J.B. Buccafusco

Carnival Cruises' Director of Entertainment

Our special guest on Oct. 8 chat, Carnival Cruises' Director of Entertainment.

RoboCop (9:07:31 PM)
Welcome JB!!

DJ Bob (9:07:33 PM)
Ahoy J.B.

Donalee (9:07:39 PM)
Hi J.B.

DJ Bob (9:07:48 PM)
Ahoy DRS

RoboCop (9:08:06 PM)
JB is the Carnival entertainment Manager and is in charge of all that wonderful CCL entertainment and cruise staff

J.B. (9:08:08 PM)

stingray (ID=13) (9:08:16 PM)
Kuki, Sounds good to me let me know when.

blumoo (ID=15) (9:08:20 PM)
hi JB

pamda (9:08:21 PM)
Uh, oh !!! The MAN is here !!!

Kuki (9:08:23 PM)
HowD JB.. welcome aboard!!

Rix (9:08:25 PM)
how ya been Pamda?

RoboCop (9:08:36 PM)
He is here as a special guest and is taking time from his very busy schedule to answer questions from y'all

Deb (ID=14) (9:08:42 PM)
hello JB

pamda (9:08:44 PM)
Good, Rix. Almost done with World of Windows

J.B. (9:08:47 PM)
I am certainly the guy in charge of part of the entertainment for Carnival - especially the Cruise Directors, Social Hosts and activities.

DRS (ID=18) (9:08:49 PM)

blumoo (ID=15) (9:09:02 PM)
You do a great job JB!

J.B. (9:09:11 PM)
Thank you - it's a fun job!!!

Kuki (9:09:15 PM)
JB.. well we just cruised with your best. John H is as good as it gets!!!

RoboCop (9:09:32 PM)
JB, You know I like John and all but he really did a special job for us all from Cruisemates a few weeks ago and I wanted you to know we appreciated it

sh (ID=20) (9:09:37 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:09:46 PM)
Ahoy SH

tweety (ID=21) (9:09:47 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:09:48 PM)
John Heald is not only one of the funniest guys around - he is one of the most caring people I know. He paid me in Cuban cigars to say that!

Kuki (9:09:52 PM)
Evening Sh.. no need to sh sh here :)

Rix (9:09:53 PM)
John sure is a fun guy

Ug (ID=22) (9:09:54 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:09:55 PM)
Ahoy Tweety

Trip (ID=19) (9:09:56 PM)
(IP =

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:09:56 PM)
I'm wondering who the Cruise Director will be on the Pride for February 2nd sailing? If not John, then who?

DRS (ID=18) (9:09:58 PM)
Were looking forward to all the great entertainment in 7 days

Trip (ID=19) (9:10:00 PM)
hi kids

blumoo (ID=15) (9:10:04 PM)
My teen son fell in love with a dancer on our cruise last year and she was on our cruise again this year!

DJ Bob (9:10:10 PM)
Ahoy Ug & Trip

RoboCop (9:10:10 PM)
Jb is the one to ask, How about it JB?

tweety (ID=21) (9:10:12 PM)
Hi Robo and J.B.

tweety (ID=21) (9:10:21 PM)
Hi Trip

RoboCop (9:10:24 PM)
Who is doing the Pride in Feb

Rix (9:10:25 PM)
het tweets :)

Trip (ID=19) (9:10:28 PM)
hi tweets dj

tweety (ID=21) (9:10:29 PM)
Howdy DJ

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:10:29 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:10:34 PM)
The Pride's Cruise Director will be Troy Linton - a young, energetic, talented and innovative CD

Trip (ID=19) (9:10:34 PM)
hi mc

Kuki (9:10:36 PM)
HowD Froggy

RoboCop (9:10:36 PM)
hi Mark

pamda (9:10:37 PM)

tweety (ID=21) (9:10:38 PM)
Hi Rix

DJ Bob (9:10:40 PM)
Ahoy Mark

tweety (ID=21) (9:10:45 PM)
Hi Frog

J.B. (9:10:48 PM)
What is the name of the dancer?????

pamda (9:10:52 PM)
Was Troy on HAL before?

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:10:55 PM)
hello folks !! RIBBITT

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:10:57 PM)
Thanks, J.B.

Rix (9:11:00 PM)
hey frog great pix of the Triumph

RoboCop (9:11:00 PM)
are the cruise staff new or a mixture JB?

blumoo (ID=15) (9:11:04 PM)
Suzy was her name she was great!

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:09 PM)
(IP =

Trip (ID=19) (9:11:12 PM)
hi ml

sh (ID=20) (9:11:15 PM)
Good evening... from Vancouver.

RayB (ID=26) (9:11:15 PM)
(IP =

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:15 PM)
Hi guys

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:11:15 PM)
I enjoyed all 80 of yours too Rix

DJ Bob (9:11:17 PM)
Ahoy ML

tweety (ID=21) (9:11:20 PM)
Hey ML, howdy

Rix (9:11:20 PM)

Trip (ID=19) (9:11:20 PM)
hi ray

pamda (9:11:21 PM)
ML! Sorry we gave you such lousy weather for Saturday.

J.B. (9:11:23 PM)
Troy began his career as a musician with Carnival - then a Social Host - and now a Cruise Director!

RayB (ID=26) (9:11:24 PM)

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:26 PM)
trip......thanks so much for the pic....brought a tear to my eye

tweety (ID=21) (9:11:31 PM)
Hi Ray

Trip (ID=19) (9:11:34 PM)

Trip (ID=19) (9:11:37 PM)
mine too

Ug (ID=22) (9:11:40 PM)
evening All!

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:41 PM)
pam...thursday and friday were great

RoboCop (9:11:42 PM)
Good for him JB. I am sure he will do you proud

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:42 PM)
Hey Ug

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:11:47 PM)
trip, how was it?

Kuki (9:11:49 PM)
JB..Do u also book the "showroom entertainment"?

Kuki (9:11:58 PM)
and the lounge and deck acts?

Trip (ID=19) (9:11:59 PM)
it was wonderful...sweet memory now.

J.B. (9:11:59 PM)
He had better do me proud ....!!!! Just kidding!!!!

RoboCop (9:12:00 PM)
Anyone have any more questions for JB CCL's Entertainment Director?

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:12:16 PM)
...Hi JB !!

hollie (ID=28) (9:12:18 PM)
(IP =

Donna (ID=29) (9:12:22 PM)
(IP =

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:12:24 PM)
jb...are you on a ship right now?

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:12:25 PM)
Hey Donna

Trip (ID=19) (9:12:26 PM)
hi donna

Donna (ID=29) (9:12:26 PM)
Hi cruisers

DJ Bob (9:12:30 PM)
Ahoy Hollie

tweety (ID=21) (9:12:31 PM)
Hi Donna

Donna (ID=29) (9:12:32 PM)
Hi Trip and ML

J.B. (9:12:32 PM)
The showroom entertainment that you are referring to are booked by one of our Entertainment Managers - I presume that you are referring to comedians, etc.

cruiser (ID=24) (9:12:33 PM)
(IP =

blumoo (ID=15) (9:12:37 PM)
Will troy still be on the Pride in August 02?

RoboCop (9:12:37 PM)
JB is stationed in Maimi ML

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:12:43 PM)
thanks robo

Kuki (9:12:44 PM)
JB.. yes .. thats it

DJ Bob (9:12:54 PM)
Ahoy Cruiser

JimM (ID=30) (9:13:03 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:13:07 PM)
Troy will likely be off the Pride in August. I have not yet set the 2002 schedule for Cruise Directors.

RoboCop (9:13:08 PM)
Do you know who will be on the Pride in August of 2002 JB?

DJ Bob (9:13:10 PM)
Ahoy Jim

RoboCop (9:13:14 PM)
Okay, you answered it

sh (ID=20) (9:13:20 PM)
JB... how is CCL's Entertainment Department structured?

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:13:26 PM)
Hi Hollie

Ug (ID=22) (9:13:28 PM)
I should apply with JB, amateur Trombone player, semi pro juggler what more would ya want JB?? ;-))

RoboCop (9:13:32 PM)
JB, Dj here is one of you ex-employees BTW

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:13:34 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:13:35 PM)
2002 Cruise Director schedule is being worked on right now - check back with me nexct month!

JimM (ID=30) (9:13:37 PM)
Hi y'all

SouthernAngel (ID=32) (9:13:39 PM)
(IP =

Rix (9:13:51 PM)
hi Southern

pamda (9:13:52 PM)
I want to be a social hostess for a week and write a story about it.

SouthernAngel (ID=32) (9:13:58 PM)

DJ Bob (9:14:04 PM)
Ahoy Cher & Southern Angel

J.B. (9:14:08 PM)
There are five Entertainment Managers - one for musicians, one for technicians, one for dancers and one for cabaret acts - then there's me!!

Mart (ID=33) (9:14:20 PM)
(IP =

Rix (9:14:20 PM)
lol pamda you would get in trouble

RoboCop (9:14:21 PM)
JB, can you tell us what type of training the new staff have to go through?

Donna (ID=29) (9:14:28 PM)
Hey Rix, Robo, bob

Kuki (9:14:33 PM)
Pamda.. I wanted to be a waiter for a night.. but just tip night

J.B. (9:14:34 PM)
There is so much training that goes into being a social host - one week would only get you through that portion of the job

Rix (9:14:34 PM)
hi Donna!!

Trip (ID=19) (9:14:39 PM)
i would like to interview some of the entertainers on our ny eve crusie for an article

pamda (9:14:50 PM)
J.B. I am HIGHLY social :)

re (ID=34) (9:14:51 PM)
(IP =

pamda (9:14:56 PM)
re !!!

Trip (ID=19) (9:14:59 PM)
hi re

DJ Bob (9:15:00 PM)
Ahoy Re

Rix (9:15:00 PM)

re (ID=34) (9:15:02 PM)
Hey, Everyone!

J.B. (9:15:03 PM)
The Hosts train with me for a week, both in the corporate office and on board one of the ships. Other training is done on-the-job.

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:15:03 PM)

Donna (ID=29) (9:15:04 PM)
Hi Re

RayB (ID=26) (9:15:25 PM)
good old OJT eh

RoboCop (9:15:26 PM)
BTW JB, Lana is a joy

J.B. (9:15:28 PM)
Have I missed any questions?

sh (ID=20) (9:15:43 PM)
J.B. - How much material do you require for guest entertainers (variety)?

J.B. (9:15:46 PM)
Lana is brand new on the Triumph - she has great enthusiasm for the guests.

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:16:02 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:16:05 PM)
JB, my buddy used to supply DJs for Carnival in the late 80s

RoboCop (9:16:06 PM)
Everyone, JB is Carnivals Entertainment Manager and is here to answer your questions about the cruise staff so ask away

Donna (ID=29) (9:16:06 PM)
Hi Ceddie

Rix (9:16:08 PM)
hi Ceedie

J.B. (9:16:08 PM)
Entertainers must perform a 20 minute main show and a 30 minute midnight show.

Kuki (9:16:09 PM)
JB.. seeing a lot more fellow Canadians working on ships as cruise staff.. Is that because we're so nice, good looking and gregarious?? :)

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:16:13 PM)
...She came aboard in Cozumel...with us..we met her...

RoboCop (9:16:18 PM)
Pretty girl too JB

pamda (9:16:18 PM)
Something I have always wondered about ... do you (not you, personally) wear underwear under the whites? I rarely see "VPL" on male crew.

J.B. (9:16:20 PM)
I used to DJ for Carnival in the late 80's!!!!

tweety (ID=21) (9:16:20 PM)
We really enjoyed Andy, the guitarist on Spirit inaugural J.B. Is he still onboard

Rix (9:16:33 PM)
thats what DJ did

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:16:35 PM)
or maybe it was caymen....

J.B. (9:16:35 PM)
Canadian's are fun people - and we ARE the fun ships

stingray (ID=13) (9:16:37 PM)
J.B. I was wondering if it would be possible to post the Cruise Director schedule possibly on Carnival website for those that book cruises for a particular Cruise director?

Trip (ID=19) (9:16:37 PM)
how can those wonderful dancers keep their balance onstage when the seas are rough..its amazing!

Donna (ID=29) (9:16:38 PM)
Pam..good question :-)

tweety (ID=21) (9:16:39 PM)
OK everyone pick up your feet LOL

DJ Bob (9:16:44 PM)
JB, so did I!

Leslie (ID=36) (9:16:47 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:16:55 PM)
Ahoy Leslie

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:16:56 PM)
hey tweety, didn't see you there

Rix (9:16:58 PM)
hi leslie

J.B. (9:17:02 PM)
White underwear (believe it or not) is required by dress code.

tweety (ID=21) (9:17:03 PM)

RoboCop (9:17:04 PM)
That's a thought JB, posting a schedule of CD's

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:17:09 PM)
how are you tweets?

Donna (ID=29) (9:17:12 PM)
Hi Tweety..didn't see ya

tweety (ID=21) (9:17:14 PM)
doing well ML

Donna (ID=29) (9:17:23 PM)
Jb..I do believe it :-)

Trip (ID=19) (9:17:23 PM)
(IP =

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:17:23 PM)
(IP =

tweety (ID=21) (9:17:28 PM)
Said hi to both of you when you came in, thought you were mad at me

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:17:30 PM)
hey Paul

RoboCop (9:17:32 PM)
Hi Paul

blumoo (ID=15) (9:17:33 PM)
I would love to have that info in advance!

pamda (9:17:33 PM)
I suppose white undies are a bit better than heart-printed boxers :)

Donna (ID=29) (9:17:33 PM)
Hi Paul...welcome back :-)

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:17:35 PM)
hi paul

Kuki (9:17:36 PM)
Hi ya Paul!

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:17:38 PM)
Love the idea of posting of CD schedule

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:17:38 PM)
tweety, I'm sorry.....

J.B. (9:17:40 PM)
The CD schedule is an ever changing plan - posting it would require constant updates.

re (ID=34) (9:17:40 PM)
Hey, Paul

RoboCop (9:17:40 PM)
Y'all be good, the bossmans here

DJ Bob (9:17:41 PM)
Ahoy Paul

hollie (ID=28) (9:17:41 PM)
man this thing is hard to follow

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:17:43 PM)
never be mad at your

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:17:44 PM)

Donna (ID=29) (9:17:45 PM)
Pam..but, oh those are so cute

tweety (ID=21) (9:17:49 PM)

sh (ID=20) (9:17:52 PM)
J.B - Do you still move your guest entertainers from ship to ship, or do they stay with a particular ship?

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:17:55 PM)
....Ahoy Paul

RoboCop (9:18:03 PM)
got to setting hollie and hit scroll as slow

Kuki (9:18:06 PM)
HOLLIE.. go to settings on the right. U can slow down the scrolling speed

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:18:07 PM)
hollie, you can adjust the speed if that will help

pamda (9:18:10 PM)
Hi, Paul !!!

J.B. (9:18:12 PM)
Most entertainers are called Fly-On Acts, because they move from ship to ship!

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:18:12 PM)
hi all! hi J.B.

Leslie (ID=36) (9:18:16 PM)
Good Evening JB: My name is Leslie and I am very interested in becoming a cruise staff and/or Social Host. I sent you my resume and cover letter about 30 days ago. Do you remember seeing it?

hollie (ID=28) (9:18:20 PM)

J.B. (9:18:25 PM)
Hi Paul

Kuki (9:18:40 PM)
<<<< a fly on the wall act

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:18:52 PM)
big fly!!

Ug (ID=22) (9:19:09 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:19:10 PM)
JB, do you need fly-on DJs?

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:19:10 PM)
Just so you know, I used to a stage manager on Holland America, NCL, and RV Line

J.B. (9:19:19 PM)
Leslie - hello! Please understand that I receive over 100 resumes and website inquiires per week. It is almost impossible tor rspond to each, much less to remember each one. I apologize but the numbers are staggering.

Donna (ID=29) (9:19:24 PM)
Hi Ug..how are U?

hollie (ID=28) (9:19:25 PM)
JB whatever happened to Keiron he was a CD on the Imagination in 1998

J.B. (9:19:35 PM)
DJ's work within the span of six month contracts

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:19:45 PM)
good question, Hollie...

hollie (ID=28) (9:19:52 PM)

blumoo (ID=15) (9:19:54 PM)
How long are the contracts for CD

J.B. (9:20:06 PM)
Keiron, I believe is a port lecturer for another cruise line.

hollie (ID=28) (9:20:13 PM)

J.B. (9:20:22 PM)
CD's work about 5 month contracts with 5 weeks vacation

DJ Bob (9:20:26 PM)
JB, what about in case of emergency (sickness, family problems, termination, etc)?

Mart (ID=33) (9:20:30 PM)
(IP =

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:20:33 PM)
(IP =

Leslie (ID=36) (9:20:33 PM)
JB - What do you think is the chance of me being employed?

J.B. (9:20:39 PM)
What about these, Bob?

Kuki (9:20:44 PM)
JB.. I could do the 5 weeks vacations :)

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:20:51 PM)
Hi Everyone!

Donna (ID=29) (9:20:56 PM)
Hi Diane

pamda (9:20:57 PM)
Hi, Diane !!!

Kuki (9:20:57 PM)
HowD Diane

sh (ID=20) (9:21:00 PM)
J.B. - Given that you use Fly-ons, would that be a problem for someone such as myself who travels with 3 ATA cases?

hollie (ID=28) (9:21:04 PM)
hey Diane

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:21:09 PM)
hi diane

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:21:11 PM)
(IP =

pamda (9:21:14 PM)
ATA ???

J.B. (9:21:14 PM)
Leslie: If you have a solid background in entertainment, public speaking, public relations, and the like, I will certainly review your resume

RoboCop (9:21:15 PM)
Hi Anne

Donna (ID=29) (9:21:17 PM)
Hi Anne...welcome back

pamda (9:21:18 PM)
Hi, Anne !!!

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:21:20 PM)
hi anne

Kuki (9:21:21 PM)
Welcome Anne!!

DJ Bob (9:21:22 PM)
JB, do you have DJ companies that can supply you with ready-to-go DJs just for that purpose?

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:21:22 PM)
Leslie... I would say that if you have all right qualifications your chances are pretty good of getting a job sooner or later with all the new ships coming out.

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:21:26 PM)
Hi JB...

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:21:26 PM)
who needs vacation when you work on a cruise ship... hahaha

J.B. (9:21:30 PM)
Sorry, I think I missed a few

Rix (9:21:30 PM)
JB on average how many hrs do the Dancers work per day not

hollie (ID=28) (9:21:39 PM)
sounds about right to me mikxoc

J.B. (9:21:40 PM)
I don't use DJ agents; too much trouble.

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:21:41 PM)
Hi Anne

Rix (9:21:42 PM)
inc pool hrs

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:21:45 PM)
Howdy all...

Rix (9:21:46 PM)
hi Anne

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:21:48 PM)
JB...kuki and I really enjoyed the Elite Golf at Sandals in Jamaica......Do you ever get to play?

Leslie (ID=36) (9:21:50 PM)
JB should I send it to your e-mail?

J.B. (9:21:55 PM)
Dancers work about 8 hour days

DJ Bob (9:22:04 PM)
JB, not agents but currently working DJs...

RoboCop (9:22:05 PM)
question JB is how many hours do the dancers usually work per day

cindy (ID=41) (9:22:05 PM)
(IP =

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:22:10 PM)
Hi cindy

Donna (ID=29) (9:22:12 PM)
Hi Cindy

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:22:13 PM)
How arre things are Carnival?

J.B. (9:22:14 PM)
I don't play golf. I'm from Jersey City .... we play stick ball.

RoboCop (9:22:14 PM)
Okay, your good mate!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:22:20 PM)

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:22:27 PM)

re (ID=34) (9:22:31 PM)

Trip (ID=40) (9:22:34 PM)
(IP =

tweety (ID=21) (9:22:34 PM)

Trip (ID=40) (9:22:36 PM)

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:22:39 PM)
< cindy (ID=41) (9:22:39 PM)

tweety (ID=21) (9:22:40 PM)
WB Trip

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:22:41 PM)
wb trip

DJ Bob (9:22:42 PM)
wb Trip

RoboCop (9:22:45 PM)
This is also JB's day

Trip (ID=40) (9:22:47 PM)

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:22:49 PM)
New York, JB

Donna (ID=29) (9:22:51 PM)
WB Trip

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:22:56 PM)
Hi Trip

JimM (ID=30) (9:23:00 PM)
(IP =

RayB (ID=26) (9:23:02 PM)
(IP =

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:23:02 PM)
Hi Tweety

Trip (ID=40) (9:23:04 PM)
thanks...what could i do that was illegal/:)

cruiser (ID=24) (9:23:05 PM)
(IP =

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:23:05 PM)
Yeah Anne !!

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:23:10 PM)
Hi Ray

tweety (ID=21) (9:23:13 PM)
Hi Diane, how are you tonite

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:23:16 PM)
lot's trip

Trip (ID=40) (9:23:23 PM)
ya think ced?:):)

Kuki (9:23:25 PM)
JB.. are all your present CDs Carnival home grown, and raised through the ranks.. or do u hire CDs with other cruise line experience?

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:23:25 PM)
Fine, Tweety

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:23:31 PM)

cindy (ID=41) (9:23:33 PM)
we cruise in 5 days

keda (ID=43) (9:23:36 PM)
(IP =

pamda (9:23:40 PM)
JB ... You probably work totally long hours. How many per day on average?

RoboCop (9:23:40 PM)
People, if you would like to direct your questions toward Anne for JB it may be easier to get answers

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:23:43 PM)
hi keda

tweety (ID=21) (9:23:45 PM)
:-) Diane

Donna (ID=29) (9:23:47 PM)
Cindy..wow, getting excited I bet, start packing?

Donna (ID=29) (9:23:49 PM)
Hi Keda

J.B. (9:23:52 PM)
Our CD's are all home-grown. But, I always keep me eyes out for industry pro's.

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:23:53 PM)
JB ... are teens tough to handle?

cindy (ID=41) (9:24:07 PM)
yes we packed alot sunday

Rix (9:24:10 PM)
WB Anne ;0 was Europe fun?

ErnieMCC (ID=44) (9:24:11 PM)
(IP =

hollie (ID=28) (9:24:12 PM)
good ques anne

Donna (ID=29) (9:24:15 PM)
Hi Ernie

tweety (ID=21) (9:24:16 PM)
Hi Ernie

Trip (ID=40) (9:24:17 PM)
hi ernie

pamda (9:24:19 PM)
Anne ... i t probably depends on their size :)

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:24:21 PM)
hi ernie

RoboCop (9:24:22 PM)
JB has two and they are great kids so I don't think he has any problems there Anne

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:24:23 PM)
Hi Ernie

re (ID=34) (9:24:26 PM)
Hey, ernie

J.B. (9:24:26 PM)
I have two Teens of my own ... and I've learned a lot from them. All they want is a place of their own with kids to hang with.

sh (ID=20) (9:24:30 PM)
J.B. - I think you missed my questions... given that you use Fly-on acts, would that be a problem for an act such as myself, I travel with 3 ATA cases?

keda (ID=43) (9:24:35 PM)
good evening

pamda (9:24:35 PM)
Hi, Ernie !!!

Deb (ID=14) (9:24:46 PM)
(IP =

tweety (ID=21) (9:24:47 PM)
Evening Keda

ErnieMCC (ID=44) (9:24:47 PM)
Hi folks...

cindy (ID=41) (9:24:49 PM)
but got bad news today got to buy new starter for the truck before we go that 200 easy

J.B. (9:24:57 PM)
An act that has a lot of props usually elects a Live-On spot

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:25:06 PM)
Is Bill Prince still director of Entertainment for Holland America?

Kuki (9:25:08 PM)
Sh.. I have problems because I travel with two head cases.. Me and Mrs Kuki :)

Donna (ID=29) (9:25:14 PM)

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:25:19 PM)
lol Kuki

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:25:20 PM)

keda (ID=43) (9:25:26 PM)
(IP =

keda (ID=43) (9:25:26 PM)
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP =

Trip (ID=40) (9:25:28 PM)
and with my shoe condo..thats a 3 act play right there;)

SouthernAngel (ID=32) (9:25:29 PM)
lol @ kuki

J.B. (9:25:29 PM)
I don't know Bill! Each of our sister companies has their own operations.

pamda (9:25:32 PM)
And a separate case for the antlers ???

Donna (ID=29) (9:25:33 PM)
Kuki..loved your first Explorer tour :-)

Kuki (9:25:43 PM)
Pamda.. that too .. LOL

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:25:44 PM)
...looking forward to tommorows virtual report kuki...day 1 sounded trying.......

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:25:45 PM)
Are the performers all as young and good looking as they appear to be on stage?

Trip (ID=40) (9:25:52 PM)
yes kuki great 1st chapter

blumoo (ID=15) (9:25:54 PM)
I have noticed that a lot of the dancers are from GB, do you solicit a lot there?

Kuki (9:25:54 PM)
Donna.. it gets better.. much better ! :)

Donna (ID=29) (9:26:04 PM)
Good Kuki, can't wait :-)

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:26:07 PM)
Bill has been there since 1993, I saw him on the Volendam last year

J.B. (9:26:07 PM)
Most are - but stage make-up hides a lot of wrinkles!!!

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:26:08 PM)
kuki when is the next one??

RoboCop (9:26:16 PM)
JB, where do you find most of your employees and are they usually pretty young?

tweety (ID=21) (9:26:21 PM)
too bad we couldn't have gotten it while you were still on the cruise Kuki :-(

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:26:25 PM)
Do you wear make-up too, JB :)

hollie (ID=28) (9:26:26 PM)
is it a requirement to look good for carnival to hire you because a good portion of the crew look like they could be models

Kuki (9:26:27 PM)
Cedd.. my next cruise, or the next installment ?

RoboCop (9:26:33 PM)
A beard Anne

J.B. (9:26:34 PM)
Dancers from GB are well trained at excellent schools - we recruit there.

Leslie (ID=36) (9:26:43 PM)
JB - I was wondering as I want to become a part of Carnival should I send you a copy to your e-mail?

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:26:46 PM)
nexi installment

J.B. (9:26:53 PM)
My make-up dried up years ago

Kuki (9:26:59 PM)
Cedd.. I would guess tomorrow

tweety (ID=21) (9:27:00 PM)

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:27:05 PM)
but your singers are usually American, and a lot of your cruise staff as well.

J.B. (9:27:07 PM)
Yes, you can send it to my email

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:27:14 PM)
Guys from Jersey City generally don't wear make-up

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:27:17 PM)
ok look forward to it

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:27:20 PM)

pamda (9:27:23 PM)
My husband quit being a TV weatherman because the kids were grossed out to have the only dad in the world who wore makeup to the mall.

J.B. (9:27:28 PM)
We have very few American's in our crew, but most of those are in the entertainment dept

Leslie (ID=36) (9:27:33 PM)
JB what is your e-mail?

Trip (ID=40) (9:27:39 PM)
pam lol

J.B. (9:27:48 PM)
I don't wear make-up - that was a joke!!!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:27:51 PM)
ok...tip 1) stickball 2)no makeup.....

J.B. (9:27:58 PM)

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:28:02 PM)
taking notes JB

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:28:12 PM)
right, in the "cruise staff" meaning those who work under the cruise director

RoboCop (9:28:16 PM)
He's also bigger than you Mark

J.B. (9:28:17 PM)
Taking lots of notes - thanks!!!

Trip (ID=40) (9:28:31 PM)

pamda (9:28:38 PM)
JB ... what do you think is the one thing that most cruisers remember about a Cruise Director?

J.B. (9:28:42 PM)
Cruise Staff work under the cruise director and are the entertainment team on board

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:28:45 PM)
....awwww Robo

SpecialK (ID=46) (9:28:49 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (9:28:54 PM)
JB, how isa the staff doing with all the new procedures?

blumoo (ID=15) (9:29:00 PM)
I see that the Fasination is adding a teen disco? What about other ships?

J.B. (9:29:05 PM)
The Cruise Director's smile and sense of humor

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:29:07 PM)
....visibility !!

sh (ID=20) (9:29:08 PM)
J.B. - You must receive tons of submissions from entertainers. Are you able to offer any tips in regard what will catch one of your Ent. Mgrs attention.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:29:15 PM)
(IP =

tweety (ID=21) (9:29:33 PM)
Hi Gidget

pamda (9:29:34 PM)
Hi, Gidget !!!

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:29:35 PM)
hi gidget

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:29:40 PM)
Going to run guys.

J.B. (9:29:42 PM)
New procedures usually cause the staff some concern - it's like changing the choreogrtaphy of a dance number in mid-show. But they catch on quickly

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:29:44 PM)
Nice to meet you JB

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:29:45 PM)
gn ml

tweety (ID=21) (9:29:49 PM)
Nite ML, CU tomorrow

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:29:54 PM)
take care all, and have a great Tuesday

J.B. (9:29:58 PM)
Same, Mary Lou

Trip (ID=40) (9:29:58 PM)
hi gidget..i work with someone named gidget..:)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:30:06 PM)
Hi Tweety, Pamda and everyone:>

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:30:10 PM)
What ship will John Heald be going to next?

Kuki (9:30:12 PM)
JB... Are the CDs getting so buried by paper work they no longer have the time to be out and about on the ship interacting with passengers??

Leslie (ID=36) (9:30:14 PM)
(IP =

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:30:16 PM)
my recommendation is to go on cruise ships and study the entertaintment. what they want most are experieced cruise entertainers who know the audience tastes

ImHere (ID=47) (9:30:21 PM)
(IP =

Mary Lou (ID=25) (9:30:23 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (9:30:31 PM)
I for one think the cruise staff are wondeful people and try to make my appreciation known to them whenever I cruise

J.B. (9:30:39 PM)
John is scheduled to join the Carnival Victory in 2002 and then we hope he will honor us by handling the inauguration of the Carnival Legend

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:30:40 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:30:45 PM)
I kinda fit the image.. 5'1.. married to a guy who looks a little like Moondoggie:>

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:30:51 PM)
thank you J.B.

Trip (ID=40) (9:31:02 PM)
my gidget has a sister annette:)

RoboCop (9:31:03 PM)
He told me he would be there JB and he better

hollie (ID=28) (9:31:12 PM)
I'm wondering what kuki is I never hardly saw the CD

Trip (ID=40) (9:31:14 PM)
her mother was a movie fan:)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:31:19 PM)
This is my first time here, nice to meet other cruise lovers.

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:31:24 PM)
(IP =

tweety (ID=21) (9:31:25 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:31:25 PM)
Imagine that - John Headl told you the truth!! Will wonders ever cease??

Trip (ID=40) (9:31:28 PM)
hi ml

pamda (9:31:30 PM)
Then TRIPLE welcome, Gidget !!!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:31:31 PM)
...I heard him too..

RoboCop (9:31:32 PM)

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:31:33 PM)
hi everyone :))

Kuki (9:31:33 PM)
howD Gidget.. welcome

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:31:35 PM)

DJ Bob (9:31:35 PM)
Ahoy MnL

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:31:40 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (9:31:41 PM)
He even showed up at C&C's JB!

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:31:52 PM)
hi mick

RoboCop (9:31:56 PM)
I have photos to prove it!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:31:58 PM)
Kuki.. I've heard wonderful things about this group.. Cruise Mates et al.

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:31:59 PM)
hiya, DJ, Ceddie :)

Donna (ID=29) (9:31:59 PM)
Hi Mick

J.B. (9:32:05 PM)
John at C & C's .... now that one IS hard to believe

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:32:05 PM)
Hey Mick

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:32:10 PM)
hiya, Donna, Cher :)

Trip (ID=40) (9:32:12 PM)
gidge we are a fun group...welcome

Kuki (9:32:14 PM)
Gidget.. and especially me I bet.. LOL

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:32:23 PM)
....MIles and Heidi came too...

Kuki (9:32:35 PM)
JB.. but he was ONLY drinking coke!! I swear !! :)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:32:40 PM)
Actually Kuki.. you are right on!

J.B. (9:32:46 PM)
'll buy a round of drinks!!!! I'm single

RoboCop (9:32:48 PM)
Everyone, JB is our special guest and is the Carnival Cruise Lines Entertainment Manager responsible for the entire cruise staff. He is here to answer your questions

J.B. (9:33:01 PM)
John only drinks DIET coke!!!

basketnut (ID=51) (9:33:06 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (9:33:11 PM)
the Halloween or March?

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:33:22 PM)
....Diet AW rootbeer.....

Kuki (9:33:22 PM)
JB.. scarey to think how he'd be if he drank :)

J.B. (9:33:25 PM)
The most current!

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:33:29 PM)
JB- Would you read my letter of employment if I were to send it to you via e-mail? I really would like to be become a part of Carnival Cruise Lines

RoboCop (9:33:30 PM)
I'll send you a photo JB, I was shocked too!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:33:33 PM)
Hi J.B. how nice to meet you.

sh (ID=20) (9:33:41 PM)
JB _ You must receive a ton of submissions from entertainers. Are you able to offer any tips in regard to what will catch one your Ent. Mgrs. attention... that is to stand out from the next act when submitting prome, etc.

J.B. (9:33:51 PM)
Imagine if he used his "powers" for evil .... even Batman would find him a challenge

Kuki (9:33:59 PM)

J.B. (9:34:05 PM)
I will promise to read your letter

DJ Bob (9:34:05 PM)

J.B. (9:34:12 PM)
Hi Gidget1

Diane G. (ID=38) (9:34:27 PM)
(IP =

hollie (ID=28) (9:34:46 PM)
How did you get to know this John so well I hardly saw our CD except at the the shows?

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:34:48 PM)
Thank you JB. I am looking for employment now onboard a cruise ship!

J.B. (9:34:49 PM)
The act must be suitable for entire families - and the entertainer must be available at quick notice

Anne Campbell (ID=39) (9:35:14 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:35:15 PM)
John and I were the first social hosts on the MS Fantasy in 1990 - and we were both promoted to Cruise Directors a month apart.

Trip (ID=40) (9:35:30 PM)
i do a great mime of a lady shopping:):)

RoboCop (9:35:39 PM)
Most CD's try to spend time with the passengers but they now have so much administration to do it gets harder and harder for them to do

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:35:43 PM)
LOL, Trip

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:35:45 PM)
JB would you like me to also send a photo?

Donna (ID=29) (9:35:48 PM)
Robo..thats is so true

Donalee (9:35:54 PM)
JB, have you been given any new instructions as far as security on the ships? Given the events of 9/11

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:35:54 PM)
sh - I worked as a satge manager for 2 years on ships. I recommend a video done in front of a live audience that represents typical cruise ship passengers. Something from a concert, amusement park, etc. Make sure it is cleam material, good quality. Include a resume and recommendations from other venues and companies you have performed for.

J.B. (9:36:07 PM)
Right you are RoboCop! I am trying to ease up their admin stuff to allow them more time with guests.

hollie (ID=28) (9:36:16 PM)
ahhh thanks, the social host guys were very helpful anyway

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:36:17 PM)
I was on with him on Ecstacy first year..JB about the same time...

hollie (ID=28) (9:36:31 PM)
we'd appreciate that JB

Trip (ID=40) (9:36:32 PM)
gnight kids thanks for coming J.B.:)

Trip (ID=40) (9:36:34 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:36:35 PM)
I have a special place in my heart for social hosts

RoboCop (9:36:35 PM)
I knoe they would appreciate it JB. It is rampant on all lines with all CD's

Kuki (9:36:48 PM)
JB.. I was on stage with John on the Triumph week before last.. loved the taste of laughter from the audience. Can I go straight to the job of CD ? (very highly paid, of course)

J.B. (9:36:54 PM)
I was CD on the Carnivale when John was on the Ecstasy

hollie (ID=28) (9:36:57 PM)
Does it help if it's a smaller shi[

SpecialK (ID=46) (9:37:09 PM)
(IP =

hollie (ID=28) (9:37:13 PM)
oops ship

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:37:17 PM)
....we were laughing with you kuki ..not at you...lol

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:37:18 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (9:37:24 PM)
Are you leaning to having more SH's per ship now JB?

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:37:25 PM)
JB would you like me to send you my photo?

Kuki (9:37:25 PM)
Hollie.. it certainly does. They have less staff to take care of too

Donna (ID=29) (9:37:26 PM)
Hi Luv2

J.B. (9:37:29 PM)
Sure - we can use talented CD's - but give it a bit of time to train!!

Rix (9:37:32 PM)
hi Luv

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:37:33 PM)
hiya, Luv2

Kuki (9:37:33 PM)
Frog.. ya sure!!

J.B. (9:37:39 PM)
Send the photo

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:37:39 PM)
hello everyone

Kuki (9:37:55 PM)
Hi ya Luv2

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:37:56 PM)
hi l2

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:37:57 PM)
I sang on the ssVeracruz back in the late 70's when the lead singer took ill, and had to be airlifted off in Aruba. Got asked by the Captain to sing for 3 weeks. He was Greek and gave my mother his word that he would treat me like his daughter . He was a man of his word.. none the crew made any impropriate advances. It was a great experience. My husband and I both sing. We always join up if there's a talent night. Lots of fun.

J.B. (9:38:00 PM)
We are hoping to beef up the social host roster on each ship - but, for the moment there are no changes in staffing

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:38:01 PM)
Rix....your the one I emailed about your mom who's 80?

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:38:37 PM)
..Hi luv

hollie (ID=28) (9:38:39 PM)
the social hosts on the Victory last october were great they need a promotion

J.B. (9:38:41 PM)
Gidget1 - sounds pretty neat when you are on board

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:38:41 PM)
hi cruise

Donna (ID=29) (9:38:42 PM)
Hey Mick...when is your Explorer cruise, was it in Jan?

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:38:42 PM)
cant really ad a ton of hosts with 399.00 sailings...eh?

Kuki (9:38:49 PM)
u want beefed up social hosts.. I'm definately beefed up:)

J.B. (9:38:57 PM)
I think one of them was already promoted to Assistant CD

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:39:01 PM)
Donna...going 0ct. 20th now :))

hollie (ID=28) (9:39:06 PM)
do you know which one

Donna (ID=29) (9:39:12 PM)
Ok Mick..wow, pretty soon

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:39:13 PM)
We met a nice guy from our city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada... Greg Edgar, who worked on the Celebration. We wonder where he is now. Thanks J.B. Maybe we should send you a resume:>

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:39:14 PM)
Mick...so am I....hope it's still on

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:39:17 PM)
Donna, that is...if Kuki left it intact

DRS (ID=18) (9:39:17 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (9:39:18 PM)
Jeff Bronson

blumoo (ID=15) (9:39:20 PM)
Was that the host from Paradise?

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:39:22 PM)
right around the corner, Mick

Rix (9:39:25 PM)
hi MicK!!

Donna (ID=29) (9:39:28 PM)

J.B. (9:39:30 PM)
He was on the Paradise as well

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:39:44 PM)
hiya, Rix

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:39:49 PM)
He was? How's he doing??

cindy (ID=41) (9:39:58 PM)
rix i would like to see the pic of you and your kite

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:40:01 PM)
you think they may cancel, Luv2????

J.B. (9:40:04 PM)
Just excellent! Still working hard and keeping guests busy

Kuki (9:40:06 PM)
btw.. Paradise is soiled now. It was in port with us in SanJuan. I blew smoke at it

sh (ID=20) (9:40:08 PM)
JB - I have a name of Chris Prideaux, I believe he works on your staff. Should I submit my video and promo to chris or yourself?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:40:12 PM)
He laughed and told us he missed Canadian beer and cigarettes:>

Donna (ID=29) (9:40:13 PM)
Cindy..yea, me too :-)

RoboCop (9:40:13 PM)
JB, any chance of bringing on people that will help book your next cruise onboard?

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:40:17 PM)
Mick....don't think so....but stranger things have happened

J.B. (9:40:22 PM)
Chris is the guy!!

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:40:34 PM)
gn all

Ceddie (ID=35) (9:40:39 PM)
(IP =

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:40:50 PM)
yeah, I was gonna hit all the bars with Rix on the 15th...look what happened there!!! LOL

J.B. (9:40:52 PM)
We are thinking seriously of bring back operation BOB (Book On Board)

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:41:04 PM)
heard our airport in Atlanta is busy...need to be there 3-4 hrs ahead of time....yikes

keda (ID=43) (9:41:15 PM)
(IP =

blumoo (ID=15) (9:41:15 PM)
I bet it would boost sales!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:41:30 PM)
So you do know Greg!! He asked us to phone his dad when we got home. His father got a laugh out of that.

pamda (9:41:30 PM)
Especially if it were open after cocktail hour !!!

J.B. (9:41:32 PM)
I agree! And right now - that's the name of the game!!

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:41:36 PM)
yes, here in KC it's the same, Luv2....

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:41:40 PM)
goodnight everyone... thank you J.B. for answering all of my questions and for keeping Carnival the best cruise line going. (The Carnival entertainment program is the best!)

hollie (ID=28) (9:41:46 PM)
anyone here been to Progresso, Mexico and have any idea what to do there

J.B. (9:41:46 PM)
Sure will

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:41:46 PM)
Anne...If I win the R5 contest giveaway .........never mind...lol

Kuki (9:41:46 PM)
Saw on Explorer last week, their business office for onboard bookings was surprisingly busy

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:41:48 PM)
JB - I love people and I have been involved in the Cruise ship industry and tourism industry for a very long time. I bring much experience; over 5 years. I hope when you recieve my resume and cover letter via e-mail you consider me.

blumoo (ID=15) (9:41:49 PM)
Get Them while on a cruise high!

Donna (ID=29) (9:41:51 PM)
Nite Mikxoc

RoboCop (9:41:57 PM)
good idea to strike while the iron is hot so to speak

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:41:59 PM)
Mick...I have an early flight....

J.B. (9:42:03 PM)
Missed a few questions - try again!

hollie (ID=28) (9:42:03 PM)
nite mikxoc

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:42:12 PM)
nite all

J.B. (9:42:19 PM)
I look at every resume that I receive - honest - every one!

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:42:19 PM)
are you going a day early, luv2???

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:42:41 PM)
.....hi Mick...missed your entrance...

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:42:43 PM)
Does Carnival ever hire husband and wife duets??

mikxoc (ID=10) (9:42:46 PM)
(IP =

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:42:46 PM)
Yes we are...staying on the beach and take in South Beach at night

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:42:48 PM)
hiya, mcfrog :))

Kuki (9:42:49 PM)
JB.. and how many would that be in any given week???

blumoo (ID=15) (9:42:50 PM)
Another dancer we enjoyed on two cruises is a young man named Matt

Kim (ID=53) (9:42:51 PM)
(IP =

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:42:58 PM)
JB - I will send it now to your e-mail ok

pamda (9:42:59 PM)
Kim !!!

J.B. (9:43:04 PM)
We have a few husband and wife teams - Michael and Jenni on teh Jublee are excellent

Kim (ID=53) (9:43:12 PM)
hey pam...did you get the salsa?

J.B. (9:43:18 PM)
100 in a week

RoboCop (9:43:22 PM)
'Matt is now a CD I believe

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:43:22 PM)
luv2..we are staying nite before at Miami Hyatt....we should meet for a drink...(or two)

pamda (9:43:25 PM)
Not the lifetime supply, yet.

sh (ID=20) (9:43:27 PM)
JB - Does CCL have a preference for the type of variety entertainers it engages?

J.B. (9:43:28 PM)
Matt is still with us and he is just excellent

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:43:37 PM)
I've heard that you sometimes split them up/// is that true JB?

Kim (ID=53) (9:43:40 PM)
darn...I had it sent over the weekend

J.B. (9:43:42 PM)
There are two CD's named Matt!

Kim (ID=53) (9:43:45 PM)
keep looking for it

J.B. (9:43:59 PM)
Entertainers need be family oriented.

hollie (ID=28) (9:44:02 PM)
is there a CD named shawn that has been recently promoted

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:44:04 PM)
Mick...I would but we're with 6 other people.....are you going to Dizzy's when you get onboard the Explorer at 3?30?

blumoo (ID=15) (9:44:08 PM)
This Matt is still a dancer on Paradise, at least as of 8/01

RoboCop (9:44:08 PM)
I'm thinking of skinny Matt from Tampoa

J.B. (9:44:11 PM)
We never split up husband and wife - or at least almost never .....

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:44:15 PM)
(IP =

pamda (9:44:23 PM)
HI, Suzie !!!

Donna (ID=29) (9:44:24 PM)
Hi Suzie

DJ Bob (9:44:37 PM)
JB, is Steve Cassel, Tim Harkleroad & Lenny Halliday still with CCL?

re (ID=34) (9:44:38 PM)
Hey, Suzie!

J.B. (9:44:42 PM)
We are looking for a solid Spanish/English comedian for the Carnival Destiny

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:44:42 PM)

RoboCop (9:44:44 PM)
Hope for me yet JB!

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:44:57 PM)

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:44:58 PM)
man, I always wondered if CDs were afraid of computers...especially since everyone started "burning" CDs....LOL

J.B. (9:45:01 PM)
All three are still with CCL. Steve and Lenny are CD's and Timmy is a Fly On act.

pamda (9:45:03 PM)
I speak both languages, but I don't think I am very funny :)

blumoo (ID=15) (9:45:05 PM)
Lenny was on Paradise 8/01

Donalee (9:45:06 PM)
(IP =

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:45:07 PM)

Kuki (9:45:08 PM)
I can meet one of those three criteria JB.. I'm SOLID :)

J.B. (9:45:09 PM)
Hope springs eternal

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:45:22 PM)

DJ Bob (9:45:24 PM)
JB, what about Malcolm Kennedy?

Kim (ID=53) (9:45:30 PM)
Hey pam...shhhh but what's a CD?

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:45:32 PM)
yeah, Luv2....we would like to be there

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:45:34 PM)
Is these a host here..a celebrity???

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:45:46 PM)
KUKI MAN,,back from your latest???

sh (ID=20) (9:45:50 PM)
JB - How about a Canadian Comedy Magician? I

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:45:50 PM)
Mick....I'm planning on going....I just hope I remember

J.B. (9:45:50 PM)
Malcolm - one of the funniest and kindest people I have ever worked with - passed on last year

Kuki (9:45:57 PM)
Suzie.. our guest is JB.. man in charge of Carnival Entertainment

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:46:01 PM)
sure suzie...DJ Bob is here !!

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:46:04 PM)
JB,,are you the famous CD??

J.B. (9:46:09 PM)
Canadian Comedy - what a concept!!

pamda (9:46:14 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:46:17 PM)
Only one problem. of working on a ship.. we'd have to make our green-cheek conure Frisco.. part of the act :>

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:46:17 PM)

DJ Bob (9:46:17 PM)
oh no! sorry to hear about that JB

Kuki (9:46:19 PM)
Hey!!!! LOL

RoboCop (9:46:24 PM)
JB is our special guest host. He is Carnivals Entertainment Manager

J.B. (9:46:25 PM)
Former CD - now in charge of CD's for Carnival

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:46:31 PM)
Gidget,,love yer name@

J.B. (9:46:36 PM)
Hello Suzie500k

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:46:45 PM)
JB - I also sent a letter about Carnival to our local newspaper here in Bermuda would you like me to send it to you via e-mail. It is very good. It is about Bermuda considering Carnival. As, I am from Bermuda and would love to see Carnival cruise to my country! What do you think?

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:46:47 PM)
JB,,WOW your a bigtime guy,,

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:46:53 PM)
hey, Kuki..didja leave my t-shirt on the Explorer???? LOL

J.B. (9:46:56 PM)
Love to read it

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:46:59 PM)
JB,,I am going on my 1st cruise in dec,,and cannot wait,,

J.B. (9:47:08 PM)
Big only in position!

cindy (ID=41) (9:47:08 PM)
do you ever do karaoke on the ships

Donna (ID=29) (9:47:09 PM)
Suzie..what ship?

RoboCop (9:47:10 PM)
I'd love to see it too Leslie!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:47:15 PM)
....Do all the CD's do bedtime story .....??

pamda (9:47:16 PM)
We're getting Suzie ORGANIZED !!!

hollie (ID=28) (9:47:17 PM)
JB I thik some of the best entertainment is found in the dining room maybe some of those guys should change positions

Kuki (9:47:21 PM)
Mick.. I didnt ,b ut send me your snail addres and I'll send u one

hollie (ID=28) (9:47:27 PM)
what's bedtime story

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:47:27 PM)
Suzie......really? Which ship?

J.B. (9:47:28 PM)
A first time cruiser is always special. I wish you calm seas and fair winds

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:47:31 PM)
Donna,,Infinity,,sorry JB

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:47:38 PM)
thanx suzie... if you met me.. you'd know why I'm Gidget1:>

J.B. (9:47:40 PM)
Not all the CD's ... most of them like bedtime story.

Kim (ID=53) (9:47:42 PM)
suzie...me too...first in December

RoboCop (9:47:45 PM)
not all Mcfrog

Donna (ID=29) (9:47:46 PM)
Suzie..Ok, I remember now, lucky U!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:47:59 PM)
Just wondering if its a staple.......

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:48:00 PM)
LOL, Kuki...I was just kidding

pamda (9:48:03 PM)
Taking care of Kim, too.

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:48:05 PM)
I'm just now looking into booking for the Summitt for 2002

sh (ID=20) (9:48:06 PM)
JB - I think comedy has passed lumber as our (Canada's) No. 1 export.

J.B. (9:48:16 PM)
By the way - John Heald does the all time classic bedtime story - funnier each time I see it

Kim (ID=53) (9:48:17 PM)
you sure have Pam

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:48:22 PM)
JB.. if we were to send a resume.. you need head shots or video of act??

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:48:35 PM)
JB,,what are the best ships,,for fine entertainment,,in your humble opinion,,of course Carnival

J.B. (9:48:35 PM)
I agree - some Canadian comics are exceptional

RoboCop (9:48:35 PM)
Yeah SH, it's called your Loonies Sorry

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:48:42 PM)
I would've given the t-shirt off of my back just to have been able to meet ya, Kuki

cindy (ID=41) (9:48:43 PM)
J.B. do you ever have karaoke on your ships?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:48:54 PM)
Are you Canadian JB?? Where do you hail from?

J.B. (9:48:54 PM)
A video of an act is the only way to go - so do it!

RoboCop (9:48:59 PM)
yes they do Cindy

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:49:01 PM)
Hollie..Im sorry...just got your Q?....Its a skit/show using audience participation

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:49:08 PM)
RoBo I also posted it on the cruisemates board under the Carnival board

blumoo (ID=15) (9:49:08 PM)
Cindy I think it is on most ships

Kuki (9:49:09 PM)
Mick.. ah Shucks!! book another of our CruiseMates cruises and we can meet!!!

Rix (9:49:10 PM)
Mick he is a bit strange hehe

J.B. (9:49:10 PM)
We have karaoke on all of our ships - including in the Teen Club

luv2cruise (ID=52) (9:49:12 PM)
(IP =

Rix (9:49:14 PM)

hollie (ID=28) (9:49:18 PM)
ahh never saw that one yet

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:49:18 PM)
I need a t shirt to wear to my gym to advertise..

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:49:19 PM)
What are the chances though.. and how long of a contract do you get?

hollie (ID=28) (9:49:23 PM)
maybe next time

sh (ID=20) (9:49:24 PM)
JB - Some argue Canadian comedy is a product of long winters.

RoboCop (9:49:26 PM)
Tks Leslie

cindy (ID=41) (9:49:32 PM)
i know a couple that does alot of it in florida and they are great

J.B. (9:49:34 PM)
Contracts are generally 6 months

pamda (9:49:36 PM)
Hawaii could be good. I understand Kuki has ordered a custom-made grass skirt and matching antlers.

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:49:46 PM)
RoBo it i svery GOOD!

J.B. (9:49:46 PM)
Very long winters and very funny comics

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:49:48 PM)
KUKI Did you recently board the EXPLORER???

Rix (9:49:50 PM)
that will be site

cindy (ID=41) (9:49:53 PM)
i need him to send you a resume

Kuki (9:49:54 PM)
Pamda.. that was a secret.. a glass grass skirt

DJ Bob (9:49:54 PM)
LOL Pamda

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:49:55 PM)
Rix, wish you and Heather could go with us Oct. 20th

Kuki (9:50:02 PM)
Suz.. yes.. sailed her last week

pamda (9:50:03 PM)
Darn. Didn't mean to give it away.

basketnut (ID=51) (9:50:05 PM)
(IP =

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:50:11 PM)
KUKI,,was she sweet?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:50:17 PM)
Where do we send resumes to.. do you have an Email address JB??

J.B. (9:50:30 PM)

stingray (ID=13) (9:50:31 PM)
(IP =

Kuki (9:50:33 PM)
Suzie.. I was on Triumph 9/22, then Explorer 9/29

Rix (9:50:35 PM)
wish too would bring an extra kite for ya

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:50:39 PM)
Kuki... Explorer was wonderful.

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:50:39 PM)
JB,,did you answer my ?? about best entertainment,,,

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:50:48 PM)

hollie (ID=28) (9:50:51 PM)
kuki want to trade lives!!

J.B. (9:50:52 PM)
Sorry - repeat the question please

RoboCop (9:50:54 PM)
Susie, I did the Explorer 9/15 and the Triumph 9/22

Paul Motter (ID=37) (9:50:55 PM)
(IP =

brent (ID=55) (9:50:55 PM)
(IP =

Kim (ID=53) (9:51:01 PM)
Kuki...did you just get off and right back on next door so to speak?

pamda (9:51:04 PM)
JB ... what percentage of pax attend the shows?

Kuki (9:51:17 PM)
Gidget.. it was a totally different experience.. Explorer is more like a resort with fins than a ship

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:51:17 PM)
JB,,on your Carnival,,ships,,what one has the premier entertainment

ImHere (ID=47) (9:51:21 PM)
(IP =

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:51:22 PM)
brent hi

J.B. (9:51:38 PM)
The large production shows are attended by almost all of the guests (except those either asleep in their cabins or hanging out in the casino

brent (ID=55) (9:51:40 PM)
hi suz

Kuki (9:51:45 PM)
KIM.. ya.. thats exactly what we did.. cab driver was pissed, when I asked how much to Explorer .. LOL

sh (ID=20) (9:51:58 PM)
JB _ How far in advance to you book your entertainers?

Kim (ID=53) (9:51:58 PM)
hahaha...that's great

Donalee (ID=56) (9:52:02 PM)
(IP =

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:52:05 PM)
Hi Brent

brent (ID=55) (9:52:15 PM)
hey nut

DJ Bob (9:52:16 PM)
wb Dona

Kim (ID=53) (9:52:16 PM)
dumb question Kuki but did you pack two sets of suitcases?

J.B. (9:52:20 PM)
I cannot single one ship out for best entertainment - but, I can say that the newest ship The Carnival Spirit has the newest technology in entertainment

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:52:21 PM)
hiya, Donalee

Kuki (9:52:24 PM)
<<< hung out in Casino missed production shows :)

RoboCop (9:52:25 PM)
we did Kim

Kuki (9:52:36 PM)
Kim.. nope, we did some laundry

SouthernAngel (ID=32) (9:52:37 PM)
(IP =

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:52:37 PM)
JB,,,MAY I ASK if the Ecstacy is an pretty good gal,,or getting too old?

J.B. (9:52:39 PM)
I missed a question

Donalee (ID=56) (9:52:41 PM)
Hi everyone, I got booted.

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:52:44 PM)
JB - for my e-mail as cruise staff and/or social host what to put as the subject?

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:52:44 PM)

pamda (9:52:50 PM)
wb Donnalee

hollie (ID=28) (9:52:51 PM)
JB any clue is to how close to being finished the pride is?

RoboCop (9:52:56 PM)
JB does the Bingo fall under the CD or the Casino?

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:53:00 PM)
I am going to starbucks,,back later

pamda (9:53:11 PM)
Bring some back for me, OK?

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:53:14 PM)
Ecstasy was just fine suzie

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:53:14 PM)
byebye nice meeting you JB

hollie (ID=28) (9:53:15 PM)
me too

J.B. (9:53:15 PM)
The Ecstasy is still in great shape and represents the days when the color schemes were dazzling. She is out on the west coast and books solidly

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:53:18 PM)

J.B. (9:53:22 PM)
Bingo belongs to the CD

cruisenut (ID=31) (9:53:22 PM)
just got off of her

J.B. (9:53:30 PM)
Bye suzie

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:53:38 PM)
JB,,yes,,i have a 4 day to baja,,in 2 weeks

J.B. (9:53:47 PM)
Bye hollie

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:53:55 PM)
bye,hubbie wants coffee

sh (ID=20) (9:53:55 PM)
JB - I think you missed one of my questions. I was asking, how far in advance do you book entertainers?

suzie500k (ID=54) (9:54:00 PM)
(IP =

hollie (ID=28) (9:54:00 PM)
no I 'm not going I want a starbucks coffee

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:54:09 PM)
Kuki...we are going to read your virtual cruise with high interest .....so the pressure is on to give us advice and clues for our trip!!!!

J.B. (9:54:13 PM)
I prefer the 4-Day itinerary - say hello to my gang (CD is Paul Santley - and he is hysterical)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:54:16 PM)
That's so true Kuki.. we were on Explorer Nov 4/2000... got to do almost everything.. but ran out of time and never got to climb the wall :>

RoboCop (9:54:25 PM)
HAve you heard how Al Ernst is doing BTW? He is a good guy

Kuki (9:54:26 PM)
Mick.. they should be following along day by day now

brent (ID=55) (9:54:32 PM)
(IP =

Donna (ID=29) (9:54:34 PM)
Gidget..there is just so much to do, hard to do it all

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:54:37 PM)
JB- for the subject of my e-mail what to put??

J.B. (9:54:56 PM)
Al Earnst is a wonderful person and a good friend. He is taking some time off from cruising to explore a new concept.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:55:01 PM)
I'm looking forward to the Millennium Oct 28th!!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:55:14 PM)
JB... where are you from ??

pamda (9:55:27 PM)
You will love Millie, Gidget.

J.B. (9:55:35 PM)
You select the subject - I prommise to read it

J.B. (9:55:35 PM)
Jersey City, NJ but I live in south Florida now

Donna (ID=29) (9:55:42 PM)
gotta run, nite, be sure to check in again tomorrow, nite

hollie (ID=28) (9:55:43 PM)
Is the CD Troy from Britain?

Donna (ID=29) (9:55:45 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (9:55:47 PM)
nite Donna

Leslie1 (ID=49) (9:55:52 PM)
Thanks JB - sending it NOW!

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:55:53 PM)
nite, Donna..have a great tommorrow!

J.B. (9:55:56 PM)
Troy is from the good old USA

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:56:00 PM)
Can't wait!! We got upgraded to a sky suite from a 1A!!

hollie (ID=28) (9:56:07 PM)
thanks jb

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:56:09 PM)
er 1B\

ErnieMCC (ID=44) (9:56:10 PM)
JB... did you know Nick Weir... at Costa?

blumoo (ID=15) (9:56:21 PM)
Maybe the third time will be a charm and Dancers Matt and Suzy willbe on the Pride 8/02!

J.B. (9:56:27 PM)
Sorry, but I don't know Nick.

hollie (ID=28) (9:56:31 PM)
I just wondered cuz I like the CD 's with british accent

Rix (9:56:41 PM)
sorry brb my Sattalite guy is fixing stuff

Kuki (9:56:43 PM)
Gidget.. how nice. Millie is my personal favorite so far.. thats one reason we chose the Summit for our CruiseMates Group cruise next May

MickNLinda (ID=48) (9:57:12 PM)
great Rix..have him add the football packatge!!!

DJ Bob (9:57:13 PM)
JB, there used to be a British CD named Graham (I don't remember his last name)... is he still with CCL?

J.B. (9:57:16 PM)
The British have a sense of humor that cracks me up - but, there are some fine home grown guys as well. Corey Schmidt, Shawn Bussey, etc.

hollie (ID=28) (9:57:35 PM)
yeah I think I've had the pleasure of seeing both of them

Kuki (9:57:45 PM)
JB.. if all goes well we're planning on doing a CruiseMates/John Heald Test Your Sanity Cruise reunion next year.. maybe with some notice u can join us

J.B. (9:57:46 PM)
Graham Seymour - he is now with a different cruise line and works the Asia market

hollie (ID=28) (9:57:47 PM)
plus the kerion guy could really sing

DJ Bob (9:58:12 PM)
JB, that was him... he was CD on the Mardi Gras

sh (ID=20) (9:58:20 PM)
JB - I think my question was missed again... How far in advance do you book your entertainers?

J.B. (9:58:32 PM)
You can count on my being there. John and I can bring back some of the schtick we used to do as Hosts together.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (9:58:35 PM)
nite Donna

Kuki (9:58:50 PM)
JB.. now that would be FUN on the FUN ship!

mcfrog (ID=23) (9:58:58 PM)
that would be worth admission JB.....

J.B. (9:59:01 PM)
We book entertainers months in advance (but there are times when we call with only a week advanced notce) Depends on circumstances

Donalee (ID=56) (9:59:28 PM)
JB, Do you know who will be the CD on Victory for Nov. 24, 2001? And could you tell me about him/or her?

J.B. (9:59:31 PM)
We have some videos of our stuff - much of what John does today, we developed as a team back in the early 90's

RoboCop (9:59:46 PM)
I'd like to see that someday JB

DJ Bob (9:59:46 PM)
JB, does CCL have plans to name a new ship Mardi Gras, Carnivale and/or Festivale?

J.B. (9:59:49 PM)
Corey Schmidt should be on board through the holiday season

Kuki (9:59:54 PM)
sorry I wasnt sailing then to see the team :)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:00:04 PM)
Would like to do the Paradise. Heard wonderful things about her. I like the nonsmkg atmosphere for a change of pace.

Donalee (ID=56) (10:00:09 PM)
Thanks, J.B.

J.B. (10:00:10 PM)
Corey is the "bird" man and learned the art of CD from John Heald

blumoo (ID=15) (10:00:20 PM)
Paradise is great!!!!

hollie (ID=28) (10:00:25 PM)
I remember the bird act

J.B. (10:00:32 PM)
The new names are Legend, Conquest, Glory, and a few others that I forget at the moment

hollie (ID=28) (10:00:32 PM)
very amusing

RoboCop (10:00:33 PM)
Paradise is a wonderful ship Gidget, just fantastic

Donalee (ID=56) (10:00:33 PM)

Kuki (10:00:36 PM)
well kids.. must run! Thanks JB for a being a wonderful and informative guest

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:00:39 PM)
..let me guess.....the captains sea forcast is for rough seas tonight..and the boat will be rocky.......from the honeymooners...lol

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:00:41 PM)
.. ok i'm a bird lover.. what was the act??

hollie (ID=28) (10:00:43 PM)
bye kuki

Rix (10:00:46 PM)
nite Kuki

pamda (10:00:46 PM)
JB ... were you at the christening of Triumph?

RoboCop (10:00:48 PM)
nite Kuki

Kuki (10:00:50 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:00:55 PM)
Thanks Kuki:>

J.B. (10:00:57 PM)
Paradise is one of my favorite ships - the best of the sister ships we call Fantasy-class

Kim (ID=53) (10:01:07 PM)
(IP =

hollie (ID=28) (10:01:08 PM)
he sent the bird into the audience and different things

J.B. (10:01:14 PM)
Yes, I was at the Christening of all ships since the Imagination

sh (ID=20) (10:01:14 PM)
JB - Do you have a prefered period of time that you like to engage an act for, i.e. - 2 weeks, 3 months?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:01:15 PM)

RoboCop (10:01:18 PM)
Agree JB. We were honored with a tour as you know

DJ Bob (10:01:19 PM)
and the LAST of the Fantasy-class too...

Rix (10:01:26 PM)
We are going to do the Legend TransAtlantic next yr

pamda (10:01:31 PM)
I think I remember meeting you, now that I scratch my brain.

J.B. (10:01:41 PM)
We use a new act for a few weeks to test the performance capabilities.

cruisenut (ID=31) (10:01:59 PM)
yes, we are Rix, Yipppeeee!

RoboCop (10:01:59 PM)
I'm there as well onboard the Legend unless I end up working on a ship before then and even then, maybe the Legend!

Rix (10:02:05 PM)
Are they going to have the same quality entertainment on a 1 nite cruise as a 7 week one?

J.B. (10:02:15 PM)
If all goes well, John Heald will be CD on the Legend - possibly a married John Heald

Rix (10:02:17 PM)

Rix (10:02:25 PM)
my key is broke

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:02:26 PM)
....Go Hiedi !!!

hollie (ID=28) (10:02:32 PM)
got to run see ya'll tomorrow

Rix (10:02:35 PM)
great JB

RoboCop (10:02:35 PM)
Nope JB, they say in 2003

pamda (10:02:38 PM)
Take care, Hollie.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:02:40 PM)
Have you ever hired acts.. that you saw on passenger talent nights.. that really rocked the house?

J.B. (10:02:42 PM)
Quality of entertainment is never compromised - regardless of the duration of the cruise

hollie (ID=28) (10:03:07 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (10:03:16 PM)
Of course that is John saying it too

Rix (10:03:18 PM)
ty JB

J.B. (10:03:19 PM)
I cannot recall ever recruiting an act that we saw at a talent show. Not to say it's never happened - I just can't recall

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:03:28 PM)
........JB that last guy who sang on Triumph talent show was GREAT !!! remember him?

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:03:40 PM)
ooops sorry JB..I meant to ask Robo

J.B. (10:03:43 PM)
No idea who that was

sh (ID=20) (10:03:48 PM)
JB - Do CDs have start as cruise staff?

popeye (ID=57) (10:03:56 PM)
(IP =

blumoo (ID=15) (10:04:00 PM)
Dean Gains was on our cruise last year doing a great comedy act, is he still doing the cruise thing?

RoboCop (10:04:04 PM)
yeah Mark, he was pretty good to say the least

J.B. (10:04:11 PM)
Most either begin as cruise staff or train as cruise staff before becoming CD

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:04:20 PM)
Is Greg Edgar.. still on Paradise?

J.B. (10:04:22 PM)
Dean is on the Jubilee and one other ship

J.B. (10:04:42 PM)
Greg Edgar is with American Hawaii now as their entertainment manager

Rix (10:04:44 PM)
J.B. I may have missed it but are you on a Cruise ship now and where are you?

J.B. (10:05:10 PM)
I am at home, with a cup of tea and MOnday night football on the TV

RoboCop (10:05:12 PM)
Do you think that CCL may ever purchase a ship al;ready built from another line, such as Ren?

DJ Bob (10:05:15 PM)
JB, is Billy Armstrong still destroying his bows on the Elation?

pamda (10:05:24 PM)
Good deal it's a boring game, eh, JB ???

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:05:32 PM)
Holy Cow.. good for him!! (He told us he's always wanted to get 'lei'd'... sorry.. had to tell you!)

J.B. (10:05:42 PM)
No, there are no plans to purchase "used" ships when we have contracted for six more ships in the next three years

J.B. (10:05:57 PM)
Billy is still with us - quite a fiddle playing man

pamda (10:06:00 PM)
What do you think will happen to all those Ren ships?

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:06:03 PM)
.....finished watching Philly Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey ..Tied in OT 2/2

sh (ID=20) (10:06:21 PM)
JB - Do you like to use comedy magicians at CCL?

ErnieMCC (ID=44) (10:06:29 PM)
Robo... Seabourn, a CCL company may have some interest there... who knows.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:06:42 PM)
With Canada now helping the US with fighting in Afganistan... do you anticipate more canx cruises JB??

J.B. (10:06:46 PM)
They will likely sit idle until the industry recoups. I hope to see them out there on the seas once again.

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:06:50 PM)
.......NCL..had better buy them to keep up !!! but doubt it...

J.B. (10:07:06 PM)
We have Kenny King a very clever comic/magician.

RoboCop (10:07:08 PM)
NCL has enough problems I think McFrog

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:07:13 PM)

J.B. (10:07:25 PM)
Canada cruises?? Just ask the Victory and Triumph

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:07:27 PM)
why not mcfrog... they just got the Norway back.

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:07:37 PM)

DJ Bob (10:07:45 PM)
JB, Louis Nixon & Happy Cole still knocking 'em dead?

RoboCop (10:07:47 PM)
I rest my case

ErnieMCC (ID=44) (10:07:59 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:07:59 PM)
I'd hate to see any cruiseline have problems with everything going on right now.

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:08:01 PM)
.....ok Robo....i see your point !!

J.B. (10:08:01 PM)
Both guys are still out there - both are good friends!!

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:08:25 PM)
(IP =

pamda (10:08:36 PM)
Hello. Marilyn !!!

J.B. (10:08:37 PM)
I agree! We need to get the word out to the cruising public that a cruise is a fantastic vacation experience - on any line

cindy (ID=41) (10:08:38 PM)
JB are cruise line slow right now with every thing going on in the world

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:08:42 PM)
OK JB.. fess up.. is Kathie Lee Gifford a nice lady.. or all for show :>

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:08:55 PM)
we won't tell!

RoboCop (10:08:55 PM)
Anyone else have any questions for our great Special Guest Host?

pamda (10:09:06 PM)
Gidget ... she IS really a nice lady. I have pix of her on my website.

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:09:07 PM)
Greetings everyone!

J.B. (10:09:11 PM)
Current bookings are fine for most cruise lines - it's future bookings that need a bit of a lift

J.B. (10:09:26 PM)
I will make not comment on Kathie Lee - I love my job

Donalee (ID=56) (10:09:27 PM)
Have a good evening everyone, I gotta run. Thanks for being here for us.

sh (ID=20) (10:09:31 PM)
JB - Its really great that you are participating in this chat. It is nice to be able to ask questions of the"right guy."

RoboCop (10:09:32 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:09:34 PM)
Cool.. I know she has family here outside of Toronto. She used to mention that on Regis.

DJ Bob (10:09:36 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:09:44 PM)
Night Donalee

blumoo (ID=15) (10:09:47 PM)
Do you think cruise bargains will extend in later next year?

Rix (10:09:51 PM)
sorry got to run working on Sat system tonight ty JB nite all

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:09:53 PM)
good Q? Gidg.....In the mornin...Aint we got fun !!! LOL

Donalee (ID=56) (10:09:57 PM)
(IP =

J.B. (10:10:02 PM)
Good night to all of you - and anytime you want a re-match ..... just ask!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:10:03 PM)
JB.. you should go into politics :>

Rix (10:10:10 PM)
(IP =

cruisenut (ID=31) (10:10:16 PM)
well, we are doing our best JB, we have booked over 82 cabins on the Conquest, and that isn't until 2003

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:10:24 PM)
Don't tell me.. this is the end of the chat??

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:10:29 PM)
I had more ?

blumoo (ID=15) (10:10:31 PM)
Thank you for stopping by JB

RoboCop (10:10:39 PM)
JB, you know you are always welcome here and anything we can do for you, or me personally all you have to do is ask

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:10:43 PM)
thanks though JB.. nice to have met you!!

pamda (10:10:48 PM)
Same here.

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:10:50 PM)
My timing wasn't very good tonight was it?

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:10:51 PM)
JB...thanks Tell John,hello from CM Gang

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:10:52 PM)
J.B....Since performers tend to be egotistical....do you have problems keeping their spirits up and getting them to do their jobs????

pamda (10:10:57 PM)
(IP =

RoboCop (10:11:10 PM)
we will be here for another hour Marilyn

J.B. (10:11:21 PM)
As for politics - I have too much fun with what I do now. Keep those bookings coming. And thank you all. There's only one entertainer out there with an ego - and I will send John your best

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:11:26 PM)
Oh! Sounded like everyone was leaving

J.B. (10:11:37 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (10:11:53 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:12:00 PM)
That was a cool chat withJB.

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:12:04 PM)
Robo....nice guy !!!

RoboCop (10:12:06 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:12:09 PM)
Very nice

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:12:12 PM)
(IP =

cindy (ID=41) (10:12:14 PM)
i liked him too

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:12:17 PM)
Sorry i missed it

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:12:19 PM)
wb, Robo

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:12:30 PM)
JB is good people y'all and this was a great favor

Leslie1 (ID=49) (10:12:30 PM)
Hey JB I am sending you my resume and cover letter now ok

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:12:45 PM)
wb Robo......I was saying JB was a nice guest !! Good Job ROBO !!!

cruisenut (ID=31) (10:12:46 PM)
(This user is now known as Host Cher)

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:12:47 PM)
send it Leslie, he is already out of the chat

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:12:52 PM)
I have ?'s re: Celebrity.

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:12:59 PM)
go Gidget

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:13:04 PM)
sounds like a great guy, Robo...thanks

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:13:10 PM)
yeah, he was great Robo

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:13:12 PM)
we'll make up the answers if we don't know then

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:13:18 PM)
sounds like a real nice guy

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:13:24 PM)
He is and a real nice guy in person too

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:13:33 PM)
What do you need Gidget?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:13:39 PM)
I've never sailed Celebrity.. and if you chkd the mssg board.. I'm sailing Oct 28th.. and we just got upgraded to a sky suite from a Cat 1B.

J.B. (ID=60) (10:13:45 PM)
(IP =

sh (ID=20) (10:13:46 PM)
Robo - Thanks for setting this up... JB seems like real "down to earth" kinda guy.

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:13:48 PM)
Oh, Cher is your new host BTW

Leslie1 (ID=49) (10:13:50 PM)
For you all check out my letter about Bermuda and Carnival on cruisemates message boards under Carnival message board

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:13:56 PM)
wb JB

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:13:56 PM)
I want to know what to expect with a sky suite

J.B. (ID=60) (10:13:56 PM)
(IP =

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:13:56 PM)
Yeah! for you!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:14:04 PM)
Wos, that is great Gidget

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:14:06 PM)
You just missed all the wonderful praise!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:14:07 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:14:08 PM)
Hi Cher!

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:14:12 PM)
::::Clapping for CHER:::::

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:14:34 PM)
:::clapping for all who enter the room::

re (ID=34) (10:14:34 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:14:45 PM)
thanks guys, and girls

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:14:52 PM)
Thanks Cher.. I'm excited!

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:14:53 PM)
Butler, space, priority embarkation and disember., first off for tenders, etc.

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:14:54 PM)
and frogs???

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:14:58 PM)
I always wonder if they clap when I leave...LOL

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:15:03 PM)
No way... really??

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:15:04 PM)
Gidget, I am on the Summit on Nov 23rd

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:15:15 PM)
hope we are as lucky

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:15:23 PM)
I'll clap for you MickNLinda:>

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:15:46 PM)
I'm hoping for the same upgrade on Infinity but not too hopeful

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:15:47 PM)
not in the sky suites are they Marilyn?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:15:52 PM)
What do you do with a butler???? Geez.. i'm starting to feel like one of the Beverley Hillbillies :>

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:15:55 PM)
thanks, Gidget :)

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:16:08 PM)
Never mind.....you're right Robo. Sorry

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:16:14 PM)
Can I call him Mr. French or Jeeves???

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:16:30 PM)
no butler, but the suites are awesome on the ship

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:16:31 PM)
I saw suite and didn't read closely enough.

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:16:34 PM)
You cannot French the butrler Gidget

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:16:39 PM)
got to see some on the Infinity

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:16:59 PM)
the butler did it

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:17:04 PM)
Well y'all, I need to run, talk to you all t0omorrow

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:17:05 PM)
Yes.. I did told about a butler in the sky suites .. right from Celebrity customer service.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:17:17 PM)
Night Robo .. thanks for your warmth and kindness.

blumoo (ID=15) (10:17:22 PM)
good night Robo thanks

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:17:26 PM)
nite Robo

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:17:28 PM)
Ah Shucks

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:17:29 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:17:32 PM)
have a good one

RoboCop (ID=59) (10:17:42 PM)
(IP =

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:17:54 PM)
nite, Robo......(not kissin' up)

mcfrog (ID=23) (10:17:59 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:18:00 PM)
... no Mr. French.. ie: Family Affair w/Brian Keith.. Sebastian Cabot?? Jeez.. I am showing my age aren't I??

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:18:04 PM)
way to go Mick

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:18:22 PM)
ohhhh,,, ok....smoochie smoochie

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:18:29 PM)
I remember that one too Gidget

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:18:37 PM)
Mick.. I don't know Robo well enuff to 'kiss up'... just tryin to be genuine.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:18:46 PM)
Wow Cher.. you ARE old :>

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:18:54 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:18:54 PM)
He is a sweetheart Gidget

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:19:01 PM)

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:19:07 PM)
just jokin', Gidget....Robo is a great guy...helps me out all the time!!

Leslie1 (ID=49) (10:19:22 PM)
ROBO you read my letter on the Carnival board?

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:19:24 PM)
I see, you aren't trying to kiss up to me-LOL

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:19:37 PM)
you guys are great.. i'm glad i found out about Cruise Mates :>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:19:49 PM)
Leslie, Robo signed off for the night

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:19:57 PM)
Ok. Cher.. i'll email you a choc cheesecake.. my specialty!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:19:57 PM)
me too Gidget

Leslie1 (ID=49) (10:19:59 PM)

DJ Bob (10:20:04 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:20:12 PM)
It is a fun place to hang out

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:20:15 PM)
yum!!! Choc Cheesecake!!!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:20:16 PM)
hey DJ

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:20:24 PM)
With Bailey's in it

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:20:27 PM)
wb, DJ

cindy (ID=41) (10:20:28 PM)
i have a ?

blumoo (ID=15) (10:20:30 PM)
night all

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:20:33 PM)
I started coming here in Jan, and started as a host in Feb

DJ Bob (10:20:34 PM)
hey Gidget!

DJ Bob (10:20:44 PM)
nite Blumoo

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:20:50 PM)
yum, now your talking Gidget

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:20:55 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:21:01 PM)
I used to host a chat on Compuserve for Y&R/soap

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:21:05 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:21:05 PM)
nite Blumoo

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:21:11 PM)
Hi ladyb

blumoo (ID=15) (10:21:13 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:21:15 PM)
Baileys Irish Cream.... yummmmm

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:21:21 PM)
welcome aboard

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:21:31 PM)
Gidget, Correction again, the above things are in Sky Suites also.

sh (ID=20) (10:21:33 PM)
Is there a way to reread the messages in this chat? I am having a problem scrolling back.

DJ Bob (10:21:39 PM)
Gidget are you young & restless?

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:21:52 PM)
Gidget, now you are talking DJ's language

TBelle (ID=62) (10:21:57 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (10:22:05 PM)
Ahoy TBelle

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:22:05 PM)
<---old and rest home

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:22:06 PM)
so.. we do get a butler.. and we're trying to get a table for two in dining room (only for a change.. we've done the tables for 4/6/8/10)

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:22:14 PM)
SH, Can you just slide the bar on the right back up or arrow up?

TBelle (ID=62) (10:22:24 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:22:26 PM)
Yep.. i'm young.. literally.. restless... well.. i like to travel :>

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:22:41 PM)
hello every one i have 11 more days will be on my way fascination

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:22:52 PM)
you can slow the scrolling down by going to settings

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:22:52 PM)
good for you ladyb:>

sh (ID=20) (10:22:53 PM)
Marilyn - I have tried that... it will only go back so far? Any ideas?

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:22:54 PM)
Gidget, Which ship are you on?

DJ Bob (10:23:00 PM)
Ahoy LadyB the poet...

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:23:05 PM)
Millie.. Oct 28th:>

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:23:09 PM)
kewl, lady...we have 11 days too....Explorer

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:23:09 PM)
I think it only goes back to where you entered

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:23:11 PM)
wow, ladyb, that is close

sh (ID=20) (10:23:34 PM)
I can't even get that far back.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:23:34 PM)
Are you packed

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:23:38 PM)
I wish it could go farther back when i miss something

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:24:04 PM)
You will love the Explorer.. say hi to Pete Wickersham(?) in the Crown and Kettle.. he plays great JImmy Buffet tunes :>

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:24:07 PM)
I can't get that far back now either

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:24:08 PM)
yes it is cher i started on this chatline learning everything months ago i am alrady packed

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:24:20 PM)
Sometimes when there are so many people, it is hard to follow a topic also

DJ Bob (10:24:22 PM)
the poet who doesn't know it, and if her toes could show it, they must be longfellows

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:24:31 PM)
there were 29 in here earlier

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:24:36 PM)
thanks, Gidget,,, I'll tell him you said to say hi

DJ Bob (10:24:39 PM)
at least

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:25:17 PM)
... he plays a mean 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot) on a 12 string :>

sh (ID=20) (10:25:41 PM)
Time for dinner... good night all.

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:25:42 PM)
boy, that brings back memories

DJ Bob (10:25:52 PM)
nite SH

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:25:53 PM)
nite sh

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:26:00 PM)
have a good dinner

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:26:01 PM)
nite, sh

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:26:06 PM)
come again soon

cindy (ID=41) (10:26:12 PM)
goodnight all

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:26:20 PM)
nite cindy

sh (ID=20) (10:26:21 PM)
I really enjoyed the chat... thanks.

cindy (ID=41) (10:26:26 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:26:29 PM)
you are welcome

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:26:33 PM)

sh (ID=20) (10:26:39 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:26:43 PM)
I was thinking about renting a video camera to tape stuff... but in light of everything going on.. think I'll just take a good old camera instead. They look pretty tough when it comes to stuff at the airport etc. From what I've heard and seen on the news etc.

Y2C (ID=63) (10:26:47 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:26:49 PM)
Night sh

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:27:06 PM)
Hey Y2

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:27:11 PM)
welcome home

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:27:11 PM)
hiya, Y2C

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:27:22 PM)
How was the cruise?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:27:30 PM)
hya Y2

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:27:30 PM)
will you not be able to take a video camera in a camera bag since all this is going on

Y2C (ID=63) (10:27:47 PM)
Cruise was great, HAL does it right

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:28:03 PM)
good, was the ship pretty?

DJ Bob (10:28:04 PM)
Ahoy Y2C

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:28:04 PM)
hope you had a great time, Y2C

Leslie1 (ID=49) (10:28:05 PM)
(IP =

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:28:07 PM)
I don't think you will have a problem with a video camera

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:28:23 PM)
thanks marilyn

Y2C (ID=63) (10:28:28 PM)
Hi DJ,

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:28:35 PM)
I don't own a video camera.. and my husband is nervous about me renting one.. in case it gets lost or stolen.. and with all the security stuff going on.. I just wouldn't feel right shoving a camera in someones face.. so to speak.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:28:36 PM)
so, you would cruise HAL again, huh?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:28:48 PM)

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:28:50 PM)
They are just checking to see that things are workable so might take the tape out but that is no biggie

Y2C (ID=63) (10:28:53 PM)
MnL, had a great time but as always to short on the cruise

DJ Bob (10:29:11 PM)
Steve, you just got back from Vancouver?

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:29:15 PM)
how was the food, Y2C???

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:29:19 PM)
I thought you meant about going through security

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:29:29 PM)
there was a guy on here last week that said he met you onboard

Y2C (ID=63) (10:29:48 PM)
MnL, food was very good on HAL, Cher, yes we would cruise HAL again

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:30:08 PM)
said you were a nice guy, was he talking about OUR Steve?

DJ Bob (10:30:21 PM)
couldn't be...

DJ Bob (10:30:24 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:30:29 PM)
didn't think so

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:30:39 PM)
we missed you Steve

Y2C (ID=63) (10:30:46 PM)
DJ, crused Van couver to San Diego, 6 days, could have stayed on for more

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:30:55 PM)
It just isn't the same WC chat without you

DJ Bob (10:31:05 PM)
were you in SF 3 days ago?

Y2C (ID=63) (10:31:29 PM)
Cher thanks, missed the board

Y2C (ID=63) (10:31:40 PM)
DJ we were not in SF

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:31:42 PM)
Have a good night everyone. I'm off!

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:31:44 PM)
nite everyone :))) Have a great tommorrow!!!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:31:51 PM)
nite Marilyn

Y2C (ID=63) (10:31:51 PM)
Nite Mick

Marilyn (ID=58) (10:31:54 PM)
(IP =

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:31:59 PM)
goodnite all i am off also

DJ Bob (10:32:02 PM)
you didn't stop in SF?

MickNLinda (ID=48) (10:32:03 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:32:04 PM)
nite Mick

ladyb532001 (ID=61) (10:32:10 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:32:29 PM)
gosh, can't say goodnight quick enough

DJ Bob (10:32:36 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (10:32:45 PM)
DJ, we went from Vancouver to Victoria then Portland then 2 days at sea to SD

DJ Bob (10:32:53 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (10:33:17 PM)
HI Gidget how are you

DJ Bob (10:33:21 PM)
anything to see in Portland?

popeye (ID=57) (10:33:48 PM)
night y'all from Texas

DJ Bob (10:33:55 PM)
nite Popeye

Y2C (ID=63) (10:34:06 PM)
DJ, actually there is more to do in Portland than meets the eye. Just not enough time to take it all in

popeye (ID=57) (10:34:07 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:34:12 PM)
I have only flown in to Portland, never stayed and saw anything, it was night time, and raining

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:34:49 PM)
I would like to go back again

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:35:13 PM)
just to see what there is

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:35:25 PM)
did Barb have a good time?

Y2C (ID=63) (10:35:27 PM)
Cher, many items to do in Portland. Visited the visitor center and the brochures are overwelming

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:35:59 PM)
TBelle, are you still here?

Y2C (ID=63) (10:36:02 PM)
Barb and I had a great time, so did our neighbors as first time cruisers

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:36:17 PM)
see your logo, but haven't heard a word

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:36:33 PM)
Are they ready for another one now, Steve?

Y2C (ID=63) (10:36:41 PM)
Tbelle, where are you?????

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:36:46 PM)
like a trans atlantic

TBelle (ID=62) (10:36:55 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:00 PM)
Gidget, are you there?

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:04 PM)
there you are

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:11 PM)
just observing?

TBelle (ID=62) (10:37:13 PM)
I am just surfing for a christmas cruise

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:24 PM)
Do you have any questions?

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:33 PM)
maybe we can help

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:37:41 PM)
where do you want to go?

TBelle (ID=62) (10:37:44 PM)
wondering about a crusie line

Y2C (ID=63) (10:37:44 PM)
Cher, they would like to do the Transatlantic, but his company always has strike negotiations in July that can last longer

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:37:53 PM)
I'm baaaack!

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:38:01 PM)
Hi Y2

DJ Bob (10:38:02 PM)
wb Gidget

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:38:02 PM)
welcome Gidget

Y2C (ID=63) (10:38:03 PM)
wb Gidget

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:38:09 PM)
thanks DJ

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:38:11 PM)
what cruiseline

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:38:29 PM)
we have done them all between us

TBelle (ID=62) (10:38:33 PM)
Celebrity or RCCL

Y2C (ID=63) (10:38:33 PM)
Was the Carnival rep on earlier???

DJ Bob (10:38:44 PM)
Y2C, yes

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:38:45 PM)
either is a great choice

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:38:57 PM)
I remember sailing on the Dreamward/NCL.. before they cut her up and stretched her:>

Y2C (ID=63) (10:39:00 PM)
TBelle, Celeb is one of my favorites

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:39:08 PM)
which ships are you looking at Belle?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:39:18 PM)
I'm so looking forward to my first Celeb cruise:>

TBelle (ID=62) (10:39:19 PM)
we were on the Triumph last Christmas and we loved it but to try a different one

DJ Bob (10:39:24 PM)
TBelle, which do you prefer, better food or more activities?

TBelle (ID=62) (10:39:40 PM)
food and a balcony

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:39:40 PM)
Will we be bored on Celeb DJ?

DJ Bob (10:39:57 PM)
TBelle, then go with Celeb

Y2C (ID=63) (10:40:03 PM)
Gidget, no way, Celeb is terrific

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:40:06 PM)
I don't know if food is even an issue, I didn't think the food on Celeb was exceptional

TBelle (ID=62) (10:40:16 PM)
would like to spend longer on the islands than on the ship

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:40:25 PM)
don't get me wrong, it was good, but so is RCCL

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:40:31 PM)
I was told I can join the Captain's Club.. when on board.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:40:47 PM)
yes, Gidget

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:40:51 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (10:41:02 PM)
Gidget, true on joining Capt club aboard Celeb ship

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:41:21 PM)
I'm in a sky suite.. so.. do I look for a sign for suite embarkation?

DJ Bob (10:41:28 PM)
if you're as good looking as your namesake, you'll be sitting at the Captain's Table... LOL

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:41:58 PM)
geez::blush:: thanx DJ.. you are buttering me up more than a Sunday biscuit:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:41:59 PM)
Unless you are already a member, the boarding is the same

Y2C (ID=63) (10:41:59 PM)
Gidget, SKY SUITE, can we come???

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:42:22 PM)
sure Y2.. drinks are on .. DJ:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:42:29 PM)
after this, you will get preferential boarding when you join the club

DJ Bob (10:42:37 PM)
:::popping cork:::

Y2C (ID=63) (10:42:42 PM)
Gidget, Celebrity has a Suite line for embarkation

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:43:00 PM)
I didn't think they did, sorry

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:43:07 PM)
that shows what I know

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:43:14 PM)
Cool... but don't get me wrong.. we SAVED for this trip.. our wedding anniversary.. #15!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:43:30 PM)
congratulations Gidget

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:43:33 PM)
I was hoping we could renew our vows on the ship

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:43:38 PM)
thanks Cher:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:43:49 PM)
we will be celebrating our 25th on our cruise in Nov

Y2C (ID=63) (10:43:58 PM)
Cher, the suite line sometimes can be longer than the normal. Just pick the shortest line

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:43:59 PM)
Congrats to you too!

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:43:59 PM)
yes, you can, we are

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:44:06 PM)
How do I go about that?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:44:21 PM)
Is it too late for my cruise... we're sailing Oct 28th.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:44:27 PM)
you ask you TA first

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:44:53 PM)
then have her ask for shipboard amenities

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:44:56 PM)
I thought about calling Royal Romance.. but that's for RCI only.. I think.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:45:12 PM)
we are having the CD do our vows

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:45:20 PM)
but they also have clergy

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:45:27 PM)
What ship are you going on Cher>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:45:47 PM)
when you get on board go right to the purser and ask how to go about it

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:45:54 PM)
we are going on the Summit

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:46:13 PM)
Cool. Are you arranging yours ahead of time, or on board.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:46:31 PM)
we have to order flowers or whatever we want onboard, but Jim is taking care of the ceremony part

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:46:59 PM)
We met him on our last cruise, and have kept in touch

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:47:19 PM)
Ask your TA to call tomorrow and ask what you need to do

TBelle (ID=62) (10:47:22 PM)
g nite and thanks for the info

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:47:34 PM)
some have a ceremony for everyone, some have private

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:47:34 PM)
I hope we don't appear snobbish.. but we want a table for ourselves this time. I love meeting people.. but am tired of waiting for the rest of the table to show up for dinner... then everyone is late eating. Is that bad of me?

Y2C (ID=63) (10:47:39 PM)
Adios TBelle

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:47:42 PM)
good night Belle

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:47:47 PM)
Good for you Cher.. that'll be nice.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:47:50 PM)
Night Belle

TBelle (ID=62) (10:47:56 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:48:13 PM)
no, you should do what YOU want, it is your cruise

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:48:35 PM)
you saved up for it, so it should be what you want

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:48:38 PM)
I don't know where the tables for two are situated tho.. have heard they are'nt in the nicest area of the dining room.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:49:04 PM)
Someone told me.. our butler could make the arrangements :>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:49:13 PM)
on the Infinity they were near the railing overlooking the first floor dining area

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:49:22 PM)
looked like good seats to me

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:49:29 PM)
geez... I can't get over that... a butler. I feel like such a hick:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:49:36 PM)
we were only a table away

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:49:46 PM)
hey will unpack for you

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:50:00 PM)
and pack back up when it is time to leave

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:50:07 PM)
darn, I am jealous

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:50:13 PM)
I'll check it out on board I guess.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:50:23 PM)
Don't be jealous.. we just lucked out:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:50:38 PM)
I will keep my fingers crossed too

DJ Bob (10:50:38 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:50:51 PM)
we are in a 1A now

Y2C (ID=63) (10:51:14 PM)
Cher, got 1A for March on Summit

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:51:15 PM)
so, even if we don't get an upgrade, I can live with that

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:51:16 PM)
Remember.. things can always change when you get to the ship... I had a cat 1b at the rear of the ship... 8170... anything can happen. I won't believe it til I get there.

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:51:25 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:51:27 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:51:31 PM)
I was happy with the 1b.. but I'm not complaining.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:51:58 PM)
We wanted a balcony and saved for it. This is just icing on the cake

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:52:00 PM)
(IP =

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:52:08 PM)
Hi Good:>

Y2C (ID=63) (10:52:15 PM)
Welcome Good2go

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:52:20 PM)
Evening folks

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:52:24 PM)
the agency just booked a Sea Princess for March

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:52:30 PM)
Hi Good

Theresa (ID=65) (10:52:33 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:52:36 PM)
welcome to chat

Radio (ID=66) (10:52:40 PM)
(IP =

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:52:41 PM)
Hi Cher - thanks

Y2C (ID=63) (10:52:46 PM)
Ahoy Theresa

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:52:47 PM)
Do they still have the Not So Newly wed Game etc.. and Time Warp games?

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:52:48 PM)
Hi Theresa

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:52:54 PM)
Hi Radio

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:52:55 PM)
welcome Radio

Theresa (ID=65) (10:52:59 PM)

Radio (ID=66) (10:53:03 PM)
(IP =

Y2C (ID=63) (10:53:05 PM)
Hello Radio

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:53:05 PM)
Hi Teresa

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:53:10 PM)
er Theresa:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:53:21 PM)
wow, that was quick

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:53:25 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (10:53:58 PM)
Radio was probablly looking for a TV station

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:54:03 PM)
btw.. happy columbus day to our American friends.. from us up here in Canada celebrating our Thanksgiving Day:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:54:07 PM)

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:54:23 PM)
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:54:26 PM)
that's right, Happy Thanksgiving

Y2C (ID=63) (10:54:31 PM)
Gidget, thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:54:42 PM)
I bought specifically for the cruise an intertwined Canadian/American Flag Pin to show our support from Sept 11th.

Theresa (ID=65) (10:54:48 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:54:53 PM)
I saw that on the calendar today, and meant to say it when I first got on

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:54:59 PM)
Thanks guys.. just ate my butterball awhile ago... yummmm :>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:55:12 PM)
wow, that is cool Gidget

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:55:17 PM)
And all the trimmings?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:55:27 PM)
Had all the trimmings.. even a stuffed toy turkey that gobbles when you press it's belly :>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:55:30 PM)
where are you from in Canada?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:55:35 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:55:36 PM)
LOL Good:>

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:55:57 PM)
outside of Toronto:>

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:56:04 PM)
Has anyone cruised since 9/11

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:56:16 PM)
I have a friend near Toronto

Y2C (ID=63) (10:56:18 PM)
I have cruised Good

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:56:19 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:56:27 PM)
I met her here

Y2C (ID=63) (10:56:27 PM)
Hi Suzie

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:56:28 PM)
I'm going Oct 28th on the MIllennium

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:56:36 PM)
hi suzie, welcome back

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:56:37 PM)
Where outside of TO?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:56:38 PM)
Y2C - everything as normal?

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:56:40 PM)
that starbucks was good,,any of the ships have yummy coffee??

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:56:45 PM)
cherrrrr,,hi there

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:56:51 PM)
Y2 HI@@

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:56:55 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:56:58 PM)
In New London?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:56:59 PM)
Hi suzie:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:57:04 PM)
or something like that

Y2C (ID=63) (10:57:07 PM)
Good, tightened security but all else is great

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:57:11 PM)
Gidgetteee,,where is huggie???

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:57:11 PM)
you mean London, Ontario?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:57:19 PM)
Gidget, have a great trip! I'm sailing on the Golden Nov. 10th. Can't wait.

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:57:29 PM)
GIDGE,,where are you going???

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:57:46 PM)
Oh, maybe that is it!-LOL

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:57:47 PM)
goodtogo,,what line is the golden,,,princess?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:57:48 PM)
We're flying down a day early to Miami and staying at the Westin in Fll.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:57:56 PM)
Hope it's a nice hotel:>

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:58:10 PM)

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:58:12 PM)
gid,,it is,,i have stayed there,,where are you going

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:58:22 PM)
We are going on the Golden New Year's cruise Good

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:58:32 PM)

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:58:34 PM)
New Years! Lucky you.

Y2C (ID=63) (10:58:35 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:58:36 PM)
On the Millennium Oct 28th

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:58:57 PM)

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:59:10 PM)
I cannot wait,,my very first real cruise@@@@@@@@@@@@

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:59:11 PM)
Wanted to fly down a day early to get some rest. Then we'll head down to the pier next day. What time do they start embarkation for Millie.. anyone know?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:59:21 PM)
Does anyone know which hotels at Port Everglades have a view of the ships in the early morning hours?

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:59:25 PM)
gidget,,about 1 i think

Gidget1 (ID=45) (10:59:31 PM)
Have a blast on Infinity.. heard great things about it:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (10:59:39 PM)
Hyatt Pier 66

suzie500k (ID=67) (10:59:47 PM)
GIDGE I WILL,,and I will report,,PLEASE WIL you give a report?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (10:59:57 PM)
Cher - can you see them out your window?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:00:06 PM)
aboutfood,,service,,entertainment,,activities,,fun fun fun

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:00:08 PM)
Cher... I heard anything from 11am to 230 to embark

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:00:17 PM)
I will give a report... :>

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:00:18 PM)
yes, there is a restaurant at the top, where you can also go

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:20 PM)
(IP =

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:00:30 PM)
usually around noon

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:00:30 PM)
gidget,.what type of cabin do you have on MILLIE?

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:33 PM)
Is John still here?

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:00:35 PM)
Hi Traci

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:40 PM)
Hi Cher. :)

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:00:42 PM)
no, he left, sorry

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:00:47 PM)
Hi Traci

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:47 PM)
Dang it, I missed him.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:00:49 PM)
CHEr,,even if you leave at midnight,,or 11pm?

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:50 PM)
How as the chat?

Traci (ID=68) (11:00:58 PM)
How was the chat, I mean.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:01:00 PM)
dang hahahah love that word

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:01:04 PM)
It was good

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:01:09 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:01:14 PM)
DJ nice guy:>

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:01:24 PM)
same with JB:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:01:28 PM)
what suzie

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:01:37 PM)
Cher.,,can you embark,,so early even for a leaving time of 11pm?

Traci (ID=68) (11:01:53 PM)
I was hoping to make it in time because I have a friend who works with the entertainment onboard the Triumph.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:01:55 PM)
Ithink INFINITY leves SanJuan at 11pm

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:02:00 PM)
no, probably not until around 5

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:02:08 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:02:08 PM)
but check with you TA

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:02:16 PM)
cher,,thank you,,,

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:02:18 PM)
I can probably embark earlier on Millie.. you think?

Traci (ID=68) (11:02:21 PM)
Suzie, are you making fun of me? =)

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:02:49 PM)
traci,,No,,I love that word,,havent heard it in ages @@@

Y2C (ID=63) (11:02:54 PM)
Hi Traci, did not see you come in

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:02:55 PM)
its cute

Traci (ID=68) (11:03:10 PM)
Aw, well thanks.

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:03:13 PM)
what time does the ship leave Gidget?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:03:16 PM)
Did you say you've stayed at the Westin Cher?

Traci (ID=68) (11:03:17 PM)
Hi Y2C. How's it going?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:03:18 PM)
Is anyone scared,,to cruise,,with the world situation?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:03:25 PM)
Ship leaves at 5pm

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:03:34 PM)
gidget,,is it 7 days???

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:03:38 PM)
no Gidget

Traci (ID=68) (11:03:39 PM)
I'd love to be on a cruise ship right now, I wouldn't be scared.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:03:39 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (11:03:41 PM)
Traci, doing great, just back from a cruise

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:03:45 PM)
traci :)))

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:03:51 PM)
you can embark around noon Gidget

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:03:56 PM)
Y2,,where did you go,,and on who? teehee

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:03:56 PM)
thanks Cher:?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:03:59 PM)

Traci (ID=68) (11:04:02 PM)
Y2C- Oh yeah? Lucky you. What ship was it?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:04:06 PM)
No - but not looking forward to the "getting there" part

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:04:22 PM)
I'm a little nervous about flying:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:04:28 PM)
Are you going out of Miami Gidget?

Traci (ID=68) (11:04:29 PM)
Is DJ Bob from Carnival? It looks like the Carnival symbol by his name.

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:04:32 PM)
or FLL

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:04:36 PM)
has aonyone ever beenon the Holland ,,Rotheham?

Y2C (ID=63) (11:04:37 PM)
Went on HAL, Zaandam. Vancouver to San Diego. Great trip

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:04:51 PM)
But it's probably safer now more than ever... no out of Pt. Everglades/Ft. Laud.. Cher

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:05:18 PM)
Y2,,,I saw 2 of their ships this morn in San Diego dock

Traci (ID=68) (11:05:20 PM)
Y2C- How nice, glad to hear that you had a good time.

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:05:35 PM)
oh, we are staying at the Marriott Marina in Dec before our New Year's cruise

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:05:36 PM)
Heard good things about HAL cruises.. used to sell a lot of them when I was a TA.

Traci (ID=68) (11:05:44 PM)
Is DJ Bob in here?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:05:56 PM)
Gidget why did you quit being a ta?

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:06:00 PM)
stayed at the Sheraton Plantation Suites last time

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:06:07 PM)
Too 'dog eat dog' :>

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:06:13 PM)
I love Puerto Rico,, :)))

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:06:14 PM)
Cher - that's where we wanted to stay Nov. 9 - but sold out. :(

Y2C (ID=63) (11:06:15 PM)
DJ is surfing the net for an article about Viking Seranede

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:06:21 PM)
I still work in travel though... on the wholesale end of things:>

Traci (ID=68) (11:06:25 PM)
Y2C- Oh, I see.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:06:29 PM)
Gidget dont blame you

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:06:38 PM)
did you try the Hyatt?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:06:43 PM)
why wholesale type of things?

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:06:51 PM)
I heard there is a convention or something?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:06:55 PM)
I meant,,,what,,

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:06:57 PM)
Company I work for reps RCI/Celeb/Hal/NCL etc.

Y2C (ID=63) (11:06:58 PM)
RCCL is dumping Viking Seranede next month

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:07:05 PM)

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:07:11 PM)
Y2 why

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:07:14 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:07:17 PM)
I heard that ::sigh::

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:07:19 PM)
Yes - but a bit pricey I thought (even with the view).

Traci (ID=68) (11:07:22 PM)
Y2C- Really? I was on that boat back in 97'. Thats kind of sad.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:07:22 PM)
Gidget may i ask what you do..or too personal..:)

DJ Bob (11:07:27 PM)

Traci (ID=68) (11:07:36 PM)
Hey DJ Bob, you're with Carnival I'm guessing?

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:07:36 PM)
They still haven't said if they will replace her either

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:07:40 PM)
Sure suzie.. I work as a cruise specialist :>

Y2C (ID=63) (11:07:40 PM)
Suzie, Vikiking is old. Needed replacment years ago

DJ Bob (11:07:43 PM)
Y2C, I found that article...

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:07:59 PM)
I don't deal with the public directly.. only deal with the TA's

Y2C (ID=63) (11:08:00 PM)
DJ, got a link??

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:08:03 PM)
GIDGE,,well then,,TELL ME if I choose a good 1st cruise,,SO Caribbean,,Infinity?

DJ Bob (11:08:08 PM)
Ahoy Traci... former DJ 1987-1996

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:08:10 PM)
Y2 oh

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:08:20 PM)
Absolutely.. great cruise:>

Traci (ID=68) (11:08:21 PM)
Oh, okay. What ships were you on DJ?

Traci (ID=68) (11:08:31 PM)
Has anyone in here been on the Triumph recently?

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:08:34 PM)
Gidget,,,what a fun job,,,

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:08:38 PM)
I am a p/t TA Gidget, but I like to concentrate on cruises

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:08:45 PM)
It's ok... but slow at this time:>

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:08:49 PM)
anyone booked for Explorer,,or Summitt?

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:08:53 PM)
Good stuff Cher.

Y2C (ID=63) (11:08:54 PM)
DJ, could not find in the artticle what the replacement is for Viking

DJ Bob (11:08:56 PM)
go to http://www.latimes.com then click on travel, then cruises

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:09:02 PM)
Gidget,,can I ask what your fav line is,,and ship..

Y2C (ID=63) (11:09:10 PM)
DJ, thanks

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:09:16 PM)
DJ,,Ilove latime,,do you write for them

DJ Bob (11:09:38 PM)
article is about "where are they now (ships)"

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:09:39 PM)
this anthrax thing is UNREAL

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:09:52 PM)
DJ,,I didnt know where they were then

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:09:54 PM)
Frightening, to say the least

DJ Bob (11:09:57 PM)
Suzie, me, write? LOL

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:10:04 PM)
hmmm... it was Carnival.. til I cruised on RCI a few years back.. first cruise w/RCI was the Majesty of the Seas... great crew and entertainment staff... Kyle Dodson.. fantastic CD!!

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:10:21 PM)
Does anyone know where the person that had the LOVE BOATtheme is,,I want to drive my huney nutz,,(again)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:10:33 PM)
Than cruised Grandeur.. then last November.. Explorer:>

Traci (ID=68) (11:10:41 PM)
Speaking of Love Boat, does anyone in here watch Love Cruise? :)

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:10:57 PM)
Gidg,,I booked majesty,,1st,,but changed to Infinity,

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:10:59 PM)
Jack Jones.. sang the theme.. try and find TV's Greatest Hits

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:11:00 PM)

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:11:01 PM)
Love Cruise?

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:11:06 PM)
Is that a show?

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:11:13 PM)
not much love going around though

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:11:13 PM)
Gidg,,I had it,,lost it tho

Traci (ID=68) (11:11:18 PM)
Cher- really? I do too. Its pretty good.

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:11:29 PM)
I like it too

Traci (ID=68) (11:11:35 PM)
Good- yes, its a new reality show. Kinda like Temptation Island on a Ship.

DJ Bob (11:11:39 PM)
suzie, email me at cruisedj@aol.com and I'll send the wav file

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:11:43 PM)
That's one of the things I like about Princess - they play the theme from "Love Boat" as you sail out to sea :)

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:11:44 PM)
tonights should be good

Traci (ID=68) (11:11:48 PM)
I like the show Shipmates too. Its fun to watch.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:11:58 PM)
bobbbyyyy,DJ thanks@@@

Traci (ID=68) (11:12:03 PM)
Cher- yes, it looks like someone is getting yelled at.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:12:13 PM)
well guys.. I have to get some sleep.. work first thing in the morning:> I'll try to be here for tomorrow nights chat:>

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:12:22 PM)
good I willgo just for that,,I loved that show,,went intolabor one SAt whenI was watching it

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:12:25 PM)
nite Gidget

Traci (ID=68) (11:12:25 PM)
Goodnight Gidget.

Y2C (ID=63) (11:12:33 PM)
Nite Gidget, thanks for coming

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:12:34 PM)
enjoyed chatting with you

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:12:34 PM)

Traci (ID=68) (11:12:35 PM)

DJ Bob (11:12:38 PM)
nite Gidget

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:12:38 PM)
Night all.. and thanks for the help Cher:>

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:12:44 PM)
I won't be here tomorrow

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:12:52 PM)
have a dinner engagement

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:12:57 PM)
but, be back Wed

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:12:58 PM)
ok.. when are you in next :>

DJ Bob (11:13:00 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:13:03 PM)
thankx :>

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:13:06 PM)
Bye folks.

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:13:06 PM)

Gidget1 (ID=45) (11:13:09 PM)
(IP =

Y2C (ID=63) (11:13:17 PM)
Nite Goodto

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:13:20 PM)
nite Goodtogo

DJ Bob (11:13:39 PM)
nite GTG

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:13:48 PM)
Well, gang, it is that time, and I have to be at work at 5 am

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:13:56 PM)
(IP =

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:13:56 PM)
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP =

DJ Bob (11:13:58 PM)

Y2C (ID=63) (11:14:02 PM)
Adios Cher

DJ Bob (11:14:05 PM)
nite Cher

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:14:05 PM)
so have a wonderful evening, see you all on Wed

DJ Bob (11:14:11 PM)
'sea ya'

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:14:16 PM)
and welcome back again Steve!

Y2C (ID=63) (11:14:19 PM)
No Tuesday Cher??

GoodToGo (ID=64) (11:14:26 PM)
(IP =

Peach (ID=69) (11:14:33 PM)
(IP =

Y2C (ID=63) (11:14:33 PM)
Thanks Cher

Y2C (ID=63) (11:14:42 PM)
Hi Peach

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:14:42 PM)
Sorry, it is my meeting night (once a month, remember)

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:14:50 PM)
hi Peach, and goodnight

Peach (ID=69) (11:14:53 PM)

Host Cher (ID=31) (11:14:58 PM)
(IP =

Traci (ID=68) (11:15:17 PM)
Does that mean that the chat is over since Cher left?

Y2C (ID=63) (11:15:46 PM)
Suzie, need the Love Boat theme?? DJ can get it or drop me an e-mail steve@cruisemates.com

Traci (ID=68) (11:16:05 PM)
Well goodnight everybody, I need to get back to studying.

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:16:07 PM)
Y2,,,I love you guys,,,

Y2C (ID=63) (11:16:11 PM)
How you doing Peach??

Peach (ID=69) (11:16:20 PM)
Good...how about you?

Traci (ID=68) (11:16:29 PM)
(IP =

Y2C (ID=63) (11:16:52 PM)
Peach Just got off a cruise and ready to go again.

Peach (ID=69) (11:17:16 PM)
Cool.....how was it??

Peach (ID=69) (11:17:22 PM)
what ship?

Y2C (ID=63) (11:17:42 PM)
Peach great, HAL Zaandam, great ship and staff

Peach (ID=69) (11:17:57 PM)
Good...glad you had a nice time

DJ Bob (11:18:25 PM)

Peach (ID=69) (11:18:35 PM)
We just made final paymant for our cruise in Dec

DJ Bob (11:18:40 PM)
Suzie, you got mail

suzie500k (ID=67) (11:18:47 PM)
(IP =

DJ Bob (11:19:21 PM)
Ahoy Peach

Y2C (ID=63) (11:19:31 PM)
Peach, so you are doing a cruise. No relocation for business??

Peach (ID=69) (11:19:36 PM)
Hey DJ.....did you send me mail, too? : )

DJ Bob (11:19:55 PM)
no, did you ask me to send something?

Peach (ID=69) (11:20:10 PM)
Not at this point, Y2, but that wouldn't affect the cruise, just air arrangements

Peach (ID=69) (11:20:25 PM)
No DJ, just noticed you were sending out mail...

Y2C (ID=63) (11:20:46 PM)
brb, e-mail

DJ Bob (11:20:46 PM)
yeah, Suzie wanted the Love Boat Theme

DJ Bob (11:20:51 PM)

Peach (ID=69) (11:20:54 PM)
oh, OK....LOL

Peach (ID=69) (11:21:13 PM)
well, I flew today, and all went well

DJ Bob (11:21:30 PM)
are your arms sore? LOL

Y2C (ID=63) (11:21:40 PM)

DJ Bob (11:21:44 PM)

Peach (ID=69) (11:21:53 PM)
Nah, it was a short flight !

DJ Bob (11:23:22 PM)
nite all... =oD

Y2C (ID=63) (11:23:31 PM)
Are we frozen or no chat??

Y2C (ID=63) (11:23:39 PM)
Nite DJ

DJ Bob (11:23:50 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:51 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:53 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:54 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:55 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:57 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:58 PM)

DJ Bob (11:23:59 PM)

DJ Bob (11:24:01 PM)

DJ Bob (11:24:02 PM)

DJ Bob (11:24:06 PM)
(IP =

Y2C (ID=63) (11:24:08 PM)
10 second rule, thanks DJ

Peach (ID=69) (11:24:11 PM)

Peach (ID=69) (11:24:32 PM)
so where did your cruise go?

Y2C (ID=63) (11:25:16 PM)
Vancouver to San Diego. Port stops in Victoria and Portland OR. Then 2 days at sea

Peach (ID=69) (11:25:46 PM)
Oh nice! Bet that was fun

Y2C (ID=63) (11:25:54 PM)
Sailed the Columbia River for one whole day. 7 hours to Portland from the ocean

Y2C (ID=63) (11:26:32 PM)
6 day cruise but to short. But needed a cruise fix

Peach (ID=69) (11:27:04 PM)
So you're ready to go again!?

Y2C (ID=63) (11:27:34 PM)
Ready for March. 10 day Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Summit

Y2C (ID=63) (11:28:06 PM)
Then a Transatlantic in Sept 2002 for 15 days starting in London

Peach (ID=69) (11:28:47 PM)
well sounds like you are set for a while then!

Y2C (ID=63) (11:29:27 PM)
Just keep putting deposits down and figure later where the $$$ are coming from to pay ... LOL

Peach (ID=69) (11:30:18 PM)
especially if the deals are too good to pass up like they have been lately

Y2C (ID=63) (11:30:46 PM)
Peach, need to run, busy day tomorrow. Thanks for the chat

Peach (ID=69) (11:31:11 PM)
See ya later.....good night

Y2C (ID=63) (11:31:15 PM)
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