John Heald

Carnival Cruise Director Read the transcript from last night's chat with Carnival's funniest and most popular Cruise Director.
Host RoboCop 8:53:45
my! They are showing up early! I told you that you are a very popular man John

Kevin 8:53:48

marylou 8:53:51
HI diane, how are you

Host RoboCop 8:53:52
Hi zman and Diane

marylou 8:53:54
hi kevin

jwk 8:53:54
John is a blast

Diane 8:53:55
Hi Everyone

Host RoboCop 8:53:59
Hey Keven

tri20001 8:54:05
John, were you recently cruise director on the Triumph ?

Durangokid 8:54:31
(IP = )

John Heald 8:54:33
I have just left the Triumph on DEc 2

marylou 8:54:38
hi Kid

Host RoboCop 8:54:43
John, someone asked just the other day which ship you will be doing next. Do you know yet?

Durangokid 8:54:45
Hi all

jwk 8:54:53
i first met john on the Triumph and then this year on the Destiny

Host RoboCop 8:55:00
Hi Darango and say Hi to John Heald CD for CCL

Diane 8:55:07
John, Which one are you on

Durangokid 8:55:09
Hi John

tri20001 8:55:11
going on the Triumph in august, we did the destiny last year and had a balst!!

John Heald 8:55:24
I will be returning to the Triumph in Feb and later in the year will be aboard the new CCL ship the Carnival Pride

marylou 8:55:42
JOHN, how long have you been with Carnival?

Diane 8:55:47
I am going on the Destiny in April

John Heald 8:55:51
hello to all who have just joined ( love the nicknames )

tri20001 8:55:57
will you be on the Triumph in august ?

Kuki 8:56:00

EileenSC (ID=28) 8:56:00

jwk 8:56:06

John Heald 8:56:08
marylou i have been with CCl for 10 years

tri20001 8:56:13
Hi kuki

EileenSC (ID=28) 8:56:15
hi Gin

marylou 8:56:15
Hiu eileen

Host RoboCop 8:56:16
Hi Kuki and Eileen, say Hi to Mr Heald

Anne Campbell 8:56:17
John -- Thanks so much for coming in at such a late hour! 2:00 am in England

Kuki 8:56:24
hi ya Robo.. and ALL..

Durangokid 8:56:27
Hi Eileen (Mary in NC in disguise here)

marylou 8:56:27
hi kuki

Kevin 8:56:28
The only people that have cruised with John more than me were Dicks! Silver,Golden,&Wooden

EileenSC (ID=28) 8:56:32

Kuki 8:56:49
Hi there John.. nice to see u !

marylou 8:56:58
hi steve

Anne Campbell 8:57:04
Im sitting here with Dick Wooden, right now! He says "Hi John."

Host RoboCop 8:57:08
welcome aboard Steve for a short cruise with John Heald

John Heald 8:57:12
morning Kuki, the jacket is coming in very useful

steve (ID=29) 8:57:18
ANyone cruising with us on 12/24 Destiny?

zman (ID=23) 8:57:22
never sailed ccl before what make it great?

tri20001 8:57:27
John, dont know if your aware of the uproar on the carnival message boards concern teenagers ???

Kuki 8:57:32
John.. yes, now that u're not in the Caribb :)

John Heald 8:57:33
hello Dick Wooden !!!!!!!

Host RoboCop 8:57:35
John for one zman

Anne Campbell 8:57:44

Anne Campbell 8:58:07
Carnival is the best cruise line for entertainment - great shows, great staff

Kuki 8:58:08
So, have I missed it. Is it true John that you're returning to the ships?

Kevin 8:58:11
Hi John! cruise Crazy from Florida

zman (ID=23) 8:58:22
well never met him - so what else?

steve (ID=29) 8:58:33
Who is the CD on the Destiny now?

John Heald 8:58:44
what makes Carnival great, well cruise with me on the Triumph next year, see me personally and I promise we will all try and show you just why

John Heald 8:58:47

Donna 8:58:49
Hi Everyone

Host RoboCop 8:58:51
Hi Linda

marylou 8:58:52
Hi trip....hi donna

Host RoboCop 8:58:55
Hey Donna

John Heald 8:58:59
I will be back aboard the Triumph in Feb

Donna 8:58:59
Hi ML and Robo

Host RoboCop 8:59:07
Everyone meet John Heald, CCL's famous CD

Donna 8:59:07
Hi John

Kuki 8:59:15
John.. wonderful news! And very good for Carnival

Diane 8:59:16
Hi Trip and Donna

steve (ID=29) 8:59:21
John, who is the CD on Destiny now?

Donna 8:59:25
Hi Iv

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 8:59:31
hi john..welcome::)

John Heald 8:59:32
hello Donna - whats happening in ER

Anne Campbell 8:59:34
So, John, you will be on Triumph next year. I hope they still have that stage show "Wonderful World"

Donna 8:59:37
Hi Anne

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 8:59:40
hi anne

marylou 8:59:48
tirp, what's with the snow????

Bill 8:59:50
John I have had the honor of sailing with you for 4 cruises. What do you feel is the hardest part of being a CD.

Donna 8:59:52
John.. will have to see ER in an hour :-)

John Heald 8:59:53
Greg Neale is on the Destiny

Kuki 8:59:54
it was last Christmas we were on the Triumph with John. And it was wonderful! I would go back any time

steve (ID=29) 8:59:59
Is he good?

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:00:00
maybe get some tomorrow:(

tri20001 9:00:02
John, any expanded activities for teenagers that you've heard of??

marylou 9:00:11
trip, we got it today

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:00:16

tri20001 9:00:16
poor john all these questions!!!

Kevin 9:00:19
John, wher are you now? England?

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:00:21
what other CCL ships have you been on, JOhn

John Heald 9:00:30
tell Tracy Stuart her invitation to the wedding is in the post

Host RoboCop 9:00:32
yes he is Keven. @am there too

steve (ID=29) 9:00:32
John, do you have a say in which ship you are on?

Host RoboCop 9:00:39
You got it John

Anne Campbell 9:00:44
I guess you must have signed a lucrative new contract with Carnival, eh John? Did they spring for the Jaguar?

Host RoboCop 9:00:52
she may just show up too mate

Bill 9:01:03
John are you bringing out the Pride?

Kevin 9:01:13
Are you getting married this time?

Host RoboCop 9:01:15
welcome Mary f

marylou 9:01:15
hi maryf

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:01:15
hi Mary

Diane 9:01:22
Hi Mary

maryf (ID=32) 9:01:26
Hi Everyone

marylou 9:01:26
hi jerry

John Heald 9:01:27
the teen program is something Carnival is spending a great deal of time on to continue to improve

Durangokid 9:01:28
Hi Mary (Mary in NC here)

zman (ID=23) 9:01:34
hi mary and jerry

Host RoboCop 9:01:36
Hi Jerry, welcome aboard with John Heald as CD

marylou 9:01:40
hi kim

Jerry (ID=33) 9:01:51

John Heald 9:01:51
Bill, yes I will be doing the Pride

steve (ID=29) 9:01:54
John, who decides which ship you are on, you or Carnival?

maryf (ID=32) 9:01:55
aman, hello!

Host RoboCop 9:02:03
Welcome aboard Kim

marylou 9:02:05
hi nc

Kim (ID=34) 9:02:05
hi everyone

Kuki 9:02:07
John.. do U know if Carnival is planning any dedicated teen areas on any of their new ships??? thats the one thing I think is missing

Host RoboCop 9:02:09
and ncsmom

tri20001 9:02:15
thanks John, hopefully by august some of these will be in place, Im sure we will have fun either way

marylou 9:02:18
hi chic

maryf (ID=32) 9:02:21
Zman, good to see you

Host RoboCop 9:02:22
chiclet, welcome aboard

John Heald 9:02:25
the hardest thing about being a CD is staying under 300 pounds

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:02:34
hi tweets

marylou 9:02:36
hi tweets and brney

zman (ID=23) 9:02:36
hello mary f

Host RoboCop 9:02:38
Brn, welcome aboard

Donna 9:02:40
Hi Tweets

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:02:43
hello everyone :)

Host RoboCop 9:02:44
Hey tweets

Kuki 9:02:48
John.. LOL.. I have trouble with that, and I'm not a CD

tri20001 9:02:58
Is the Pride a "destiny" class ship ?

tweets (ID=38) 9:03:01
Hi Trip, ML, Donna, Robo, Kuki and all

Host RoboCop 9:03:02
John, Mrs Robo says to say 'Hi' as well

steve (ID=29) 9:03:02
John, I used to work for the old Home Lines. Do you know of any former Home Lines staff with Carnival?

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:03:20
hi ray

tweets (ID=38) 9:03:21
Howdy Ray

Host RoboCop 9:03:22
no tri, it is a "Pride" class

Diane 9:03:28
No, Tri-Its a spirit class

John Heald 9:03:30
Kuki, there are plans to give a dedicated area on each ship to teens, I think if we give them music, sodas and a place to hang without parents they will be happy

RayB (ID=39) 9:03:31

maryf (ID=32) 9:03:32
John, it's an honor to meet you.

tri20001 9:03:41
Pride class?? something new ?

Host RoboCop 9:03:45
I meant Spirirt, d sorry

Donna 9:03:51
John.. Thats just what they need

zman (ID=23) 9:03:54
well, maryf why do you say that?

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:03:57
there's been alot of comments on boards about teens needing their own place

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:04:00
hi al

Donna 9:04:00
Hi Al

Kim (ID=34) 9:04:06
I am going on Triumph next week who will the CD be?

John Heald 9:04:11
steve, i am sure there are some old home lines staff, I belive our VP Roger Blum used to work for them

tweets (ID=38) 9:04:12
Hi Al

Host RoboCop 9:04:12
Hi Al, say Hi to John

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:04:12
Hi everyone

Kuki 9:04:19
John.. thats EXACTLY what they need.. Now for me.. a dedicated area for men, with music, umbrella drinks and without wives would be perfect.. LOL

steve (ID=29) 9:04:33
I agree with Kuki!!!!!

Donna 9:04:34

maryf (ID=32) 9:04:34
Zman, you were on Seacruise but didn't talk. Good to see you here.

tweets (ID=38) 9:04:36
Bad Kuki

John Heald 9:04:39

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:04:45
Hiya John, Nice to see you again, we sailed with you on the Triumph 9/12/99 to Halifax

marylou (ID=41) 9:04:45
hi seawitch

tweets (ID=38) 9:04:46
Hi Sea

Host RoboCop 9:04:46
and a blackjack table and pretty women too Kuki

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:04:47
that was kuk's evil tein talking

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:04:51

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:04:51
I like the place for men as long as they were all single so us single women could gather there

John Heald 9:04:51
the CD will be MATT GOODWIN another brit

Diane 9:04:59
Bad Kuki!

steve (ID=29) 9:05:08
John, which ship is Larry Garlutzo on?>

Kuki 9:05:11
ROBO.. good idea.. a mens only casino

zman (ID=23) 9:05:16
I was away and just tuned in here - no one on seacruise...

John Heald 9:05:16

tweets (ID=38) 9:05:19
Who will the be the CD on Spirit John

marylou (ID=41) 9:05:21
hi jerry

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:05:26
John what ships have you been CD on??

John Heald 9:05:27

Kim (ID=34) 9:05:30
thank you, john what ship was he on before?

tweets (ID=38) 9:05:43
Heaven help us all then John :-)

John Heald 9:05:47
i agree, lets ask BOB for a dedicated Kuki lounge

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:05:48
John, Do you know who is the CD on the Inspiration?

marylou (ID=41) 9:05:48
john have you worked for other ines?

Host RoboCop 9:05:57
zman, that's because we ARE THE place now

marylou (ID=41) 9:05:57

chiclet (ID=36) 9:05:58
John, are you retired now or just taking a break?

MisterEd (ID=43) 9:06:21
(IP = )

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:06:25
(IP = )

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:06:25
john you must have some funny stories,and some horror stories too

Donna 9:06:26
Hi Ed

marylou (ID=41) 9:06:27
hi ed

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:06:27
hi ED

chiclet (ID=36) 9:06:27
(IP = )

chiclet (ID=36) 9:06:27
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP = )

jwk 9:06:28
hey Ed

Kuki 9:06:28
I think I'd like to be a CD on the ship for about 6 minutes.. thats as long as I'd last with my bad jokes :)

Durangokid 9:06:30
Hi Ed

Host RoboCop 9:06:30
you are going to do what now John, five more years?

MisterEd (ID=43) 9:06:33
hi Cruisers

tweets (ID=38) 9:06:34
Hello Mr Ed, how are you tonite

Diane 9:06:36
John, Who is the Cd on the Destiny

John Heald 9:06:40
the cd on the Spirit will be a fantastic lady called SEAN BUSY

lludynju (ID=45) 9:06:49
(IP = )

Kuki 9:06:54
John.. Did u write your book ?

tweets (ID=38) 9:06:57
thanks John

Host RoboCop 9:06:57
welcome aboard llu

tweets (ID=38) 9:07:01
Hi LLudynju

tri20001 9:07:01
where is Corey Schmidt these days??

Diane 9:07:02
Hi Mr ED

Anne Campbell 9:07:03

marylou (ID=41) 9:07:03
john, are women CD's unusual?

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:07:08
(IP = )

gailish (ID=46) 9:07:08
(IP = )

steve (ID=29) 9:07:11
John, which was your favorite ship?

John Heald 9:07:16
I have been CD on nine of the ccl ships

Donna 9:07:17
Hi Gail, welcome

Bill 9:07:20
TRI2001 Corey is on Victory

Host RoboCop 9:07:20
Hi imstuart

tweets (ID=38) 9:07:22
Howdy IM and Gail

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:07:24
I'll look forward tto seeing her on Spirit, if she is still there next November?????

lludynju (ID=45) 9:07:25

tri20001 9:07:29
thanks bill

Diane 9:07:32
tRI, Corys in Victory

John Heald 9:07:49
kuki , bad jokes are part of the CD training manual

Anne Campbell 9:07:58
John - You wrote the book ;-)

tri20001 9:08:01
good questions, John which is your favorite?

Donna 9:08:02

Kuki 9:08:08
I bet they are !! I've heard yours :)

gailish (ID=46) 9:08:11
hello everyone

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:08:11
our CD on Spirit last December was great, a Jeff, something??

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:08:16
Hi everyone!!! Only 7 more days until we are onboard the Triumph

Bill 9:08:24
John is Shelly still with CCL?

Donna 9:08:24
Im.. All packed?

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:08:29

Donna 9:08:35

John Heald 9:08:38
steve, my favorite ships are Triumph and Imagination

Kevin 9:08:39
John, you have trained Corey well!

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:08:39
sorry, not Spirit last December, it was CCL Paradise last December

Kuki 9:08:42
lms.. I dearly wish I was going with.. I am packed if u have an extra berth

MisterEd (ID=43) 9:08:44
One month until we are on Inspiration

Durangokid 9:08:55
Yes!! MisterED!!!

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:08:56
Inspiration Jan 14th!

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:08:57
but that is ok

John Heald 9:09:00

John Heald 9:09:05
have a great time

Durangokid 9:09:08
January 7

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:09:11
Inspiration May 2oth for us

Bill 9:09:12
2 days till Victory

wornout (ID=48) 9:09:13
(IP = )

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:09:15
Ed i only wish I was going with you all

Diane 9:09:17
Spirit, was on Paradise in April

chiclet (ID=36) 9:09:17
That's right Ed..a month from today isn't it?

Kuki 9:09:18
John.. speaking of Triumph.. which ship is Stephan on now ?

John Heald 9:09:19

Donna 9:09:22
Hi Wornout, welcome

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:09:24
we are booked on CCL Spirit Nov (Thanksgiving) 2001 Wooooooo Hooooooo

Kevin 9:09:29
John, doing anything with Ronald McDonald?

wornout (ID=48) 9:09:30
hi room

John Heald 9:09:31
shelley is no longer working on ships

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:09:37
hi worn

John Heald 9:09:39

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:09:47
whom is the CD ond the Triumph??

John Heald 9:09:48

tweets (ID=38) 9:09:52
We are on Spirit Canal Cruise Spirit, will let you know all about it when we get back

syd (ID=49) 9:09:53
(IP = )

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:09:57
what is the itin?

tweets (ID=38) 9:09:59
Hi Syd

Kim (ID=34) 9:09:59
John, what ships has Matt Goodwin been on?

Kuki 9:10:00
Spirit.. I am dying to try out the Spirit too

Donna 9:10:00
Hi Syd, welcome

Host RoboCop 9:10:00
Hi syd

gailish (ID=46) 9:10:01
John, we were on the Triumph when you lost your pants.

John Heald 9:10:02
kuki, stephan is on the Victory

Donna 9:10:10
Lost his pants?

Donna 9:10:16
Hi Ncsmom, welcome

tweets (ID=38) 9:10:17

Durangokid 9:10:17
Also booked on the Spirit 11/11/01

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:10:20
John - What was your first ship as CD?

Kuki 9:10:20
thanks.. have to track him down and send him a note

Anne Campbell 9:10:21
You lost your pants? where did they turn up?

gailish (ID=46) 9:10:24
the "bedtime story"

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:10:25
lost his pants?? Tell us more

syd (ID=49) 9:10:30
how is the spirit doing will she be ready

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:10:40
(IP = )

John Heald 9:10:41
kevin, I am doing a month of touring for the ronald macdonald houses in here in the UK

tweets (ID=38) 9:10:46
Howdy TFR

Donna 9:10:47
Hi Tfr35, welcome

wornout (ID=48) 9:10:48
does anyone know who will be the cd on the destiny in may will be cruising the southern caribbean on may 6

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:10:55

Host RoboCop 9:11:04
John, did you hear about Peter having to do the 'Bedtime story" with Bob on the Ecsrtasy

tweets (ID=38) 9:11:07
How are you tonite TFR

John Heald 9:11:18
anne, thats a great memory, but no big thing

NBKIL (ID=51) 9:11:18
(IP = )

marylou (ID=41) 9:11:23
gotta run guys.....have a great chat and a great Friday! See y'all

Bill 9:11:23
John I work for McDonald's Corp. What kind of work are you doing?

Donna 9:11:27
Hi Nbkil, welcome

Host RoboCop 9:11:28
needed to mop the stage afterwards!

tweets (ID=38) 9:11:31
Nite ML, howdy NBK

M&M (ID=52) 9:11:31
(IP = )

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:11:32
fFine and you?

Donna 9:11:34
Nite ML, Happy Birthday

Donna 9:11:37
HI M&M, welcome

tweets (ID=38) 9:11:41
M&M welcome aboard

Host RoboCop 9:11:42
Hi M&M

John Heald 9:11:43
wornout - its Peter Gibbs

NBKIL (ID=51) 9:11:43

tweets (ID=38) 9:11:46
Happy Birthday ML

tri20001 9:11:48
well, gotta run, thanks for the info John, nice "meeting" you

Donna 9:11:53
Nite Tri

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:11:59
hi mm

tweets (ID=38) 9:12:03
Nite Tri, thanks for coming

syd (ID=49) 9:12:05
hey john is the spirit going to be finished on time for the spring?

M&M (ID=52) 9:12:15
Hi Everyone: And our special guest!

John Heald 9:12:21
heard about bob on stage, i am sure he did great he is a natural performer

NBKIL (ID=51) 9:12:21

Kuki 9:12:26
If any of u get lucky and get to cruise with John, be sure to say HI.. He really is the best there is in his business

tweets (ID=38) 9:12:27
How are you feeling tonite M&M

John Heald 9:12:29

Anne Campbell 9:12:32
I think Spirit is going to be a great ship, all those balconies!

wornout (ID=48) 9:12:35
thanks can't wait to cruise, thinking of doing the spirit in feb. of 2002, or maybe the pride,

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:12:37
Spirit is suppose to set sail in April (I think)

Ug (ID=53) 9:12:37
(IP = )

Bedrock (ID=54) 9:12:41
(IP = )

Host RoboCop 9:12:42
Poor Peter was a wreck! I died laughing\

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:12:43
hi ug

John Heald 9:12:43
syd, the spirit is on time and looking GREAT

syd (ID=49) 9:12:44
yes john

jwk 9:12:44
bye all

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:12:45
hi bed

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:12:47
John , has any passenger every had a come back that left you speechless?

Donna 9:12:50
Hi Bed, welcome

sam (ID=55) 9:12:50
(IP = )

tweets (ID=38) 9:12:56
Hi Sam

Bedrock (ID=54) 9:12:57
Hi all, Hi John

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:12:57
Is anyone else already booked on Spirit???

Donna 9:12:57
Hi Sam, welcome aboard

Host RoboCop 9:12:58
Wornout, you will love Peter, he is really good as well

gailish (ID=46) 9:13:00
john have you had any newly weds from chicago yet?

tweets (ID=38) 9:13:01
Howdy Bed

John Heald 9:13:02

syd (ID=49) 9:13:03
we are booked for alaska in june

M&M (ID=52) 9:13:04
Tweets: O.K but sore. Only handled six hours at work. But cruise chat is a great pain killer. ;-)

Kuki 9:13:06
Seawitch.. wonderful question!!

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:13:11
(IP = )

Anne Campbell 9:13:15
I saw Costa Atlantica, I think she is a beauty, great layout, really high atrium

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:13:16
gday fab

Donna 9:13:17
Hi Fab, welcome aboard

tweets (ID=38) 9:13:18
Sure is M&M

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:13:25
Kuki, i had to stop cutting wood for the fireplace to come and listen to John. (cold here)

tweets (ID=38) 9:13:26
Howdy Fab, great newsletter

syd (ID=49) 9:13:26
fellow cruisers are worried about her being done

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:13:36
yes fab good job!

lludynju (ID=45) 9:13:36
hi john

sam (ID=55) 9:13:38
(IP = )

sam (ID=55) 9:13:38
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Diane 9:13:39
John, Does the Spirit look like the Costa Atlantica

Ug (ID=53) 9:13:47
Evening All! Hi John, thanks for coming!

bmeffy (ID=57) 9:13:48
(IP = )

John Heald 9:13:50
a lady of 1oo years told me on stage when I asked what she wanted for her birthday she replied a Italian officer

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:13:51
Day all - thanks and all that sort of stuff

Kuki 9:13:52
lm.. I dont feel sorry for u. Supposed to be 30 BELOW zero here by Sunday

sam (ID=55) 9:13:53
hi room...

tweets (ID=38) 9:13:57

Host RoboCop 9:13:58
G'Day FAB, say hello to John Heald, CCL's #1 Cruise Director comeing to us live from the UK

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:13:59

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:14:03
hi tweets

Kuki 9:14:06

chiclet (ID=36) 9:14:07
And did you get her one???

Anne Campbell 9:14:09
Spirit is the architecture as Costa Atylantica, differeent decor

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:14:12
I've been looking at Pictures of Atlantica, just because it is suppose to be the closest to what Spirit will look like, with the exception of the smoke stack being a CCL Funnel

M&M (ID=52) 9:14:12
John: As CD is it your responsibility to book the talent?

Host RoboCop 9:14:13
John, FAB is from Australia

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:14:22
Day John which part of the UK

maryf (ID=32) 9:14:23
Kuki, -9 here Sunday night

John Heald 9:14:24
yes, love CHICAGO

Donna 9:14:33
Yea, Chicago

wornout (ID=48) 9:14:35
had cory on the truimph and thought he was good,

gailish (ID=46) 9:14:37

John Heald 9:14:40
the head office in Miami book our acts

Anne Campbell 9:14:52
The cabins on Spirit are very nice, large and well appointed

EileenSC (ID=28) 9:14:55
was Corey on the Sensation??

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:14:57
John, what do you like to do on your vacations?

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:15:00
(IP = )

Diane 9:15:04
Cory was my CD on the Victory

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:15:06
(IP = )

Donna 9:15:07
Hi Ceddie, welcome aboard

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:15:08
hio ced

tweets (ID=38) 9:15:09
Good to hear that Anne, going in April

chiclet (ID=36) 9:15:11
Do you every hire passengers that come to you onboard regarding cruisestaff positions?

Donna 9:15:11
Hi Rixnsd, welcome aboard

gailish (ID=46) 9:15:12
what cruise will you be on this time next year, John??

John Heald 9:15:12
the spirit will be very similar to the Atlantica and will be a wonderful ship

lludynju (ID=45) 9:15:14
john will you do theme cruises

tweets (ID=38) 9:15:14
Hi Ceddie and Rix

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:15:15
hello all

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:15:15
hi everyone

M&M (ID=52) 9:15:21
Hi Rix: Still suffering from Mercury withdrawl?

Kuki 9:15:24
John.. who do u think was the best entertainer u've ever had on board? Any one act really stand out in your mind?

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:15:29
Day Ceddie

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:15:32
we've wondered about the process of picing acts for the ships, I suppose they get a lot of "wanna be's" that someone (in Miami) has to sit through to pic out the acts????

bmeffy (ID=57) 9:15:44
John, who is now the CD on the Triumph now that you are not there?

John Heald 9:15:44
chiclet, we have 2 cruise directors who used to be guests and caught the funship bug

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:15:45
hi fab great newsletter

Sheila831 (ID=60) 9:15:51
(IP = )

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:15:57
no gaucho's with twirling balls on carnival huh kuku:):):)

Ug (ID=53) 9:15:58
John, easy one, Best thing about being a CD?? Worse thing about being a CD???

Donna 9:15:59
Hi Sheila831, welcome aboard

Donna 9:16:01
Hi Ray

tweets (ID=38) 9:16:04
Hi Sheila and Eileen

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:16:04
Ceddie - thanks

John Heald 9:16:10

Donna 9:16:19
Fab.. keep them coming :-)

Anne Campbell 9:16:20
Paul Motter is an ex-stage manager - they use an agent to pick the acts

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:16:24
Fab great touch putting a picture of old santa at the top of your newsletter

chiclet (ID=36) 9:16:26
John, does a person who approaches to CD on a ship have a 'leg up' so to speak over someone who just sends a resume and a picture?

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:16:27
I was amazed at the inetrior decor of the Atlantica, seemed far more Farcusized that I expected it to be

M&M (ID=52) 9:16:28
John: Sounds like a great bug to catch. But not for me. I couldn't work that hard on a cruise. :)

Donna 9:16:33

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:16:36
Donna - you are now 'on the list'

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:16:46
al it was like a theme park on LSD

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:16:48
Hi Jhon wanted to say hi we are the Davis family were with you thankgsgiving yr before Keth was the piano guy on the talent show loved ya on the Triumph

John Heald 9:16:48
my favorite acts on CCL are Christopher Graves ( singer ) and Michael Andrew a singer/comedian

Donna 9:16:49
Fab... :-)

lisa (ID=61) 9:16:49
(IP = )

bmeffy (ID=57) 9:16:54
John, Do you remember a cruise about 3 yearr ago that you renamed the DOTTIE cruise??

Bedrock (ID=54) 9:16:56
<< John enjoyed you while on the Triumph 9/99, .....

shell2 (ID=62) 9:16:56
(IP = )

syd (ID=49) 9:17:00
where do you find the pictures of Atlantica

Donna 9:17:03
Hi Lisa, Welcome aboard

Anne Campbell 9:17:03
chiclet - Cruise Directors can book your act on the spot, as long as you audition in the dining room during dinner ;-)

Donna 9:17:08
Hi Shell, welcome aboard

Bedrock (ID=54) 9:17:11
What ship are you on now??

shell2 (ID=62) 9:17:19
hi there.

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:17:28
I'm wondering if on Spirit the topless deck will be up around the funnel like it is on the other CCL Ships, or if it will be that wee little deck on top more near the front of the ship???

Host RoboCop 9:17:39
welcome aboard shell for a short cruise with Mr John Heald

chiclet (ID=36) 9:17:40
I wasn't thinking about an 'act'. I was thinking about cruise staff...

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:17:44
we will be on the Spirit in July to Alaska

Anne Campbell 9:17:48
Paul was wondering the same thing

John Heald 9:17:50
best thing about being a CD - hearing people laugh and saying, yep carnival does have the fun, worst thing is being away from family for so long

Ug (ID=53) 9:17:50
I think the whole ship should be topless Ohio ;-)))

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:17:53
syd send me your email address and i will forward,,

shell2 (ID=63) 9:18:00
(IP = )

Donna 9:18:02
Ug.. now now

Kuki 9:18:05
Spirit.. I never let Mrs Kuki go anywhere near the topless decks.. I dont want people thinking I married her for her money :)

John Heald 9:18:10
thanks bedrock

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:18:11

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:18:12
how is the new wife and book going?

Anne Campbell 9:18:16
LOL Kuki

Ug (ID=53) 9:18:16
Does/Did it ever get stale for you John???

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:18:20

Bill 9:18:26
John out of all 9 ships which one do you like or itinerary?

Diane 9:18:35
Kuki. You are so Bad!

John Heald 9:18:45
dont know where the topless deck will be but I will be topless myself

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:18:47
Ug, we would like to see them go to Clothing Optional, instead of just Topless, but don't know if it will ever happen???

Kuki 9:18:50
Diane.. its easy.. She's NOT home :)

tweets (ID=38) 9:18:50
Are you just figuring that out Diane

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:18:54

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:18:58
JOhn, where is home?

mkazmer (ID=64) 9:19:02
(IP = )

John Heald 9:19:11
Ug, seen one youve seen them both

tweets (ID=38) 9:19:12
Howdy MKazmer, welcome aboard

Donna 9:19:14
Hi Mkazmer, welcome aboard

Diane 9:19:18

John Heald 9:19:20
home is in essex uk

Ug (ID=53) 9:19:21

Host RoboCop 9:19:22
mkazmer, welcome to thursday chat with John Heald

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:19:26
John just wanted to say had a great time in November 99 on the Triumph (The Little Willie Cruise)

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:19:30
2 of the new RCCL ships have a Clothing Optional area, figure CCL will eventually follow their lead

mkazmer (ID=64) 9:19:30

shell2 (ID=63) 9:19:31
John, hello from Iowa and who's your daddy?

gailish (ID=46) 9:19:40
John, any chance they will move you to the Spirit

Donna 9:19:49
Spriit.. really, haven't heard that?

John Heald 9:19:56
Ug, sometimes it does but very rarely

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:19:59
shell2- where in Iowa

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:20:04
John - Surrey man myself but we did occasionaly let people from Essex into the county

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:20:19
'tfr I was on that same cruise John had Keith Davis on the Talent show was great john!

John Heald 9:20:22
Galish, I may do some time on the Spirit, if people arnt fed up with me yet!

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:20:22
The Voyager class ships are the 2 (Voyager and Explorer)

gailish (ID=46) 9:20:36
who's your Daddy? we were on that sailing..ha ha

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:20:45
(IP = )

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:20:45
Yes it was!!

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:20:53

shell2 (ID=63) 9:20:54
well not really iowa but in ky. i was on triumph in oct and john was director then. it was part of onboard skit joke.

John Heald 9:20:54
I remeber Little willy, wow thats a great memory

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:20:58
John, let us know if you are on Spirit for next Thanksgiving!!

Ug (ID=53) 9:20:58
How much of each cruise would you say is orginal stuff ??? Compared to stuff you done before??

gailish (ID=46) 9:20:59
If you would be there, it would be great

wornout (ID=66) 9:21:03
(IP = )

Kuki 9:21:03
JOHN.. I happen to know people often book ships just because they know you're going to be on them

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:21:10

M&M (ID=52) 9:21:18
John: With your high standing with Carnival. Can you basically pick the ship you want?

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:21:18
gotta run kids see ya tomorrow on my night,be there or be square:):)

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:21:21

Kuki 9:21:26
but dont let it go to your head .. LOL

Donna 9:21:26
Nite Trip

tweets (ID=38) 9:21:28
Nite Trip

wornout (ID=66) 9:21:29
john any idea who the cd will be on the spirit

Snowball Trip (ID=30) 9:21:29

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:21:30
Kuki - to bad John didn't get part of the booking revenue

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:21:32
Still get a chuckle when I hear South Carolina and my daughters do as well

M&M (ID=52) 9:21:33
Nite Trip

Host RoboCop 9:21:35
Kuki, That would be Bob from New Jersey

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:21:40
and they often unbook cruises when they know Kuki is going to be in them

Kuki 9:21:45
ACE.. right U are.. He should get commissions

John Heald 9:21:55
I personally think we can do better things with deck space than make a clothing optional deck, some of our guests should not be allowed to wear bathing suits without going naked

Ug (ID=53) 9:21:55
John, these people made me ask for you when I did a tour of Destiny when it was visiting Hlaifax this past summer, you had just left about a week or two beforehand.

mkazmer (ID=64) 9:21:56

tweets (ID=38) 9:21:56

Kuki 9:22:02
FAB.. LOL.. and thats the rest of the story :)

John Heald 9:22:22
Surrey, used to have a good cricket team

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:22:25

tweets (ID=38) 9:22:42
NB could you turn off the caps please

John Heald 9:22:47
yaba daba doo time

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:22:48

tweets (ID=38) 9:22:53
thanks :-)

Ug (ID=53) 9:22:55
Just go off Victory last month nbkil, that close enough ;-))

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:23:02
John impressed me most by saying goodbye to everyone disembarking Triumph during a hurricane in NYC 9/16/99 he stood on promenade deck to do it.. well done!

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:23:05
John - England USED to have a good cricket team - they seem to be fighting back a bit

gailish (ID=46) 9:23:07
JOhn I used your ecommendation and have a beautiful new Movada..thanks you sold my hubby on a good buy

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:23:07
Id book with all of you on the Spirit for sure

shell2 (ID=63) 9:23:14
yabba dabba do time, we were on that cruise

Anne Campbell 9:23:25
John, what is Bob Dickinson really like?

John Heald 9:23:33
Ug, even though the skits are the same its always different every time because of the people

Anne Campbell 9:23:53
We want gossip!!!

John Heald 9:24:00
thanks Kuki, that makes me feel great

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:24:05
JOhn, Have you ever worked on the Inspiration?

wornout (ID=66) 9:24:09
just saw one of the new carnival commercials and think it was really good makes me want to bookj another cruise.

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:24:13
I remember chating around that time enroute to Miami via internet that was great John

Kuki 9:24:28
Anne.. I think we need to get a CruiseMates Cruise going with John, Bob, U and I on the ship... See who's left standing

John Heald 9:24:34
M & M = they are very good to me with what ship I choose

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:24:36
Keith loved yor show Thanksgiving 99

Host RoboCop 9:24:43
don't forget about me!

Donna 9:24:43
Kuki.. that sounds like tons of fun :-)

Ug (ID=53) 9:24:48
I Juggle semi-professionally, so I now how things can change every show. Corey did a great job on Victory making everything look fresh and new!!!

Anne Campbell 9:24:55
Kuki....very good. I'd love to go!

Kuki 9:24:59
ROBO.. u could carry the wounded back to their cabins

Anne Campbell 9:25:04
Yes, definitely Robo!!

Host RoboCop 9:25:05
Kuki, Mrs Robo says you stay at home and she gets to go

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:25:14
(IP = )

wornout (ID=66) 9:25:17
john have you ever done the cruise to Alaska, and if so what was it like

Donna 9:25:22
Hi Brneffy, welcome aboard

John Heald 9:25:53
glad he liked the watch

Anne Campbell 9:25:54
For the record, where is everyone from?

Kuki 9:25:55
ROBO.. tell Sylvia I'd wrist wrestle her for it, but I'm afraid I'd loose .. lol

John Heald 9:26:05

tweets (ID=38) 9:26:05
Long Island New YOrk here Anne

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:26:07
long island n.y.

wornout (ID=66) 9:26:09
i am in brooklyn, ny

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:26:10
lost my connection so here goes again

gailish (ID=46) 9:26:11
gotta go drive carpool, I hope you will be here when I get back if not it was great cruisin w/you again John

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:26:12
Pensacola, FL

chiclet (ID=36) 9:26:12

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:26:13
San Diego California

Donna 9:26:14
Chicago Illinois

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:26:14
Farmington NY

shell2 (ID=63) 9:26:16
from ky

Host RoboCop 9:26:17
Careful big guy, she is standing over my shoulder as I type

Bill 9:26:19
New Hampshire

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:26:21

Spirit from Ohio (ID=44) 9:26:21
Central Ohio here

Host RoboCop 9:26:22

Anne Campbell 9:26:23
New York, where it's freezing and dark!

Kuki 9:26:24
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. home of the DARN cold

gailish (ID=46) 9:26:24
New Jersey

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:26:25
Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Kevin 9:26:30
We're from Florida

Diane 9:26:35
Anne, From Manalapan,NJ

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:26:37
John, so you remember the DOTTIE cruise??

John Heald 9:26:37
anne, Bob is the best in the business and the best praise I can give him is he could be a GREAT cruise director

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:26:38
Buffalo (30"of snow on the ground" NY

M&M (ID=52) 9:26:39
Anne: Sunny balmy Minneapolis, Minnesota. Land of 10,000 frozen lakes and 3.5 million frozen people.

Ug (ID=53) 9:26:47
I'm from the Beautiful Cruise Destination (not this time of year though ;-) Halifax!!

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:26:53

gailish (ID=46) 9:26:54
Manalapan, I am across the highway from you

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:26:56
In days long gone by I used to play the flickering strongman in Officers revue - usually stuck in the middle of the Indian Ocean - with only FDV

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:26:58
Grew up in bflo

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:26:58
Diane - gee almost in my backyard

syd (ID=49) 9:27:04
west virginia

John Heald 9:27:08
never been on the Inspiration

Donna 9:27:17
Nb... where in Chicago?

Kuki 9:27:27
John.. after meeting Bob, I said he was smooth he could undress U, put your clothes back on, and u'd never know u were naked

Diane 9:27:31
Where are you Triumph

Host RoboCop 9:27:33
It's a good ship John, we did her with Larry

tweets (ID=38) 9:27:34
Chiclet, where in Delaware

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:27:37
n suburbs

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:27:41
Jerseyites are FREEZING , Thanks Kuki!

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:27:43
and u

Ug (ID=53) 9:27:43
John, what do you warn the Guest about when your ship visits Halifax??? Couldn't help thinking about that when Corey did his Port Speech ;-))

Donna 9:27:45
Nb.. nw sub here

Anne Campbell 9:27:47
I hear folks really do get kicked off Paradise for it true, John?

John Heald 9:27:48
Anne, kuki, lets do a group of cruisemates on the Triumph next year

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:27:51
I'll send you a post card then, (from Inspiration) OK John

gailish (ID=46) 9:27:56
Diane, I am in Marlboro

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:27:57
John... Kieth sends his regards planing the cruise in July SPIRIT are you going to be on then?

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:05
(IP = )

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:05
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Anne Campbell 9:28:07
John....we'll start working on it right away!!

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:09
(IP = )

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:09
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chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:10
(IP = )

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:10
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP = )

Kuki 9:28:14
John.. LETS do it.. send us your holiday dates.. so we know u're going to be there

Host RoboCop 9:28:14
Mrs Robo says lets go y'all!

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:28:16
(IP = )

chiclet (ID=36) 9:28:18
Southern Delaware...and you?

Donna 9:28:24
Hi Catp27, welcome aboard

Kevin 9:28:25
sign me up, we're always good for 80 people!

Diane 9:28:27
Galish, Right next to me

NBKIL (ID=65) 9:28:30 getting ready for 12/17 victory

tweets (ID=38) 9:28:31
NY, but daughter is from Bear

Kuki 9:28:35
Kevin.. U're on!! :)

Host RoboCop 9:28:37
she said she will even behave.....(I can see that happening)

maryf (ID=32) 9:28:38
Goodnight everyone. Goodnight John, it's been a pleasure.

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:28:38
Just make at a time other than 11/1 to 1/1

Host RoboCop 9:28:42
can't I mean

Donna 9:28:43
Nb... thats real soon, have a great time

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:28:43
Hi everyone!

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:28:44
we would be there all 12 of us maniacs

John Heald 9:28:45
dottie, now there is a name i will never forget

Donna 9:28:49
Nite Mary

gailish (ID=46) 9:29:05
isn't that funny Dianne, oops gotta go drive carpool see you in a bit

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:29:11
tfr35, where in Bflo did you live?

RayB (ID=70) 9:29:18
(IP = )

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:29:21
I was on that cruise and still am laughing about the bed time story

Host RoboCop 9:29:22
think we could get between 750 and 1000 Cruisemates on tha6t cruise?

Diane 9:29:29
Yes, Galish-IT IS

Donna 9:29:32
Robo.. bet you could too

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:29:34
Tonawanda Amherst area

Kuki 9:29:35
So... everyone here ready to cruise with John and CruiseMates on the Triumph next year? say I !!

Host RoboCop 9:29:40

Donna 9:29:41

Bill 9:29:41

RayB (ID=70) 9:29:42
I am back for a bit

shell2 (ID=63) 9:29:43

Kevin 9:29:46

Anne Campbell 9:29:53
I'll be there with my dancing shoes on

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:29:54

Kuki 9:30:00
now dont be lying... I have your credit card #s :)

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:30:05
Robo - if ship sinks and we all drown they will have to shut the website down! Nobody will be left!

Donna 9:30:05

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:30:07
If mid year OK

John Heald 9:30:09
Ug, i did not warn them about anything in Halifax, the most dangerous thing there is not wanting to leave, i loved it and so did the guests

wornout (ID=66) 9:30:19
i have heard that on the destiny there is a swim up bar in the pool can anyone tell me if this is true

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:30:26
tfr35, we could have been nieghbors, I live in wonderful Depew.

Ug (ID=53) 9:30:29
kinda different from Ocho Rios hey ;-)))

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:30:31
I will be on the Triumph on 1/13 who will be the CD

Bill 9:30:33
wornout - yes

Host RoboCop 9:30:35
Sylvia is standing here waving the CC now

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:30:36
John - what is happening with your Pub in England???

Kuki 9:30:36
Worn.. unless they took it out, its true

Kuki 9:30:43

M&M (ID=52) 9:30:43
Ace: But what a way to go!!

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:30:44
Wife is from Cheektowaga

John Heald 9:30:44
I do not know if I will be on the Spirit yet

Anne Campbell 9:30:47
Those four and five day Carnival cruises to Halifax are just wonderful, in the summer when it's blistering hot here

wornout (ID=66) 9:30:54
tjat sounds really nice

Kevin 9:30:54
Been on the Triumph with john twice, but would go again just to see john

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:30:59
Ug - the problem with Halifax is that the people are too freindly, New Yorkers are not used to it

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:31:01
Did somebody say pub?

John Heald 9:31:08
kuki, lets do the cruise in JUNE

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:31:09
Small world!!

Donna 9:31:12
Fab...LOL,, wondered if you caught that

tweets (ID=38) 9:31:17
woke your sorry butt up Fab

Ug (ID=53) 9:31:18
Hey if ya come to Halifax, I promise I'd treat all Cruisematers to a Lobster. TR got hers ;-))

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:31:24
Anne - that would be a PERFECT time to go, say a 5 dayer

Kuki 9:31:28
John.. Sounds Good.!!! We'll get to work on it

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:31:30
The very end of June would be good

Donna 9:31:30
Ug.. you're on

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:31:37
JOhn, Are you home right now or doing this chat from a cruise ship?

Ug (ID=53) 9:31:50
I'd even do the Ug excursion for you Donna ;-))))

Donna 9:31:56

Kuki 9:31:59
Sea.. John is at home in England.. and staying up very late to join us

FAB4 (ID=56) 9:32:00
Be nice tweets I'm old

Kuki 9:32:03
very kind of him

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:32:11
(IP = )

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:32:11
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John Heald 9:32:14
catp27 - the george and dragon is open and the first pint is on me 9 we dont serve budweiser)

tweets (ID=38) 9:32:17
Better be careful Ug, you might have to quit work to give all these excursions

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:32:17
(IP = )

Brneyznfl (ID=37) 9:32:17
(This user has moved to Cruise Chat) (IP = )

tweets (ID=38) 9:32:23
:-) Fab

Host RoboCop 9:32:34
It is 2:30 AM in the UK right now so John is doing us a great service and is much appreciated

Kevin 9:32:40
gonna have a cigar with that pint?

M&M (ID=52) 9:32:42
Thanks John: 03:30 is going above and beyond.

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:32:46
.Sounds wonderful, John!!!

Ceddie (ID=58) 9:32:54

Ug (ID=53) 9:32:57
Excursion only for Donna, sorry Tweets ;-( But you all will get a Lobster!

Kuki 9:33:00
John.. congrats on being in the bar business..

John Heald 9:33:01
Kevin, it would be a huge privelage to sail with you again

Diane 9:33:04
Thanks, John

M&M (ID=52) 9:33:07
Robo: 02:30 right.

Host RoboCop 9:33:20

Kevin 9:33:27
john, that will happen!

wornout (ID=66) 9:33:28
so john will you be coming back to being a cd on carnival and if so when

Donna 9:33:31
Ug... do I get a lobster too?

Anne Campbell 9:33:34
John...did you start out as a waiter on Carnival?

John Heald 9:33:39
and a cuban cigar as they are legal in england

Ug (ID=53) 9:33:42
Of course my Dear!! ;-))

M&M (ID=52) 9:33:45
Robo: Flunked basic math. Can't add six.

Donna 9:33:46

Kuki 9:33:46
Worn.. he's back on Triumph starting in Feb

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:33:57
John - sorry if this subject was already discussed, but are you married yet?

Host RoboCop 9:33:57
actually M&M that is Greniwith time or Zulu John Heald 9:34:02
i am at home its 2:38am

Anne Campbell 9:34:08
I still like the Fantasy class ships the best...

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:34:10
John, Is Carnival the only line you have ever worked with?

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:34:10
who is on the triumph now??

tweets (ID=38) 9:34:12
He should go on Sensation and throw the Asst CD in the Carib Kuki

Kuki 9:34:20

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:34:23
John is there one cruise or passenger that stands out most???

Anne Campbell 9:34:27
Where is Triumph sailing, John?

M&M (ID=52) 9:34:43
Robo: I don't think there are too many Zulu's in Greenwich. :-)

John Heald 9:34:44
anne, i started out as a bar waiter, i was awful so they said here be a CD

tweets (ID=38) 9:34:58
LOL John

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:34:59
(IP = )

Kuki 9:35:00

Ug (ID=53) 9:35:02
Think it's doing 7 day west/east carib Anne that time of year

Donna 9:35:03
WB Fab

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:35:03
I was delayed cause it is my Mom's b'day and she has been really sick so I spent the evening with her. She and Dad send a big HELLO to you...

tweets (ID=38) 9:35:05
WB Fab

M&M (ID=52) 9:35:13
John: You have proven that the Peter Principal is not all bad. :-)

Diane 9:35:14
Anne, Eastern and Western Carribean

Anne Campbell 9:35:15
Did you sing for tips, John?

John Heald 9:35:29
I am engaged to a beautiful lady called Heidi and when I finally leave the ships then we will be married

Donna 9:35:38
John.. Congrats

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:35:46
dont ever leave John

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:35:57
Run Away - Run Away - now

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:36:02
just convince her to marry you now

wornout (ID=66) 9:36:04
congrats, john so when do you plan on leaving cruising

John Heald 9:36:05
I will be back on the Triumph in feb, matt Goodwin is there now

tweets (ID=38) 9:36:05
Bad Fab

Host RoboCop 9:36:13
She is a lovely lass John but I can't figure out how you were lucky enough to talk her into marrying you.

Ug (ID=53) 9:36:16
John, how big would your cabin be on the SHip compared to one of the Passenger Cabins???

Anne Campbell 9:36:21
John, why not tie the knot at sea! We'll all come for a big wedding

Kuki 9:36:26
Robo .. lovely what ?

Bill 9:36:28
Anne - is it true CCL sold Tropicale to Costa

Donna 9:36:29
Anne... great idea

Kevin 9:36:32
john, is the "pink panther" still the good doctor on the Triumph?

M&M (ID=52) 9:36:37
John: Do you know of any married coples who work on the ships? Are the marriages successful?

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:36:46
any good things to pull on Matt next week John?

John Heald 9:36:47
my favorite ever passenger was my mum and dad, seeing them laugh at my stuff was a wonderful memory

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:36:47
You might get to use the wedding chapel for free

Anne Campbell 9:36:51
Bill...they transfered it to Costa. They own Costa

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:36:53
I read that Westerdam may be going to Costa

Kuki 9:36:56
John.... Marry here in June.. we'll sell it as the John Heald wedding cruise.. LOL

Host RoboCop 9:37:04
lass, lady, wonderful person. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to her once

John Heald 9:37:28
yes, i did sing for tips and was broke every week

Host RoboCop 9:37:31
Ace, the Tropicale just went to Costa

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:37:36

John Heald 9:37:53
fab4 - interesting advice, are you single

Diane 9:37:54
Nite, John,All

ErnieMCC (ID=72) 9:37:56
(IP = )

Kevin 9:38:01
Robo - Costa Cruises?

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:38:01
Robo - I read that to, but rumour has it that Westerdam will be as well

tweets (ID=38) 9:38:03
Hi Ernie

Donna 9:38:05
Hi Ernie, welcome aboard

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:38:07
my wife woulldnt let me sing keroke on the Triumph

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:38:11
Hiya Ernie

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:38:12
John, I have met Heidi and she is lovely! I am the one who gave you the picture of yourself (with my daughter) when you were young and new to being the cruise director on the Ecstasy about 8 years ago. Do you remember that?

Host RoboCop 9:38:22
yes Keven. Sorry Al, didn't see Anne answer you

John Heald 9:38:29
robocop, i had help from mR Johnny Walker

Anne Campbell 9:38:31
I just heard a rumor that Princess will give Royal Princess to P&O .... BOOOO

Host RoboCop 9:38:41
LOL John

ErnieMCC (ID=72) 9:38:41
Hi all... Hi Donna

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:38:45
No - shipboard romance that got out of control 34 years ago - I then went to work for the company to get revenge

John Heald 9:38:56
my cabin is huge, but I have to share a bed with the Captain

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:39:06
John, has Matt been a CD for very long?

Kuki 9:39:07

Ug (ID=53) 9:39:08
Is he Cute ;-))??

Anne Campbell 9:39:09
Do you snore?

lludynju (ID=73) 9:39:23
(IP = )

TriumphACE (ID=40) 9:39:28
Does capt snore

wornout (ID=66) 9:39:31
john, have you ever been to any of the ports that the Spirit will be going to on the Western caribbean

tweets (ID=38) 9:39:32

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:39:47
You & Capt Steubing. That's how rumors get started.

lludynju (ID=73) 9:39:52

Donna 9:39:55
Sea.. how true :-)

Kuki 9:39:57
John.. any nights u've fallen asleep on a deck chair after a bit too much cheer ?

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:40:07
John, what is your favorite shore excursion

Ug (ID=53) 9:40:09
John, Your Favourite Port (after Halifax ;-))???

John Heald 9:40:15
Capt27, that picture is on my wall of fame here at home and thanks again for the wonderful memory

Host RoboCop 9:40:17
M&M I know of a cd and a social host that got married and are doing very well. Haste and Karon, you know then right john?

Anne Campbell 9:40:26
Is Captain Gallo married? He is such a doll

John Heald 9:40:51
fab4 - which company?

Kuki 9:40:53
Anne.. I'm gonna tell Paul u're shopping :)

John Heald 9:41:12
Matt is a new CD

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:41:15
John - P & O - Later P & O Princess

tweets (ID=38) 9:41:18
How did a Captain get a name so simple to say Anne, everyone I've heard of have names with 21 letters :-)

Anne Campbell 9:41:30
Yes, and I always have my credit card ready Kuki

Donna 9:41:37
Tweets.. you're right, can never pronounce them right

Kuki 9:41:37

Host RoboCop 9:41:43
Is that the Matt who is from Tampa John?

Anne Campbell 9:41:47
His first name is Giuseppe!

John Heald 9:41:50
anne, i do snore but the captain's tend to eat spagetti in bed and drop sauce over the sheets

Kuki 9:41:56

Donna 9:41:57

tweets (ID=38) 9:42:07
Knew there had to be a catch somewhere Anne :-)

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:42:11

Anne Campbell 9:42:13

Ug (ID=53) 9:42:25
Yes Anne ;-)))??

John Heald 9:42:28
kuki, yes dont you remember you were on the chair next to me

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:42:37

Kuki 9:42:49
lol.. could have been :)

John Heald 9:42:54
my favorite shore ex is stingray city in cayman

Kuki 9:43:10
one of my favorites as well.. Always fun

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:43:12
you were still sitting in a chair Kuki ?/

mark_stacie (ID=74) 9:43:25
(IP = )

John Heald 9:43:26
yes thats right matt from tampa

Host RoboCop 9:43:26
Favorite Social Hosts or assistants?

Anne Campbell 9:43:30
Do you work with Christopher Alan, John? You two did my favorite show ever

tweets (ID=38) 9:43:32
It had to be a casino stool Rix

Donna 9:43:33
Hi Mark, welcome aboard

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:43:39

Kuki 9:43:48
RIX.. yes, forget to go to bed. Still had pizza slices in my lap , so didnt even have to get up for breakfast :)

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:43:51
John - what is the chain of commend in ent offs now - is there still a deputy ent dir - then a heap of minions Djs - etc

Host RoboCop 9:43:52
Congrats to him then John. He is a nice guy we got to know awhile back

John Heald 9:43:54
Captain Gallo is still single

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:43:58

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:44:07
skip the lines huh

Ug (ID=53) 9:44:13
favourite Port John????

tweets (ID=38) 9:44:18
Get out the credit card Anne

Donna 9:44:24

John Heald 9:44:28
anne, chris will be on the spirit

Bill 9:44:33
John I hear that Carnival is giving Christopher Allen Graves his own show or desigining one for him.

Anne Campbell 9:44:47
I adore that great performer!

Host RoboCop 9:45:02
He is really good Anne, i agree

John Heald 9:45:03
fab4- yep thats right

mark_stacie (ID=74) 9:45:04
why would I chose carnival over celebrity

shell2 (ID=63) 9:45:08
John, When do the bunnies get there ?

gailish (ID=46) 9:45:26
glad you are still here I am back

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:45:31
Mark easy it's more fun

Kuki 9:45:37
MARK.. they are quite different .. and both good.. but Carnival really is where the fun is

Kuki 9:45:42
very relaxed..

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:45:48
Will Carnival be doing more 7 day cruises out of NYC??? They need to do more of them and include a couple during the summer months!

John Heald 9:45:51
ug - best port for me ARUBA , but watch this space for Cuba

Host RoboCop 9:46:00
Carnival is more laid back mark and has a wide demographics, something for everyone

Seawitch (ID=42) 9:46:07
Goodnight all. Great chat tonite. Thanks John for staying up all night for us.

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:46:08
What brands of ale do you find in a Carnival vessel

M&M (ID=52) 9:46:13
Mark: It depends on what you want. They are different lines each with it's own "personality". Match the line with your "personality"

Donna 9:46:16
Nite Sea

wornout (ID=66) 9:46:19
I agree they should do 7 day cruises out of NY, wish to bermuda

Ug (ID=53) 9:46:25
Us Canadians have already discovered Cuba John ;-)))

M&M (ID=52) 9:46:27
Nite Sea

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:46:29
'Was at Aruba last month its beautiful loved the Sub tour there

Kevin 9:46:29
what ship does C. Gallo have now?

Host RoboCop 9:46:36
Like you EVER look at the labels FAB

mark_stacie (ID=74) 9:46:36
princess seems to use the outside deck at night only 1 day a week

Kuki 9:46:37
<< would like to see 7 day cruises to nowhere!!!

John Heald 9:46:38
Mark, cruise with me on the Triumph and I will do everything I can to show you why

Anne Campbell 9:46:49
Bermuda is Great, but I don't think Vicotru could get inside the reef

lludynju (ID=73) 9:46:52
cuba been cancell

Anne Campbell 9:46:56

mark_stacie (ID=74) 9:47:03
no ports=relaxing

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:47:10
Host RoboCop will we have fun with Matt on the Triumph

M&M (ID=52) 9:47:10
Kuki: I'll be on that one. Too bad my wife will be at home.

John Heald 9:47:17
kevin, Capt Gallo is on the Spirit

Kuki 9:47:27
M&M.. we dont need wives on Carnival :)

Host RoboCop 9:47:29
Actually llud, Airtours which is a subsidary of CCl goes to Cuba now

Anne Campbell 9:47:32
Triumph has the best entertainment afloat.. see our article about "Wonderful World"

tweets (ID=38) 9:47:36
I'll take my credit card then Anne

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:47:40
is that the Wine Maker John?

Anne Campbell 9:47:58
credit card? ching ching!

Host RoboCop 9:48:07
BMF, yes, Matt is a young guy with lots of talent. Nice to talk with and very friendly

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:48:08
Anne- that sounds great since we are only a week out

mark_stacie (ID=74) 9:48:09
Spending a week at an adults only all inclusive was more relaxing than a cruise but the food was lacking

lludynju (ID=73) 9:48:16
if it is he would be 100 years old

wornout (ID=66) 9:48:37
the 7 day cruise to nowhere sounds good, but I would enjoy getting off the boat at some point, if the Victory can't do Bermuda what about one of the other ships

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:48:42
Good because I have only had John for a CD and was looking forward to him again

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:48:48
Hey Robo - you've cruised big 'C' what ale do they serve

Ug (ID=53) 9:48:51
What would be a typical day at Sea for you John?? What's your routine for the Day?

Kuki 9:48:56
Mark.. cruise relaxing is different.. the type of relaxation u get on a cruise, U need a vacation from when u get home

John Heald 9:48:59
Well, its about my bedtime. I want to thank all of you for your support and especially Anne, Robocop and Kuki. I guess I am a little overwhelmed that so many folks wanted to say hi. I hope we can all get together soon and have some great times together.

Anne Campbell 9:49:10
The 5 day cruises NYC to Nova Scotia are fun

Host RoboCop 9:49:10
Long list FAB. Nothing really stout though

tweets (ID=38) 9:49:12
Is there a difference between ale and beer Fab

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:49:14

M&M (ID=52) 9:49:19
If Carnival serves Pedigree Bitter I will be booking.

Donna 9:49:21
John... thanks for chatting with us, hope to cruise with U someday :-)

bmeffy (ID=67) 9:49:23
thanks John

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:49:24
thanks John again :-)

Anne Campbell 9:49:28
Hey John -- Thank you SO much for coming

Ug (ID=53) 9:49:28
You would never get me on a Cruise to nowhere for any amount of time, I'd go cuckoo!!

John Heald 9:49:29
Thanks to all of you again and Anne, I will stay in touch so we can put together a group.

tweets (ID=38) 9:49:30
John thanks for coming, good chatting with you

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:49:33
Thanks John

Anne Campbell 9:49:33
especially so late at night

RayB (ID=70) 9:49:33
JOHN belated Hi

wornout (ID=66) 9:49:34
well thanks for coming john and thanks for all your info

Bill 9:49:34
John thanks

Host RoboCop 9:49:37
John. I owe you for this one buddy, come back anytime and we will see about a cruise with everyone together

Kuki 9:49:37
John.. thanks SO MUCH for staying up late and dropping in.. Look forward to cruising with u again!!!

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:49:37
Thanks John.......good nite.

John Heald 9:49:43
goodnight and a merry christmas to all of you and your familys

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:49:47
None at all it just sounds a bit more upmarket

M&M (ID=52) 9:49:50
John: Thanks for joining us. Hope to meet you someday.

Anne Campbell 9:49:51
Good night

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:49:55
Nite john

Host RoboCop 9:49:57
Merry Christmas and say hello to Heidi

Kuki 9:49:59
And if anyone gets the chance to sail with John.. Do it!!! U wont regret it

gailish (ID=46) 9:50:00
Good night John keep us up to date on your cruising schedules please

Ug (ID=53) 9:50:02
Thanks John!

Rixnsd (ID=59) 9:50:07
nite all I got to get back to work I cant believe I got away with it so far hehe

Kevin 9:50:11
Take care john, have a great holiday, say hi to heidi for us, and we'll look forward to seeing you next year. You have our e-mail address, drop us a line!

Donna 9:50:12
NIte Rix

tweets (ID=38) 9:50:15
Nite Rix

M&M (ID=52) 9:50:22
nite Rix

FAB4 (ID=71) 9:50:37
Time for lunch see you all end of next week

Ug (ID=53) 9:50:41
You people should listen to Anne as well, she knows what she's talking about with these Cruises to Nova Scotia ;-)))

Donna 9:50:45
Day Fab

tweets (ID=38) 9:50:45
Nite Fab, CU

Kuki 9:50:51
FAB.. gday.. c u next time

RayB (ID=70) 9:50:52
GDay Fab

M&M (ID=52) 9:50:53
Nite Fab4: Have a vegemite on me.

tweets (ID=38) 9:51:06
Thanks Robo, good chat, gonna go now, nite all

Bill 9:51:09
Thanks Cruisemates for having this. See everyone later

M&M (ID=52) 9:51:09
That was fun.

Donna 9:51:14
Nite Tweets

M&M (ID=52) 9:51:17
Nite Tweets:

Kuki 9:51:18
gnight Bill.. come back soon

Donna 9:51:21
Nite Bill

Ug (ID=53) 9:51:21
Night Tweets

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:51:33
thanks to the best cruise site on the internet

Kuki 9:51:39
John is such a class act.. truly one of the nice guys

Kellie (ID=75) 9:51:40
(IP = )

Donna 9:51:49
Hi Kellie, welcome aboard

Kellie (ID=75) 9:51:52
good evening all

Host RoboCop 9:51:59
I hope that you all enjoyed John being here and taking his holiday time. Most gracuious of him

M&M (ID=52) 9:52:01
Robo: Did you get air arrangements for the Hawaii layover.

Ug (ID=53) 9:52:02
Anne, how many times you been up my way???

Kuki 9:52:05
LMS.. thanks for the kind words .. check is on its way

gailish (ID=46) 9:52:12
hey Kellie!

Anne Campbell 9:52:13
which way?

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:52:14

wornout (ID=66) 9:52:19
good nite room talk to you all soon

Ug (ID=53) 9:52:21

Kuki 9:52:24
gnight Worn..

Donna 9:52:28
Nite Wornout, come back soon

Host RoboCop 9:52:30
not yet M&M, haven';t heard

M&M (ID=52) 9:52:36
Robo: I was right on the LAX to Tahiti time of just under 8 hours. But Honolulu to Papeete is almost 5. Wow.

Anne Campbell 9:52:37
just once, Ug

Kuki 9:52:37
So.. of those left hanging, who's cruising soon?

Anne Campbell 9:52:44
but I enjoyed it a lot

Donna 9:52:47

Host RoboCop 9:52:48
Hopefully I will get an e-mail tomorrow from her.

Ug (ID=53) 9:52:56
What did ya do in Halifax for excursion(s)?

Anne Campbell 9:53:00
good night, I need an early start tomorrow

M&M (ID=52) 9:53:06
Nite Anne

Donna 9:53:06
Nite Anne

Ug (ID=53) 9:53:09
Night Anne

Host RoboCop 9:53:13
nite Anne

Host RoboCop 9:53:20
thanks for being here

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:53:24
Sensation Feb 11th

Kuki 9:53:36
made my arrangements today for my air to Florida for the Explorer cruisemates cruise.. Going to give Continental a try.. am so sick of the airlines I've been on lately

Ug (ID=53) 9:53:49
I'm outta here too, Night All!!!

Kuki 9:53:51
hope Continental is a bit better :)

Donna 9:53:52
Kuki.. hope you like Continental :-)

Host RoboCop 9:53:52
BTW Donna and Kuki, I won't be here tomorrow, got to go to Atlanta again so will be late getting back. Let Trip know pls

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:53:56
John is our favorite cruise director. If anyone would like to see the picture we were talking about of John when he was younger (and thinner!), send me an E-mail and I will send it to you.

Donna 9:54:02
Robo... done

Kuki 9:54:04
ROBO.. will do

gailish (ID=46) 9:54:07
good night all

lmstuart (ID=47) 9:54:09
nite all

M&M (ID=52) 9:54:14
Kuki: I hope Continental changes your string of bad luck. But don't count on it. (Hate Continental)

Donna 9:54:21
Catp27... whats you e-mail address?

Kuki 9:54:31
M&M.. ah no.. just like the rest :(

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:54:51

M&M (ID=52) 9:55:05
Kuki: I used to have to fly them in to Texas alot in the mid 90's. Always dreaded it.

Kuki 9:55:13
I just wrote an article... Find Me An Airline... dont know if it will every see the daylight though.. pretty scathing :)

Host RoboCop 9:55:17
Lots of people don't know just how nice John is and all that he has done for the kid on the Caribbean Islands. He doesn't tell much but he has set up a number of funds etc for toys, schooling, etc for them. Really a nice man

M&M (ID=52) 9:55:49
Robo: He seems quite genuine and personable. I like that.

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:55:50
He also does volunteer work for Ronald McDonald house

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:56:08
Never actually met him when I was on the Triumph last year but he seems like a great guy.

Host RoboCop 9:56:24
big hearted to say the least

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:56:45
He is an incredible person. He makes you feel so welcome and like one of his old friends when you see him on board ship.

Donna 9:56:55
Well, gotta run, nite everyone

Kuki 9:56:56
TFR.. very nice, very genuine.. If u see him onboard.. be sure to say hi.. He loves meeting people. Think thats why he couldnt stay away from teh business too long

Kevin 9:56:58
Robo, you got that right!!! Next time I'm on a cruise with John, I want to go with him instead of a shore tour!

M&M (ID=52) 9:57:01
Kuki: Are you going on the Golden next year?

Host RoboCop 9:57:15
AND, he even remembers people! That is something that is mind-boggling!

tfr35 (ID=50) 9:57:21
I hope to cruise with him again

Kuki 9:57:26
M&M.. I would like to.. but dont think that date is going to work out for me.

Kuki 9:57:57
actually may doing the Seabourn Pride in the Med, but earlier in the summer

M&M (ID=52) 9:58:07
We are strongly leaning towards it for our Europe cruise. Unless River cruises prices drop.

Host RoboCop 9:58:08
Keven, if you did you would head right for a school or an orphanage type place

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:58:31
Good night all. Can't wait for another cruise with John!!! Let me know when you are all going..................!

Kuki 9:58:38
well kids .. time for me to hit the road.. Robo.. Good Job !!

Host RoboCop 9:58:45
nite Cap caom back anytime'

Host RoboCop 9:58:49
Nite Kuki

CatP27 (ID=69) 9:58:55
I love the idea of the John and Heidi marriage cruise!

Kuki 9:58:59
Capt.. watch the site for it.. It will happen :)

M&M (ID=52) 9:59:00
Well everyone. Thanks for the wonderful time but I must hit the rack. Nite all

Host RoboCop 9:59:07
nite M&M

Kevin 9:59:16
Robo, have you been part of the crew on the ship?

Host RoboCop 9:59:50
No, just got to know some of them on a personal basis and became great and close friends with a Social Host that John dearly loved working for him

lludynju (ID=76) 10:00:16
(IP = )

CESSPI (ID=77) 10:00:58
(IP = )

Host RoboCop 10:00:59
Like Kuki, I'll talk to anyone and not awed by someones position so end up getting along famously with lots of folks

Host RoboCop 10:01:53
Many of the crew are actually a little lonely and love for someone to actually pay attention to them and treat them like friends

Kevin 10:01:59
Robo - really enjoyed talking with john, we've sailed with him 9 times and have become

Host RoboCop 10:02:21
Wow Kevin, you should know him pretty well by now then!

Host RoboCop 10:02:39
Ever meet a lady named Tracey Stuart?

CESSPI (ID=77) 10:03:05
Just got back from a carnival eastern carribean cruise on the Victory...first time...what a blast!!

Host RoboCop 10:03:31
glad you enjoyed it CESSPI, rady to go again?

CESSPI (ID=77) 10:03:41
packin my bags!

Kevin 10:04:06
It seemed like john was engaged to a different lady every cruise, the only one that we really knew was Heidi and he has been with her for a few years.

Host RoboCop 10:04:07
John Heald Carnivals top CD was just here tonight, sorry you missed hm

Host RoboCop 10:04:35
Yeah, I think Heidi really stole his heart. She is a nice lady and darn pretty too!

CESSPI (ID=77) 10:04:36
wish I could have gabbed with em

Host RoboCop 10:05:18
Hopefully he will come back sometime. we may just get a huge Cruisemates Cruise together and even see if we can get Bob Dickinson to go as well

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