouver?

Joy (ID=226) 8:43:24
Dean, does the Ocean Princess have a full-scale childrens program on all sailings?

Dave (ID=211) 8:43:31
Anne..did Dean answer the question if there is still Butler Service in the mini-suites on the Grand? I just had a phone call and missed the last few messages

linpopko (ID=225) 8:43:38
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:43:43
Which hotel do you use in Anchorage, Dean?

d&B (ID=240) 8:43:46
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

zippy (ID=220) 8:43:49
(IP =

dean@princess 8:43:52
Yes, we do package the Rocky Mountaineer. You also have the choice of Via Rail.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:43:53
Diva.. dont think u want to go to Alaska in the winter:)

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:43:57
Anne, I was wondering if there was a problem with noice on the Regal Princess when you are in one of the mini suites from the floor above.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:44:07
I don't remember, but I know it was fabulous...the best in Anchorabe...

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:44:13
Kuki, I am pretty sure I saw that tour offered in their brochure

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:44:15
Sorry that was a question for Dean

Kuki (ID=176) 8:44:19
Dean.. didnt know that.. thats great.. have to pass on that info to some folks interested

dean@princess 8:44:26
We use the Captain Cook the most, then the Hilton, Sheraton, and the new Marriott.

Barry (ID=239) 8:44:38
I'm posting under my husband's name. I think he tried before, but accidentally signed off before getting an answer. We're about to go on the Grand with a 1-year-old. Can you tell us what the cribs are like and if we need to bring anything for them?

LU (ID=217) 8:44:38
Kuki-- we started in Calgary, went on tour for 8 days ( train and bus) and then 7 days on inside passage in Alaska

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:44:39
Only to see the lights. Cant see them from my balcony in Miami. I CAN see night launches from Cape Canavaral though

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:44:44
Kuki, it is listed under the Canadian Rockies pre-and post cruise vacations

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:44:58
Any noise problems, Dean, on Regal Princess -- between floors?

Rich 8:45:19
Anne, love the Fresh water pools on princess, lovely touch what makes them do it, unlike other lines

Kuki (ID=176) 8:45:20
Lu.. but thats not the Rocky Mountaineer.. Mountaineer is a luxury train ride.. quite costly

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:45:20
Oh, the Captain Cook is stunning...great buffet breakfasts

dean@princess 8:45:25
Our customer relations database hasn't shown any.

denisede (ID=241) 8:45:45
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:45:46 of Golden and Webcam for Golden :)

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:45:55
Good queston, Fred. I've trying to buy an XL logo t-shirt on the Grand for two years. Not ONE on board. Poor merchandising.

mel378 (ID=242) 8:45:55
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Kuki (ID=176) 8:45:58
RIX.. and u expect that I'd look in a brochure? Lol

LU (ID=217) 8:46:00
Kuki one night on the train was enough. I'd rather be in the hotels

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:46:04
Are there wheelchairs that you can rent for onboard the ship?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:46:14
Any hints on traveling with a one-year-old child? Cribs?

Cruise DJ 8:46:21
Anne: is there a shortage of experienced cruise disc jockeys?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:46:22
Not really Kuki, but I was looking at the trip myself

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:46:33
Can you get wheelchairs on Princess ships, or do you bring your own?

Rich 8:46:50
catherine, you can request one and have it for the week, we did for my grandmother last time - very helpful, can't do better than Princess for the handicapped

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:46:58
Cribs available?

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:47:22
Thanks Rich, we may need one for my Father

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:47:26
Sorry, Dean...these are the tough questions :)

dean@princess 8:47:47
On Princess, you have to be 2 years old to participate in the children's program, so your one-year-old will be with you at all times - including dining, shore excursions, etc. Bring a niece or a nanny!

fstein (ID=223) 8:47:49
Ann: Ask Dean if t looks like the Star Princess will be ready to sail in Feb. 2002.

Meg (ID=183) 8:48:17
Anne and Dean - you are doing a great job with this chat!

dean@princess 8:48:22
I believe there are cribs. Travel agents should double check. We really don't cater to children under 2.

Dave (ID=211) 8:48:24
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:48:26
Rich says he requested a wheelchair on Princess and got one...very good facilities for disabled on Princess

Kuki (ID=176) 8:48:32
<<< wondering if Antlers are considered appropriate attire for formal nights?

Barry (ID=239) 8:48:33
We're bringing the 1-year-old and the in-laws!!!! So babysitting abounds. But we've gotten two different crib answers - a portacrib versus a full-size crib. Do you know which it is?

dean@princess 8:48:39
We do have wheelchairs on board that are available.

Rich 8:48:43
anne, thank Dean for me and probably many others - have cruised most of the lines and just think Princess is an excellent company

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:48:44
LOL Kuki, for you only

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:48:48
Will the Star Princess be ready in 2002?

Fred (ID=236) 8:48:52
(IP =

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:49:04

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:49:04
Anne, could you ask Dean if Princess is going to build anymore ships with the verandah's built inside the hull like on the Sun class ships. A very bad idea IMHO

M&M (ID=192) 8:49:07
Only if a bow tie is attached to one of the points

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:49:11
Dean can you tell me if the web cameras for the Regal , the Royal and I forget the other ship will be back on line.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:49:12
You have a big fan who wants to say he loves Princess and to thank you!

binkey36 (ID=243) 8:49:24
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

dean@princess 8:49:33
Absolutely. The Star will be ready, sailing from Singapore to LA in Feb., beginning it's Mexican Riviera season out of LA in March.

tweety (ID=173) 8:49:35
Hi Binkey, 5 more days

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:49:39
When will the web camers for Regal and Royal be back on's our daily TV!

hotdot (ID=231) 8:49:45
(IP =

binkey36 (ID=243) 8:49:49
Hi Tweety....definitely counting the days!

dean@princess 8:49:53
We appreciate that.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:49:56
Dean.. that inaug itin for Star is simply AMAZING

binkey36 (ID=243) 8:49:56
Hard to work.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:49:58
Well, I know which ship I am booking next

tweety (ID=173) 8:49:58
Me too, packing now

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:49:59
How about the Golden CAm??

blythe (ID=244) 8:50:01
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

binkey36 (ID=243) 8:50:08
Already packed.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:50:15
Yes, the inaugural itinerary for the Star is amazing!!

binkey36 (ID=243) 8:50:15
(IP =

tweety (ID=173) 8:50:15
I'm not that good

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:50:31
26 days of heaven Anne you sould do that.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:50:34
Wow, Anne, how do I find the details (thinking of changing from South America)

dean@princess 8:50:39
The web cams go up and down due to satellite links. This is unique technology that we are using.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:50:44
Any space left on Star inaugural?

mel378 (ID=242) 8:50:53
(IP =

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:50:53
Rix have you been on Princess before??

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:50:58

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:51:06
Not yet Michael, but I have been meaning to

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:51:09
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

dean@princess 8:51:10
Yes. There is space on the Star out of Singapore and the first LA trip.

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:51:14
Anne Yes there is space on Star.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:51:16
<<<< will wrist wrestle anyone for Star Inaug... LOL

tweety (ID=173) 8:51:17
WB Binkey

denisede (ID=241) 8:51:28
(IP =

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:51:30
Does anyone know if the port of Miami has a web cam?

Ladybird (ID=237) 8:51:39
(IP =

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:51:40
We should plan a CruiseMates cruise on the Star Inaugural....think we'd still be speaking after

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:51:42
Thanks...I pushed the wrong button!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:51:47
26 days together?

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:51:48
Can I use Mrs Robo against you Kuki?

d&B (ID=240) 8:51:54
Yes it does but it doesn't show much.

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:52:01
That is a pretty long trip, but it sounds great

Kuki (ID=176) 8:52:05
Anne.. we'd be speaking, but would the ship be floating ?

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:52:11
Thanks D&B...any idea what the address is?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:52:14
You made a big hit with the Princess web Cams, Dean

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:52:15
That is a great questions Kuki

Kuki (ID=176) 8:52:18
ROBO.. no... u have to fight fair

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:52:23

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:52:28

d&B (ID=240) 8:52:39
Don't remember look for Port of Miami

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 8:52:41
If you are a Captians Circle member (Cruised Princess before) when you book the Star Princess 26 day...They (Princess will though in a 3 day post package for free. That includes the nameing of the Star Princess IN LAX.

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:52:48

dean@princess 8:52:48
Anne, we also have lodge web cams that will be up for the summer.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:52:53
We have time for a few more questions, gang

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:52:54
Every night before going to bed my husband & I go to see the web cams and watch for the Regal Princess

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:52:57
never had the honor of sailing onboard a Princess ship yet

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:53:20
I'm thinking about the Golden in Dec. (right tweety?)

Rich 8:53:22
Anne, love the pizza on the Sun class ships but not nearly as good on Grand class ships - need to improve the quality and miss the location overlooking the atrium

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:53:27
Michael, that sounds fantastic, but I think it would be pushing the time off work limit -I think I will see what other itineraries the Star will offer

LU (ID=217) 8:53:28
Robo you have been missing a wonderful experience.

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:53:28
Someone said that the rooms on the Regal were fairly small v even the mini suites

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:53:32
One of our guests say she and her husband watch your web cam every night before turning in

tweety (ID=173) 8:53:33
That's right Binkey, you should come with us

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:53:42
I know, so many ships, so little money

tweety (ID=173) 8:53:45
We can talk about it next week

M&M (ID=192) 8:53:53
Are all newbuilds still on target? Is Princess planning on putting any on hold?

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:53:55
I'm working on my husband now...yep...we will definitely talk.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:53:57
Binkey.. thinking of joining us for the CruiseMates New Years Cruise on Golden?

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:54:00
Agreed Robo

blythe (ID=244) 8:54:03
Does Princess do anything special on their ships for Valentine's Day? I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:54:05
Yes I am Kuki...

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:54:13
Are all your newbuild still coming as scheduled, Dean?

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:54:13
With a group like can't miss

tweety (ID=173) 8:54:13
I'm gonna convince them Kuki next week on Spirit

dean@princess 8:54:18
Check out the Royal Princess - it's in Kusadasi tomorrow.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:54:24
Binkey.. GREAT.. its going to be a treat!!!

Meg (ID=183) 8:54:28
Anne, could you ask if they know who the Maitre'D is on the Golden?

dean@princess 8:54:36
Yes,all the newbuilds are absolutely on schedule.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:54:36
What do you do on Valentine's day aboard your ships, Dean?

KensieRose (ID=246) 8:54:46
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

tweety (ID=173) 8:54:49
Doesn't get much better than our group for New Year's Binkey

M&M (ID=192) 8:54:49

Barry (ID=239) 8:54:58
(IP =

Jo (ID=201) 8:55:00
(IP =

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:55:03
Also great question keeping with the "loveboat' theme, anything special for Valentines day cruises?

M&M (ID=192) 8:55:12
Tweets: It could get better if you get my wife a different job. :)

dean@princess 8:55:27
Valentine's Day is always a special day for us, being the "Love Boat" line. We offer a variety of romantic activities, like vow renewals.

tweety (ID=173) 8:55:28
Keep working on it Mike, we'll really miss you

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:55:29
And me while you are at it

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:55:32

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:55:32
Do any of your staff monitor the internet message boards, like those on CruiseMates?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:56:11
There was a terrific Princess guy coming in daily ... John Anderson. But then he got a promotiuon and had to busy

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:56:14
Wait till you meet my "Group" tweety!

Rich 8:56:15
anne, how is the popularity of the new Sterling steakhouses working out?

dean@princess 8:56:16
Yes. I like to read what people have to say. Customer feedback is really important to us, so we try to jump on as often as we can.

Kuki (ID=176) 8:56:18
Good question Anne

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:56:22
Good question Anne, do they also look at some of the reviews?

LBL (ID=208) 8:56:30
Anne: Tell Dean I went to a renewal of vows on the Crown and the service was beauthiful.

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:56:38
We all have shirts saying "Looney Mar-toonies....Panama 2001"

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:56:39
We also invite your staff to come in and answer helps everyone

tweety (ID=173) 8:56:41
Can't wait Binkey, not thinking about much else these days

Kuki (ID=176) 8:56:47
<<< LOVES the idea of a steak house onboard!!!!

tweety (ID=173) 8:56:49
Great idea

billg (ID=247) 8:57:08
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:57:10
Fantastic idea

dean@princess 8:57:14
We'll try to do more of that in the future. It's a great way to stay connected with what people are saying.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:57:17
Any more questions for our terrific guest, Dean Brown of Princess?

d&B (ID=240) 8:57:21
(IP =

M&M (ID=192) 8:57:23
<< tweety (ID=173) 8:57:23
I'm gonna listen for the noise down the hall and then come visit

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:57:28

d&B (ID=248) 8:57:29
(This user has entered Cruise Chat) (IP =

Kuki (ID=176) 8:57:33
I think I'm going to have to get a divorce, just so I can get married again and invite people to my virtual wedding

Diane (ID=185) 8:57:34
I heard the Steakhouse was great, Kuki

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:57:34
No, but it was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat with him

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:57:37
A question for Dean. since the steakhouse is outside, is there a retractable dome on the Sun class ships so the steakhouse can be in use in Alaska?

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:57:41
GREAT...the more the merrier.

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:57:44
Does Customer Service have an e-mail address, Dean?

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:57:47
and I do mean merrier!

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:57:54
Well Anne, I'll review for cruise (with food)

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:57:55
you are only 3 cabins down...

tweety (ID=173) 8:57:58
Dean thank you for coming tonite. It was great

blythe (ID=244) 8:57:58
(IP =

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:58:05
going to cook dinner. will chat later tonight

dean@princess 8:58:10
No. There is no email address for customer service, but we will be getting one soon.

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:58:11
thanks for the info Dean and anne

tweety (ID=173) 8:58:13
Yes we are Binkey, we'll find you

tweety (ID=173) 8:58:16
Nite Binkey

Meg (ID=183) 8:58:17
Dean and Anne, thank you for this chat tonight

binkey36 (ID=245) 8:58:21
(IP =

tweety (ID=173) 8:58:24
Anne thank you

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:58:26
Please come back, Dean....we all enjoyed this so very much!

Kuki (ID=176) 8:58:29
<<< thanking Dean for a wonderful chat!!! Give Dean a hand!!!!

Kuki (ID=176) 8:58:31

tweety (ID=173) 8:58:34
Have to go now, nite all

cruisenut (ID=205) 8:58:34
thanks for putting this together, it was very interesting.

Rich 8:58:34
anne, please ask dean if the steakhouses will be utilizaed in alaska, being outside

Meg (ID=183) 8:58:36

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:58:36

Bobbie (ID=232) 8:58:38
Thanks Dean!!!!

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 8:58:38
Yes, thank you very much!

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:58:38

M&M (ID=192) 8:58:39
Dean: Thank you for being with us tonight. It was very enjoyable and great information.

tweety (ID=173) 8:58:40

Joy (ID=226) 8:58:40

re (ID=168) 8:58:40
Yhanks Dean!

d&B (ID=248) 8:58:42
Thanks Dean

MacTarheel (ID=189) 8:58:46
Thank you Dean...

Cruzman (ID=222)
(IP =

Cruise DJ 8:58:48
BIG thank you to Dean and Anne... : )

dean@princess 8:58:49
Thank you, Anne, and thanks to all of the wonderful Princess fans out there. We appreciate your business.

Diane (ID=185) 8:58:52
Thanks for the informative chat

Rich 8:58:53
Thanks Dean, excellent,

cruzdiva2 (ID=218) 8:58:55
thanks Anne and Dean. Very imformative

cammon1 (ID=190) 8:59:00
Thank you, Dean

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:59:01
This was so much fun!!

Rich 8:59:01
both you and your company!!!!!!

M&M (ID=192) 8:59:04
Anne: Exellent moderating!!!

LBL (ID=208) 8:59:08
Cruisemates -- Thank you for this chat tonight and Thanks Dean for your time and a great cruise line!

fstein (ID=223) 8:59:10
Ann: thank you and Dean for this Chat time

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 8:59:12
We here have been most apprecitive of Dean taking time from his busy schedule to be here and chat with all these people, thanks Dean

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:59:15
LOL...I'm a fast typist!

LU (ID=217) 8:59:19
Dean You did Princess proud as does all of their employees. Thank you for coming

Catherine T (ID=238) 8:59:26
Hello Kuki and Tweety,,,,from tigercat

kj (ID=234) 8:59:29
yes can't wait to sail on gp

Kuki (ID=176) 8:59:34
Everyone remember the chat is here EVERY week night beginning at 9 EST

Meg (ID=183) 8:59:40
can't wait till July!

re (ID=168) 8:59:49
Does anybody hear the "Love Boat "Theme?

Kuki (ID=176) 8:59:52
Hi ya Catherine.. how u been?

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 8:59:54 can come back every night if you like this :)

M&M (ID=192) 9:00:02
Stick Around for West Coast Chat.

MacTarheel (ID=189) 9:00:02
Thanks Anne... great moderating... if only I could read as fast as you type.

cruisenut (ID=205) 9:00:03
now I really want to go on New Year's

Host RoboCop (ID=179) 9:00:03
I have had many requests for a complete transcript to be posted so that those that couldn't make it tonight will be able to read this informatiomn

Cruise DJ 9:00:09
"Love... exciting and new..."

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 9:00:10

Catherine T (ID=238) 9:00:14
Doing creat great. Dan & I will be going on our 3rd cruise May 20th

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 9:00:15

Meg (ID=183) 9:00:18
come aboard

Kuki (ID=176) 9:00:21
NUT.. as Nike says.. JUST DO IT :)

Rich 9:00:21
whose on the west coast chat?

M&M (ID=192) 9:00:32
Come aboard. We're expecting you.....

Kuki (ID=176) 9:00:33
CAth.. u have been busy :)

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 9:00:40

Kuki (ID=176) 9:00:41
Cath .. what ship in May?

Cruise DJ 9:00:41
"Come aboard, we're expecting you..."

Meg (ID=183) 9:00:42
good night everyone

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 9:00:53
nite Meg

cruisenut (ID=205) 9:00:53
Maybe my husband will give it to me for mother's day-lol

Meg (ID=183) 9:00:54
and thanks again

CM Anne Campbell (ID=162) 9:00:54
Nite Meg

Michael Sinn (ID=159) 9:01:00
Nite meg

CAP (ID=249) 9:01:00

LU (ID=217) 9:01:02
night all.

Catherine T (ID=238) 9:01:05
After that cruise to Hawaii I can't get Dan to stop. We are going to Alaska Inside Passage on the Regal Princess

Rix@Heather (ID=182) 9:01:09
nite lu

Kuki (ID=176) 9:01:11
gnight Lu.. Hi ya CAP

Rich 9:01:16
Anne, thanks so much for getting all those questions to Dean.

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